An eerie myth shrouds the ancient Egyptians, involving their enigmatic funeral traditions centered around mummy tombs. At the core of this legend lies a deadly curse, awaiting those bold enough to plunder these sacred resting places brimming with riches. This time, our intrepid Mummy’s Gold slot players will venture into the tomb to unravel the truth, but what lies within remains a mystery. Intriguing, isn’t it?

The captivating journey begins with spinning treasure symbols, complemented by Wilds that triple the rewards when completing a winning combination. In the base game, winning spins trigger a Gamble round, enticing players with the thrill of chance and the rush of luck.

Unlocking the path to free spins are 3+ Scatters, acting as a map that immerses players deep within the heart of the mummy’s tomb. In the darkness, someone—or something—is already waiting for them…
Behold the Anubis’ Obelisk - The Ultimate Slot Adventure! Are you prepared to embark on a casino journey unlike any other? Hold onto your hats (or pharaoh headdresses), because the Anubis’ Obelisk is set to transport you to a realm of pure excitement, dazzling riches, and ancient mysteries!

Cool, Interesting, and Fun to Play: Step into the shoes of a fearless explorer in this thrilling slot game that's so cool, it leaves other slots green with envy! With every spin, you'll be drawn deeper into the captivating realms of Gold, Gods, and Magic of the Ancient world.

Designed Awesomeness: The Anubis’ Obelisk was meticulously crafted by our brilliant Art team to ensure a gaming experience unparalleled by any other.

Ancient Egypt at Your Fingertips: Get ready to rub shoulders with mummies, unveil the secrets of the pyramids, and commune with the gods of Egypt. The Anubis’ Obelisk immerses you in the rich mythology of ancient Egypt, where every spin is a journey into history. Prepare for an adventure that transcends time and space!
Toro and the Matador travel to Egypt on a chaotic quest to prevent Matador Diaz Jr’s ancestor – the evil Captain Diaz – from finding the Book of Toro and ravaging the inner chambers of ABU Simbel temple, rumored to hold immense treasures. Book of Toro is a 5 reel, 3 row mummified slot that combines the classic Book mechanic with the Charging/Walking Wild features from our beloved slot Wild Toro.

Three or more books trigger the free spins bonus game. A symbol is randomly selected as an expansion symbol. Two high or mid-value symbols, or three low-value expansion symbols trigger a symbol expansion covering the whole reels. Retriggering the bonus awards more spins as well as an additional expansion symbol.
James Gold and the Mummy Riches is an ancient Egypt themed game introducing James Gold, a fearless explorer with an attitude. An action occurs in the Middle East where James faces an evil Pharaoh. The original gameplay provides a refreshing look and feel while high-end animations together with gold flowing wins excite and fascinate the player.

Modern soundtrack adds to the playful and adventurous atmosphere. It is a medium volatile, 5X3 video slot with a maximum win approaching 3,500X.
Revenge, sweet revenge… Ramses the Great rises again in Relax Gaming’s latest slot. Players ignite their torches and embark on an Egyptian expedition where mummies and mysteries come to life. 2 Explorer symbols lead the way to Free Spins with 6 awarded spins. Deep in the ancient chamber, Ramses’ Mummies creep up on Explorers and steal their positions on the game screen, unravelling additional spins, multipliers and big wins!
The peace of King Tut has been disturbed and now he’s risen from his tomb, wreaking havoc across the reels in Tut’s Twister! Hit two wilds and Tut will transform one into a wild sandstorm, creating a reel-tall column of wilds! This wild vortex will continue to consume wilds on the reels, awarding respins and a multiplier as it grows out of control.

After finally disintegrating, King Tut will unleash all absorbed wilds back on the reels for epic win potential! Use single wilds to collect ancient hieroglyphics, unlocking Tut’s hidden curses and unleashing twisters of overwhelming power! Let this ancient ruler’s anger pave your way to legendary riches and join the army of King Tut’s win-hungry zealots!
Woken up from its ancient grave, The Black Mummy becomes a Wild symbol which, when substituting for the J, Q, K and A symbols, awards up to 5x multipliers.
Very few people would be brave and bold enough to seek out the world’s LOST treasures except one man… Dr. Dakota Bones!

Join Dr. Bones and his trusty assistant Farooq as they travel deep into the desert in search of the almighty pharaoh Ah-Amdad’s treasure chamber! Seek out timeless riches with him in this exciting Slots3 game — only from Betsoft Gaming!

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