Set off on an exhilarating journey to Las Vegas, where dazzling lights, luxury, and incredible victories await.
Dive into a fruity frenzy with Fruit Flash!

When symbols align to create a winning combination within the Win Frame, brace yourself for respins as the frame expands across the reel, gathering winning symbols along the way. Keep spinning until fortune fades! On the opposite side, the Prize Ladder beckons with instant cash rewards in the form of stake multipliers. Accumulate 6 or more Win Frame symbols to claim a ladder prize, with the ultimate reward bestowed at the conclusion of the spin. It’s a refreshing ascent to greater winnings!

Unlock Free Spins by amassing 18 or more winning symbols within the Win Frame. Enjoy 10 free spins, with the opportunity to earn additional ones as you gather more symbols. Furthermore, during Free Spins, ladder prizes are magnified twofold. With Feature Buy, immerse yourself in the fruity excitement and extract Free Spins for a succulent 90x the stake!

Prepare to savor the sweetness of triumph in Fruit Flash!
These traditional confections come together to form Cluster Links when they gather in groups of 5 or more, offering a delightful treat and the promise of even greater victories! The excitement mounts with the appearance of the Wild Candy Symbol, which not only multiplies clusters it connects with but also generates wild wins! Boosting the Wild Candies even further is the Wild Multiplier Symbol, enhancing the potential for creating extraordinary clusters with enormous winning opportunities! Retro Sweets also introduces the Instant Prize Multiplier, elevating ordinary Instant Prize Symbols to the possibility of forming remarkable winning clusters! Utilize the Sweet Collector Symbol to assemble your clusters. Gather an impressive selection of Special Symbols to trigger cluster wins that continue to expand!

Acting as a Scatter Symbol, this symbol can stand in for all others, excluding Special Symbols. When three or more appear anywhere on the reels, it initiates the Free Spins Feature. Each Wild Candy Symbol possesses an associated multiplier, initially set at 1x. With each participation in one or more cluster wins, the multiplier value of the Wild Candy Symbol escalates by one. This particular symbol is accompanied by a multiplier value of either 1x, 2x, 3x, or 5x. The Wild Multiplier Symbol allocates its multiplier value to all visible Wild Candy Symbols. Following allocation, it transforms into a random Instant Prize Symbol.

Instant Prizes represent bet multipliers spanning from 1x to 1000x. When these symbols form a cluster of 5 or more, they yield a win. Upon the appearance of an Instant Prize Multiplier Symbol, all Instant Prize Symbols visible are multiplied by its value, after which it morphs into an Instant Prize Symbol with a random value. This symbol may appear with values of 2x, 5x, or 10x.

This symbol selects a Paying Symbol at random and attracts all identical Symbols, resulting in a cluster win. The Sweet Collector Symbol can draw Wild Candy Symbols, Paying Symbols, and Instant Prizes! It can attract anywhere from 4 to 9 Symbols, and once a cluster is formed, it transforms into the Paying Symbol it drew or a random Instant Prize Symbol. During the Bonus Game, this Symbol attracts a random assortment of non-clustering symbols from the grid, creating space for clusters. It can also draw Instant Prize Symbols and Wild Candy Symbols!
Align CD Icons to sense the rhythm and construct substantial rewards!

Exclusive Icons may appear on any reel. When an Exclusive Icon lands on an activated reel, it adds one point to the Multiplier Gauge of that row. Double Exclusive Icons amplify the Multiplier Gauge by two points.

The Multiplier Gauge bestows multipliers of up to 100x. The five Multiplier Gauges offer increasingly valuable multipliers as they ascend the reels. Uncover superior gauge values by utilizing Arrow Icons for optimal chances of scoring big!

Arrow Icons can land on any reel. Each active Arrow Icon raises the reel height by one notch. Landing multiple arrow symbols will increase the reel height by the total landed.

CD Icons serve as Bet Multipliers. Landing CDs on any active row grants a Bet Multiplier. Sequentially landing numbered CDs from left to right results in a prize with two or more digits.
Get ready to groove in the disco era with D-I-S-C-O! Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the 70s with Boogie Boom, the latest creation from Booming Games, and unleash your inner dancer as you aim for those victorious moments. Head to the dancefloor, strut your stuff with your best disco moves, and watch as the wins pile up in this electrifying slot game. Boogie Boom guarantees an exhilarating experience filled with excitement!

Boogie Boom presents a 7x6 grid layout with Cascading Reels and Cluster Pays mechanics. Simply form clusters of 5 or more symbols to set off a chain reaction of wins. Feel the thrill when the Spotlight Wilds feature is activated, showering the reels with a cluster of 5+ Wild symbols during both the base game and Free Spins rounds.

But the party doesn't stop there. Keep your eyes peeled for colossal 2x2 and 3x3 symbols that can appear at any moment, promising even larger payouts. With the Free Spins feature, complete with an Unlimited Win Multiplier that grows with each cascade, the excitement and rewards will keep you dancing into the night!
Prepare to groove and triumph with WILD MIRAGE!

Step onto the dance floor and spin the reels to the tune of victory. WILD symbols morph into WILD MULTIPLIERS and disco balls twirl into a free spins frenzy, ensuring non-stop excitement. Yield to the victorious beat and let the disco ambiance guide you towards substantial wins!

A respin feature is activated by any winning combination featuring a WILD symbol. Once a winning combination emerges on the reels, it locks in place. The reels whirl, replacing all non-winning symbols with fresh ones. MIRAGE RESPIN persists until no further winning combinations surface. Payouts are dispensed at the conclusion of the respin.

QuickX™ introduces a guarantee that players will initiate a respin round with a MULTIPLIER ranging from x2 to x5. Players select the MULTIPLIER they desire to commence the bonus round with. Purchasing any of the levels assures reaching at least the level players have acquired.

When WILD symbols materialize on the 1st and 5th reels following the cessation of the reels, they spontaneously convert to a MULTIPLIER ranging from X1 to X5 in the base game and from X1 to X9 in FREE SPINS. WILD symbols substitute for all symbols except SCATTER. Each single way win involving a WILD symbol amplifies the win by a specific MULTIPLIER displayed in place of the WILD symbol. If the single way win incorporates 2 WILDs, the win is multiplied by the MULTIPLIER showcased instead of the WILD symbol on the 1st reel and the MULTIPLIER exhibited instead of the WILD on the 5th reel.

FREE SPINS are triggered when 3 SCATTER symbols land simultaneously on the reels. FREE SPINS arrive in a set of 7. Throughout the FREE SPINS session, a random WILD MULTIPLIER ranges from x1 to x9. MIRAGE RESPIN may also emerge during FREE SPINS.
Experience the electrifying allure of Las Vegas with its dazzling lights, exhilarating nights, and endless gambling excitement along the renowned Las Vegas strip! Lucky Oasis, crafted by Booming Games, plunges you into a world of thrilling features and substantial rewards!

Lucky Oasis presents a 5x3 layout with 20 paylines, promising an ambiance of opulence akin to that of a seasoned high-roller. Engage with enthralling special features capable of amplifying your winnings twofold, threefold, or even beyond!

Simply land 3 or more Scatter symbols to initiate up to 12 Free Spins, while the ‘Random Selection’ feature elevates the intensity of gameplay to unprecedented heights.

Get swept away by the Wild Multipliers, which possess the ability to stand in for all symbols except the Scatter. With a stroke of luck, these Wild Multipliers can skyrocket your winnings to a staggering 3,024 times your initial bet.

Dive into a realm of thrilling casino entertainment and abundant rewards as you indulge in the excitement of Lucky Oasis!
Enter the nostalgic realm of an American diner with our thrilling Diner Dash Delights slot game! This 6×5, Gravalanche slot grants rewards when 8 or more matching symbols align across the reels. Earn 10 Free Spin Delights when 4 or more Bonus symbols emerge on the screen. During Free Spins, a multiplier reaching up to 100x may materialize, greatly enhancing the chances of winning big.

Take a seat at the booth and indulge in classic diner delicacies with this slot game boasting a maximum potential win exceeding 7,000 times your bet, along with a buy bonus feature.

A winning combination is triggered by 8 or more matching symbols found anywhere on the screen. Once the win amount is paid out, all winning symbols explode and vanish. Remaining symbols drop down to fill the vacated spaces, while new symbols cascade down to occupy the reel. The Gravalanche effect persists until no further wins are achieved.

When 4 or more Bonus symbols emerge on the base game screen, 10 Free Spins are awarded. An additional 5 Free Spins can be triggered if 3 or more Bonus symbols land. Only during Free Spins, a jukebox symbol may appear on the reels. Upon landing, it remains on the screen until the Gravalanche concludes. Each jukebox symbol that lands awards a random multiplier value ranging from x2 to x100.

Upon the conclusion of the Gravalanche, all multipliers present on the screen are combined, and the total win from the Gravalanche is multiplied by this final value.
Enter the glitzy realm of Vegas Payouts, a slot game that transports players to the vibrant heart of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Surrounded by dazzling lights and an opulent ambiance, the reels burst with iconic Vegas imagery, offering a glimpse into the city's memorable moments.

Give the reels a whirl and test your luck in this glamorous escapade, where each spin holds the promise of extraordinary wins, all while immersing yourself in the excitement of the city that never sleeps.

Vegas Payouts presents a timeless gaming experience with two bonus features: Free Spins, where payline wins are magnified by X3, and the Hold and Win feature, dubbed Rapid Hold and Win, offering the chance to win up to 1000x with a single Instant Prize symbol.

Featuring a 5-reel Video Slot layout with 3 symbols per reel and 20 paylines, "Vegas Payouts" introduces Scatter symbols that can appear on Reels 2, 3, or 4. Activate 12 Free Spins with three Scatter symbols, with the potential to re-trigger up to 120 Free Spins. During Free Spins, all payline wins receive a X3 multiplier.

Wild symbols can land on any reel, substituting for all symbols except Scatter and Instant Prize symbols.

Achieve five or more Instant Prize symbols to trigger the Rapid Hold and Win feature during the main game. During Free Spins, trigger this feature with four or more Instant Prize symbols. Enjoy a Re-Spin where only Instant Prizes can land.

The Rapid Hold and Win Bonus feature ends when no symbols land or when a full screen of Instant Prize symbols is achieved. Fill every symbol position to earn a X2 multiplier on all Instant Prizes. All Instant Prizes are awarded after the feature concludes.

Instant Prizes encompass various rewards, ranging from 0.5x to 12x the total bet. Additionally, discover "MINI," "MAJOR," and "MEGA" prizes, with the MINI prize offering 20x the total bet, the MAJOR prize granting 100x the total bet, and the MEGA prize delivering a whopping 1000x the total bet.
Experience the pulsating energy of Feel the Rhythm, a dynamic game that brings the festivities directly to your screen! With a 5x5 grid, you can dance to the rhythm while pursuing a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet. This ultimate win is attainable in all gaming modes.

Upon landing a minimum of two Speaker symbols on different reels of the grid, the Speaker Mechanic comes to life, identifying all winning paylines connecting them. During the Speaker Mechanic, symbols within these winning paylines, including Wild symbols, FS symbols, and the Speaker symbols themselves, will be flipped and substituted with a paying symbol. All symbols within the winning paylines will be replaced with the same symbol.

Activation of the Speaker Mechanic requires Speaker symbols on at least two distinct reels. If two Speaker symbols land on the same reel during a spin that triggers the Speaker Mechanic, they will bridge the gap vertically by filling it with Speaker symbols, creating additional winning paylines.

In the base game, the Speaker Mechanic exclusively substitutes symbols with paying symbols. If an FS symbol is replaced during the Speaker Mechanic, it still contributes to the potential activation of a bonus game.

The X Symbol is triggered upon achieving a win on the grid. When activated, it unveils a Global multiplier value showcased outside the grid. This revealed multiplier can range from 2x to 200x and is applied to your total win for that spin. If the X Symbol is part of a payline replaced by the Speaker Mechanic, the X symbol will be replaced after revealing its value.

Attain 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game to initiate the PUMP UP THE JAM! bonus feature, offering 10 free spins. During this bonus, the mechanics of the base game are more likely to be triggered. The Speaker Mechanic in this mode also has the potential to replace symbols with wild symbols.

Achieve 4 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game to activate the GET YOUR BOOTY ON THE FLOOR! bonus feature, providing 10 free spins. In this bonus feature, the global multiplier has the chance to increase over time. Each time the X symbol lands on the grid, it reveals its multiplier value, which is added to the global multiplier. When there is a win on the grid and an X symbol is present simultaneously, the global multiplier is activated, multiplying the total win of the current spin. Similar to the previous mode, the Speaker Mechanic here also has the potential to replace symbols with wild symbols.
Step into the vibrant realm of Friday in Vegas! Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of this slot game, poised to embark on an adventure that's cooler than an Arctic breeze. Envision this: you find yourself amidst the glitz and allure of Sin City, where the reels aren't merely spinning but radiating with exhilaration! This isn't your run-of-the-mill slot; it's your VIP ticket to the most thrilling Friday night in Vegas you've ever encountered, conveniently accessible at your fingertips!

What sets Friday in Vegas apart? Picture Watermelons, Lemons, and Cherries not merely as fruits but as the key to unlocking your fortune! And that's just the beginning. Neon lights dance, dancers sway, and cocktails flow, mirroring the winnings about to pour in! The reels aren't merely symbols; they constitute a symphony of Vegas icons – neon signs flashing, crystals glistening, and crowns that proclaim, "You're the winner!"

Speaking of winning, brace yourself for an adrenaline rush that renders bungee jumping a leisurely stroll in comparison! Say goodbye to the ordinary; Friday in Vegas injects the thrill of risk and reward onto your screen, all while you bask in the magnetic vibes of Vegas! It's not just a game; it's an immersive experience – a rollercoaster of emotions, from the excitement of chasing the jackpot to the ecstasy of claiming victory!

So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a whirlwind of excitement because Friday in Vegas transcends being just a game! It's the ultimate celebration where the merriment never ceases, and every spin presents an opportunity to transform the mundane into something extraordinary!
Step into the vibrant realm of Megacity, where the urban hustle merges seamlessly with the excitement of spinning slot reels! Immerse yourself in the dynamic chaos of the big city with our electrifying slot game, guaranteed to keep you perched on the edge of your seat.

This high-volatility video slot, comprised of 5×3 reels, transports you to a cyber-punk styled cityscape where diamonds and chips reign as the keys to success. Tune out the clamor of the city's hustle and lose yourself in the Zap! Pots, securing Wilds that will elevate the urban metropolis to unprecedented heights.
Prepare for an unforgettable expedition into the heart of Sin City with Vegas After Hours, a slot game that seamlessly fuses the timeless charm of classic slot machines with the enchanting neon spectacle of the renowned Las Vegas Strip after nightfall.

What distinguishes Vegas After Hours is its tastefully subtle animations. The game comes to life with occasional shifts of light that artfully mimic the dazzling and ever-changing lights of Las Vegas itself. It's akin to stepping back in time, immersing yourself in a retro neon-lit wonderland every time you set the reels in motion.

Yet, Vegas After Hours transcends being just a slot game; it serves as your golden ticket to an electrifying casino escapade that stands unparalleled. So, fasten your seatbelt, prepare for a spin, and let the neon vibes of Vegas After Hours brighten your night with a thrill that promises to linger in your memory!
Get ready for a thrilling experience with UPLINKO! Brace yourself as you place your bet and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere. Watch with anticipation as the small balls bounce and climb upwards through the intricate maze of pegs, aiming to land in one of the coveted prize diamonds.

Prepare for a twist on the classic Plinko game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With the opportunity to win an astounding 3200 times your bet, this game will turn your luck upside down in the most exhilarating way possible!
Step onto the dance floor with this vibrant disco-themed game that not only assures substantial wins but also guarantees a hefty dose of entertainment. Take your pick from 5 Free Spins options, each offering a unique twist to increase your chances of landing an even bigger bonus.

Get ready to groove and spin your way to a disco-fueled adventure filled with excitement and the promise of significant rewards!
Explosive excitement waits for you in NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom as neon-esque graffiti symbols come to life on the screen.

Starting with a gaming grid of 4 reels and 4 rows, symbol matches and dropping bombs blow up the background to open new positions. Unlocking all 10 rows—3 atop and 3 below— takes you to Free Spins, where you can further expand the playing area by 2-2 reels on each side. As you extend the gaming grid, your bet ways grow from 256 to a maximum of 10,000. In Free Spins, uncovering Treasure Prizes triggers extra bonuses, such as additional Free Spins and up to 64x multipliers.

Ignite the fuse and have a bombastic time in the colourful world of NetEnt’s Big Bang Boom.
Symbols that match on a reel cascade and merge into Double and Triple Symbols, progressively expanding the Number of Ways to Win within a single spin, reaching an impressive potential of up to 1 Million Ways to Win!

In the Base Game, three Luxpots Modifiers have the chance to land and influence the outcome of the Luxpots Ladder. Following their impact, these modifiers transform into Luxpots Symbols, contributing to potential Luxpots Wins!

Upgrade - Elevates all ladder values to the tier above, enhancing their worth. Transform - Morphs itself and has the potential to transform a random number of symbols on the reels into Luxpots or other permitted modifiers, boosting Luxpots Prizes. A minimum of 2 Luxpots are awarded. Shuffle - Bolsters a winning ladder prize by exchanging the winning rung with a higher value further up the ladder. The Free Spin feature introduces a distinctive trigger mechanic, where a winning rung coincides with a bonus chance. The bonus chance diminishes rungs with every bonus symbol in view. A single Bonus Symbol alongside Luxpots Symbols is sufficient for activation.

During the Picker Screen, players match 3 picks to determine the number of Free Games awarded.

Platinum Upgrade, exclusive to the Picker Screen, upgrades the entire ladder, enhancing values. Up to 2 Platinums can be won in a Picker Session.

In Free Games, the modifiers Merge, Upgrade, and Platinum Upgrade stack up and persist throughout the entire free games session. Specifically, the Merge modifier causes adjacent rungs to combine, inheriting the highest rung's value. To secure this win, players need either of the two values, thereby increasing their chances. A merge can only occur in Free Games and is limited to once per Free Games session.
Slingshot Studios proudly presents Magic Jokers, a new 5x4 reel, 40 line video slot featuring BumpUp™, a brand new and exclusive feature that drives up to a 5 000x win!

A gorgeous and rich purple and pink palette flows throughout this game with a Joker, beautifully realised, taking center stage to really engage the players’ attention. It is suitably glitzy, with card suit patterns throughout and bejeweled reels in the feature.
Diamond Symphony DoubleMax is a 5 x 3 Video Slot with 20 fixed Paylines, the revolutionary DoubleMax mechanic and an exciting free spins feature. The theme is musical and has hypnotic visuals that keeps player engagement. It is very high action accompanied with medium to high volatility.

Diamond Symphony DoubleMax is one of our Cascade+ branded games that are always popular with players. Cascade+ is our suite of games that awards features via a trail that is increased via winning cascades. Yggdrassil's DoubleMax mechanic is an ever-doubling multiplier with each cascade win allowing for truly epic wins. The free spins also feature both the Cascade+ mechanics for frequent retriggers and the DoubleMax mechanic that is persistent between spins.
It’s disco time, baby!!! Join the party! Neon Burst is a vibrant classic slot game inspired by the ’70s & the ’80s and has a disco/neon theme. The game offers two WILD multipliers that double or quadruple players’ winnings. WILD x2 symbols can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and when contributing to a winning line, they double the award.

WILD x4 symbol appears on reel 3 and quadruples the win amount when contributing to a win LINE. WILD symbols multipliers can multiply the winnings to up to x32 times the LINE BET. WILDs, substitute all other symbols except the SCATTER symbol. The SCATTER pays when it appears anywhere on the board.
With a 5-reel, 3-row, 20 payline setup, you KNOW the disco party is about to be a good one! This unmissable bash is a cocktail of all your favourite features in one gorgeously-decorated slot.
What does fate have in store for you... is your destiny mapped out in the stars? Maybe some thrilling spins and wins are in your future! The spins don’t come any more thrilling than the Super Spins on offer here, with as many as 21 won per entry!
Grab your boombox or Walkman, pop in your favourite mixtape, and take a trip down memory lane to the 1980s. Enjoy the funky grooves of this legendary era, and show off your arcade gaming skills. Then, put on your loudest, brightest togs and get ready to party the night away as you spin the reels.

The Funky Boombox is a 5x3 slot that is pure nostalgic fun with every spin. Get your winning groove on with the Boombox Collect Pots and the Funky Wheel Bonus features that deliver cash prizes, and big Collect Pot prizes with multipliers. Take your 80s-winning fun to the next level with the Free Spins, which kicks off with a Pick and Match feature that awards the number of spins and multipliers.

The winners’ party is just getting started… Join the fun and play The Funky Boombox now!
Prepare for your most covert assignment yet.

Join a squad of seasoned illusionists and navigate the urban landscape undetected as you seek the treasures concealed within the Vault!

In the signature style of DoubleMax, rewards are amplified with each consecutive heist, offering the tantalizing possibility of endless ascent! Additionally, wilds materialize after each successful plunder. Do you possess the cunning required to claim the spoils?

Should you seek to enhance your expedition further, opt for the Golden Bet feature to double your chances of triggering Free Spins!

Upon landing a minimum of 3 Free Spins symbols, a Free Spins session commences. The ambiance shifts, signaling the onset of a special phase within the game. Avalanche and multiplier mechanics persist during free spins, though the multiplier remains constant across spins in this mode.

The Scatter symbol, represented by the Free Spins icon, is pivotal in this game. Accumulating 3 or more Free Spins symbols initiates the Free Spins Mode, with 3 symbols granting 7 free spins, 4 symbols awarding 9, and 5 symbols bestowing 11 free spins.
It’s time to race to the top! Land Boost symbols to reach the next available prize on the Feature Trail.
Rewind back to the 1970’s and party in our underground electric disco, packed full of electrifying jokers! Get ready as the sparks fly when jokers collide and dance off increasing multipliers!

Just one win will power up the meter and throw down the first wild joker on to the dance floor. Each cluster will increase the power meter until there are three jokers dancing off. Increasing their multipliers every time they create a winning cluster!

Packed full of Game and Fortune features including Su- per Spinner, Nitro Spins, Bonus Booster and Fortune Maker – this is a party you really don’t want to miss!
Colorful neon lights, on a romantic retro night, sit on a sports car, and have an exciting race! Free games, sticky wilds appear, and the old driver will never get out of the car! Run with you to the end! Every time there are 3 cars, the number of free rounds +3, up to +9 rounds, such an exaggerated old driver, hurry up and get in the car, press the accelerator down!
The future of slots has arrived. Enter the SlotieVerse and experience the next generation of slots with Slotie. Hot off the blockchain, Slotie is packed with an endless chain of thrilling fun that will get your FOMO juices flowing. No need to go mining for riches when it’s right here in Slotie.

Slotie is a 5×3 slot with 50 paylines and plenty of one-of-a-kind rewards. Start minting a win with the HODL feature when prize symbols appear on reels 1 & 2. The reel array then replicates up to 3 times above the reels and all consecutive prize symbol values are paid. If Jackpot Pick appears on a prize symbol, it triggers the Jackpot Pick for a guaranteed jackpot. Keep the payouts coming when 3 or more Scatter symbols land and trigger your choice of Free Games with the HODL feature.
Explore the final frontier and the newest instalment of AvatarUX – CritterPop™. The game is packed with other-worldly visuals, as well as the signature PopWins™ mechanics – with 65,536 ways to win and a winning potential of x20,000 the bet size!

The real discovery being the rewards that the lucky spinners can get in a bonus round preceding the Free Spins: additional Free Spins, Extra Multiplier, Multiplier Growth, huge 2x2 and 3x3 Symbols, Random Wilds and and even the High Symbols Multiplier! So try your luck to make a win of cosmic proportions!
Let the neon light that emanates from each fruit sign draw you into this shimmering fruit slot. The energetic background music and the thrilling gameplay will have you coming back for more, and as the blinking neon symbols continue to spin on the reels, the anticipation of what is to come is certain to have your blood racing.

The glistening images will whisk you away to your own universe, which consists of nothing but excitement, opportunities, and the rush that comes with gambling. With suspense running through your veins, you will have more chances than ever before to score the big win!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the neon lights and finally score your big win?
Experience a new way of playing slots in OneTouch’s innovative new title, Bonus Track. The music-themed game features a bonus track, containing a list of symbols that players need to match using the center of the reels.

Once all 24 symbols have been matched, the bonus round is launched, with an enthralling x2500 maximum reward up for grabs! If you’re a fan of music and slots, then look no further!
Roll down the windows, smell the salty sea air, and take a nice smooth spin through Miami. Booming Games proudly presents Ocean Drive, a slick new slots game. The 5x3 game grid offers countless winning combinations across 20 pay lines, with a bonus row above the game board which will trigger the Ocean Drive Bonus. Cruise along in style with each spin.

Landing 3 or more scatters triggers up to 12 Free Spins, so you have even more chances to steer yourself towards a big win! In Free Spins, the value of cash pay-outs on mini, major and bonus values are increased. Make a splash with big Free Spin wins!
Wild Bonus Re-Spins is a slick new 3x3, 5-line, classic Lucky 7s slot game with a stunning retro wave style. Lock in Wilds with multiple Re-Spin opportunities. Whenever you land a Wild, it sticks in place and awards a Re-Spin. Stack up Wilds within your Re-Spins and watch your prize pool grow, as payouts are awarded with each Re-Spin.

Additionally, stacked symbols add to the potential of big wins. Reach a full screen of Wilds to win a huge bonus of 2000x! 3 Scatters trigger an impressive 15 Free Spins with a higher chance to land Wilds. That means more Re-Spins, more payouts, and an even better shot at the 2000x bonus during Free Spins. Bask in the neon lights and Re-Spin your way to a Wild payday!
The rhythm is alive in the city tonight. Colorful pub boards with various styles and themes are here to liven it up. There are 243 combos. Also, there is the bartending minigame that determines the number of rounds and multipliers of your free game. You can trigger up to 250 rounds!
Tough day? Come have a good time and unwind with Seven’s High Ultra. Grab a drink and a bite to eat while you put your feet up and spin the reels.

Just like the original game, classic meets contemporary for a fresh and familiar experience. Timeless slot symbols like cherries and other fruits are matched by modern club music and exciting features – now with extra heat!

The Progressive Wild feature has been a proven success in both the original Seven’s High and Big Bad Wolf, but we’re taking it to a whole new level in Seven’s High Ultra. The stacked symbols and mechanics are the same, but the Free Spins Bonus has been given a big boost as you can retrigger even more free spins and your scatters can land on any wheel.
Get ready for big and plentiful wins in 88 FRENZY FORTUNE! This three standard reel, single payline slot features a bonus reel with the potential for game-changing effects, making sure that each spin will have your players on the edge of their seats.

With the majesty of space in the background, your players will enjoy the cool retro electronica theme as they rack up wins. The game boasts a broad bouquet of bonuses, and any bonus is possible with each winning spin — a 2x, 5x, or 8x multiplier on wins, an 8x or 18x boost to the player’s wager, or a free respin that features its own multiplier on wins!
Red Tiger proudly presents Neon Links, a 5x3 slot game inspired by the bright lights of Las Vegas and classic fruit machines! The symbols in this game are represented as neon lights that are sometimes lit. If two Neon Symbols appear on the same row, they connect and turn all symbols between them on that row into neon symbols, turning up the win voltage.

During Free Spins (Vegas Spins), one Neon Symbol will be chosen and expands into a 1x3 Neon Super Symbol for the duration of the bonus round, dishing out electric wins. It's a great game that brings old-school slots into the Digital Age. Join the buzz!
As the sun sets, neon rules the night. A heavy beat clears the mind. You are one with the empty street in front of you. The signs beckon you in the midnight breeze, it’s time to shift up and go for it! Night Trax is a 6 reels 4 rows speedy slot. It comes with Trax Respins, split multipliers, and a multiplier collecting bonus game.
Quartz SiO2 is a medium/high volatility, feature-rich 5X3 videoslot with Expanding Wild feature, offering a maximum potential win of around 900x. Something is glooming inside these black stones – fortune awaits the one who dares to crack them open.

Follow Lady Luck to the dark outskirts of Space, where the eminent sound design by Andrew Vasilyev sets the mood for this dark epic space adventure.Quartz SiO2 is a unique Game experience setting new standards for where a video slot can take you
Full of old-school charm, Return To The Feature is a whirling retro delight. Step in the time machine and travel to the 80’s with Free Game, Money Re-Spin, and the first-ever Rewind Feature!

Throw on your hi-tops, load your Walkman and get set for a retro blast in “Return To The Feature”! Jam-packed with three radical features - Rewind, Free Game AND Money Re-Spin! Power on that 80’s vibe!
Experience the nostalgic vibes of the vibrant ‘70s and ‘80s at Reel Desire nightclub. Step into an era of romance and disco with this captivating game.

Reel Desire presents itself as a Video Slot boasting 5 reels and 4 rows, offering players 1024 ways to secure a victory. Within the game, you'll encounter 10 regular symbols that trigger payouts when landing in combinations of 3 or more on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. Additionally, there's a Free Spin symbol granting players Free Spins when 3 or more make an appearance on the reels, along with a Wild symbol substituting for all standard symbols.

Upon gathering 3 or more scatters, players are granted 10 Free Spins coupled with a coin reward based on the scatter count. Free spins can be reactivated by acquiring 3 or more scatters during the Free Spin session.

Prior to commencing spins, players are presented with the choice of two modes: Multiplier mode or Sticky Wild mode.

Multiplier Free spins: Initiated with a x1 multiplier, which increases with each subsequent win during the spins, applied to the overall wins. Sticky Wild Free spins: Features Wilds that remain sticky for the duration of the Free Spins, enhancing the potential for significant wins. Each Double Wild introduces a x2 multiplier to the total win and triggers a respin where it remains sticky. Should another Double Wild materialize during the respin, both Wilds retain their sticky status, amplifying the win amount. This cycle of respins persists as long as consecutive Double Wilds continue to appear.

Wild reels may sporadically manifest during the base game, potentially spanning across one to all five reels. In such instances, each reel becomes filled with four standard Wild symbols, significantly boosting the round's potential for lucrative wins.
Neon Dreams is a 9-reel video slot based on matching symbols. Minimum three matching symbols are required for a win, and four matching symbols awards a free re-spin of the non-matching reels. The Neon Dreams bonus feature is triggered with five matching symbols and is based on collecting additional symbols of the type that triggered the bonus (trigger symbol).

During the Neon Dreams bonus feature, a progression metre with win multipliers is presented. Each trigger symbol moves the player one step towards the multipliers which are dynamic and increase in value for every star symbol collected (until activated). A re-spin is awarded every time at least one trigger symbol lands on the reels and a lifeline extends the bonus feature. A lifeline grants one extra re-spin when no trigger symbol land on the reels.

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