In the scorched wasteland of Dystopia: Rebel Road, every turn ignites a battle for survival and dominance. Amongst the ruins, Cash Wilds hold the power to shift the balance, amplifying victories with their strength.

The core of the conflict is found in Showdown Spins, a fierce arena where allies and adversaries clash, their destinies determined by the clang of steel and the strategic support of boosters. Amidst the chaos, treasures lie hidden within crates, promising to reveal untold riches. Prepare yourself for an epic confrontation in Dystopia: Rebel Road, where every moment is a struggle for glory.
In the barren expanse encircling Nitropolis, dwell the Rebel Rodents. In the lead-up to the ultimate clash, these mice are combing the arid lands for Nitro, undermining the strength of the Nitropolis Police Department by detonating any vehicle or headquarters that falls within their scope.

Rogue Rats of Nitropolis presents an endless grid slot featuring the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. It boasts symbol enhancements, a progressive multiplier, instant coin rewards, a Max Win coin, a bonus round, and a super bonus round – all bundled together with the potential to reach up to 25,000 times the initial bet.

Trigger the free spins bonus round by collecting 2 bonus symbols. Furthermore, activating the bonus round with at least one super bonus symbol unlocks the super bonus round, with a Nitro fuel enhancement granted in every free spin.
Step into the shattered world of postapocalyptic dystopia, where chaos reigns after Mancala Corporation's deadly virus experiment. Necro Kong, a haunting symbol of their sins, roams the desolate lands. It’s time for you to stand alongside Ember Fischer, leader of the Savers, and join forces with Whooper, Dante, and Ripley Foster to confront the zombie horde and restore hope.

Amidst the ruins, redemption awaits those who dare to face the wasteland's odd creatures. Your mission is clear: unveil Mancala's secrets and rewrite history. But beware, for Necro Kong's path intertwines with yours, holding the key to either salvation or devastation. In Cash Legion, your choices shape the destiny of this shattered realm.

Will you unravel the plague's enigma, bring justice to Mancala, and rebuild a new world? The time has come to make your mark in this story-driven adventure of survival and redemption!

Cash Legion is a 40 fixed-line slot game that pays left to right. The Base game is played on a 4x5 game grid. May expand to 4x7 in the Bonus game.

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