Get ready for a heartening and festive journey with Chubby Santa, the quintessential Christmas-themed game designed to spread joy and fill your stockings with delightful surprises. Dive into a winter wonderland, where merriment and enchanting gameplay come together to ignite the holiday spirit within you.
Embark on an exhilarating journey into the mesmerizing universe of Red Tiger's Steam Squad, where futuristic wonders await and bold adventurers are favored by fortune. Brace yourself for a high-energy experience filled with innovative features.

Engage in the excitement of Winning Wipeout, where symbols lock and set off thrilling chain reactions. Boost your wins with multipliers on each reel and employ strategic moves with the Booster Row to transform non-winners into victorious spins. Unleash the power of Free Spins by securing 3 or more scatters, with the potential for up to 12 spins awaiting your command.

Step into the fantastical world of Steam Squad, where towering buildings float among the clouds, zeppelins grace the skies, and incredible prizes await your discovery. It's time to venture boldly and claim your rewards in this futuristic realm.
Santa's reindeer are tirelessly laboring, creating magic with every twirl and reaction to bring the spirit of Christmas to life. Uncover the delights left by Santa himself, with captivating Gifts Bonus Prizes materializing after each reaction. Witness the dedicated reindeer gathering your prizes, loading each Sleigh for the season of generosity! And if you've secured a spot on Santa's nice list this year, anticipate the possibility of receiving a Golden Sleigh adorned with a dazzling x10 multiplier.

Come Christmas Eve, attune your ears to the soft rhythm of reindeer hooves on rooftops, announcing the advent of Free Spins and a plethora of Sleighs! The inaugural Sleigh takes flight, bearing a x1 Sleigh Multiplier, and with each subsequent Sleigh, the multiplier escalates, marking the commencement of festive celebrations! Experience the Christmas spirit as each Sleigh multiplies your Gifts Bonus Prizes.

Let the snowfall commence as Win Exchange converts your significant wins into Free Spins for the most enchanting time of the year! Embrace the genuine essence of the season with Bonus Buy, where Free Spins await, wrapped in a large red bow, poised to unleash the full grandeur of holiday merriment!
Embark on an enchanting journey to the North Pole with Megaways Jack Frost, the latest addition to the successful Megaways Jack games! Join Jack on this exciting adventure, where the Base Game offers players a visually stunning experience filled with captivating features.

Witness the magic as winning symbols freeze and shatter, and reels lock in place with an enchanting icy border that gradually covers the entire reel. Each spin brings the promise of a winter wonderland with visually mesmerizing elements.

To add to the excitement, players can trigger Free Spins by landing 4 Scatter Symbols, immersing themselves in a snowstorm of thrilling features. The pre-feature will determine the number of Free Spins, Locked Reels, the presence of Jack Frost, and the multiplier value, setting the stage for an exhilarating bonus round.

Whether in the Base Game or Free Spins, landing a Jack Frost Symbol is a cause for celebration, showering players with fantastic bonuses such as Symbol Swaps and Wild Symbols. Every spin becomes an opportunity for a big win, making Megaways Jack Frost a game where the magic of winter brings joy and rewards at every turn.

Are you ready to explore the snowy landscapes and experience the magic of Megaways Jack Frost? Join Jack on this frosty adventure and discover the enchanting features that await in this winter wonderland of a slot game!
Saddle up and ride your trusty steed across the vast prairie landscape in this thrilling slot adventure! Encounter cunning coyotes, majestic eagles, and adorable prairie dogs as you navigate the expansive wilderness.

Feel the earth underneath you shake and tremble as unstoppable herds of mighty buffaloes stampede across the plain, revealing exciting features that include bonus wheel spins, free games, and gigantic jackpots. Yeehaw!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the untamed West, where every spin brings you closer to the excitement of the wild and the chance to claim your own prairie fortune!
Dive into a thrilling adventure with Lucky Lad Flynn in this release from GameBurger Studios. This innovative take on traditional gameplay promises players a captivating experience, complete with the chance to unlock incredible tools within the base game and seize opportunities for big wins in the Bonus round.

As you enter the game, your attention is immediately captured by three gleaming golden pots, each holding alluring values generously contributed by Flynn. The 3x5 matrix is filled with excitement, featuring 20 paylines that draw you into the unfolding action.

In this new mining-themed game with the familiar character Flynn, brace yourself for an immersive experience. The base game revolves around the powerful presence of Wilds, special symbols that come in double form and stack up for even greater impact. Landing Wilds in a winning combination ensures your win is doubled, and if luck is on your side, achieving a full screen of Wilds triggers a phenomenal Blackout Pay, delivering mind-blowingly massive payouts!
Step into the enchanting winter wonderland of Santa's Inn, a magical place where symbols come to life, multiplying, transforming, and triggering free games in this delightful 3x3 adventure. Let Santa himself guide you through this festive journey that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Welcome to Santa's Inn, where every spin is an adventure filled with joy and surprises. Immerse yourself in the heartwarming atmosphere of this remarkable place, where every win is a special gift waiting to be unwrapped. The 3x3 layout adds a cozy charm to the game, making it a perfect setting for a holiday-themed slot.

As you spin the reels in Santa's Inn, anticipate the magic that each symbol holds. Watch as they multiply your excitement, transform the reels into a winter spectacle, and trigger free games that add an extra layer of festive cheer. This is more than just a slot game; it's a heartwarming experience that captures the essence of the holiday season.

Are you ready to join Santa in his Inn and experience the joy and generosity that come with every spin? Santa's Inn invites you to celebrate the holidays in style, surrounded by symbols that bring the magic of the season to life.
Step into the delightful world of "Cock-a-Doodle Moo," a charming slot game set on a vibrant farm where whimsical animals roam, and big wins await! Immerse yourself in the picturesque countryside as you spin the reels and experience the excitement of life on the farm! In "Cock-a-Doodle Moo," the farm comes alive with a charismatic cast of farmyard characters, each bringing their unique personality to the reels, keeping you entertained throughout your gameplay.

The cheeky cast of characters offers an abundance of exciting features to keep you engaged and entertained. Experience the Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus, where the animals appear on screen, playfully chomping their way through their food, leaving wilds in their wake.

Additionally, the game boasts a marvelous Free Spins feature, transforming the farmyard into a lively nightclub that will have you hoping for a retrigger to keep the party going all night long! Join the festivities and let the charismatic farm animals lead you to exciting wins in "Cock-a-Doodle Moo"!
Embark on a quest for boundless wealth in CASH OF GODS! Traverse the realms of ancient Greece, where mighty Gods beckon you toward colossal fortunes in this high-volatility 5x4 slot machine.

Participate in the Bonus Game, witness the alignment of the heavens, and allow the Gods to enhance your winning potential with unique features. Seize the opportunity to claim up to a 5000x bet payout as you unravel the mysteries of divine prosperity in CASH OF GODS!
Gather your troops and prepare to take over the world in this Napoleonic adventure, where you join the French military commander in his bid for total world domination – welcome to Mighty Empire: Hold & Win.
Step into the shadows of the city zoo where the Animafia, weary of cages and cold meals, hatched a cunning plan for freedom and fortune. With whiskers twitching and feathers ruffled, they embarked on a daring mission – to rob the city bank and orchestrate the most legendary heist in animal history.

Animafia unfolds as a 5x5, 40 Paylines, Medium volatility Video Slot game featuring Power Wilds. Engage in a collect feature to amplify your free spins game, and immerse yourself in a free spins experience enriched with roaming wilds, powerups, and retriggers. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure with a max payout surpassing 3200 times your bet. Join the Animafia on this daring escapade where cunning meets fortune, and the city zoo becomes the stage for an unforgettable heist!
Embrace the power of the storm and become the god of thunder in 21Thor Lightning Ways, the thrilling slot from 4ThePlayer that seamlessly combines the excitement of 3,125 ways with the striking force of Lightning Ways on top!

With every spin, at least 1 Lightning Way courses across the reels, capable of creating line wins of up to 5 of a kind. Witness the magic as a win along a Lightning Way with any symbol triggers a multiplier, offering the potential for massive prizes!

Thor himself takes center stage in the Lightning Strike feature, where he can create new Lightning Ways and amplify win multipliers at any moment. Will he conjure multiple Lightning Ways before the reels cease spinning, or enhance an existing win for an electrifying reward?

Feel the power surge in Thunder Free Spins, where the storm intensifies, illuminating more Lightning Ways as the bonus unfolds. Not only that, but Lightning Way wins during this feature increase the multiplier for that Lightning Way on all subsequent spins!
Welcome to the land of chocolate rivers and milkshake clouds! Immerse yourself in the sweet wonders of Candy Paradise™, where each candy holds the promise of a delightful taste and miraculous experiences.

Indulge in the juicy Jelly Wilds, collecting them carefully into your Wild Candy Box. Once you gather enough, watch as they transform into glittering Wild Swirls! During random Respins in Candy Paradise™, these Wild Swirls travel to the reels, triggering sweet big wins. And when Wild Swirls collide, they form Multiplier Wilds, reaching up to 5x, multiplying your sugary treasures for an even sweeter victory!
Indulge in a delectable sugar-filled escapade with NetEnt’s Finn and the Candy Spin, a delightful new journey that reintroduces everyone’s beloved leprechaun! This game is brimming with candy-inspired features: Sugar Rush randomly adds 2 - 5 wilds to the reels; Yeti Destroy removes symbols, setting off an Avalanche™; Candy Luck transforms symbols on a random row or reel into winning combinations; and Pop Transform converts low-win symbols into high-win ones.

No Finn adventure would be complete without the excitement of collecting Free Spins Keys to unlock a plethora of magical worlds. Explore the Wild Sugar Hub, the Ice Cream Palace, the Cotton Candy Lab, and the Gumball Factory – a tantalizing journey designed to satisfy your sweet cravings! Spin the reels and let the sugary sweetness unfold before your eyes!
But there's no time for rest, the life of a sailor is unpredictable. When 3 bonus symbols appear, take a deep breath and dive into a new adventure beneath the surface.

Your mission is to lure fish as close to the boat as possible, with the help of your trusty companions: the Persistent Hammer Octopus, the Persistent Payer Worm, and the Persistent Spawner Fish. Together, they can lead you closer to the hidden treasure on the horizon. Get ready for a high seas escapade like no other!
Experience the exhilarating might of the Norse God Thor in the mesmerizing slot game, AREA CASHTM Thor! Immerse yourself in the realm of thunderous storms and dazzling lightning as you set your sights on locked prizes, liberating them with the colossal force of Thor’s Wild Hammer. Unleash divine power and brace yourself for monumental wins as you journey into the mythical realm of Asgard, where the powerful Thor stands ready to lead you to immense wealth and thrilling gameplay!

Prepare to feel the hammer of fortune as Prize Coin symbols land on the reels. When the Wild symbol strikes the center reel and at least one Prize Coin symbol is in view, get ready for the awe-inspiring AREA CASHTM feature! The locks on the Prize Coin symbols shatter open, showering you with heavenly rewards. But that's not all – if the Wild symbol comes with a multiplier, it electrifies all cash prizes and jackpots won during the feature.

And keep an eye out for the Free Spin Prize Coin symbols too; they can unleash the power of Free Spins during the AREA CASHTM feature, propelling you towards even grander victories fit for a god!
Embark on a wild western adventure with Wild West Angel, a captivating 5 x 3 video slot set against the backdrop of the Old West, featuring a stunning cowgirl bandit as the main character.

A standout feature of this game is the "Rodeo's Win Multiplier," which can strike at any moment when players win 5x their bet. This multiplier has the potential to boost the win by up to 32x. Alongside a plethora of other exciting features such as the EX BET (ante bet), the SUPER RESPIN BONUS, and the game's very high volatility, players are sure to stay engaged, eagerly anticipating what other thrilling experiences await them.
Head into the wilderness and stack up winning combinations with Timber Stacks.

Symbols including fish, owls, bears and wolves appear on this game’s 5×5 grid, with players needing to land matching symbols from left to right to award a win. A special mountain Wild can also land on the second, third and fourth reels, substituting for all symbols except the Scatter.

A tumble mechanic sees winning combinations removed from play and replaced by others, creating multiple chances to win on a single spin. If no more winning combinations remain, the reels can spontaneously increase in size. This mechanic sees one of the stacks fall to the bottom of the grid, potentially expanding it to 10×5 and providing players with up to 100,000 different ways to win. Once tumbles have finished, the grid will return to its original size.
Welcome to Space Cows to the Moo’n, a 5x4 slot boasting 1024-ways-to-win, promising surprises with every spin. Propel your winnings into orbit with 5 distinct UFO features that can trigger randomly after any winning spin. Witness the Beaming Wilds, which transform 2-5 symbols into Wilds, or the Multiplier Wilds that stack up when forming a winning combo.

To milk even more winnings, the UFO Minor Destruction feature eradicates Minor symbols, making way for Majors to cascade down. On the flip side, the UFO Major Upgrade feature elevates all Minor symbols to Majors, promising payouts as substantial as a bull.

The icing on the cake? Land 3-5 Scatters and seize up to 12 Free Spins, with all UFO features potentially occurring during this bonus round. Prepare for a cosmic adventure unlike any other!
The Bison Moon is rising once again, and with it comes a chance to win bigger than ever before, this time the Bison Moon is ULTRA. In this latest release from Northern Lights Gaming, players have the chance to return to the valley of the Bison Moon.

As the sun sets, the valley is filled with the sound of hooves as herds of bison stampede across the screen delivering chances to win wilds, wild reels, more bonus symbols and bigger wins. Players can catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures as they land on the reels, turning whole reels wild for a maximum win of 12,500x bet!

As the sun sets, the once quaint valley turns eerily quiet as the player enters Free Spins. Get up close and personal with the various animals with jumbo 3x3 symbols! The Wild Bison and Full Moon Ultra Link&WinTM symbols are also available as 3x3 jumbo symbols.

If you’re lucky enough to catch 6 full moons, you’ll be transported to the new Ultra Link&WinTM bonus round. In this round, players can earn cash prizes, unlock rows and win jackpots by landing moons on the reels. Fill all 35 spaces on the reels to win the Mega Jackpot of 10,000x bet! So saddle up and get ready for another night of adventure and excitement with Bison Moon Ultra Link&WinTM!
Welcome to the most sizzling and electrifying slot game in the entire casino universe – Red Dragon Ways! Brace yourself for an extraordinary voyage through ancient China, where destiny intertwines with luck and fortune for those bold enough to spin the reels of fate!

This game burns hotter than a dragon's breath on a scorching summer day in Beijing! As you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Red Dragon Ways, prepare to be whisked away to a mystical realm adorned with vibrant hues, intricate embellishments, and an essence of authentic oriental allure.

You might be pondering, "What sets Red Dragon Ways apart from the rest?" Well, my dear player, that's a splendid question! This slot game stands unparalleled, featuring fiery dragons, succulent tangerines, whimsical frogs, and shimmering coins, all gracefully dancing across the reels in a mesmerizing spectacle.
Welcome to 8 Balls of Fire! Deep in the South Pacific, the tiny island of Pyro Tiki boasts a big secret: a volcano which can deliver massive wins!

8 Balls of Fire is 6×3 reel, 20 payline video slot featuring Free Spins, ‘Fireball Link’ (hold and spin bonus), Wild Fire reel bonus, and a Pot Pick bonus. In Free Spins the volcano spews out fireball creating winning zones on the reels. Land prizes in the zones to win.

The Fireball Link bonus is a hold and spin feature where filling the entire grid awards the 5000x Mega Prize. Watch out for the X2 fireballs which can boost your prize to the 10,000x maximum win.

There is also the option of a golden bet, where the base bet is increased by x0.25, more than doubling the chance of triggering Free Spins.
Dive into the dazzling world of Massive Gold, an online slot game filled with gold, diamonds, shimmer, and neon. Experience the electrifying thrill of features like Collect Wins, Gold Booster, Bonus, Free Spins, and Buy. Spin the reels and collect Gold Bars with bet values of up to 50x for massive wins.

Multiply them by up to 10 times your bet with the power of Gold Booster. Uncover shining treasures in the Bonus feature, where you have the chance to win a Mega Prize. Enjoy 10 free spins in the Free Spins feature and aim for incredible wins. Join now and let the reels spin you into a world of unimaginable riches!
Billy Bob has finally struck it big in this explosive, mining adventure slot from Booming Games. The old-timer hillbilly has been working the mine for years and if join him and get your hands dirty, you could be in for a massive payday.

Billy Bob Boom™ is a 5x4 slot, with 30-paylines and dynamite features. The first blast of the fun comes from the TNT Wild Spins. Each time a Wild TNT lands, that reel position gets a Sticky TNT Fuse with a multiplier. After every 10 spins, Billy Bob’s detonator reaches zero, and all TNT fuse positions transform into Wilds.

Billy Bob may randomly trigger the Quick Fuse that instantly converts all TNT fuse positions into Wilds for the next spin, after which they revert back to Sticky TNT Fuses until the TNT Wild counter hits zero again.

Landing 3+ Scatters triggers up to 12 Free Spins, during which all TNT Fuses become sticky Wilds for the rest of the Free Spins. Every time a TNT Scatter lands on a TNT Fuse, the multiplier increases by +1. Just remember, the more TNT, the better!
Embark on a sizzling adventure to a tropical paradise and feel the summer heat in NetEnt’s new game, Thrill to Grill. As you journey through this juicy slot, prepare for mouthwatering excitement as a BBQ grill takes center stage.

This 5-reel, 5-row video slot brings the heat with its flaming Collection Feature. Keep an eye out for the special Grill symbols in the 3-reel, 3-row central area, as they step up the charcoal challenge. The Collection Feature, which activates randomly, keeps the excitement going until a re-spin happens in the main game, or throughout the entire bonus round.

Dive deeper into the game and uncover three additional bonus features during Free Spins, turning up the heat. And for those hungry for instant action, indulge in the Buy Feature, allowing you to jump straight into Free Spins. Get ready to ignite the sizzling excitement and tantalize your taste buds with NetEnt’s Thrill to Grill! Embark on a fiery adventure filled with smoke-infused shenanigans and savory rewards.
Ready for a howlin’ good time? Embark on a thrilling adventure where you journey deep into the wilderness for a chance to sink your claws into the hidden riches!

Welcome to 3 Oaks Gaming's 5x4, 25-line Black Wolf 2 slot. In this exciting new sequel, venture back to the picturesque wildlands, and join forces with wolves, wild cats, and other majestic creatures of the woods on a quest for ultimate JACKPOT prizes! This time, the rewards are even more enticing.

Your path to success lies in the HOLD & WIN BONUS game, featuring the heart-pounding FORTUNE SLIDE mechanic that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Brace yourself for an outdoor escapade that will leave you craving for more!
Welcome to the enchanting world of Magic Fusion, a captivating slot game that will immerse you in a magical journey of potions and the wonders of a wizard’s realm. In this game, every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide a clear and visually stunning presentation, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

With its crisp and vibrant style, distinctively separated colors, and an array of captivating features, this game promises an unforgettable journey into a world of wonders. Will you uncover the secrets of the glowing gemstone in the secret book? The fate of the reels is in your hands. Let the magic begin!
Behold the sacred masks, waiting to take you on a slot adventure and reward you with great riches from in-game modifiers and epic Free Spins – welcome to our latest release, Masks of Fortune Megaways.
Join Captain Blackbeard as he sets sail on the seven seas in search of wondrous riches. Battle fearsome pirates and loot their hold. Featuring two swashbuckling features to win big and four reel modifiers. Packed full of humour, charm and fun, Blackbeard Battle Of The Seas will make a pirate out of you.
Prepare yourself for an ultimate showdown with Judgement Day Megaways by Red Tiger. Brace yourself as four wicked demons emerge onto the reels, ready to unleash their sinister powers. Experience the excitement as Seal Wilds materialize on the gaming grid, summoning one of the four demons: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

Watch as their dark magic takes over the reels, shooting Skull Wilds into play, slashing symbols in half, adding symbol multipliers to two reels, and conjuring the touch of Death to drag multiplier Skull Wilds onto a single reel.

Before Free Spins begins, you’ll have the chance to randomly select a demon whose power is guaranteed for every free spin. Get ready to face the all-engulfing fires of Judgement Day MegawaysTM and prepare for an epic battle brought to life by Red Tiger.
Voyage into the unknown in NetEnt’s Lost Relics™ 2 as you become a courageous adventurer searching for hidden chests. As you forge your path deep into a long forgotten temple, Cluster Pays™ matches break the symbol tiles, revealing hidden chests behind the gaming grid.

When you completely uncover a chest, it opens to reveal exciting rewards: multipliers, random wilds, instant cash, Free Spins and the special Level Up reward in the bonus game. In Free Spins, the multipliers keep accumulating, and you can grow the gaming grid to 10x10 to increase your Cluster Pays™ chances.

Crack the code of jungle mysteries and unearth ancient hidden chests full of prizes in NetEnt’s Lost Relics™ 2.
Have you got what it takes to be a Viking warrior? Join the forces of fearless warriors in Booming Games' release Power of the Vikings! Sail to discover new lands and expand the Viking empire, and best of all, you will be rewarded generously for your bravery.

Power of the Vikings is a 5x3 adventure slot packed with thrilling and powerful features. Start reeling in the loot with up to 6 Random Wilds or up to 5 Multiplier Wilds that can appear randomly during a base game spin. But, for truly massive wins, a Colossal Wild that is 4x3 in size can also land randomly for Viking-sized payouts.

Keep the reels spinning and the wins rolling in by landing 3 Scatters that trigger 5 Free Spins with the choice of either guaranteed Random Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, or a Colossal Wild with every Free Spin. Choosing Random Wilds guarantees up to 10 Wilds landing in random positions at the start of each spin. Selecting Multiplier Wilds assures up to 5 Wilds with a multiplier of x2, x3, or x5 landing in random positions at the start of each spin. With the Colossal Wild option, at the start of each spin, a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x3 Wild will land fully in a random position.

Grab your shield and axe, climb aboard, and experience the Power of the Vikings!
Step back into the golden epoch of Ancient Egypt, where the mighty Pharaoh Ramses II reigned Supreme. Join Marion, Farrah, Cameron and Eva in their quest to find “Ramses’ Book of Rings”. Combining the uniquely exciting SuperSlice mechanic with payline wins, seek treasures that can deliver up to 6.550X!

A new innovative take on the Superslice Mechanic, the five concentric rings work together, delivering wins in the base game, and expanding a special symbol in the freespins for huge wins. With its enchanting graphics, powerful soundtrack, and thrilling features, “Ramses’ Book of Rings” will transport players to the heart of the Egyptian kingdom, where opulence and adventure were the orders of the day.
Perfect Peacock marks the sixth addition to the online lineup of the Coin Combo™ family, introducing Reel Ways Pays, Peacock Feature, Jackpot Feature, and the Mystery Red Envelope Bonus for an enhanced gaming experience.
Gold Diggin’ Gus is taking a well-earned break from the dusty mines and invites you to join him on his lucky boat as he enjoys his favourite hobby and looks to hook some tasty wins – it’s Gus Goes Fishin’.
Long before the birds moved to the Island, Elmo the Sloth lived a fruitful life in the jungle, mastering his craft of mask making and growing enormous tropical fruits!

Hula Balua is a 6 reel, 6 rows juicy slot. It comes with big symbols, multipliers, redrops, random wilds, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

3 or more Bonus symbols trigger the free drops bonus game. The bonus game can be retriggered. Two Bonus symbols landing on top of each other upgrades all bonus symbols into Super Bonus symbols.
Get ready for a smashing time with Cyclops Smash™.

Fruity symbols appear alongside gems and galeae on an expansive 7×7 grid, with wins being awarded when a cluster of five or more identical symbols is made on any spin. The tumble mechanic sees all winning combinations removed from play, being replaced from above with new symbols that could trigger consecutive wins.

The smash feature could randomly trigger on any spin, activating between five and 12 symbols randomly and rearranging them to new positions based on their pay value.
The Goonies™ return in the search for One Eyed Willy’s Gold! Collect gold coins for the chance of triggering One Eyed Willy’s Riches! Collecting special Gold Coins into the treasure chest can randomly award one of One Eyed Willy many modifiers.

3 or more scatter symbols will trigger free spins. During free spins Sloth will collect any Gold Coins that appear in view. One Eyed Willy many modifiers can also be randomly triggered during free spins.
Welcome to the dragon’s den! Initiate the Wild train and collect wild symbols and triple coin symbols to grow the train and gain respins. See it become a string of wilds and grant lots of winning lines with every respin!

Collect 9 in a single bet round (including respins) and get 5 free games! Add 1 free spin with every wild or triple coin symbol that appears, and behold how the Wild Train keeps growing. But that’s not all! Collect up to 21 Wild symbols within the same bet round, and hit the 5,000x jackpot! Or collect 21 triple coin symbols (scatter with values) to enjoy a 20x multiplier on the total scatter value!

While collecting wilds, users may randomly enter a Pick Bonus that grants 1 of 4 jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major and Grand. A visually slick and friendly game, with a super-entertaining gameplay! Our own unique Wild Train feature takes the user’s excitement to a higher level, as the WIld train grows more, the more substituting Wilds will appear, not only creating lots of winning lines, but also bringing options to hit Free games, huge multipliers and the Grand Jackpot!
Get ready to roll up your sleeves and join the farming frenzy in Sleepy Grandpa, the newest online slot game that takes you to the fields to collect precious coins. With 5 reels and 4 rows, the game offers a maximum payout of up to 10,000 times the bet, and special features add to the excitement.

One of the standout features of Sleepy Grandpa is the Grandpa symbol that can be collected throughout the bonus game to increase the Global Win multiplier. Keep an eye out for Dirt symbols in both the Base and Bonus game, as Grandpa digs them up to reveal random coins, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Tractor feature adds another layer of excitement as a tractor appears from right to left, leaving Dirt symbols behind for the Farmer to dig up. Get ready to cultivate your fortune and become the ultimate Sleepy Grandpa in this engaging new game.
Prepare your lucky drakkar for tons of trophies from the new epic game version. Spin the reels, collect lucky drakkars, and catch your massive winnings. Enjoy outstanding animations and a perfectly designed interface.

Take a full reel of Wilds and unlock instant extra bonuses. Collect 3 or more drakkar bonuses and get unlimited free spins with an increasable multiplier.
Have a purr-fect time with Atomic Kittens! This 7 x 8 has everything you need for an unforgettable gaming experience: thrilling cascading winning combinations, yarn symbols with incredible multipliers, and explosive features that could win you big!

Atomic Kittens to the rescue! Save the galaxy and end the cat-astropic episode with these heroic kittens. Get rewarded once the mission is accomplished!

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