Would you be willing to venture into the ancient Tomb of Ra and confront the fury of the gods of old? Those with enough courage might discover the treasure of a lifetime.

Watch out for Ra's faithful servants, the scarab beetles, who fiercely guard the tomb, ensuring no intruders enter. Yet, landing three of them on the spinning reels will unveil the tomb's secrets. Within, you'll encounter the elusive golden scarab wilds, which shift to new positions with every spin, enhancing your winnings.

But tread cautiously. As you gather more golden scarabs, Ra's power intensifies. He will endeavor to ensnare you within the tomb for additional spins, thwarting your escape. You can accumulate up to five golden scarabs, potentially multiplying your wins by 20x!

The Curse of Ra offers an exhilarating experience, transporting you to the heart of ancient Egypt, where peril and triumph await at every turn.
Explore the rugged terrain of Release the Bison on a thrilling treasure hunt. This frontier adventure, set in a 5×4 grid, offers a respins feature, random guaranteed wins, and a free spins round. Land three, four, or five gems in the base game to trigger the free spins round, where you can earn up to a x5 multiplier.

Instead of setting off on your journey, a wheel of fortune determines the number of free spins you'll receive. During the free spins feature, keep an eye out for the bison Wild symbol, which roams the board. If you manage to land five of these symbols, you'll earn additional free spins and progressive multipliers.

The wheel can award up to 18 free spins, with a random multiplier ranging from x2 to x5. Alongside the bison, symbols like an eagle and a coyote contribute to various winning combinations. With the potential to win up to 3,000 times your bet, this action-packed slot promises excitement at every turn.
Step into the world of ancient Rome with Tyrant’s Fall, an engaging 5×3 video slot boasting 20 Bet Lines. Accompany the Emperor, a formidable warrior, in a game brimming with thrills and possibilities.

Witness the emergence of the Random Multiplier Wild, a harbinger of fortune capable of amplifying your winnings by as much as 150 times! With each rotation, experience the rush of excitement as your fortunes soar akin to a triumphant ruler.

Access the Free Spins bonus by collecting 3 or more Bonus Symbols. Progress through the five phases of Free Spins, each phase denoted by the accumulation of Bonus Symbols, and relish the escalating rewards. From humble beginnings to the magnificence of an X150 Roaming Multiplier Wild, every spin holds the potential for epic wealth.

With the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 times your initial wager, Tyrant’s Fall delivers exhilarating gameplay and the prospect of securing your own triumphs. Spin the reels and seize the moment to attain glory!
Enter the mythical domain of Olympus Wilds, the freshest addition to SwinttSelect's collection. Against the grandeur of the Parthenon, players are beckoned into the depths of Greek mythology, where the rule of gods and goddesses holds sway.

Prepare for an exciting adventure with the groundbreaking Floating Wilds feature. Whenever two or more Wild symbols grace the reels, players are in for a captivating respin. During this exhilarating spin, the Wild symbols ascend and glide off the sides of the reels, creating a dazzling display. As the respin concludes, the Wild symbols gracefully descend back onto the reels, landing in random positions and potentially unlocking monumental wins.

With a potential maximum win of 8,000 times the bet, Olympus Wilds presents players with the opportunity to seize divine riches fit for the gods themselves!

When two or more Wild symbols land on the reel, players trigger a respin during which these symbols ascend and glide off the sides of the reels. After the respin, the Wild symbols ascend once more and drift over the reels, adhering to random positions.

If additional Wild symbols appear on the reel, players earn another respin, during which all Wild symbols take flight over the reels. This cycle continues until players acquire one or no Wild symbols during the respin, or until the reels are entirely filled with Wild symbols.

Activation of 5 or more special symbols initiates the Hold n Spin feature. These symbols remain in place during the feature while all other symbols vanish. By collecting more special symbols, players can secure up to 3 Free Spins to potentially win big.

Furthermore, a multiplier meter is in place, and each new special symbol landing during the feature increases the multiplier meter.
Shaolin Panda Chaos Reels introduces a game-changing mechanic known as "Chaos Reels," which transforms the traditional slot experience. The reels morph into a dynamic mosaic of symbols, varying in number and size, spanning from 3 to 6 in each dimension. Central to this mystical realm is the towering Wild symbol of the Shaolin Panda, symbolizing fortune and excitement. Throughout the Free Spins round, gathering Golden Dumplings unlocks successive levels, each unveiling unique Panda Features and extra spins, ranging from the mysterious Panda Punch to the electrifying Panda Wild.

Triggering 10 Free Spins requires landing three Scatter symbols simultaneously. Throughout the Free Spins session, Dumpling symbols are amassed by the Shaolin Panda, contributing to the progression of the Panda Feature meter positioned above the reels, which persists until the conclusion of the feature. Advancing to a new level necessitates collecting 10 Dumplings, unlocking a guaranteed Panda Feature and bestowing additional Free Spins.

During each Free Spin, there's a possibility of the reels being substituted with ones featuring a greater abundance of Golden Dumpling symbols.

The Panda Multiplier constitutes the third Panda feature. Each activation prompts the Shaolin Panda's spirit to select a reel and apply multipliers to every symbol on that reel. The initial multiplier stands at x5, incrementing by 5 for subsequent activations, with a maximum cap of x40. These multipliers enhance any winning combinations they accompany.
Editors Choice
At the yearly celebration within the charming village of Tarragon, locals congregated to observe St. Martha's captivating performance alongside her renowned Tarasque. However, this time around, the village's Mage had orchestrated a cunning scheme that promised to upend the town's traditional festivities.

This marks the inception of the narrative behind our latest grid slot adventure - 'Tarasque' - where multifaceted gameplay intersects with an array of thrilling features, all infused with a delightful sense of humor, ensuring players are entertained while pursuing substantial wins.

At the core of the game mechanics lies an 8x8 grid featuring cluster pays and our innovative Morph feature. Each spin, the Morph feature designates a symbol that will transmute the entire cluster into a neighboring symbol, igniting exhilarating chain reactions of expanding cluster wins.

The Tarasque springs to life with the activation of the first progressive feature. Serving as a wild, it voraciously devours adjacent winning symbols. The crescendo occurs as the Tarasque regurgitates all consumed symbols, presenting extraordinary opportunities for complete screen victories.

Diverging from the standard bonus structure, this game showcases Progressive Features. Each victory contributes to a feature meter, comprising five stages to unlock. Each stage triggers one of four unique features, with intensity escalating alongside the feature level.
Conquer the Dragon's Realm!

Set off on a grand journey with this captivating 3x5 video slot featuring 9 fixed pay lines. Encounter the awe-inspiring Wilds, where legendary dragons awaken, bringing luck to those brave enough to encounter them. Be cautious of the Roaming Wilds that wander across the reels, igniting a path of thrill.

Utilize the power of the Wild Multiplier, a mystical energy that boosts your winnings with each spin. The excitement peaks in the Bonus Game, where Free Spins and retriggers unveil concealed treasures. Prepare to confront the dragon's fury and emerge triumphant in a slot where mythical creatures and endless riches collide!

Three Dragon Emblem symbols appearing anywhere on the reels during the Base game will activate the Bonus Game, granting 3 Free Spins.

During the Bonus Game, the Dragon Emblem symbol transforms into a Roaming Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol and persisting on the reels throughout the Bonus Game. Prior to each subsequent Free Spin, it will shift to an adjacent position. No two Roaming Wild symbols can move to the same position. A spin resulting in one or more Roaming Wild symbols within winning pay lines will bestow an additional Free Spin.

The Roaming Wild symbol carries a base multiplier of x2. Following a spin where one or more Roaming Wild symbols contribute to pay line wins, their current multipliers are randomly added to another Roaming Wild Symbol, up to a maximum multiplier of x50. When calculating wins on pay lines involving Roaming Wild symbols, their multipliers accumulate. However, a 50x multiplier cannot accumulate additional multipliers.

For instance, a Roaming Wild symbol with a x2 multiplier and another with a x4 multiplier yield a total multiplier of x6 for that particular win. The highest total multiplier achievable from Roaming Wild symbols forming part of a single pay line is x150 (50+50+50).
Are you craving a delightful treat? Experience the pure sweetness only candy can offer. Treat yourself to a taste of heavenly sugary delights guaranteed to bring a grin from ear to ear. Dive into a bag of Candy Glyph (known locally as Glyphitos), Mexico’s beloved candy sensation.

Candy Glyph is an impressive, feature-packed slot game with a 7×7 grid, showcasing Tumble Mechanics, a Power Wild feature, and our exclusive Power Glyph feature, which activates four delicious Power-Ups: Bonbon Bombs, Bouncy Bean, Lollipop Rocket, and the Bonus Pinata.

Watch as the Bouncy Bean spreads riches across the grid (4-10 Wilds), the Lollipop Rocket works its sugary magic to eliminate low-paying symbols and transform them into payouts, and the Bonbon Bomb explodes normal symbols in its path, turning them into tasty rewards!

Keep your eyes peeled for the special Bonus Pinata Wild symbol during Free Spins; it ensures any winnings are huge and satisfying, up to 13,000 times your initial bet! Enjoy Tumble Mechanics in both the base game and Free Spins Bonus, where winning symbol clusters vanish, making room for new symbols to cascade down from above.

The Candy Wild feature is available in both modes too; after winning clusters are removed, a Candy Wild is awarded in an empty position, potentially activating additional Power-Ups.

During Free Spins, triggered from the base game, you'll receive 9 free spins with the chance to earn 3 more every time it's reactivated. The special Bonus Pinata symbol appears on the first free spin, offering the opportunity to win big – up to 13,000 times your bet if you level up the Bonus Pinata to x99!

Power-Ups activate with Power Wild wins; the game features Bonbon Bombs, Bouncy Bean, Lollipop Rocket, and Bonus Pinata. Before each spin, five Power-Ups are randomly chosen, with the last always being the Free Spins Bonus Power-Up.

Power-Ups charge up with each consumed Power Wild, ready to activate when there's no winning combination on the screen, executing in the order they were charged.

The awarded Bonus Pinata and its multiplier persist through each free spin until the end of the Free Spins Bonus, moving randomly across the reels for added excitement. The Bonus Pinata remains intact and in play after win evaluations.
Engage in an epic clash of Dragons vs Pandas, navigating 40 lines across two sets of 4-reel games. Witness the excitement as Wilds leap across the reels, creating even more substantial victories. Take your pick and emerge victorious in this thrilling battle!

The Jumping Wilds Feature is triggered when a Jumping Wild appears in any position on the reels. Each Jumping Wild in the Dragon Reels or Panda Reels transforms a symbol position in the same row on the opposite game position into a Jumping Wild. If the chosen symbol position already features a Jumping Wild, the multiplier for that Wild increases by 1x for each additional Jumping Wild awarded on that symbol position.

Initiate the Dragons VS Pandas feature by landing 1 VS Coin symbol along with any combination of 2 other Coin symbols in any position. Choose either the Dragon Reels or the Panda Reels for the feature, and the spin unfolds simultaneously on both game positions. Line wins are exclusively paid for the selected game position. Make your strategic choice and plunge into the gripping conflict between these mighty creatures!
In the midst of the icy expanse, the intrepid adventurer Batista embarks on a quest to unveil the secrets of epochs past. Deep within the polar ice, ancient beasts lie suspended in time, anticipating discovery as the ultimate revelation—the true GOAT.

Frozen Age unfolds as a high volatility Video Slot game on a 6x6 grid featuring 50 paylines, offering an impressive maximum win potential exceeding 8000x the bet. The game introduces Monster Blocks, roaming wilds, and an impactful Free Spins feature equipped with Wild Respins, Synced Blocks, and retriggers!

Monster Blocks, oversized symbols on the reels, emulate individual symbols arranged in a 2x2 to 6x6 formation.

The Synced Blocks feature occurs randomly, transforming all Monster Blocks into the same symbol for enhanced winning possibilities.

Wild Respins, randomly triggered in the base game, introduce 1-6 roaming wilds onto the panel based on the initial Wild block size. Following wins, a respin ensues, with roaming wilds changing positions. If roaming wilds land on a Monster Block, the entire block transforms into a Wild. Notably, roaming wilds cannot land in the same spot.

Initiate Free Spins by landing 5 or more scatters, earning an equivalent number of spins with up to 36 free spins available. Collect roaming wilds during Free Spins to unlock tiers, providing an extra 2 spins upon reaching each tier. The panel multiplier progressively increases, potentially reaching up to 10x when amassing 50 or more roaming wilds. Furthermore, any scatter appearing in the panel adds an additional free spin, enhancing the exhilaration of the Frozen Age adventure.
Extract additional enjoyment from this sensation with Juicy Fruits Multihold.

Set on a 5x5 reel grid, classic fruit symbols like kiwis, cherries, and strawberries make a delightful return. To secure a win, these symbols must create a matching combination across the game's 50 paylines. Adding to the excitement, a Wild symbol may grace the reels, armed with a 2x or 3x multiplier. With the potential to appear in various sizes, the Wild introduces an extra layer of win possibilities to elevate your gaming experience.

In the bonus round, a minimum of three scatters will bestow six free spins.

Featuring four unlockable gameboards, players aim to gather scatters to access these extra reels, with each newly unlocked board also granting extra spins. Blue scatters enhance the active wild, enlarging it and mirroring its size onto newly revealed gameboards, intensifying the thrill of gameplay.
Embark on a daring journey in search of riches and renown, exploring the realms where the majestic Wild Dragons freely roam. In the realm of "Legend of Dragon Wins DoubleMax," every victory holds the key to unlocking extraordinary rewards, all thanks to the distinctive DoubleMax multiplier.

Witness the magic unfold as, with each successive triumph, the multiplier doubles, propelling your winnings to unparalleled heights. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure, guided by the dragons towards unimaginable wealth. Experience the thrill of doubling your win multiplier repeatedly, fueled by the boundless power of DoubleMax!

Are you bold enough to pursue the fabled fortune guarded by the legendary dragon?
'Tis the season of joy – Christmas is right around the corner!

A time for reflection and cherished moments with loved ones, sprinkled with a dash of entertainment! Experience the excitement with Moving Wilds and Progressive Multipliers, ensuring moments of thrill. Set in a warm and inviting atmosphere, this game promises a dynamic and enjoyable playing experience. Max Win Gaming extends heartfelt wishes for a joyous holiday season!

Indulge in the festivities and celebrate!
Saddle up for an adventure in the Wild West with "The Wild Drifter," a thrilling new slot from Boomerang Gaming where you're not just a player; you're the law!

In the base game, every non-winning spin amps up the excitement with the Winmulti Multiplier. Quick on the draw? With Winmulti, you can turn a slow spell on the reels into an outlaw win! Feel the adrenaline as you increase the multiplier, anticipating the big wins that await.

Claim your bounty in the free spins round, where the Wild Drifter takes center stage. Watch as every wild symbol expands, sticks, and roams across the reels, creating opportunities for massive wins. But that's not all – during these free spins, the Winmulti Multiplier doubles on every non-winning spin, ensuring that the excitement never wanes.

Are you ready to step into the boots of "The Wild Drifter" and bring justice to the Wild West? Spin the reels, build up that Winmulti Multiplier, and let the free spins round take you on a wild ride filled with expanding wilds and doubled multipliers! It's time to claim your bounty and show the outlaws who's boss in this action-packed slot adventure.
Get ready for a divine experience in Zeus Rising, where your luck can turn in an instant! Free spins are the name of the game, and with every bonus symbol landed, the gods may favor you with a random number of free spins, reaching an incredible 45 if fortune smiles upon you.

Once in the Bonus game, wilds take center stage with random multipliers that keep things exciting as they move between spins. The unpredictable nature of these multipliers adds an extra layer of thrill to each spin, promising the potential for remarkable wins. Keep an eye on the lightning meter, as it has the power to strike up to 5000x your stake with every electrifying spin, offering the chance for truly divine rewards.

Zeus Rising combines the excitement of random free spins, dynamic wild multipliers, and the electrifying lightning meter to create a gaming experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Will the gods smile upon you, granting you a plethora of free spins and multipliers, or will the lightning meter strike with a massive win? Spin the reels and discover the divine surprises that await in Zeus Rising!
Each year, countless animals worldwide fall victim to vehicular collisions. It’s high time they stood up for themselves and seized control. Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit, and Deer Joe have arrived, refusing to tolerate any nonsense. Two Scatter symbols initiate the Call To Arms, granting two regular hearts. Should the third Scatter symbol appear during this phase, it triggers Team Assemble Freespins and replenishes any lost regular hearts. The game mode concludes when there are no hearts remaining.

The Collector activates whenever a Jumping Wild animal is in action. Each Collector is visually linked to its corresponding Jumping Wild by color and type. Whenever a car is halted by the Jumping Wild, the corresponding Collector value increases by 1. Upon reaching a count of 5, the Collector triggers the upgrade feature, enhancing its associated Jumping Wild based on its type. When the upgrade feature activates, a regular heart is upgraded to an armored heart from the left side of the heart list. If any heart is missing, an armored heart is added from the left side of the heart list instead. The Collectors counter is removed once the cap is reached.

Papa Bear, Fred The Rabbit, and Deer Joe serve as Jumping Wilds, relocating to a random position within the Battle Area (reels 2, 3, and 4) between rounds.

Hilly and Billy Cars become active when animals are present and only trigger between spins. There are two car types: Green - Hilly’s Car (1 Hit point) Always appears first in each round. Requires one hit to stop. Red - Billy’s Car (2 Hit points) Appears every fifth round during Team Assemble or in every round during Junkyard Assault. Requires two hits to stop. When a car enters play, it traverses the reel area from the right side, starting at a random row. If a Jumping Wild obstructs the car, one hit point is deducted. If the hit points reach zero, the car stops. If the car traverses the area from right to left without interruption, it selects a random row and begins traversal from the left side. A successful round trip either damages an armored heart or removes a regular heart, starting from the right on the heart list. The feature ends when there are no hearts remaining.

Roadblock activates after accumulating a total of 20 hits, becoming enabled for the next spin. The feature begins by restoring any regular hearts and transforming all Jumping Wilds to occupy entire rows within the Battle Area. Upon activation, Hilly and Billy cars enter play, striking one row each randomly and triggering a feature based on the row hit: Top - Adds a random Wild on reel 5. Middle - Splits all rows on Reel 5. Bottom - Doubles the size of the 3x3 Wild. This sequence remains consistent, with each row capable of being hit twice. Once both cars are stopped, all three rows merge into a single 3x3 Wild, covering the entire Battle Area. After payouts are completed, the 3x3 Wild splits back into Jumping Wilds, and the Total Collector resets to 0.
Are you prepared to experience the pinnacle of excitement in your gaming journey? Your search ends here with Mighty Symbols™: Diamonds – the ultimate game that guarantees not just thrilling entertainment, but also incredible winnings.

With a captivating array of features, no player can resist the allure of this game. The beloved Free Spins bonus round has been taken to new heights with the addition of the Giant Wild symbol with a random multiplier, adding a dynamic twist to your gameplay. Get ready for an adventure filled with excitement and endless opportunities to win big!
Step into Panda's kitchen for a daring snack in Eye of the Panda, a cascading drop game with a 5x5 grid and rewarding paylines. The Wild Panda Multiplier symbol takes center stage, substituting for other paying symbols and amplifying your wins. Achieve the game's max win of 10,000 times your bet, accessible in all game modes!

With each win, symbols of the winning type(s) vanish from the reels, making way for new symbols to drop in.

The Panda symbol, a Wild Multiplier, boasts values of x2, x3, x4, x5, and x10. Acting as a substitute for other paying symbols, the Panda Multiplier applies its multiplier to any winning combination it contributes to. If multiple Panda symbols join a single winning combination, their multipliers multiply before being applied to the overall win.

Trigger the NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA! bonus feature by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously in the base game, unlocking 10 free spins. Unclaimed Panda symbols on non-winning spins are stored in one of the 5 Panda Collector slots outside the reel. However, if all slots are occupied, a landed Panda on a non-winning spin won't be saved.

Activate the JUMPING PANDAS bonus feature by landing 4 FS scatter symbols at the same time in the base game. This feature retains base game mechanics, but the first 5 Wild Panda Multiplier symbols that appear become sticky and persist on the reels until the feature concludes. The sticky Pandas jump to new random positions on each free spin, cascading with new multiplier values. The Panda Multiplier activates when the Panda symbol contributes to a winning combination.
A forest full of Bats, Owls and a Witch? This must be sWITCHed!

The 5 reels bear more than 20 fixed win lines. They are also the home of the Witch who has the ability to see everything in her Crystal ball. This magical item is wild and thus is also important for your wins! Another name of this specific Witch is not sWITCHed without reason as she can „switch“ the symbols which are part of a winning combination with the following symbols to create new wins. 4 or more slides then open up the way to 8 free games.

Being in the free games feature means you walked even deeper into the territory of the Witch. After some time you come to the wheel of fortune which decides the series of free games that is triggered: Either wild symbols wander around on the reels and randomly take positions on them.

Or if a wild symbol appears on one of the reels, it transforms two randomly chosen neighboring positions into wild as well. Or it could also be that a wild symbol shows up and that it expands to cover the whole reel.
Join the rhythm and heat up your spins with Hot Chilli Fest™! This game is a tribute to Mexican dancing culture, featuring lively characters, Roaming Wilds and spicy features. Roaming Wilds take centre stage with multipliers from 2x to 5x.

Get ready for an even hotter celebration when landing 3 Bonus symbols. Feel the rhythm and dance your way to big rewards in Hot Chilli Fest™!
Welcome to the ring in Kangaroo King, where the animal kingdom comes alive with a twist of boxing flair. Get ready to hop into the ring with the undisputed champion. The Kangaroo Wild possesses a unique ability to move to an adjoining symbol, bringing an element of surprise to each spin.

In the Free Spins round, prepare for the Expanding Trail adventure. As you ascend the levels, the Kangaroo King expands, covering more and more reels! So Step into the ring, embrace the spirit of the Kangaroo King and let the winning combos fly!
Embark on an enigmatic journey when you play Light of RA by Booming Games! Explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt and discover priceless treasures in the secret temple of RA, the king of gods and creator of all.

This majestic 5x4, 30-payline slot is fit for a king, offering plenty of captivating features. Land 3 to 5 Scatters to unlock 6 to 10 Free Spins respectively, plus the Red, Blue, and Green Scatters each bring unique benefits.

Red Scatters introduce moving Light of Ra Wilds, that shift position with each Free Spin. The Red Scatters can also bring extra Wilds and Free Spins. Blue Scatters upgrade 1 to 5 major symbols and double payouts during the Free Spins. When more Blue Scatters appear, they upgrade the next lowest major symbol and add more Free Spins. The Green Scatters can eliminate up to 5 minor symbols to make way for new higher-paying symbols to cascade down.

The Major symbol upgrades, Minor symbol eliminations and Light of Ra Wilds can also occur randomly in the base game to keep the winnings coming. Let the Light of Ra guide you to great riches! Play now and seize your fortune!
Introducing Lucky Punch Megaways, a knockout slot game featuring a thrilling boxing theme. Step into the ring and prepare for big wins with every lucky punch! This adrenaline-fueled slot, inspired by the world of boxing, is powered by the exciting Megaways mechanics.

The vibrant design and superb animations immerse you in the world of a famous boxer, making you feel the excitement of every Megaways moment! Once you enter the fight for money, you'll be fully immersed in the competitive atmosphere of boxing, where victories and cash prizes await! Get ready to experience the intensity of the ring and the thrill of winning in Lucky Punch Megaways!
Welcome to Toucan Wild... The reels that are waiting for you, filled with wins so wild! With colourful and immersive graphics, this game will make you feel as though you're in the depths of the jungle. With bonus, buy, and double chance features, as well as scatter symbols landing on the reels, Toucan Wild is set to drive you wild!
Introducing Liga Fortuna Megaways PRO, an exhilarating sports game from Onlyplay that is set to thrill football (soccer) fans! Experience the excitement of one of the most popular Megaways games by Onlyplay, now made even more thrilling! Liga Fortuna Megaways PRO sets itself apart from Liga Fortuna Megaways with its distinctive feature: it boasts 5 rows instead of the standard 6.

The vibrant design and outstanding animations immerse you in the world of a renowned football player, making you feel the adrenaline of the game! Step onto the slot’s football field and dive into the realm of soccer, surrounded by the competitive atmosphere and the allure of victories. Get ready to score big and feel the excitement of every kick in Liga Fortuna Megaways PRO!
Sweet Spotz is a feature packed, avalanche cluster slot from Slotmill with a 6 x 6 grid of luscious symbols. The jumping cupcake wilds combined with Multiplier Sweet Spotz with unlimited increasing win multipliers makes the game insanely fun and exciting with a max-win of a whopping 10,000 times your bet.

During both the base game and the bonus game a Mystery Transform symbol can appear, selecting up to 10 symbols which are transformed into a random symbol. Three+ cupcakes triggers the Free Spin Bonus during which the Sweet Spotz multipliers are sticky creating a crazy win potential! In response to changing player preferences when it comes to gameplay, the Slotmill games have two integrated excitement enhancing features; “Burst Mode” and “Fast Track”.

Burst Mode is an enhanced auto-play with a play-through of two game rounds per second, and Fast Track offers players the option to get directly into the bonus features of the games. Both Burst Mode and Fast Track have proven immensely popular among players.
Introducing Swift Rick and Lady Pearl – a notorious duo renowned for their exploits as highway bandits. Their philosophy is straightforward: pilfer from the affluent and enrich themselves. Now, these legendary figures of the open road seek your assistance for their upcoming escapade. But beware, they might not be inclined to share the spoils of their endeavors. Are you prepared to commence the journey?

Saddle up and venture towards wealth... Achieve three Golden symbols to secure a standard victory. The slot’s Wild assumes various guises, appearing as a Horseback Rider (Stacked Wild), a Bandit (Sticky Wilds), or a Gold Plaque (Standard Wild), seamlessly blending the historical setting with inventive reward mechanisms.

The Scatter manifests as a pair of Golden Pistols. Once triggered, they can stir up chaos and unlock lucrative bonuses! Money Bag Symbols may appear on reels 1 to 4, each carrying different cash prizes. If the player lands this symbol on the fifth reel, they'll receive the accumulated amount, significantly boosting their overall haul.

Activating three Golden Pistol Scatters triggers Free Spins. If only two Scatters appear, the fifth reel will Re-Spin to aid in securing the third Scatter. Lady Pearl takes the spotlight with the Sticky Wild feature. During any spin, Wild Symbols can land and remain fixed on the reels throughout the feature, accumulating further Wilds as they traverse the reels.

The Stacked Wild feature involves Swift Rick piling up to four Wilds on any of the five reels. This feature mirrors the narrative, with the duo stacking as much loot as they can during their exploits.
Experience the thrill of Liga Fortuna Megaways, a dynamic sports game by Onlyplay that is sure to captivate football (soccer) enthusiasts! This exhilarating football-themed slot is elevated by the exciting Megaways mechanics.

Its vibrant design and outstanding animations provide an immersive experience, making you feel like a renowned football player in the world of Megaways! Step onto the slot's football field and immerse yourself in the competitive atmosphere of soccer, where victories and excitement await at every turn!

The primary distinction between Liga Fortuna Megaways and Liga Fortuna Megaways PRO lies in the number of rows; the former has 5 rows, while the latter boasts 6 rows.
The legendary pirate hunter Captain Glum strikes fear into the hearts of the toughest pirates... Join Captain Glum and his warships as they hunt for Skull Island, home to a thousand pirate treasures... so long as the Pirate Queen doesn’t get there first. Prepare the sails for full mast!

On each spin, the Ship Wilds move randomly across the reels, aiding Captain Glum and your crew secure wins. The Pirate Hunter ship Wild can also replace Scatters across the reels, creating both horizontal and vertical wins. If a player lands on the Golden Flagship Pirate Ship Wild, it becomes a permanent Wild on the reels. This aids in completing paylines and securing your valuable treasure.

Landing two Scatters triggers the Captain’s Due feature. so long as the player secures two Scatters which unlocks Connecting Wilds, casting a wide net over the reels, opening the floodgates for combo wins.

If you land three Skull Scatters, it triggers the Free Spins round. With 10 Free Spins gifted from the beginning, this mode launches players into a tense Pirate vs Pirate Hunters showdown. Use your Multiplying Mortar to sink the Pirate Queen’s ships and steal their loot.

If you best Pirate Queen’s score, you're awarded a x10 Multiplying Chest. Here, you choose between three chests that can net a x1, x2 or x10 Multiplying win.
On a serene summer evening, in a sleepy town where activity was typically scarce, destiny took an unexpected turn for two women who hitched a ride home. Unbeknownst to them, they had just crossed paths with Chainsaw Larry, a figure notorious for relishing the blend of fear and fuel. His weapon of choice? The roaring rev of his engine.

Within the primary game, the Scatter symbol finds its place solely on reels 1, 3, and 5. The ignition of Burnout occurs when precisely 2 Scatter symbols align on a single row. Once all earnings have been collected, Burnout wreaks havoc by obliterating all symbols, including the 2 Scatter symbols, thus paving the way for fresh symbols to descend. The row upon which the Scatter symbols land determines the bonus mode bestowed: if 3 Scatter symbols grace distinct rows, "The Ride" is activated, granting 8 spins; if all 3 land on the same row, "The Last Ride" kicks in, offering 9 spins.

An additional row is introduced, expanding the reel area to 5x5. During spins of 'The Ride', Charged Wilds can ascend to 4x before meeting their demise. Attaining exactly 2 Scatter Symbols earns an extra spin, while the presence of only 2 Scatter symbols on a single row triggers Burnout. Landing 3 Scatter symbols not only awards +3 spins but also triggers Chainsaw Larry spins.

Gameplay and features within "The Ride" remain consistent, albeit with a guaranteed Scatter symbol appearing on reel 5. Similarly, landing 3 Scatter symbols during this mode bestows +3 spins and activates Chainsaw Larry spins.

Moreover, acquiring 3 Scatter symbols during either "The Ride" or "The Last Ride" grants +3 spins and activates Chainsaw Larry spins. An additional enhancer reel is introduced, enhancing symbol payouts during this mode according to the Chainsaw Larry Spins paytable. Manifesting as a jumping Wild, Chainsaw Larry traverses reels 2-4 with each spin.

Landing on a character symbol boosts the win multiplier by +1. Furthermore, Chainsaw Larry unveils enhancer symbols upon landing, yielding one of the following enhancers: Smiley, xSplit®, or Lucky Feet. Smiley rewards an additional Spin, xSplit® doubles all multipliers between the xSplit® and Chainsaw Larry symbols, and Lucky Feet prompts Chainsaw Larry to relocate to a different row, leaving behind a regular Wild symbol.

If Chainsaw Larry lands on a position with a Charged Wild, the Afterburner feature is activated, doubling symbol multipliers on the same row. If it initially lands on a Charged Wild, all symbols double in value.
Get ready to explore the mystical world of ancient Egypt under the shimmering moonlight. In Moon of Thoth you can win big with one of four jackpots, the highest of which is worth a whopping 1,000x your bet! Land six Moon symbols and you could trigger the Thoth's Money Respins feature, giving you even more chances to win big.
Grizzly Strike is the third iteration in Iron Dog Studio’s Strike series of Hold and Win slots. Including the most powerful Expanding Wild feature of the series so far. Trigger the Expanding Wild by landing two Grizzly Wilds on a winning line, at which point one will expand and chase the other from the board, leaving Wilds in its wake.

Land three or more Scatter symbols to enter Freespins, with a higher chance of triggering the Expanding Wilds. Land six or more Nuggets to enter Hold and Win, awarding three respins as well as three tiers of jackpots
Drill down into the jeweled mines of Crazy DigginzTM - It’s all Mine! This high volatility game offers Crazy Mode, Win BoosterTM and Special Wilds! The Special Wild characters Allmine - Collects multipliers, Flint - distributes multipliers and Morpho - upgrades low or medium symbols into high symbols, appear on reels 2, 3, & 4 and work together to increase your wins!

When the Special Wilds turn Crazy, their abilities increase by collecting, distributing or upgrade more! This mode will appear in the Base Game and Free Spins. Activate Win BoosterTM to further increase the chance of landing Special Wilds, High symbols and Bonus symbols. Take all the fortune within the mine and make it All Yours!
In Fire Archer™, take aim with your bow to unleash multiple wilds on the reels. Spanning across 5x5 reels, symbols like beer, money, and the iconic Robin Hood-style hat adorn the grid, accompanied by a wild symbol in the form of a target. When struck by an arrow, this target disperses wilds in one of eight different directions, facilitating easier wins for players.

To initiate the free spins round, land a minimum of three scatter symbols, granting access to the roaming wild target feature. Throughout the bonus round, this wild target traverses the reels and can be enhanced by additional scatter symbols, enabling the triggered wilds to spread in multiple directions, further amplifying potential wins.

Trigger the FREE SPINS feature by hitting 3 SCATTER symbols, granting 5 free spins. Throughout this round, a guaranteed SUPER WILD symbol remains on the screen, shifting to a random position after each spin. Other SUPER WILD symbols do not appear during this feature.

At the onset of the round, the roaming SUPER WILD symbol receives a random level from 1 to 8. With each spin, a certain number of directions are highlighted on the symbol based on its level, and wilds are generated in those directions, replacing symbols in their path up to the grid's edge.

For every pair of SCATTER symbols landed during the round, the level of the SUPER WILD increases by 1, with 1, 2, or 3 additional free spins randomly awarded. Once the SUPER WILD reaches level 8, it cannot progress further, and no more additional free spins are granted.
Be in the great Fortune Dragon’s favor as you journey to appease its celestial spirit in this mystical slot that celebrates the Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix as legendary creatures of luck and fortune in Chinese mythology. Fortune Dragon™ is a medium-high volatility 5X3 video slot with 20 pay lines.

The game’s high symbols are influenced by Chinese lore and symbols of wealth and prosperity, featuring powerful Tiger high and Phoenix Wild symbols, Link&Win™ and Golden Dragon Free Spins features. Land the Tiger high symbol to maximize winnings. Ride the Fortune Dragon’s faithful companion, the Phoenix Wild, to transform reels into Wilds and increase your chances of landing the Link&Win™ feature!

Land the Link&Win™ feature and chase the Golden Dragon Free Spins to channel your luck and score mana to win big. Trigger all Link&Win™ symbols to win up to 5,000x your bet!
The South American rivers are as beautiful as they are tempestuous.. Prepare for an escapade of epic proportions as you take an exciting journey through the rainforest to discover the treasures hidden in the waterfalls.

If the game’s Wild Fish feature is triggered, it sends the reels into hyperdrive as the Wild Fish Symbols begin their awesome adventure across the screen. What’s more, if you land 5 symbols of a kind, you’ll be in for a big win of up to €50,000.
Do you believe in leprechauns? Well, either way—they believe in you! Red Tiger brings you Good Luck Clusterbuster™ where the potential of great prizes awaits you just where the rainbow touches the green grass. Leprechauns are notorious for their mischief. Nevertheless, the chummy quartet in Good Luck Clusterbuster™ is not a bunch who would con you—quite the contrary!

Stuck in the four corners, just chilling in the grass, they help you match identical symbols into winning clusters. When your matched clusters are next to the Pot of Gold cast in stone in the middle of the reels, it will crack open! The gold will shine as you progress to Free Spins, where your leprechaun friends gets Wilder. They will dance and roam around the reels and increase their Multipliers if they gather in for cluster wins.

Red Tiger’s Good Luck Clusterbuster™ video slot evokes the best of Ireland’s ambience and folklore. Submerge in the greenery to meet its mythical creatures and dance around with them as you chase golden prizes.
Explore the depths of the ocean anew with Release The Kraken 2. The vast sea harbors numerous mysteries, and this sequel to a beloved 5x4 reel slot doesn't disappoint. Boasting various spontaneous features in the base game, including wild respins, shifting stacked wilds, and guaranteed win spins, this aquatic adventure is teeming with the potential for substantial victories!

The thrilling bonus round introduces a gamble mechanic that can reward daring explorers with additional spins. Accompanied by an escalating multiplier feature, Release The Kraken 2 will undoubtedly have players on the edge of their seats.

Upon landing 4 or more WILD symbols, the game transitions into a free respin mode following the payout. These WILDS persist on the screen, relocating to a random position while the remaining symbols respin. After each respin, the game pays out all winning combinations. If additional WILDS appear after a respin, an extra respin is granted. The feature concludes when no further WILDS hit after a respin.

The SHIFTING STACKED WILD can make a random appearance. When the spin concludes, the SHIFTING STACKED WILDS expand fully onto the screen, covering all positions on their reel. For each position moved, a multiplier increases by 1x for each SHIFTING STACKED WILD. After their full appearance, winning combinations are paid out and multiplied by the sum of all multipliers.

In spins that result in no win, the Kraken may randomly emerge on the screen, transforming symbols for an outcome ranging from a 20x to a 60x total bet win. Additionally, after a spin, 3 BONUS symbols may randomly appear as a result of an explosion, triggering the FREE SPINS feature.

To activate the FREE SPINS feature, land 3 or more BONUS symbols. Before the round commences, players can engage in a mini bonus game to secure a combination of free spins and a multiplier for the upcoming round.

You are presented with 16 boxes, each containing a combination. At the feature's start, a random box is chosen and removed from the pool without revealing its result. Players can opt to open this box, disclose the result, and play the corresponding number of free spins with the associated multiplier. Alternatively, they can decline the offer, manually removing chests and combinations from the pool in groups of 4, 4, 3, and 3 picks, and receive a new offer based on the average of the remaining chests between each group. This process continues until only one chest remains unpicked. At that point, the player is presented with an offer to either open the first randomly awarded chest or the remaining one, determining the number of free spins and multiplier for the ensuing round.

During the FREE SPINS round, any win is multiplied by the multiplier acquired in the mini bonus game. The FREE SPINS feature activates 40 paylines, and any WILD symbol that lands remains on the screen until the round concludes, shifting to a random position after each spin. If a GOLDEN WILD symbol appears, it elevates the multiplier for the ongoing round by 1x.
With their contagious zest for life and carpe diem attitude, your favourite orange creatures are back to fulfil a life-long dream: take part in a big football tournament. Welcome to Spinions Game Day!

Strap on your football boots and enjoy a day packed with colourful confetti, squiggly shapes, and lots of enthusiastic cheering – sport has never been this much fun. This game will charm the socks off even the grumpiest referee and convert anyone into a raging football fan.

This is the third instalment in our Spinions series and our most sticky game to date, with a revamped math model for players who really enjoy the classic features and long sessions.

Spinions Game Day is a 5×3 slot with 10 lines, boasting Re-spins, a Free Spins Bonus, and a Buy feature (pay to get instant entry to the Free Spins bonus), plus Passing Wilds that move across the reels and increase the Multiplier by +1. We’ve also boosted the max win significantly, so it’s like a jazzed-up version of our previous Spinions games!
Experience the lively antics of a wild frog leaping across the screen in the thrilling adventure of Wild Hop and Drop, where cluster wins and bonus symbols set the stage for an engaging gameplay.

Unfolding across 6×6 reels, this slot introduces an array of vibrantly colored frog symbols, each requiring a congregation of 6 or more to form matching clusters and trigger a win. The player's journey is enhanced by the presence of a standard wild symbol and the anticipation of a randomly triggered larger frog wild symbol, capable of expanding to an impressive size of 6×6.

Securing four or more bonus symbols ushers players into the Free Spins round, kickstarting the excitement with an initial allocation of 6 free spins. The magic unfolds with a progressive feature, where a 1x1 wild symbol dynamically roams the screen, relocating to a random position after every third spin.

Throughout the Free Spins round, the collection of bonus symbols takes center stage. Each accumulation of four bonus symbols not only rekindles the feature but also propels the roaming wild symbol's growth, evolving from 1x1 to 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and ultimately reaching a grand 6x6. Additionally, every fourth retrigger unveils a random number of extra free spins, ranging from 1 to 3. The final crescendo occurs with an additional free spin following the attainment of the largest wild symbol.

However, it's crucial to note that after the fourth retrigger, the feature gracefully concludes its retriggering capabilities. Depending on the initial trigger, the Free Spins round may commence with a head start, with 2 bonus symbols already collected for a trigger with 6 bonus symbols or 1 bonus symbol for a trigger with 5 bonus symbols. Amidst the lively leaps of the wild frog and the dynamic features, players aim to unlock the impressive 5,000x maximum win that awaits in the enchanting Wild Hop and Drop adventure.
Alice is back for another mega thrilling adventure with even more rewards than ever before. Make your way down the rabbit hole again to a wonderland where endless fun awaits you. Alice will be waiting for you to join her on her journey as she grows by drinking the magic potion to award you with generous winnings. Enter the wonderland where the most bizarre is normal, and the impossible is possible.

Alice Mega Riches is a 5x5 slot with 50 paylines and a wonderland of features. Start pulling in the MEGA rewards with the mega Wild Alice symbol that can be up to 5x5 in size. Boost your winnings to the next level with Free Spins and the guaranteed roaming Wild that moves with every spin. Take advantage of the Boost feature which doubles the chances of triggering the Free Spins. Plus, collecting scatters during the Free Spins awards more Free Spins and increases the size of the roaming Wild. Activate the bonus feature anytime you choose with the Buy Bonus option.
This epic adventure slot takes everything players love about Lord of the Ocean™ and increases the fun to two sets of reels along with the fantastic 10 Series Win Ways™ mechanic. This mechanic offers players an ocean full of ways to win by removing winning symbols to allow more to fall into place!

There’s still more to discover, though, as winning chances are increased thanks to transferring Wilds that transfer from one reel set to the other, and a Free Games feature that gives players up to 20 Free Games and a Special Expanding Symbol! Dive in and spin the reels today on Greentube’s Home of Games!

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