In Dwarfs Gone Wild, join Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as they dig for hidden underground treasures!
The game is set deep inside a mine shaft, and each of the seven dwarfs possess unique powers that help create an explosive gameplay filled with bonus features and free spins! The Golden minecarts unlock special Dwarf features when the free spins bonus is triggered, and every win that includes a Dwarf symbol is added to the Golden Minecart Bonus meter. The famous beauty’s mirror is also a key feature in this slot, and when triggered, it will reward 300 additional symbols and two free spins!
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Snow Wild and the 7 Features stands out as an exceptional, bonus-packed animated slot game crafted by Red Tiger Gaming. Triggered by the appearance of bonus symbols on the reels, the Lucky Wheel spins, unveiling each of the seven distinct features. These bonuses encompass a thrilling variety of wilds, reel modifiers, instant wins, and respins, each introduced by entertaining animated characters.

Enter the world of awesome characters, as the animated Snow Wild and her seven companions provide a wild and enchanting twist to a traditional story, bringing exciting victories to your gameplay.

Experience a game rich in bonuses, with seven unique features introduced by the equally unique characters, offering a plethora of bonus games to explore and innovative pathways to victory.

The reels are situated within the wooden shack where Snow Wild resides with her seven rocking companions. Snow Wild and beer-froth Wilds present the most substantial symbol win payouts, and the activation of awesome features can occur at any time with three Lucky Wheel symbols.

Launch the wheel with three Lucky Wheel symbols, and witness as it bestows all the fantastic features upon you. If the wheel lands on Snow Wild, she blows three Magic Kisses to award multiple features simultaneously.

When the Lucky Wheel lands on Flash, his electric guitar performance rocks the reels with lightning, replacing old symbols with new ones for an improved chance of victory. If the wheel stops on Goldy, he shakes his bucket of gold coins above the reels, granting instant win prizes. For Boozy, the wheel landing on him activates beer taps, filling one or more reels with beer-froth WILDS.

When the Lucky Wheel lands on Dozy, his snoring rearranges symbols on the reels for additional winning opportunities. Sneaky, when chosen, cuts out entire panels from the reels, replacing them with a symbol of his choice for substantial wins. Lastly, Crazy, upon the wheel landing on him, removes some symbols to replace them with something better, ensuring a guaranteed win.

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