Welcome to Americash 10K WAYS™, where the essence of American pride and patriotism thrives with every spin. Dive into a captivating journey across the land of liberty with ReelPlay's latest addition to the immensely successful 10K WAYS™ series. Each rotation presents 10,000 avenues to victory, promising remarkable opportunities in the pursuit of the American Dream.

Experience an exhilarating rush with cascading win reactions, where every triumph triggers a cascade of fresh symbols. Within the Free Spins feature, embrace the potential of an infinite win multiplier, allowing winnings to soar to unprecedented heights without any limitations on the multiplier!

Stay alert for the generously sized Scatter symbols, which not only re-trigger Free Spins but also ensure that your expedition through Americash 10K WAYS™ remains as expansive and enthralling as the vast North American sky. Embrace the essence of Americana as you explore endless winning prospects within ReelPlay's Americash 10K WAYS™.
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening at Love is in the Fair! Keep your composure as you anticipate the date of a lifetime. Wander along the boardwalk accompanied by your ideal companion, soaking in the sights and sounds of the fairgrounds. Capture a prize, immortalize the moment with a romantic photograph, and soar on the giant wheel, ensuring this becomes a night etched in memory.

Engage in the core gameplay of Love is in the Fair by spinning the 5x3 reels, aiming to form winning symbol combinations while exploring various bonus features. Will you dazzle your date amidst the backdrop of passion and romance? Brace yourself for amusement and merriment at the fair, where the essence of love hangs in the air.

Throughout your rendezvous, seize the opportunity to indulge in all the fair has to offer, with Romantic Pics serving as your guide. Progress through the Love Map by amassing these captivating images, ensuring you traverse every corner of the fairgrounds and create countless cherished moments.

Each acquired pic advances your journey on the Love Map, unlocking new multipliers for the game ranging from x2 to x100 as you reach specific fairground attractions. Furthermore, your progress remains intact even if you momentarily depart and return to the game.

While spinning the reels in the base game, the Multiplier Wilds feature may activate, affixing a multiplier—ranging from x2 to x100—to any Wild symbol landing on the reels.

During the base game, Romantic Pics symbols have the potential to stack, towering three symbols high on each reel. This significantly heightens the likelihood of triggering the Free Spins feature, launching the round with 15 Romantic Pics.

Upon landing three Romantic Pics scatters, embark on the Free Spins round, where you'll be whisked away on the ferris wheel of affection. The Multiplier Wild feature initiates at x2 and elevates with every trio of Romantic Pics collected, granting additional Free Spins and increasing the multiplier until the feature concludes.
This is a legendary tale of love of the greatest kind, the tale of the 15 Crystal Roses.

Sir Lancelot has declared his love for Princess Elaine. As a symbol of true devotion, he must seek out the 15 Crytal Roses, buried deep in the enchanted woods.

Dare you join him on his quest?

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