Iconic footballer, actor and all-around tough guy Vinnie Jones takes on his most important role yet, starring as your VIP dealer in this unforgettable roulette experience! Put together by Hollywood film professionals, the game uses the latest cinematic RNG technology to create realistic interaction where every bit of Vinnie’s streetwise persona shines through.

Originally known to the world as an imposing midfielder for Wimbledon F.C., Vinnie took his hard-man persona to the silver screen two decades ago, typically playing the kind of character you wouldn’t want to cross. In this game though, he’s your friendly dealer who brings his larger-than-life humour to the table, the way only Vinnie Jones can, generating an atmosphere of bombastic fun.
The future is bright and the possibilities sky-high with High Streak Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to present a one-of-a- kind side bet, High Streak. Intuitive and easy to understand, this side bet pays out for each consecutive win against the dealer, with the maximum payout awarded after five wins in succession.

The introduction of the new High Streak side bet takes the excitement of beating the dealer to a whole new level! Boosting winning potentials with each consecutive win, High Streak Blackjack is bound to offer veterans and beginners alike a new kind of thrill to chase!

Set within a stunning neon-infused table, High Streak Blackjack toes the line between vintage charm and modern sensibilities. With silk-smooth animations and vibrant, pulsating lights that make the game feel alive, High Streak Blackjack boasts the ultimate thrill-seeking experience and is an absolutely essential addition to every operator’s portfolio.
Introducing Turbo Fortune, an exciting money-wheel game designed for players with a need for speed! This fast-paced version of our hit Fortune Finder show game packs all the style and anticipation of the original, not to mention those extra-thrilling multiplier rounds, into a streamlined experience that’ll never leave you waiting.
Win up to 500x in this mega-brand First Person Deal or No Deal game show! Similar to the live version, this game consists of three stages – qualification, top-up and the main game show.

Qualify and top up as many briefcases as you want for the increased chance of winning big, then press ‘Play’ to enter the game show. Play First Person Deal of No Deal at your own pace with two different speed modes, ‘fast’ and ‘normal’.

Negotiate with the Banker for the possibility to have the largest amount of money in your briefcase! Deal or No Deal? What will it be?
One dealer not enough? This groundbreaking version of Real Dealer Studios' popular cinematic roulette game features eight, count ‘em, eight Real Dealers who switch at regular intervals to keep the action fresh. You can also control who’s behind the table, picking your favourite dealers from the menu and changing them at any time!
Roulette-lovers the world over: we’ve got you covered! We are proud to announce Auto Roulette for your gaming pleasure.

Following the success of Switch Studios’ premier table game, Roulette, Auto Roulette recreates the nail-biting excitement of a real-world casino with a countdown timer that clocks down to each spin of the roulette wheel. This makes for a seamless, uninterupted experience that ratchets up the tension while keeping every single round fast, fluid and silky smooth.
Blackjack is a classic casino table game that dates back to the 1700s and remains a firm favourite amongst gamblers still to this day. This legendary game is not simply all about luck but requires skill and strategy. Also known as 21, the aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without your cards totaling more than 21. Enjoy all the options like splitting, doubling and insurance to enhance your gameplay and boost the payouts. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned professional, Blackjack is highly entertaining and rewarding.

Ready to take on the dealer? Play Blackjack and double down now! The objective in Blackjack is to collect cards where the total points value beats the dealer's hand without going over 21.
Premier Blackjack with Buster Blackjack has arrived, supporting Buster Blackjack!

Switch Studios is proud to introduce one of the most popular and trusted side bets to a new premier suite of blackjack games. The next generation of side bet Blackjack games has arrived for desktop and mobile devices.
Grab a seat and ante-up for some exciting video poker action as you choose which cards to hold and which ones to draw to help make your best possible hand, with up to 800 x Bet possible for a Natural Royal Flush.
Thrusters are at max for this turbo-charged roulette experience. Tailored for players with a need for speed, Turbo Auto Roulette offers short, streamlined game rounds set against a neon-filled, sci-fi backdrop.

This game has amazingly true-to-life feel, a result of being built from high-quality video of a physical roulette wheel in action. A soothing cosmic soundtrack, cutting-edge motion graphics and other CG elements round out the audiovisual ensemble, fully immersing you in this futuristic reality.
Roulette Evolution is Darwin's signature game design applied to the popular French Roulette game. Carefully designed for mobile phones with portrait view in mind, it gives player intuitive and easy interface so they can spin the wheel anytime, anywhere. Realistic 3D roulette simulation aligned with stylish graphics makes Roulette Evolution a deserving game of its name.
Roulette Evolution VIP is Darwin's signature game design applied to the popular French Roulette game. Carefully designed for mobile phones with portrait view in mind, it gives player intuitive and easy interface so they can spin the wheel anytime, anywhere. Realistic 3D roulette simulation aligned with stylish graphics makes Roulette Evolution a deserving game of its name.
Using the iconic Who Wants to be a Millionaire studio as a backdrop, this exciting new roulette product offers players the opportunity to to win up to 500x on a single number bet in the base game, but it's in the bonus round that the fun really begins.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Roulette is a table game with the volatility of a slot. A true crossover product that will appeal to both table game and slot players alike. With the subtle use of the classic "Millionaire" soundtrack, the sustenance is palpable the players spin to win a cool 1 million!
With its rich features and lavishly rendered 3D wheel this Announced bets European Roulette variant promises a unique thrill of the live game experience players can enjoy whenever they feel like hitting the casino floor.
This is the most authentic RNG Baccarat in the world! First Person Baccarat comes with all our normal side bets. You are welcomed into a grand Baccarat Hall where you can choose between 12 different Baccarat tables – six standard Baccarat and six No Commission Baccarat tables.

Evolution are offering all players a great experience with options such as request to shuffle the shoe, deal hands for free and sort the tables by the longest streak. Each table has a shoe with eight decks. It’s easy to both reset the shoe and deal hands for all the tables in the multi table view.

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