Travel through history and delve into the enchantment with the Golden Wheels of Egypt! Experience two variations of Free Spins. The Mini Free Spins, activated with 2 Scatters, grant 4 spins on a 3x3 grid with 2 random features.

Alternatively, the Free Spins, initiated by 3 Scatters, offer 10 spins on a 5x3 grid with 3 random features. These features encompass Sticky Wilds, Walking Wilds, Symbol Transform, Super Stack, and the Global Multiplier. Get ready to be captivated by the allure of ancient Egypt as it reveals the timeless treasures of the Golden Wheels of Egypt!
Squid game – A Stroke of Luck presents a dynamic 5x4 slot experience that captures the thrills, suspense, and drama of the widely acclaimed Netflix series. Players will encounter challenges akin to the classic Red Light Green Light game, traverse the perilous Glass Bridge, and endure the intense Tug of War bonus, all in pursuit of substantial rewards!

The SCATTER symbol serves as the gateway to bonuses. These symbols can only appear on reels 1, 3, & 5. When three SCATTER symbols land on the screen during a spin, a bonus feature will be activated. The SCATTER symbol on reel 5 will unveil the triggered feature. SCATTER symbols are exclusive to the base game.

Red Light Green Light Bonus Participants select 1, 2, 3, or 4 steps to advance. Successfully completing chosen steps yields stake multipliers. Each step can grant varying multipliers, ranging from 1x to 100x. However, more steps entail greater risks of failure and "death." Progressing to the end initiates the JACKPOT BONUS round, where players match mystery silhouettes to win one of four fixed jackpots: Frontman = 4560X, Pink Square = 456X, Pink Triangle = 45.6X, Pink Circle = 4.56X.

Glass Bridge Bonus Players opt for left or right movements on the glass bridge. Failing results in falling and triggering free spins with an additional upgrade. Successful moves earn extra upgrades for the free spins, such as additional spins, WILD enhancements (falling, walking, or locked), increased multipliers, or removal of low-paying symbols.

Tug of War Bonus At least one WILD REEL is available for pulling left or right during each spin. This reel can be pulled repeatedly, revealing up to four WILD REELS. Freespins continue until the WILD REEL is entirely pulled off the reels. As the losing team falls, they leave behind a random number of WILDS on the reels.
Who requires a physical form when one possesses a robust array of scales? Slide along and revisit the era when the notion of a phone crafted from glass seemed like a fantastical delusion. BRICK SNAKE 2000 is on the prowl, and it craves sustenance.

In the primary game, xWays® may appear on any reel. They unveil regular paying symbols ranging from size 2 to 5 or 8110 of the same kind. If multiple xWays® symbols appear, they all reveal identical symbols.

A Wild Snek symbol may land anywhere on the reels during the base game. It consistently shifts 1-5 steps in any direction except backwards, converting those positions into Wilds. When a Wild Snek symbol moves onto a revealed xWays® symbol, that position adopts a Wild symbol of the size revealed by xWays®.

Trigger Snek Spins by landing 3 or 4 Scatters. Trigger Super Snek Spins by landing 5 Scatter symbols. Landing 3 or 4 Scatters activates Snek Spins. The third and fourth Scatters (if present) transform into Snek symbols.

Snek can maneuver in any direction except backward. If multiple Sneks are present, they move sequentially, starting with the oldest Snek. Should a Snek venture beyond the reel area, it continues on the corresponding side.

A Snek continues moving until it consumes itself or encounters a Slayer symbol. Upon self-consumption, the Snek halts for that spin, resuming from one position before its demise in the subsequent spin. The spin concludes when all Sneks cease movement. If all Sneks perish, the round terminates.

At the onset of each spin, the Collector 2000 symbol adds the total of all visible coin values to its current value. If a Snek symbol devours the Collector 2000 symbol, its value is incorporated into the coin value counter. Subsequently, the win multiplier at the moment of Collector 2000 consumption multiplies the symbol's value.

Should the Snek fail to consume the Collector 2000 symbol within four steps, the Collector 2000 vanishes for that spin. Nevertheless, it reappears in the subsequent spin, regardless of the outcome.
Welcome to Piggy Bankers! Can you sense it? The clinking of gleaming gold coins nestled within a large rosy piggy bank? Give it a vigorous shake! It appears there are substantial rewards waiting to be seized! Are you eager to amass wealth? Then direct your attention to Piggy Bankers!

There exist various avenues to reap rewards! Can you outsmart the bank's cutting-edge security measures and stout steel gates to infiltrate the vaults? If successful, all the treasures housed within the Piggy Bank vaults shall be yours for the taking! BAM, CRASH, BOOM! Detonate the bank vault entrances, shattering them wide open and force your entry into the colossal safe. Just ensure you execute the operation swiftly and guarantee a hasty retreat to savor your spoils!

Think you possess the prowess to execute the grandest bank robbery Piggy Bank has ever witnessed? Why not give Piggy Bankers a whirl and subject your abilities to the ultimate examination? Shake your piggy bank and set the reels spinning, discover the magnitude of your potential winnings!
Embark on a remarkable farm adventure filled with Chickens and Rooster as you delve into the thrilling hunt for Wild eggs scattered across the reels. This immersive experience guarantees an exciting journey that will leave you thrilled!

The quest is packed with anticipation, as each spin brings forth not just one, but a cascade of multipliers, ensuring top-tier entertainment and the chance for incredible rewards.

Prepare for a game-changing moment with Rosina's King Egg, which triggers an enthralling series of multipliers, soaring up to an impressive 171x. It's bound to be an unforgettable experience!

Dive deep into this extraordinary voyage, where every spin brings the excitement of the unknown and the possibility of uncovering a magical 171x multiplier revelation. Brace yourself for excitement and unexpected twists – it's exactly what you've been eagerly anticipating!
Experience the thrill of traversing the enigmatic tombs of Egypt in The Cursed King, a captivating journey filled with mystery and fortune. With its innovative 5x5 grid and dynamic Moving Wild Reel Game mechanism, every spin promises excitement and unpredictability.

Beware the ominous presence of the fallen Cursed King! As you explore the depths of ancient pyramids across 5 reels and 5 rows, your quest for Pharaohs' riches unfolds amidst perilous challenges. Keep your wits about you, for the path to wealth is fraught with peril!

With a maximum win potential of 12,500 times your initial wager across all gameplay modes, the stakes are high and the rewards are immense.

When the Pharaoh symbol graces a reel alongside a winning combination on the grid, it transforms into a formidable Cursed King Wild Reel, boasting a range of multiplier values including 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, and even 100x. Remember, only one Pharaoh symbol may land on a reel at any given time.

The Cursed King reigns as the ultimate wild symbol, capable of substituting for all other symbols in the paytable. Any winning combination featuring a Cursed King is magnified by its respective multiplier value. Should multiple Cursed Kings contribute to a win, their multipliers are combined for an even greater reward.

Unlock the bonus game by landing 3, 4, or 5 BONUS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game, earning yourself 3, 4, or 5 free spins respectively. Throughout the bonus round, expanded Cursed King Wild Reels remain fixed in place, triggering re-spins that don't diminish your allotted free spins. Each spin sees Cursed Kings shifting left or right to adjacent reels, merging and amplifying their multipliers upon convergence. Beware, however, as Cursed Kings exiting the grid's edges vanish from play.

While the BONUS symbol remains absent during the bonus game, the Wild symbol maintains its versatile role, substituting for all symbols across both base and bonus gameplay. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in The Cursed King, where every spin brings you closer to ancient riches and untold treasures.
Hey there, cowboy! NetEnt's Buckshot Wilds is an online video slot with medium to high volatility, boasting a solid 96.04% RTP. It plays out on five reels and four rows initially, offering 20 paylines. But hold onto your hat, as special features can expand the grid to eight rows, giving you a whopping 48 paylines to wrangle in this old-school game. Saddle up and place your bets ranging from 0.20 to 100 as you track the majestic bucks through the wilderness.

Take it easy! In Buckshot Wilds by NetEnt, the wild symbols are the stars of the show, adding excitement to this classic-style slot. With each spin, existing wilds descend one row, sticking around until they reach the bottom row. They might even stretch out to nearby positions, boosting your chances of matching symbols. Plus, keep an eye out for the grid expanding, doubling the available paylines.

Opting for the Bonus Bet feature increases your shot at triggering features and Free Spins scatters. It's worth a shot, as Free Spins come with an expanded grid and more chances for bonuses and wilds.

Up to three wild symbols can grace the reels on any spin, sliding down row by row until they disappear from the grid. Wilds stand in for all symbols except scatters, enhancing your chances of scoring big wins. Remember, wilds are tied to your original bet, so they vanish if you change your wager. But fear not, they'll reappear when you return to your previous bet (just keep an eye on their expiration date!).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Expanding Reels Feature, randomly triggered at the start of any spin in the main game. This nifty feature causes wild symbols to shift down a row and expands the reels by four rows, bumping up the paylines to 48. And if a wild lands in the top four rows, another wild pops up four positions down on the same reel.

When a wild covers a trigger symbol during the main game or Free Spins, it triggers the Expanding Wilds Feature, turning adjacent symbols (except other wilds) into wilds. These extra wilds disappear at the start of the next spin.

To kick off the bonus round with 6, 10, or 15 free spins, land 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere on the reels, even if they're hidden under wilds. Activate the Bonus Bet for even more spins: 8, 12, or 20, respectively.

During Free Spins, the grid expands to eight rows, offering 48 paylines for the duration of the round. Plus, one to three wilds may appear randomly on the reels during the initial spin, with an additional wild joining in each subsequent free spin. And don't forget, landing scatters during Free Spins earns you extra spins, keeping the excitement going.
Introducing Rabbit in the Hat 2, the sequel to the original video slot, boasting a 5x3 reel layout and 20 lines for even more excitement! Featuring a variety of thrilling elements including the innovative Upsizer™ feature modifier, numerous hat features appearing on the reels, the option to buy features, and the chance to win Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots, Rabbit in the Hat 2 promises to captivate players with its entertainment value.

During the base game, one of five hats may randomly appear above reel 5, moving one reel to the left with each spin. Landing a Wild symbol beneath a hat awards the corresponding prize. The Extra Scatter Hat adds an extra scatter to the stash, contributing to triggering Free Spins if two scatters appear while one is stashed. A selection of Wild hats presents opportunities for substantial wins: the Wild Reel Hat grants wild reels, the Wild Multiplier Hat offers 2x, 3x, or 5x wilds, the Walking Wild Reel Hat introduces walking wilds, and the Collection Prize Hat can lead to winning the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand prizes.

Free Spins are activated by landing three scatter symbols, triggering the Wheel Bonus to select one of four hat-based Free Spins features. Additionally, players have the option to upgrade to a preferred free spins feature using the Upsizer™. After the Free Spins round, the new Bonus Recharge™ provides an opportunity to extend the gameplay by one additional spin. Alternatively, players can choose to purchase the entire free spins experience at any time using the Feature Buy button.

With a minimum bet of just 0.20 and the potential to win up to 5,000 times the stake, Rabbit in the Hat 2 promises an action-packed gaming experience!
Get ready to chase down some enticing prizes as you aim to become the top dog of the slots! The Wild symbols are bound to make your tail wag with excitement. When Wilds land anywhere on the last four reels, they generously grant you a free Re-Spin. But the real thrill unfolds as the Wilds persist, gracefully shifting one reel to the left with each spin and triggering even MORE Re-Spins – a delightful WOOF-worthy feature!

In the midst of Free Spins, any Wild symbols gracing the reels will mirror the main game's behavior. They steadfastly cling to the reels, gracefully advancing one space to the left with each spin. Once they've reached the far left, they gracefully vanish on the subsequent spin, leaving you in anticipation of the next exciting turn. The pursuit of prizes just got a whole lot more exciting!
The tenacious Monty Brothers, resilient performers who refused to be sidelined after a stumble in children's entertainment, have clawed their way into the limelight. Now, armed with their trusty ape companion, BIT-E, they've secured a fresh gig on the vibrant Vegas strip, a potential game-changer for their careers!

Join forces with the Monty Brothers and BIT-E to enhance their circus spectacle, boost ticket sales, and rake in substantial earnings. In 3 Clown Monty II, you'll have a ringside view to one of the town's premier shows, assisting these entertainers as you spin the 5x3 reels, aiming to craft winning combinations across the 20 paylines. Keep a keen eye out for special bonus features that not only captivate the audience but also drive up ticket sales.

In the base game, Wild symbols bring more than meets the eye. These Wilds carry special multipliers of x2, x3, or x5, amplifying any win they contribute to by the corresponding value. Landing three or more Scatter symbols while spinning the reels triggers the exclusive Free Spins round. The number of Scatters dictates the Free Spins awarded, with a maximum of ten spins achievable with five Scatters. Before the Free Spins commence, select one of three cards to unveil one, two, or three guaranteed Walking Wilds that gracefully move across reels two, three, and four with each spin.

As the reels spin, keep an eye out for overlay symbols spelling BONUS. Spell out the entire word across the reels, and you'll unlock the Bonus Prize Pick. Opt for one of three cups, each concealing a diverse prize, with the multiplier values skyrocketing during Free Spins, reaching an impressive x500!

So, grab some popcorn and settle into your front-row seat. The dazzling spectacle on the strip is poised to unfold, promising an unforgettable show!
Gear up for an exhilarating journey with OneTouch's latest mobile-first game, Grand Heist Feature Buy! This electrifying new slot challenges players to showcase their skills under pressure as they strive to secure the coveted gold prize.

Introducing OneTouch's innovative wrapper, this title guarantees enhanced visuals and a deeply immersive gambling experience. Engaging animations elevate player engagement, making the gameplay even more thrilling. Get ready for a dynamic adventure where every spin is a test of strategy and nerve, as you aim to walk away with the ultimate prize in Grand Heist Feature Buy!
Christmas Krampus is back, and this time with Wonder 500, bringing players more action, more often! Immerse yourself in this Frenzy-esque game where the magic happens with the Free Game feature. Landing Krampus during this feature triggers Respin Mode, turning Krampus into a Walking Wild that eagerly collects any adjacent cash prizes (presents). If a Krampus is present on the reels, your Free Spin count is paused, and the thrilling play continues.

Experience the holiday excitement with Christmas Krampus, offering a unique theme that sets it apart from standard Christmas skins. The game's distinctive approach adds a refreshing twist to the festive season, making it stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to embrace the wonder of Wonder 500 and let Christmas Krampus lead you on an action-packed journey? Get ready for Respin Mode, Walking Wilds, and a holiday adventure that promises more thrills and surprises than ever before!
In the tumultuous tale of Roman general Toro, betrayal unfolds when Matador, the Emperor's son, orchestrates the murder of Toro's father to seize the throne. Plunged into slavery, Toro transforms into Gladiatoro, navigating the ranks of the arena with the singular purpose of avenging the brutal murders of his family and the Emperor.

Gladiatoro, presented in a 5-reel, 4-row slot, embodies the spirit of honor, featuring walking wilds, respins, coin wins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game—all encapsulated in the potential for a remarkable 10,000x bet payout.

The bonus game is triggered by the appearance of three bonus coins anywhere on the reels. This immersive round involves coins, level-ups, Toro, Matadors, and Diaz. The Matador dynamically increases the coin values, while Diaz diligently collects them. Both Matador and Diaz persist as versions throughout the game. Any additional symbol landing during the bonus game resets the spin counter to 3, intensifying the suspense and drama of Gladiatoro's quest for justice in the arena.
Commence a festive invasion in Las Christmas with this 5x3 reel online slot, a sequel to the beloved sci-fi slot, Invading Vegas. Players will spin the reels, aiming to create winning combinations of symbols across the reels, while taking advantage of a range of bonus features to elevate the gameplay experience. Key features include the Lock-On Respin feature and the presence of Walking Wild symbols.

Invading Vegas: Las Christmas unfolds on a 5-reel video game canvas with 20 paylines. The slot boasts a lively array of symbols, including the WILD symbol (Alien), the Walking WILD symbol (Alien Robot), the SCATTER symbol (Alien Ship), and a Mystery Symbol (Christmas Gift). The WILD and Walking WILD symbols play a pivotal role by substituting for other reel symbols, excluding the SCATTER symbol, to contribute to winning combinations. Get ready for an extraterrestrial holiday adventure in Las Christmas!
In recent years, cruise ships have gradually become one of the many ways for tourists to go on vacation. Regardless of the country, cruise travel has a place in the tourism market. After years of preparation, the PG "Treby" Royal Cruise has officially set sail!

The cruise exudes exquisite luxury and is equipped with top of the line facilities and decorations, and can accommodate up to a thousand people. In addition to enjoying the sea scenery, passengers can also experience a variety of entertainment and facilities while on board, such as spacious cabins with private balconies, Michelin-star restaurants, world-class opera houses, and many more entertainment venues!

Cruise Royale is a 6-reel, 4-row video slot (with an additional reel on the top of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5) featuring travelling Wild symbols. Trigger the Free Spins Feature with 4 Scatter symbols to win 8 free spins. After each free spin, the win multiplier will be increased by x1, and any Wild symbols will remain and travel diagonally downwards to the left in the next free spin, increasing your winning prize!
Following the great success of its original - the Deluxe version of Mystery Stacks combines the exciting second anticipation Mystery token flip mechanics in base game with some innovative walking and multiplying wilds in free spins.

The in-game bonus wheel will award you with extra free spins or cash multipliers with up to x1000 of your total bet to boost your bankroll.
Raging Rex 3 is a 6x4 online slot with 4096 ways to win. This new title brings the Raging Rex back to the reels as a stacked walking Wild like the previous games. Combined with the addition of Rex Hatchling Wilds during Re-Spins, and the Feeding Frenzy and Survival features, Raging Rex 3 is a monster of a game.

Return to the Cretaceous period with Raging Rex 3, where you'll witness the legendary Raging Rex and her hatchlings in a race for survival against time and nature.

This thrilling expedition takes you back to a time when the mighty T-Rex reigned supreme. Watch the Raging Rex stomp her way across the reels, bringing chaos and big wins in her wake. Just make sure you steer clear of her path of destruction!
A monkey experiencing an identity crisis receives a visitation from the unknown, but it's not about to undergo examination without a fight. Armed with the most potent weaponry available to its species, the spacefaring primate takes on waves of extraterrestrial invaders, all while collecting valuable gold. It's a timeless tale of defiance!

In the game, the Abduction Wild feature can be found on reels 2-6. When the Wild contributes to a win, it stays in place and evolves for the subsequent drop. Descending downward, the Wild captures regular paying symbols, increasing its multiplier for each one removed. The multiplier corresponds to the number of symbols in that position. Chopper symbols may emerge on reels 2-5 during the main game. Triggering the Hellfire feature requires three or more Chopper symbols. Each Chopper symbol fires in a specific direction, with subsequent symbols firing in additional directions. The multiplier from the Chopper is applied to all Wild and regular paying symbols in those directions.

If three Scatters land, the Hide N’ Seek feature is activated. The Scatters transform into traps within a 6x6 grid, forming a continuous loop around the edges. Each turn presents two values: 'Direction' and 'Steps,' guiding the monkey as it collects chest values. The monkey's journey ends if it loses all its lives, either by encountering an alien or falling into a trap. Initially equipped with three lives, both the monkey and aliens lose a life upon collision. Traps vanish upon the monkey's arrival, unlike aliens. When the monkey steps on a position, it activates or collects the symbol's ability, triggering a reel drop for removed symbols. However, trap symbols do not drop.

Four Scatters initiate the Seek N’ Destroy feature, granting additional monkey shields for each extra Scatter. Within a 5x6 grid, random multipliers (ranging from 1 to 10) appear above columns 2-6, while aliens advance towards the monkey each turn. The monkey leaps to a random row with each turn, eliminating aliens and ultimately destroying the mothership. Upon elimination, an alien's value is multiplied by the column's multiplier and awarded. Aliens vary in life points, and booster symbols granting shields or weapon upgrades may also emerge in the launcher tube. The feature concludes when the monkey runs out of lives or triggers Monkeypendence Day.
For centuries, inhabitants on Jellon have used Porta-loos as entry points to earth. Fascinated by human life, they gather and master any item of importance, and use them as part of their vibrant rituals.

J-POP is a 6 reel, 4 rows popping slot. It comes with big symbols, walking wilds, symbol upgrades, expanding rows, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with safety levels up to a maximum of 8 rows and 262 144 ways to win. Free drops can be retriggered.
Welcome to the enchanting world of Magic Fusion, a captivating slot game that will immerse you in a magical journey of potions and the wonders of a wizard’s realm. In this game, every detail has been meticulously crafted to provide a clear and visually stunning presentation, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience.

With its crisp and vibrant style, distinctively separated colors, and an array of captivating features, this game promises an unforgettable journey into a world of wonders. Will you uncover the secrets of the glowing gemstone in the secret book? The fate of the reels is in your hands. Let the magic begin!
Pay a visit to a happy and vibrant farm, where Chickens lay eggs filled with massive JACKPOTS! It’s clucking fantastic!

The adorable crew of farm animals, including Chickens, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits, Cows and the loyal Dog, are all waiting to show you a good time. So roll up your sleeves, don your straw hat and prepare to dive into the thrilling world of the brand-new 25-payline Little Farm slot, brought to you by 3 Oaks. From the WALKING WILDS feature to four massive JACKPOTS, this golden game with its 5 reels and 4 rows promises a farm bonanza like no other.
Welcome to the ring in Kangaroo King, where the animal kingdom comes alive with a twist of boxing flair. Get ready to hop into the ring with the undisputed champion. The Kangaroo Wild possesses a unique ability to move to an adjoining symbol, bringing an element of surprise to each spin.

In the Free Spins round, prepare for the Expanding Trail adventure. As you ascend the levels, the Kangaroo King expands, covering more and more reels! So Step into the ring, embrace the spirit of the Kangaroo King and let the winning combos fly!
Holy guacamole! Get ready for the spiciest sequel ever! Brand-new from 3 Oaks is the flaming hot 5x3, 20-payline Green Chilli 2 slot. This game banger packs unlimited FREE SPINS with SHIFTING WILDS, along with the thrilling HOLD & WIN BONUS GAME featuring spicy MULTIPLIERS, COLLECT SYMBOLS and four mouth-watering JACKPOTS.

So are you ready to have the time of your life? Don a colourful sombrero and grab a bowl of nachos because we're heading to the hottest party in Mexico! With flowing tequila, festive mariachi melodies, alluring Señoritas and a red-hot x5,000 your bet max prize, Green Chilli 2 is going to set ablaze your gaming experience like never before.
Perfect Peacock marks the sixth addition to the online lineup of the Coin Combo™ family, introducing Reel Ways Pays, Peacock Feature, Jackpot Feature, and the Mystery Red Envelope Bonus for an enhanced gaming experience.
Prepare your lucky drakkar for tons of trophies from the new epic game version. Spin the reels, collect lucky drakkars, and catch your massive winnings. Enjoy outstanding animations and a perfectly designed interface.

Take a full reel of Wilds and unlock instant extra bonuses. Collect 3 or more drakkar bonuses and get unlimited free spins with an increasable multiplier.
Step back in time to the days of the Roman Empire where emperors ruled with an iron fist and Caesar’s glory was celebrated in the streets of Rome! In Roamin’ Romans UltraNudge you too can pay tribute to Caesar and his glittering achievements.

Spin the reels and maybe the great man will grace you with his presence and bestow the honour of his favour! Hail Caesar!
Make your way to the bank and join the excitement with Piggy Bankers™. This 5×4 slot showcases symbols like banknotes, piggy banks, and the bankers themselves, serving as Wilds that can stand in for any other symbol. An additional reel sits atop the grid, and if a full stack of Wilds aligns beneath a banknote, players can score up to 100x its value.

Trigger a Wild respin whenever a full stack of Wilds lands, with the complete Piggy Banker Wilds shifting left or right across the reels. Triggering free spins requires either landing a free spins banknote or two stacked Wilds in one spin, unlocking a round of free games where Wilds can be multiplied for impressive winning potential!

The FREE SPINS feature begins upon collecting a FREE SPINS banknote or when two significant WILDS meet, starting with 5 free spins. Exclusive to the FREE SPINS round is the appearance of a banknote worth 1000x the total bet.

The RESPIN feature remains active during FREE SPINS. Whenever two significant WILDS meet on the same reel, an additional free spin is awarded, and both Wilds receive a 2x multiplier before splitting and moving to opposite ends of the screen.

Each split significant WILD retains a 2x multiplier, with subsequent meetings increasing the multiplier by 1x. When FREE SPINS start, all significant WILD symbols triggered during the base game respin are cleared. Once the round concludes, the base game respin session resumes from where the significant WILDS were positioned before the round began.

Note: During the FREE SPINS round, the FREE SPINS banknote cannot appear on the BANKNOTE REEL.
Step into the shattered world of postapocalyptic dystopia, where chaos reigns after Mancala Corporation's deadly virus experiment. Necro Kong, a haunting symbol of their sins, roams the desolate lands. It’s time for you to stand alongside Ember Fischer, leader of the Savers, and join forces with Whooper, Dante, and Ripley Foster to confront the zombie horde and restore hope.

Amidst the ruins, redemption awaits those who dare to face the wasteland's odd creatures. Your mission is clear: unveil Mancala's secrets and rewrite history. But beware, for Necro Kong's path intertwines with yours, holding the key to either salvation or devastation. In Cash Legion, your choices shape the destiny of this shattered realm.

Will you unravel the plague's enigma, bring justice to Mancala, and rebuild a new world? The time has come to make your mark in this story-driven adventure of survival and redemption!

Cash Legion is a 40 fixed-line slot game that pays left to right. The Base game is played on a 4x5 game grid. May expand to 4x7 in the Bonus game.
NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk™ Remastered is a great remake of the original game complemented with the Buy Feature. Set in the familiar atmosphere of a quaint countryside, the reels spin by the towering beanstalk reaching for the clouds, accompanied by Jack.

Randomly occuring Walking Wilds will earn you Respins so long as they are present to the reels. When 3 Scatters land on the reels, the game progresses from the mellow farm to the skies above the clouds for at least 10 Free Spins. In this Bonus Round, collecting keys unlocks special features, like Stacked Money Bags, Stacked Golden Hens, and Expanding Golden Harps.

NetEnt’s Jack and the Beanstalk™ Remastered revives the greatness of the original game with wonderful storytelling, a calming soundtrack and stunning graphics.
Dive into an aquatic adventure with Eric’s Big Catch, the ultimate fishing-themed video slot game that will reel you in! Experience the thrill of the Walking Wild feature, where the Wild Symbol takes a step to the left with each spin.

The re-spins continue until the Wild Symbol leaves the reel and your total collected fish are paid out. Grab your fishing gear, cast your line, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure on the reels!
The majestic Panda, with its distinctive black and white colouring, is often thought to represent Yin and Yang and to bring good luck. Bamboo Wilds, from Booming Games, is filled with lucky features that can bring life-changing rewards.

Bamboo Wilds is a 5x3, 20 payline slot that boasts Wild Multipliers, with every Wild symbol having a multiplier up to 5x for exponential payouts. To take the Wild winnings to the next level, when the Wilds are on the same payline, their values combine.

The Panda has even more for you when 3+ Scatters land and trigger 8-15 Free Spins with Walking Wild Multipliers. During the feature, all Wild Multipliers remain on the reels, but they move to new positions with each spin for even bigger Panda-sized payouts.
In a mystical land far away, hidden deep in the mountains, are Dragons that have been enslaved to protect priceless treasures. These majestic creatures, despite their ferocity, wish to bring you no harm and simply want to be freed from captivity. Your quest is to free the dragons, and in return, you will be rewarded with riches beyond your dreams.

Unchain the Dragons is a fiery 5x6 slot that is pure adrenaline-pumping action with every spin. Start your adventure with the Moving Wilds that can appear at random on the reels. The Wilds remain on the reels, and with each spin, they move up 1 reel position until they exit the reels. The Dracarys feature activates when a red dragon lands on a Moving Wild, and then transforms all adjacent symbols into Wilds for flaming hot payouts.

The Valahd feature brings a dragon randomly to drop more Wilds onto the reels. Keep the payouts coming with 15 Free Spins with enhanced odds for more wins, more often.
These Rascals have just got their latest briefing. Their Mission: Locate Golden Trashcan. Gadgets: A padlock, grappling hook, plier, flashlight and screwdriver. Their Disguise: A trench coat, a moustache and a fedora. With the Golden Trashcan on the line, our loveable rogues are on a quest to find the Golden Trashcan so they can pull off the heist of the century. There’s room for one more in the trench coat – are you in?

The three rascals take on the role of the Stacked Rascal Wild. The Stacked Wild can appear on any spin – meaning win opportunities rise tenfold. The Stacked Wild symbol appears from the right and can land on any reel.

The Leader Raccoon's reel ability is the Multiplier, which can increase all wins on a spin by x2, x3, or x5. This ability can also be applied to other Raccoons, adding to any current wins and bringing them closer to their prize.

Landing three Golden Trashcans launch the racoons into the Free Spins. All prior features are present throughout Free Spins; meaning the racoons have even more pathways to hit the Junkyard Jackpot.
Ave Caesar is a humorous, cartoon-styled videoslot with a Roman theme which is based on our innovative Dynamics Ways mechanic (243 to 3,125 ways) with 4 different base game features, 5 different bonus rounds, and 3 in-game jackpots. A number of characters feature who will intervene to help the player win bigger prizes.
Embark on an extraordinary journey through time and immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Silk Road.

Inspired by the legendary trade route that connected East and West, this online slot game invites you to explore the wonders of the fabled Silk Road. Step into the shoes of intrepid merchants and adventurers who braved vast deserts, treacherous mountains, and bustling marketplaces. Travel through exotic lands, where stunning symbols inspired by vibrant cultures await you at every spin. Let the spirit of the Silk Road guide you on this thrilling voyage, where each spin holds the promise of adventure and fortune. Will you seize the treasures that lie in wait along this historic path?

Unearth the enigmatic secrets and historical wonders that come alive in this 5-reel 3-row game with 9 paylines. Matching symbols, except Scatter symbols, should be on enabled paylines and adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost. The Wild merchant substitutes for symbols except Scatters.

When camel and bazaar symbols appear simultaneously on reels 1 and 5 trigger 10 Free Games with the Walking Wild feature. During the Free Games, the merchant crosses the desert to reach the market. Each journey begins from the leftmost and finishes when the merchant reaches the last reel and arrives at the market. As the reels spin, keep an eye out for Chests filled with gold, as each appearance on an adjacent reel gives a chance to win up to x50 of the total bet. Alternatively, the journey may be cut short if the merchant encounters a sandstorm. All wins received before the sandstorm are added up. Up to 10 Free Games might be won again during the feature.

Players can double their winnings up to 10 times during the Classic Risk Game. Bonus Pop is also available in this game.
After securing the safety of the Golden Buffalos, Toro stumbled upon an elderly Japanese man whose dying wish was to return the “Heart of Fuji”, a long-lost artefact, to its rightful home, the secret temple of the jade valley on the slopes of mount Fuji. Toro who is now appointed Shōgun puts on his hakama and heads off to Japan!

Toro Shōgun is a 5 reel, 4 rows honourable slot. It comes with walking wilds, stacked wilds, expanding rows, both ways, respins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential 25,000x bet.

3 bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. 3 bonus symbols in Shōgun mode trigger the Shōgun Bonus which is played with only feature, high and mid value symbols. Additional bonus symbols landing during a bonus game increase the global bonus multiplier.
Join the hero, Shinobi, on his quest to become a Ninja warrior so that he can protect his family and fellow villagers from The Daimyo, the cruel feudal boss in this Asian anime-style videoslot.

Guide our hopeful warrior on his quest as he summons wave after wave of walking wilds and other fantastic features.

Revel in the moment as Shinobi draws upon the teachings of The Ronin to stretch the reels to boost the number of paying ways, on his journey to the Ninja Temple bonus feature in which he dearly hopes to impress his elders with mega wins of up to 9,000x
Are you ready to witness the ultimate slot battle? The final part of our Olympus trilogy sees Zeus and Hades go head-to-head in a bid to become the legendary ruler of the reels – welcome to Olympus Raging Megaways.

With 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win on two separate reel sets, Olympus Raging Megaways provides classic Megaways action, where all winning symbols explode to allow more symbols to drop onto the reels. Base game modifiers include Mirror Wilds, which will turn matching symbols in the same corresponding positions into Wilds, as well as Max Megaways, which will spin in the maximum 117,649 ways on each reel set.

The wheel can also be triggered on any base spin by collecting 12 golden coins in the central meter – this will award one spin of the wheel, resulting in either a win multiplier or an instant win of up to 100 x Total Bet.

Free Spins can be won on either set of reels and will be played on one set, Zeus or Hades - during Zeus Spins, extra Wilds are added to the reels while during Hades Spins, Walking Wilds are added to the top tracker.

The special Battle Scatters can appear on either set of reels and any 4 landing in view will award 15 epic Battle Free Spins, which take place across both the Zeus and Hades reels, with both Wild modifiers in action.
Battle over the rough seas, through great storms of rolling thunder and lighting to reach the vast treasures of Valhalla in the latest Release from Northern Lights Gaming. This video slot game has a standard reels set of 5x3, which can be pulled by the great kraken under the sea up to 5x8!

This beautiful and immersive game is set on the stormy high seas, where the player is voyaging on a Viking Longboat to discover the untold riches that await at the gates of Valhalla. With a stepping Wild Coin Collect, Static Jackpots, Valhalla Free Spins and Expanding Reels – this game has excitement and drama on every spin! Ride through the storm to the untold riches at the gates of Valhalla.
Prepare for the second installment of our epic Olympus trilogy as the mighty Hades enters the slot arena and stakes his claim to become the legendary ruler of the reels – welcome to Olympus Hades Megaways.

With 6 reels and up to 117,649 ways to win, Olympus Hades Megaways provides classic Megaways action, where all winning symbols explode to allow more symbols to drop onto the reels. On any spin, Hades Wilds can be triggered, adding Wilds to the tracker to guarantee a win. Meanwhile, Max Megaways can also be activated on any spin, causing the reels to land the maximum 117,649 ways.

Hades Free Spins are triggered by landing 4 or more Scatters anywhere in view. During the feature, the Hades Wilds modifier can also trigger on any spin with any Wilds added on the tracker becoming Walking Wilds. During Free Spins an unlimited win multiplier, starting at x1 and increasing by one for every cascading win, is in play and can reach mighty levels to help Hades deliver some truly epic rewards.
Precious treasures await you as you lower into the dens of the mighty dragon. Collect your courage to face the ruler of their hoard in Reel Keeper Power ReelsTM by Red Tiger and stash all the dragon’s riches on your mission. Immense fortune rattles on the 8-reel, 6-row gaming grid in a goldwrought frame of this atmospheric slot.

Pay attention to the gargantuan shadow as the dragon circles above the reels; they may drop Dragon Wilds, covering entire reels on the playing area. The Dragon Wilds stick onto the reels and occasionally progress across the grid. Free Spins set the reels ablaze to increase the chances for Dragon Wilds landing, locking them on the grid upon crossover!

Are you ready to look deep into the mighty dragon’s eyes? Grab their riches when they blink and set off with their rewards in Reel Keeper Power ReelsTM.
Witness the epic clash of ice and fire in Stormforged, a 5-reel, 4-row paylines slot that promises a maximum win of 12,500 times your initial bet! Immerse yourself in the thrilling bonus games, one set in the fiery realm of Muspelheim and the other amidst a furious snowstorm in the icy domain of Midgard.

Wild Portals expand when part of at least one winning combination. The Hand of Surtur symbol creates the Portal by tearing downward, obliterating any Wild or Treasure Chest symbols in its path. If a Wild is destroyed, the whole Portal is adorned with one of various multipliers, ranging from 2x to a staggering 200x. Multipliers apply to all winning lines crossing the Portal, with cumulative values if multiple Portals are crossed.

Should a Treasure Chest be destroyed, a bonus cash prize is granted based on the player’s bet, offering potential rewards ranging from 5 to 2500 times the bet. If both a Wild and a Treasure Chest are part of the same expanding Portal, the Wild's multiplier is also applied to the cash prize from the Treasure Chest.

Trigger the Surtur's Vengeance feature by landing 3+ Surtur symbols simultaneously in the base game, earning 10, 12, or 14 free spins based on the number of symbols. This bonus introduces the Portals to Muspelheim mechanic with sticky Wilds. The first Wild symbol on each reel becomes sticky, and any Wilds in view during bonus activation carry over from the base game.

Activate the Warriors of the Storm feature by landing 3+ Viking symbols simultaneously in the base game, awarding 10, 12, or 14 free spins. This bonus showcases fully expanded wild Storm Reels with multipliers. The Hammer of Thor symbol creates a Storm Reel that remains wild throughout the bonus, revealing Viking Warriors or unleashing a raging STORM on subsequent spins. The Viking Warriors provide multipliers to their respective Storm Reels, with cumulative effects if multiple Storm Reels are part of a winning line.

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About Walking Wilds Games

Walking Wilds is a casino game mechanic that is often found in online slot machines. It is a type of wild symbol that can move or "walk" across the reels during a certain number of spins, substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations. The number of spins the Walking Wild remains on the reels varies depending on the game, and it can usually be extended by landing additional Walking Wilds on the reels during the bonus round.

The Walking Wilds feature is usually triggered by landing a wild symbol on the reels during the base game. The wild symbol will then move one position to the left on the reels with each spin, until it disappears off the left side of the reels. Any winning combinations created by the Walking Wild will be awarded, and the feature will end once the wild symbol has disappeared off the left side of the reels. Some games have also added a multiplier to the Walking Wilds feature, which increases the value of any winnings made while the wild is moving on the reels.

This game mechanic can be a great way to increase the chances of hitting winning combinations, and it also adds an extra layer of excitement to the game as players watch the wild symbol move across the reels. It is a very popular feature in online slot games and has been used by many game providers. Some of the most popular slot games with Walking Wilds feature are "Jack and the Beanstalk" by NetEnt, Taco Brothers by ELK Studios, and "Rocket Men" by Red Tiger Gaming.