9 Tigers

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Release DateAug 18, 2020RTP96.15%VolatilityVolatility LevelsStudio
Release DateAug 18, 2020RTP96.15%VolatilityVolatility LevelsStudio

From the very beginning, the Yin and Yang forces embrace the players who enter the oriental world of 9 Tigers™. This slot triggers an irresistible desire to maintain internal balance. Two elements – fire and water – represented by two tiger symbols awaken the player’s divine power that is necessary to control them and bring natural harmony.

During Tigers Bonus, the tamed tiger must attract the beast representing the opposite element so the Yin and Yang balance is maintained. As ancient spirits can be very generous, the players who successfully unite fire and water tigers can expect the highest wins! This engaging slot, set in the land of beautiful Chinese gardens, will evoke positive as well as nostalgic feelings. The calm, relaxing music helps in achieving inner peace, while the tigers awaken the force to fight. These two feelings allow the players to maintain a holistic balance – just like Yin and Yang symbols.

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