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Jingle all the way! Embrace the magic of the season as Piggy Tap dives into the festive vibe with its cheerful Christmas skin! Immerse yourself in a realm of holiday joy and excitement with the special Christmas edition of Piggy Tap!

Come join the fun in commemorating the season of generosity and happiness with this exhilarating, instant-win experience!

Please note that the Christmas Edition is only enabled during the holiday season.
Get ready for an action-packed adventure in Bounty Smash, where you'll load your gun and step into the dusty streets for thrilling gameplay and bountiful rewards. With every shot, a bullet is fired towards a random wanted poster, revealing exciting prizes. But hitting the mark is just the beginning – multipliers ranging from x2 to x10 may amplify those rewards, ensuring that every shot counts.

Keep your aim sharp and target the central Sheriff Badge; if you hit it, you could collect all the poster prizes in one go. Keep an eye out for the elusive Renegade in the Frenzy sector – a direct hit could result in a massive 500x prize. So take a deep breath, pull the trigger, and see if fortune favors the bold in this Wild West showdown!
Dive into the exhilarating world of Bass Smash, where fishing has never been more thrilling and rewarding! With every cast of the line, you have the chance to reel in a sea of fortunes. Land your hook on an active fish, and you'll be rewarded with a corresponding cash prize.

But that's not all – the waters are full of excitement. An explosive surprise may appear in the central sector. If your hook manages to snag it, brace yourself for a chance to multiply some of your winnings before they're all collected.

Grab your fishing rod, and get ready for the thrill of the chase in Bass Smash, where the next cast could land you the catch of a lifetime!
Welcome to Mole Smash, where playful fun meets exhilarating gaming excitement! With every bet, a hammer swing targets a random prize sector, filled with mischievous moles. Anticipation builds as players await the appearance of the elusive Mega Mole, residing in the grand hole at the center of the field. A friendly whack with the hammer could unlock a massive prize for the fortunate player.

But that's not all – the thrills continue with the occasional opportunity to wield a bigger hammer, allowing players to take a swing and claim all active prizes on the screen. It's a dynamic and engaging experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

So, grab your hammer and get ready to take a swing at your next big win in the whimsical and rewarding world of Mole Smash!
TWENTY-ONE is a captivating game where the objective is to achieve a sum of 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21 with the revealed cards. To kick off the excitement, the player first selects the number of cards they wish to play with. Once the BET button is pressed, the cards are unveiled, and their values are added together to determine the final result.

Within the game, a table of Multipliers is prominently displayed, showcasing the rewards the player can earn based on the total sum of the revealed cards, ranging from 16 to 21. As an enticing feature, playing with 7 cards introduces the possibility of winning the maximum prize of an impressive 1,500 times the bet. Get ready for a strategic and thrilling game of TWENTY-ONE, where your choices and card combinations could lead to substantial winnings!
Delve into the vibrant realm of Sweet Smash, where every bet sets the sugar lollipop into a spirited spiral, unveiling a myriad of delectable prize sectors upon full charge. In this confectionery world, delightful surprises abound. Hovering above the lollipop are three gleaming stars, poised to elevate the excitement. The stars illuminate one by one, cumulatively adding up to a remarkable 5x multiplier on the subsequent win.

Enter the realm of the Free Smash feature, commencing with the activated 5x multiplier from the initial spin, introducing an enthralling twist. What makes this feature especially sweet is that during Free Smash, your multiplier remains steadfast, never resetting. Sweet Smash is a blend of sugar, spice, and all things nice – inviting you to indulge and savor the anticipation of your next substantial win!
Experience the electrifying Zeus Smash, a captivating game immersing you in the heart of the ancient Greek pantheon. With each mighty smash, Zeus harnesses energy in his hand, anticipating the opportune moment to unleash his power.

If fortune favors you, behold a lightning bolt soaring towards one of the prize sectors. The intensity peaks when Zeus strikes the FRENZY sector, launching a barrage of lightning bolts that payout for each cash prize hit.

Zeus Smash transcends the conventions of traditional slot games; it offers a distinctive encounter fusing high-speed gameplay with the formidable allure of Greek mythology. Join Zeus on his pursuit of wealth and test your mettle to emerge triumphant in this unparalleled gaming experience!

Get your fingers ready for some action, because it's time to unleash your inner Piggy Tapper! With every tap, you'll witness those cracks expand, fueling your excitement. It's a stress-relieving therapy session and a finger workout all in one.

Picture game mechanics as refreshing as a sip of cold lemonade on a scorching summer day. Prepare yourself for an epic journey as you dive into the mission to shatter the piggy bank! Have you ever fantasized about breaking a piggy bank without a hint of guilt? Well, stop dreaming and start tapping!
Colors is a game where the aim is to land each one of the active Cubes with one of your chosen Colors on the front face!

The game can be played with 1, 2 or 3 active Cubes.

Choose Colors by pressing on the indicators below the Cubes. A maximum of 5 Colors can be chosen at a time.

The selected number of Cubes and Colors changes the Payout Multiplier that is awarded if you win. Play with three active Cubes and bet on only one Color to have a chance to reach the maximum win of 211.68 times your bet!

Press BET to start a game round and watch the Cubes fly!
Get ready to experience an eerie but quirky game this Halloween, Wicked Wins – Fortune Pick. The pumpkins labelled with bet amounts are waiting to be picked. Reveal the rewards by clicking on them and find out if you were lucky to win one of the bonuses.

In the base game, each pumpkin may award a credit value, additional pumpkins, coins, a Creepy bonus, a Scary bonus or a Spooky bonus.
BLOCKS is a game where the aim is to form clusters of color! Once you press BET, the game begins and the Blocks flip. Play with a high Risk configuration and form a cluster of 9 Blocks to win the max win of 5,000 times your bet!
Ready to be spun right round, baby, right round? Set your Risk level, hit BET, and spin your way to wins on this Dare2Win release, Wheel. Sometimes, less is more. Activate fewer segments for bigger wins. Feeling brave? Then up the risk for juicier rewards. In a showdown of risk vs. reward, WHEEL is reinventing a game show classic.
The Dare2Win™ family is growing with the arrival of a revamped game of a chance. LINES puts full control in the hands of the player. YOU decide how many LINES to bet on and YOU decide how much risk to take.

Configurable to suit any betting style, the game accommodates all player tastes from the risk-averse to steely-nerved, and everyone in between!
CRACK THE CODE is an Instant Tap™ game featuring a cash vault. Prizes are awarded if the cash vault is successfully opened.
CASH PONG™ is an Instant Tap™ game where the player will press the PLAY button to try to land the ball in one of the cups. 5 FREE GAMES will be awarded if the ball lands in a cup and the FREE GAMES panel is highlighted
YAHTZEE is an Instant Tap™ game featuring five dice. Prizes are awarded if the dice make a winning combination when rolled.
Whack the moles for cash, it’s as simple as that! The game consists of 9 mole hills with 18 unique prize values. Tap the PLAY button to reveal if you have hit one or more of the moles as they randomly appear. A successful hit will award one or more prizes, ranging from 0.2X up to 500X.
BOOMMMM! Unleash explosive thrills and aim for the jackpot – real cash awaits in the new instant win lottery designed for true daredevils! Lucky Tanks invites you to embark on an adventure where you can feel like a fearless warrior. Enter the battlefield with confidence, and the potential for significant winnings awaits you.

Lucky Tanks introduces a progressive jackpot that constantly tantalizes with its current value prominently displayed on the game screen. The pathway to winning this jackpot involves successfully completing a game session of three rounds, where you need to unveil 12 Tank Symbols consecutively. The jackpot payout is contingent on the size of your bet for these game rounds, amplifying the excitement with each wager.

To initiate a game round, place your bet and click the "Play" button. The game unfolds from the moment you hit "Play" until you either shoot at the bush or boulder with a deploy behind it or claim your win – whichever occurs first. The game round automatically concludes after you've obliterated all four enemy tanks, symbolized by the presence of four Wrecked Tanks on the screen. Prepare for an explosive and rewarding gaming experience as you navigate the high-stakes battlefield of Lucky Tanks!
Embark on a journey reminiscent of a fairy tale with Troll Dice, a game that intertwines the allure of incredible beauty and the challenge of facing a formidable monster. Immerse yourself in the magical world of this game, where your luck and intuition will be put to the test. Your task? Guess the drop-out number of dice with precision, and you might just find yourself on the path to a substantial jackpot!

In Troll Dice, your objective is to predict the Result – the total sum of all the numbers highlighted in white on the faces of the dice after a single roll. Each game round involves the roll of 5 dice, presenting a thrilling challenge for players. Before initiating the dice roll, set the Diapason of possible Results you anticipate using the Diapason Number Bar and choose your bet value. When you're ready, push the Spin button or click on the image of the Cauldron to set all 5 dice in motion, unleashing the magic and suspense of your Troll Dice adventure. May your intuition guide you to a fairy tale ending and the chance to claim a significant jackpot!
Embark on a thrilling adventure in Thimbles, where it all begins with choosing the character that resonates with you the most. Will it be the allure of an attractive young Japanese woman, the daring pirate of the Caribbean, the intense Mexican Mafia boss, or perhaps engaging in a battle of luck with a rugged Russian prisoner? Four characters, each concealing a precious pearl under 3, 4, or 5 thimbles. Let's put your intuition to the test together!

Thimbles offers various levels of complexity, allowing you to customize your experience. Decide how many thimbles you want to play with—3, 4, or 5. The more thimbles you choose, the higher the multiplier coefficients and the greater your potential win.

Tailor the complexity to your preference by clicking on the corresponding button in the left part of the screen, creating a unique and exciting gameplay experience. It's time to challenge your intuition and unveil the hidden pearls beneath the thimbles in this intriguing game of chance!
Experience the thrill of doubling your balance with a simple flip of the lucky coin! This golden coin holds the promise of good luck for those who seek it. However, keep in mind that luck favors the patient and persistent, and gold coins aren't handed out every week!

To embark on this fortunate journey, set your bet value using the "+" and "-" buttons in the Bet sector. The bet amount is clearly displayed in the Bet sector, denoted in the currency of your platform. When you're ready to test your luck, simply click on the "Win More" button, and your bet is automatically placed.

Taking your win is a breeze—no need to click on "Take." Your win represents the bet amount multiplied or reduced by 2, depending on your chosen strategy, within the game round. The Win sector always displays the current status of your winnings. So, get ready to flip the lucky coin, try your hand at doubling your balance, and embrace the golden moments of luck that come your way!
No matter the season outside, Lucky Ocean guarantees an eternal warm and bright summer experience! If you've been missing your vacation for too long, immerse yourself in the boundless ocean of luck, where a delightful welcome from cute aquatic animals awaits you.

To kick off the gaming adventure in Lucky Ocean, simply place your bet and click on the "Play" button. The game round spans from the moment you hit "Play" until you either burst a bubble with the Hedgehog Fish or claim your Win, whichever occurs first. Your journey concludes automatically after successfully navigating all 7 rows, meaning without encountering any Hedgehog Fish.

Each game round is contingent on your bet, with the amount indicated in the Bet sector being deducted from your balance each time you embark on a new round. So, whether it's summer or winter in the real world, Lucky Ocean provides a perpetual summer escape where the company of charming aquatic creatures awaits you!
When the need for a boost in mood and optimism strikes, turn to Golden Clover to reignite your courage and immerse yourself in unforgettable emotions right now! However, tread carefully, as bombs await you on the path to luck.

To initiate a game round in Golden Clover, place your bet and click on the "Play" button. The game round unfolds from the moment you press "Play" until either you open the box with the Bomb Symbol or claim your Win, depending on which occurs first. The game round automatically concludes after you've successfully opened all 4 Clover Symbols.

Remember, each game round is associated with your bet, meaning that the amount indicated in the Bet sector is deducted from your balance every time you embark on a new round. So, whether you're navigating obstacles or reveling in your wins, Golden Clover promises an experience that'll lift your spirits and leave you with enduring positive vibes!
Help! The Guy is on the loose and terrorising our city! You’re the only one who can stop him!

In Poke the Guy, a simple, casual-gaming inspired game, players have a chance at taking down a giant (“The Guy”), who has invaded a city.

You can select from a variety of items to attack The Guy with. By throwing the item at the giant, you places a bet. Each successful hit will generate a random payout with multipliers of up to 500x.

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