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Welcome to the Majestic Wheelshow™, a captivating game show that guarantees an unparalleled experience within a visually stunning studio setting. The renowned Majestic Wheel, adorned with 52 numbered sectors and 2 Booster sectors, transforms every rotation into a moment of sheer delight. Offering 9 distinct numbers for betting and an option to 'BET ON ALL', the game seamlessly merges elements of chance and strategy. With the dynamic perspectives captured by five cameras, viewers are treated to an electrifying spectacle with each spin.

The enchantment of Majestic Numbers promises remarkable payouts, while the Booster sectors introduce enticing multipliers, infusing each spin with a sense of excitement. With the potential to yield a payout of up to 20,000x, Majestic Wheelshow™ beckons players to delve into its captivating multiplier mechanics and relish an incomparable game show experience.

Options for branding integration are strategically incorporated into the central wheel and side panel screens, providing an opportunity to enhance brand loyalty. Furthermore, players have the flexibility to tailor their experience with configurable maximum win settings.

Invite your players on a captivating journey where every spin unfolds as a visual marvel, revealing mysteries with each rotation of the Majestic Wheelshow™.
Embark on the exhilarating journey of TravelFever™, a game that transcends the ordinary, offering players a gaming experience like no other. Immerse yourself in the distinctiveness of TravelFever™, a one-of-a-kind game show featuring a horizontal wheel with six distinct stations. At each station, an engaging bonus game awaits, promising players a dynamic encounter with multipliers that redefine the gaming experience.

Adding to the excitement, the continent collect side bet brings together all six continents, enhancing the vibrancy of this game. The primary objective is for players to predict the segments of the main horizontal wheel where the arrow will point, as well as the results at each bonus station.

Players will find themselves fully immersed in the interactive world of game shows, enriched by unique animations and background effects that provide an even more dynamic and captivating experience. TravelFever™ is not just a game; it's a thrilling journey through a world of incredible multipliers and bonus games, inviting players to indulge in the excitement and unpredictability of this extraordinary gaming adventure.
Treasure Island™ presents an interactive game show staged on a remote island where participants seek out concealed treasures. Guided by a map of riches, contestants can unearth an ancient wheel, serving as the gateway to unlocking the island's enticing rewards.

Activating the wheel triggers a range of enthralling bonus challenges, each offering the potential to significantly enhance players' chances of scoring big!

Comprising 54 sectors, the expansive wheel features various gems or one of six exhilarating bonus games in each segment. All bonuses bestow upon players a blend of gems, with values assigned randomly with every spin.

Participants wager on the anticipated landing spots of the wheel, choosing from the following options:

Gems: Topaz, Emerald, and Ruby Instant Bonuses: Wild Collector and Great Scavenger Bonus Games: John Silver’s Loot, Ben’s Lost Marbles, Billy Bones’ Map, and Captain Flint’s Treasure.
Immerse yourself in the multiple stages of fun that Crazy Pachinko offers, starting with the Qualification slot phase, progressing to the Top-Up slot phase, and culminating in the incredible Pachinko Bonus game hosted live with guaranteed rewards. To qualify for the Pachinko Bonus game, simply collect three scatter symbols, made easier with the introduction of Sticky Scatters. But the adventure doesn't stop there – each phase of the game presents opportunities to snag multipliers that accumulate, paving the way for potentially multiplied payouts.

The highlight of Crazy Pachinko is the Pachinko Bonus game, featuring the iconic Pachinko wall. Watch as the game host drops the puck, reminiscent of the excitement in Crazy Time. All the accumulated multipliers throughout the game are calculated and added to the wall. Sit back, relax, and witness the anticipation as the puck settles at the bottom of the wall. If luck is on your side, it might land on a 'Double' sector, doubling the multipliers on the wall and triggering a second puck drop for an even bigger multiplied win.

Are you ready for the wild ride of Crazy Pachinko, where multipliers abound, and the live Pachinko Bonus game brings a thrilling, interactive dimension to your gameplay? Step into the world of Crazy Pachinko and experience the excitement of guaranteed rewards and the potential for multiplied wins!
Gonzo, the Spanish explorer in search of the lost golden city of El Dorado and its treasures, achieved tremendous success with the video slot entitled Gonzo’s Quest™. The game’s incredible graphics, smooth animations, and exciting features have made it one of the world’s most popular online slots.

Now, Gonzo is embarking on an exciting new adventure with us in a quest for treasure in our live game show, Gonzo’s Treasure Map. Set against the stunning backdrop of an ancient Incan world, the game’s main attraction is a vast giant ancient map with 70 squares engraved on a wall which players can explore to uncover Gonzo’s treasures by placing bets on one or several squares.

If you’re lucky and find a stone with a Gonzo key, you’ll progress to the Bonus round, where a single falling block will grant you a guaranteed multiplier. If the block happens to land on a ‘Double’ stone, your multipliers will be doubled, giving you an opportunity to amplify your winnings. Gonzo’s Treasure Map is a unique game show where Gonzo joins forces with our live game hosts in an exciting quest for hidden treasures. With an immersive and enriching gaming experience, this game is sure to appeal to a broad range of players.
Little pigs, little pigs let me have a spin!

Join the Big Bad Wolf and the little pigs in Quickspin’s first live game, Big Bad Wolf Live. It’s a 3×5, 25-line live slot game that comes complete with Tumbling Reels and the Pigs Turn Wild feature.

Landing 3 Wolf Bonus symbols will activate the Live Bonus Game that consists of the Multiplier Collect game and the Wheel Game. While you wait for the communal bonus game to start, you can boost your winnings with our Top Up Game which is a 3-Reel, 1 line slot.

And, in a Live Slot first, you can use the Buy Feature to jump straight into the action of Live Bonus Game by paying 40x your bet.
Enter into an exhilarating and lively Live Casino game show, where players acquire tickets to match numbers drawn randomly from a tumbling device. Enhancing the excitement are bonus features designed to elevate players’ winnings or improve their chances of success.

The concept of the game is universally understood — purchase tickets and complete lines.

Every ticket features nine numbers arranged in a 3×3 grid, awaiting matching with balls drawn at random from the tumbling device. Aligning numbers creates a payout pattern. Players can achieve up to four lines or attain a Full House pattern, rewarding them with winnings up to 250 times their initial stake!

Within the tumbling device are 32 numbered balls, including two bonus additions: the Star Ball and the Wild Ball. Each game round continues until nine numbered balls are drawn, unless extended by a bonus event involving the Wild Ball.
Boogie on down with Funky Time! With an incredible spinning money wheel, disco beats, icecool cocktails, daring dance floor moves, and more opportunities for multiplied winnings than ever, the fun hits fever pitch! Built on our mega-successful Crazy Time live game show concept, Funky Time is a hip ’70s-style disco extravaganza with whopping multipliers and four groovy Bonus games.

Good vibes and entertainment are guaranteed! At the heart of the funk-tastic action is the unique DigiWheel, which dynamically generates several random multipliers in each round — increasing the chances of players getting a multiplied payout more often than ever. What’s more, the 24 letter segments on the wheel (over a third of the wheel’s segments) offer a default 25:1 payout. That’s a chance for players to win big already in the main game!

Win on any of the number 1 or letter segments of the wheel and you can cash out instant wins. Win on a bonus segment and you can proceed to one of the four unique Bonus games —Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco — in which multipliers are guaranteed!
Turn up the heat in this Mexican market and find the hottest chilli ever in this unique and zesty live slot game. Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ delivers spicy entertainment where you can play the reels alongside your friends and share the excitement along with our friendly game host!

Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ brings the renowned six-reel Megaways™ slot with Free Spins to the live game show studio and combines it with entertaining Gamble Wheels to increase the anticipation and fun. Each Base Game includes five consecutive spins for a faster gameplay experience and five opportunities to win.

The Base Game and Free Spins phase features a slot machine consisting of six main vertical reels and a secondary, horizontal reel at the bottom, which may contain ‘WILD’ symbols that substitute any symbol, boosting your chances of making winning combinations. Additionally, you may be awarded extra multipliers throughout the game, as well as receive up to 16 Free Spins by forming the word ‘HOT’. Then it’s into the Gamble Wheels phase, where even more Free Spins may be dished up.
MONOPOLY Big Baller is a totally new bingo-style game show – based on one of the world’s best- known board games. Ramping up the excitement are the numerous multipliers that offer greatly increased payout opportunities and make the gameplay extra engaging. And for full-on MONOPOLY fun, enter the Bonus Game, where MR. MONOPOLY will walk around a virtual 3D MONOPOLY board and collect multiplier prizes for you.

MONOPOLY Big Baller takes you on a riverboat voyage where the action is centred around an eye-catching ball drawing machine. Numbers are matched, lines are completed, and MR. MONOPOLY is always hands-on to accompany you!
Unveiling an eagerly awaited Live Casino game show with innovative mechanics, where players can place bets on numbers or bonus squares (from the grid) predicted to appear based on the roll of two dice.

Depending on the roll's outcome, players may qualify for one of three bonus games (Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, and Boom or Bust), receive a payout, or boost their winnings with a special feature known as PowerUp!

This game unfolds on a 6x6 board, featuring 36 fields, each representing a distinct outcome. The horizontal outcome is determined by the blue dice, while the vertical is influenced by the gold dice. Throughout the game, players can amplify their bets up to 20,000x, aiming for a maximum prize of €500,000.

Embark on a thrilling journey with bonus games that add excitement to your gaming adventure:

In "Boom or Bust," progress through levels, faced with the decision to cash out or continue rolling. As you advance, the stakes increase, offering larger payouts or the risk of a bust.

Participate in strategic betting in "Dice Battle," where players must choose between the right or left side. Roll the dice three times, tally the results, and multiply your initial bet. The player with the highest total claims a rewarding bonus.

Test your luck in "Lucky Drop" as you select one of six columns and engage in six rolls. Align the dice results with your chosen column number to fill it with multipliers. The more matches, the higher the multipliers.

Enhance your gameplay with the "POWERUP SPECIAL FEATURE," triggering random extra dice rolls and multiplying fields. Each game round introduces three unique powerup special features, injecting an element of surprise and excitement.
A world-class mash-up of RNG slots and a superb live game show experience – Crazy Coin Flip is here to provide the best of both in a format never seen before! Qualify for the Coin Flip bonus round and get the chance to turn your accumulated multipliers into even greater multiplied payouts. But this bonus round is like no other – you will get transferred from stylish slots action into an exciting live gaming experience.

This innovative game consists of three game phases – qualifying slot, against-the-clock TopUp slot and the live Coin Flip bonus round with entertainment guaranteed. Crazy Coin Flip will surely be a smash hit with slots and live casino players alike!
Pragmatic Play bringing you to the candy world of Sweet Bonanza with all its amazing and colorful features providing excitement, volatility and mega multipliers in a Game Show format featuring the Sweet Bonanza wheel.

Prepare to be transported to the delightful candy world of Sweet Bonanza, where a vibrant array of features awaits, offering a perfect blend of excitement, volatility, and mega multipliers. The game unfolds in an engaging Game Show format, featuring the captivating Sweet Bonanza wheel.

This new game introduces 6 betting positions on the wheel, including 3x numbers – 1, 2, 5, and 3x bonus games, providing players with the chance to win big. Adding an extra layer of sweetness to the wins, players can qualify for even more substantial multipliers when landing on the Sugar Bomb section of the wheel.

Broadcasted from our state-of-the-art studio, the gameplay promises an immersive experience by seamlessly blending physical elements with the virtual 3D world. The unique Sweet Bonanza Game Show studio is designed with dynamic lighting, vibrant colors, captivating sounds, and animations that adapt seamlessly to game events and stages.

At the heart of the studio stands the Sweet Bonanza wheel, serving as the centerpiece. On either side of the wheel, the Game showcases dedicated areas for each bonus game, enhancing the overall visual and interactive appeal. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of Sweet Bonanza in our brand-new, innovative Live Casino studio!
The Spanish explorer Gonzo has been searching for the lost golden city of El Dorado and its treasures in the hugely successful video slot Gonzo’s Quest™. Incredible graphics, smooth animations and exciting features have helped Gonzo’s Quest™ become one of the world’s favourite online slots.

Gonzo is now coming to Live Casino, joining us in a search for treasures in our new world-class Live game show Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

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