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Experience the thrill of Diamond Rush Roulette with enhanced dynamism and endless earning opportunities for your players. Featuring a captivating studio design that pulsates with energy, each game round is enriched with enticing multipliers, elevating the excitement of gameplay.

Dive into the realm of the 11 Special Numbers, including up to 10 Lucky Numbers revealed in every round. Each Lucky Number comes with a potential multiplier reaching up to 500x. Additionally, there's a Bonus Number that triggers an engaging Bonus Game, comprising 6 progressive levels where players stand a chance to secure up to a staggering 5000x multiplier. Simply predict the outcome of the ball's landing on the wheel to participate.

Players will be fully immersed in the interactive universe of game shows, amplified by captivating animations and ambient effects, ensuring an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. Capitalize on the digital branding opportunities available to enhance the value of your brand.

In Diamond Rush Roulette, a physical roulette wheel featuring 37 numbered pockets awaits, ranging from 0 to 36, with 0 representing the single zero. The objective is to correctly predict the pocket where the ball will come to rest after the spin. A live game presenter oversees the proceedings, adding to the excitement of the live game show.

To participate, players must place their bets within the allotted time. Once betting time expires, the game presenter releases the ball onto the spinning wheel. No further bets or modifications are accepted once the status bar reads "NO MORE BETS."

The outcome of the game is determined by the pocket where the ball lands. It may correspond to one of the Lucky Numbers, each accompanied by its designated multiplier, or land on the Bonus Number, granting access to the thrilling Bonus Game.
Enhance the thrill with Lucky 6 Roulette, a dynamic new game show that injects a fresh twist into the traditional Roulette format. While retaining the essence of Roulette, Lucky 6 Roulette amps up the excitement, offering increased opportunities for substantial winnings.

Alongside the traditional Roulette betting options, every game round introduces six randomly chosen "Lucky Numbers" that display on the screen once betting concludes. Each of these numbers comes with its own distinct "Lucky Multiplier," providing players with the opportunity to win up to 2088 times their bet on a straight-up wager!
Experience the delightful fusion of the beloved Leprechaun and the classic 'little wheel' in this exhilarating new game show! Each round promises 6 lucky numbers, with payouts reaching up to a remarkable 500x. Brace yourself for frequent bonus rounds that multiply all wins of the round by up to 5x, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Keep an eye out for symbol multipliers that can soar to an impressive 1,500x, creating thrilling opportunities for substantial winnings. Get ready for a unique and thrilling game show that combines the charm of the Leprechaun with the excitement of the 'little wheel'!
Prepare for the ultimate gaming experience you've been longing for – the perfect fusion of the award-winning Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time's most beloved Bonus game, Red Door Roulette!

Red Door Roulette takes excitement to new heights with its gripping twists and turns. It all kicks off with a slot determining 3-15 Bonus Numbers per game round, granting you more opportunities than ever to enter the heart-pounding Crazy Time Bonus game. But that's not all – random multipliers of up to 20x are thrown into the mix, enhancing payouts on Straight Up bets or turbocharging your winnings in the Bonus game!

Once you've landed on the winning Bonus Number, get ready for the iconic Red Door from Crazy Time! Dive headfirst into the extraordinary Crazy Time Bonus world, where a colossal wheel packed with multipliers and endless opportunities to double your rewards awaits. Spin the wheel and revel in the guaranteed multiplied rewards that come cascading your way!

Red Door Roulette boasts a vibrant user interface, a visually stunning environment, and lively, engaging game hosts. Take a spin with Red Door Roulette and immerse yourself in a thrilling spectacle of excitement and boundless energy!
Introducing Gold Vault Roulette – the ultimate golden opportunity for players seeking thrilling entertainment and multiplied rewards! This luxurious addition to Evolution's Roulette family is designed to captivate and dazzle with the opportunity of unlocking up to twenty precious Gold Bars multipliers per game round.

Gold Vault Roulette combines European Roulette with a high-payout RNG (Random Number Generator) element that adds an extra layer of suspense to the gameplay.

Every spin will reveal between five and twenty Gold Bars, each acting as a 50x multiplier. These multipliers will automatically be placed onto a random bet spot for a chance to win multiplied payouts. Gold Bar Roulette allows up to three Gold Bars to be stacked onto a single bet spot, boosting the multiplier value up to 150x per bet. And for those who crave even more, hope to uncover the elusive Super Gold Bar – worth an astonishing 500x! Let the golden adventure begin!
Rush Roulette is the fastest paced LIVE dealer game. It lets you play at your own speed across numerous tables. There is no waiting for the host or making last minute decisions against a timer. Once you’re ready, place your bet and connect directly to the table and watch the wheel spin.
Discover the Luxury of Pragmatic Play's VIP Roulette

Pragmatic Play sets a new standard of opulence and sophistication with its VIP Roulette game, where players are treated to an unparalleled gaming experience infused with luxury and exclusivity. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously crafted to cater to the most discerning of players.

At the heart of the VIP Roulette experience is Pragmatic Play's exquisitely designed live studio. Bathed in lavish ambiance, the studio creates an atmosphere of grandeur, setting the stage for an unforgettable gaming session. From the moment players enter, they are greeted by a captivating environment that exudes class and refinement.

Central to the allure of Pragmatic Play's VIP Roulette is the presence of highly skilled and customer-focused dealers. These professionals are not only adept at managing the game with precision but are also dedicated to ensuring that every player receives VIP treatment. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, players can expect nothing short of a premium user experience.
Experience an innovative and thrilling game, delivered at a rapid pace and broadcast live from our cutting-edge studio. Auto Mega Roulette operates without a traditional dealer, utilizing an advanced automated Roulette wheel that releases the ball during the betting phase.

This high-energy game preserves the classic Roulette elements while providing increased opportunities for substantial wins. Each round features up to five randomly generated “Mega Lucky Numbers,” offering players the chance to earn up to 500 times their initial bet with a straight-up wager.

During the betting phase, players place their bets on the Roulette layout. The ball is spun automatically by the wheel, eliminating the need for a dealer. After the betting phase concludes, between one and five “Mega Lucky Numbers” are chosen randomly, introducing impressive “Mega Multipliers.”

When the ball settles into a numbered pocket, the winning number is highlighted. Any bets covering the winning number result in payouts according to the Roulette pay table. If the winning number matches one of the randomly selected “Mega Lucky Numbers” and is covered by a player’s straight-up bet, the player achieves a “MEGAWIN,” multiplying their initial wager by a minimum of 50 times to a maximum of 500 times.
Speed Auto-Roulette offers the quickest and easiest route to delve into the thrills of online Roulette. Unlike traditional setups with live dealers, this version operates with a sophisticated automated Roulette wheel. In this accelerated rendition of Auto Roulette, players can place their bets mid-spin, injecting an extra dose of thrill and engagement into the gameplay! It's a superb complement to Pragmatic Play's array of Roulette offerings.
Nexus Rouletteᵀᴹ is an exciting game in an astonishing futuristic studio environment, with a game show host who interacts with players creating a dynamic and immersive experience. There are 4 automatic wheels: Main Wheel and 3 Bonus Wheels. All 4 wheels are represented by an individual symbol: Main Wheel is a circle, and the Bonus Wheels are a triangle, a square, and a hexagon.

The objective of the game is to predict the number of the wheel’s pockets where the spun ball will eventually land.

Nexus Rouletteᵀᴹ has unique betting options with multipliers, such as 5000x the highest payout multiplier, and an Autoplay button in which players can pick several rounds (up to 99) for an automatic repeat of the betting pattern.
Injecting a contemporary twist into the universally beloved casino classic, the newly introduced Live Casino experience, PowerUP Roulette™, draws inspiration from game shows, offering an innovative approach with up to five PowerUP bonus rounds that heighten the potential for winning.

Should the ball land on any of the preannounced PowerUP numbers, the game seamlessly transitions into a PowerUP bonus round. During this round, all straight-up bets become eligible for an extra opportunity to multiply the initial wager.

With each successive PowerUP bonus round, the prize pool for the subsequent spin doubles. By the 5th round, the maximum prize reaches an impressive range of 2,600x to 8,000x.

The cumulative prize, derived from a straight-up bet in the main game and the combined winnings from all five PowerUP bonus rounds, has the potential to multiply the player's bet with an astounding maximum payout of €500,000.

Flexibility in gameplay is enhanced through features such as saving preferred bet combinations, special bet options, and an autoplay function. PowerUP Roulette™ elevates the Live Casino gameshow-style experience by introducing heightened gameplay excitement and engagement, surpassing expectations.
The game of roulette stands as a timeless icon, captivating players with its rich history and allure as one of the most attractive gambling games globally. Pragmatic Play's Roulette elevates the gaming experience, delivering excellence whether played on desktop or mobile devices. Broadcasting live from our Bucharest studio, the game provides non-stop action, accessible around the clock.

Embracing the essence of classic roulette, it encompasses standard bets, bringing familiarity to seasoned players, while also featuring renowned special bets that add an extra layer of excitement. Additionally, players have the option to save their personalized and preferred bets, providing a tailored and convenient gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the thrill of Pragmatic Play's Roulette, where tradition meets innovation for an unparalleled and engaging gameplay adventure.
The roulette game is one of the oldest, most iconic and attractive gambling games in the world. Pragmatic Play’s Roulette offers a superior playing experience on desktop or mobile devices. The game is broadcasted from our studio in Bucharest and is available 24/7.

It includes standard Roulette bets along with the most famous special bets, as well as the possibility of saving custom, favourite bets.
Introducing the Mega version of one of the Live Casino's crowd favorites. Mega Roulette retains the classic single-zero Roulette format while injecting an extra dose of thrill with the addition of the Mega Multiplier. In each spin, a thrilling element unfolds as 1 to 5 multipliers ranging from 50 to 500x are randomly applied to selected straight-up bets, significantly enhancing players' potential for winning.

The feature "Mega Bets" empowers players to place substantial straight-up bets, incorporating well-known bets like Mega Chances, Mega Columns, and Mega Dozens. This streamlined approach makes it even more convenient for players to pursue those substantial payouts.

In the single-zero "Roulette" format, experience the thrill of random-based "Mega Multipliers" reaching up to x500, paving the way for exhilarating "Mega Wins." Engage in Mega bets encompassing Chances, Columns, and Dozens, amplifying the excitement of every spin.

Immerse yourself in a gaming experience enhanced by unique visual effects and a tailored New Game UI designed for seamless navigation. Step into a state-of-the-art studio meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements of the game, providing an unparalleled atmosphere.

Adding to the allure are entertaining and specially trained game hosts, ensuring that every moment spent at the table is not only rewarding but also captivating.
Speed Roulette is a featured Roulette game with an accelerated pace. It is a well-known product among the players and it generates elevated revenues. The average duration of one spin round is 25-27 seconds. Specially trained dealers will carefully make the spins and the cameras are installed in a way that predictive software cannot be used.

Pragmatic Play’s Speed Roulette offers a superior playing experience on desktop or mobile devices. The game is broadcasted from our studio in Bucharest and is available 24/7.

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