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Welcome to Bust and Win, a thrilling crash game set amidst the captivating desert landscape, where untold treasures and treacherous mines await your discovery. Uncover precious candies that promise riches beyond imagination, but tread carefully, for one misstep could trigger a destructive explosion!

Feel your heart race as you venture deeper into the desert, fueled by the exhilaration of potential wins. Alongside you are a trusty, silly llama companion, adding a touch of charm and fun to your journey.

Golden rays of the desert sun cast a glow upon your path, igniting your desire for a sweet victory. Will you play it safe and claim your hard-earned winnings, or will you take a daring leap for even greater rewards?

Are you ready to embrace the allure of the sweets and emerge victorious with a delicious reward?
Coin Miner returns!

Prepare for a stellar ride into big wins with an enhanced paytable, a higher max win, and the sparkling new Lucky Star tile that will automatically reveal coin tiles when you get it!

Coin Miner 2 is a game that consists of a 5×5 grid of tiles concealing either gold coins, mines, or stars. With every coin or star you reveal, your total winnings increase. You may cash out the winnings after each revealed tile, but fi you hit a mine all progress is lost. You decide how long to stay in the game - cash out after one safe reveal or risk it all for a chance at the big payout. Good luck!
Ready for the greatest football tournament on the planet? Get your shooting boots on and go in search of the lucrative golden balls while avoiding the dreaded Red Cards – on Hot Shots Mines.

Hot Shots Mines is iSoftbet’s third “mines” release – a simple pick & click game where the aim is to find the golden footballs to increase the Win Multiplier, while at the same time making sure to avoid the Red Cards, which will lose the accumulated prize and end the game round.

The more successful picks you make, the higher the Win Multiplier will go, but golden footballs are harder to find, while the Red Cards are more likely to pop up and steal all your hard earned cash.
Play from the penalty spot and beat the goalie on each tile flip. Cash out after every goal or go for a clean sweep and walk away with the maximum win. The sudden death match up ends immediately if the penalty is saved!
Greetings fairies, leprechauns and fortune-seekers! Today may be your lucky day! Follow our very own leprechaun Lucky O’Miner as he goes looking for the pots of gold he has sneakily hidden away in the green meadows of Ireland. With every pot you discover your total winnings increase. But beware the sneaky tricks of Lucky O’Miner!

In his path he has left jugs of stale beer and if you accidentally tip over a jug all fortune is lost. May the luck of the Irish be with you!
Come on in folks, step into the world of the raving mad miner Billy-Boyd who after a lifetime of disappointments has finally struck gold! Billy-Boyd’s mine has a 5×5 grid of rocks ready for excavation, click on any rock to unearth a golden nugget.

You can cash out the winnings after each excavation but beware the sticks of dynamite Billy-Boyd has sloppily left here and there!
The angry elf Nathan-Yell is working in the North Pole post office. Besides misbehaving and breaking things, Nathan-Yell spends his days playing games. This Christmas we join him in playing a mine game where a grid of 5×5 tiles hide either presents or lumps of coal.

You may cash out the winnings after each present revealed, and even Nathan-Yell will get a little excited! But if you uncover a lump of coal all progress is lost. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
Coin Miner is Gaming Corps’ first title in the new and exciting Mine Games category, inspired by classic Minesweeper video games and modern crypto currency games. Coin Miner consists of a 5×5 grid of tiles concealing either gold coins or mines. Cash out after one safe reveal or risk it all for a chance at the big golden payout.
Calling all adventurous gamblers to set sail with our newest and captivating release, "Loot or Boot." This high-energy arcade game features top-tier visual effects, a captivating pirate theme, and deeply immersive soundscapes. Players who dilly-dally in raising the mainsail might find themselves facing a perilous walk off the plank!

As players engage with this arcade thrill, they can expect to encounter thematic symbols like a treasure chest, bottles brimming with treasure maps, and gold coins engraved with sinister skulls as they bravely navigate the high seas aboard a weathered pirate ship.
No matter the season outside, Lucky Ocean guarantees an eternal warm and bright summer experience! If you've been missing your vacation for too long, immerse yourself in the boundless ocean of luck, where a delightful welcome from cute aquatic animals awaits you.

To kick off the gaming adventure in Lucky Ocean, simply place your bet and click on the "Play" button. The game round spans from the moment you hit "Play" until you either burst a bubble with the Hedgehog Fish or claim your Win, whichever occurs first. Your journey concludes automatically after successfully navigating all 7 rows, meaning without encountering any Hedgehog Fish.

Each game round is contingent on your bet, with the amount indicated in the Bet sector being deducted from your balance each time you embark on a new round. So, whether it's summer or winter in the real world, Lucky Ocean provides a perpetual summer escape where the company of charming aquatic creatures awaits you!
When the need for a boost in mood and optimism strikes, turn to Golden Clover to reignite your courage and immerse yourself in unforgettable emotions right now! However, tread carefully, as bombs await you on the path to luck.

To initiate a game round in Golden Clover, place your bet and click on the "Play" button. The game round unfolds from the moment you press "Play" until either you open the box with the Bomb Symbol or claim your Win, depending on which occurs first. The game round automatically concludes after you've successfully opened all 4 Clover Symbols.

Remember, each game round is associated with your bet, meaning that the amount indicated in the Bet sector is deducted from your balance every time you embark on a new round. So, whether you're navigating obstacles or reveling in your wins, Golden Clover promises an experience that'll lift your spirits and leave you with enduring positive vibes!
Discover the charm of the Lucky Clover, a symbol synonymous with good luck, happiness, and wealth! This enduring talisman is renowned for its positive vibes, and now, you can put its luck to the test in a brand-new instant win lottery. If you're ready for some excitement and want to try your luck, Lucky Clover is the place to be!

Within the Lucky Clover game, a coveted progressive jackpot (Jackpot) awaits. This jackpot is exclusive to Lucky Clover and remains unlinked to any other games, ensuring a unique and dedicated jackpot experience. Keep an eye on the game screen, where the current value of the Jackpot is prominently displayed, tempting you with the promise of substantial rewards.

To claim the Jackpot, successfully complete a game session consisting of three rounds, wherein you unveil 12 Clover Symbols consecutively. The amount of Jackpot value that will be paid to you is contingent on the size of your bet for the game rounds, injecting an element of strategy into your pursuit of good fortune. So, if you're in the mood for luck and a touch of wealth, dive into the world of Lucky Clover and see if the jackpot is within your grasp!

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