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Beneath the looming presence of the City of Brass lies an enigmatic secret awaiting discovery. Cradled within a mystical oil lamp rests an ancient entity, stirring from eons of slumber, poised to upend reality with a mere snap of her fingers. Are you prepared for your deepest desires to manifest before your eyes?

Should you desire to see your fantasies materialize, simply caress the lamp and watch as your wishes unfurl before you...

Within the realm of Mystery Genie Fortunes of the Lamp, you'll find yourself entranced by the spinning 5x4 reels, crafting winning combinations of symbols as you navigate the game's myriad features with the aid of the enchanting genie. With a mere flick of her wrist, you'll have the opportunity to harness her ancient powers and claim extraordinary rewards! So, dare to make a wish and brace yourself for an evening of mystique.

With each spin in the base game, anticipate the possibility of the Mystery Genie gracing the reels, infusing her mystical essence into the gameplay. Upon her arrival, the Mystery Symbols will unveil their secrets, revealing additional symbols within. As each revealed symbol synchronizes, the odds of securing a victory increase exponentially. Moreover, the Mystery Symbols may divulge the presence of a Re-spin Symbol or a Sand Rewind Symbol, heightening the suspense and anticipation.

Every Mystery Symbol possesses the potential to imbue the game with an extra dose of genie magic. Enhanced by this supernatural energy, the Mystery Symbol transforms into a Mystery Wild, which may also carry a multiplier ranging from x2 to x5, amplifying potential winnings!

Upon the activation of the Sand Rewind bonus, the Mystery Symbols, along with any Scatters and Mystery Wilds, will momentarily recede, only to reappear locked in place. Subsequently, a Respin ensues, presenting a fresh opportunity to secure victories while retaining these valuable symbols.

Should three Scatter Symbols materialize upon the reels, your wish shall be granted, and you shall be bestowed with eight Free Spins! Throughout this liberating round, all Mystery Wilds shall remain steadfast, akin to the Sand Rewind feature. Furthermore, the appearance of additional Scatter Symbols during Free Spins shall extend the duration of the round, with two, five, and eight additional spins awarded for each occurrence.

Are you prepared to witness your dreams materialize? Then, with a single tap, unleash the mysterious genie's arcane powers and behold the wonders that await!
In The Dog House – Dog or Alive, a traditional Western-themed escapade takes on a unique twist with its focus on our furry companions.

Within the backdrop of a classic dusty town, you'll find symbols such as bones, collars, and the trusty dog squad scattered across the 5×3 grid. Aligning three or more of these symbols in adjacent patterns results in a win.

Keep an eye out for the star-shaped badge, which acts as the Wild symbol. These badges can pop up on the second, third, and fourth reels, substituting for all symbols except the Bonus. Each time a Wild appears, it brings along a random multiplier of either x2 or x3, amplifying the winnings of any combinations it contributes to.

The Bonus symbol takes the form of a safe and can be spotted on the first, third, and fifth reels. Landing three of these symbols on any spin triggers the highly anticipated free spins bonus round, rewarding players with 5x the total bet.

Before the commencement of the bonus round, a random number of free spins is granted. As the round begins, a 3×3 grid spins autonomously, unveiling the quantity of free games within each cell before consolidating.

Throughout the bonus round, any Wilds that land will remain fixed in the middle of the reels for the entirety of the round, accompanied by random multipliers that enhance the winnings of all corresponding combinations.
Introducing Rusty and Curly, the dynamic duo known for their mischievous antics in the wild west! Accompanied by their partners Crispy & Chewy, they traverse the dusty trails of Dorkville, leaving chaos in their wake. Rusty & Curly presents a 5-reel, 4-row adventure featuring payline wins, semi-sticky Wild Poster symbols, and multiplier Wild Reels. Achieve a maximum win of 10,000 times your bet in the thrilling Stick To The Plan! and Who Shot The Sheriff? bonus rounds.

Wild Posters may reveal Hearts, Multipliers, or both, remaining on the grid for respins as long as at least one Heart remains. Each Wild Poster can hold up to 3 Hearts, losing one with each respin until none remain, prompting its removal. Multipliers of 2x to 10x add to the excitement.

During respins, collected FS symbols progress in a bar above the grid. Gather 3 or 4 symbols to unlock a bonus round! Enter Bonus Town, where the action intensifies with the STICK TO THE PLAN! bonus feature, granting 6 free spins when 3 FS scatter symbols appear during a base game spin.

In the bonus round, Wild Posters become even more rewarding, potentially landing with greater Heart counts and larger Multipliers. Multipliers range from 2x to 100x, enhancing the thrill of every spin.

For those eager to test their aim, trigger the WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF? bonus with 4 FS scatter symbols in a single base game spin, unlocking 12 free spins divided into 3 cycles. This feature comprises a Collect Phase and a Payout Phase, with Rusty and Curly expanding to Wild Reels during the Collect Phase. They take aim at Multipliers on the grid, adding their total value to the Wild Reel for the subsequent Payout Phase. Multipliers range from 1x to 200x.

Throughout the Payout Phase, Crispy & Chewy symbols may also expand to Wild Reels, though without multipliers, offering additional winning opportunities. Landing more FS symbols extends the excitement with extra cycles, rewarding skilled shooters with even more chances to win big.
The Goonies have returned, this time offering even more avenues to victory! Gather money and follow the path laid out on One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Map to reveal brand new prizes and perhaps even more surprises...

Cash symbols are found on reels 1-6 and are granted when the special Collect symbol appears on reel 6 (or reel 1 when triggered).

Each Collect symbol that appears will advance the Inferno along the treasure map. Reach a One-Eyed Willy position to unlock an upgrade, each with its own distinct enhancement. Navigate to the end of the Treasure Map path to unveil all the concealed features, including an exciting new bonus round.

Triggering 3 or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the screen activates 10 Free Spins. All unlocked Cash Collect symbols remain active during Free Spins. Accumulate 4 COLLECT symbols to earn additional spins and a multiplier for cash collections. Gather enough symbols and receive a x10 multiplier each time you collect a cash prize.
Restless apparitions hover amidst aged family portraits, their murmurs hinting at vanished fortunes. Igor Vasilievich, once the formidable head of the family, now pursues them, unearthing wealth from the realm beyond!

Enter Ghost Father, an exhilarating Video Slot game played on a 3×5 grid with 20 paylines, boasting a maximum win potential exceeding 10000x the initial wager. Within this game, you'll encounter cash symbols, a collection feature offering instant wins, and an enthralling Free Spins round with substantial cash rewards, along with cash symbols accompanied by collectible enhancements, wild symbols featuring multipliers, opportunities for retriggers, and an amplifier function.

During the Base game, cash symbols act as standard symbols unless the Golden bet feature is activated, rendering wild symbols inactive.

The Free Spins round is triggered by landing 3 to 5 scatter symbols, granting players 7 to 12 Free Spins. Wild symbols may emerge at random, substituting for any symbol except the scatter or cash symbols.

Wilds accumulate the values of cash symbols present on the grid, providing an immediate payout. These cash symbols may appear alongside Gem, lightning, or coin enhancements, granting additional spins, multiplying wilds, or extra cash symbols. The cash symbols hold the potential to bestow rewards of up to 1000 times the initial bet.

Randomly triggered, the Amplifier feature introduces 3-8 cash symbols, with or without enhancements, amplifying the excitement of the game.
In a fantastical domain where towers soar into the heavens and enchantments crackle, Gnomes & Giants hold dominion. Here, stature equates to influence and riches. Towering giants stride with earth-shaking steps, while cunning gnomes delve into the depths, uncovering mystical treasures. Within this realm of strength and sorcery, immense wealth awaits.

Gnomes & Giants presents a high-risk, high-reward video slot experience played on a 6×6 grid with 50 paylines, offering the potential for wins exceeding 8000 times the initial bet. The game boasts Monster Blocks, Synced Blocks, Expanding Blocks, and an enthralling Free Spins round featuring escalating grid multipliers!

Monster Blocks manifest as oversized symbols across the reels, appearing in formations ranging from 2×2 to 6×6.

The Synced Blocks feature activates randomly, transforming all Monster Blocks into identical symbols upon trigger. Another random occurrence, the Expanding Blocks feature expands blocks within the grid vertically, horizontally, or in both directions. Any overlapping symbols during expansion morph into Wild symbols.

When 5 or more scatters appear, the Free Spins round initiates, granting a number of free spins equivalent to the number of scatters. Additional scatters landing during a Wild Respin contribute to the free spins count. Accumulating scatters unlocks tiers, each accompanied by an increase in grid multiplier, commencing at 2x and escalating up to 10x upon collecting 18 scatters.
Welcome to your darkest dreams. These twisted fiends reign over the inverted realm, relentlessly pursuing possession of your very soul. Forget scripture; our only recourse is to incinerate it all.

In the primary phase of the game, the Landing Activation symbol initiates a Respin. The active zone will be infused with a random symbol drawn from the remaining symbols of the xCrucifix reel. Only one Activation can land per spin. Upon the first Activation symbol landing, it will ignite three points of the Cross. It may reappear during subsequent Respins, activating an additional Cross point until all points are illuminated. With each landing of the Activation symbol, the lowest paying symbol is purged from the xCrucifix reel. While the Activation symbol may also manifest in bonus modes, it does not illuminate Cross points.

Wilds are restricted to the central reel. If a Wild lands at the junction of the Cross, the entire Cross region morphs into Wilds, each imbued with a 2x multiplier. Should the Wild land elsewhere on the Cross, the central reel transforms into Wild symbols, each accompanied by an appropriate multiplier.

xWays® symbols metamorphose into any two or three similar paying symbols, excluding Wilds, Scatters, and xActivations. Infectious Ways transform into two similar paying symbols, excluding Wilds, Scatters, and xActivations, and propagate throughout the reel area, expanding to match the size of other identical symbols.

Upon landing three Scatter symbols, nine Necromancy Spins are unleashed, illuminating three Cross positions. Each additional Scatter symbol bestows an extra spin and upgrades to Atonement Spins. Landing four Scatter symbols triggers twelve Atonement Spins, illuminating four Cross positions. Each additional Scatter symbol awards another spin, advancing to Beelzebub Spins. Finally, landing five Scatter symbols unlocks fifteen Beelzebub Spins, illuminating all Cross positions. Additional Scatter symbols continue to grant extra spins.
Editors Choice
At the yearly celebration within the charming village of Tarragon, locals congregated to observe St. Martha's captivating performance alongside her renowned Tarasque. However, this time around, the village's Mage had orchestrated a cunning scheme that promised to upend the town's traditional festivities.

This marks the inception of the narrative behind our latest grid slot adventure - 'Tarasque' - where multifaceted gameplay intersects with an array of thrilling features, all infused with a delightful sense of humor, ensuring players are entertained while pursuing substantial wins.

At the core of the game mechanics lies an 8x8 grid featuring cluster pays and our innovative Morph feature. Each spin, the Morph feature designates a symbol that will transmute the entire cluster into a neighboring symbol, igniting exhilarating chain reactions of expanding cluster wins.

The Tarasque springs to life with the activation of the first progressive feature. Serving as a wild, it voraciously devours adjacent winning symbols. The crescendo occurs as the Tarasque regurgitates all consumed symbols, presenting extraordinary opportunities for complete screen victories.

Diverging from the standard bonus structure, this game showcases Progressive Features. Each victory contributes to a feature meter, comprising five stages to unlock. Each stage triggers one of four unique features, with intensity escalating alongside the feature level.
When deeply entrenched in the throes of full-scale conflict, you must unleash all you possess in a desperate bid for victory. In this chaotic arena, chaos becomes your ally, and with a potent mixture of determination and adrenaline, hope may yet endure. Everything hinges on this moment.

A random spot is chosen on the reel grid and transformed into a Wild symbol with a random multiplier of 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100. If the selected spot is already Wild, the random multiplier increases by +1. In case of simultaneous triggering of multiple features, Atomic Wild always takes precedence. Stuka planes will appear diagonally, moving from left to right or right to left. They will split all paying symbols and double their size, with a maximum of 7 Stukas possible per spin, limited to one per diagonal.

2-5 Bombers may appear randomly on different reels, with one Bomber per reel. All paying symbols on these reels will convert into Wild symbols from top to bottom. If an Anti-Air symbol is present on the reel, Wild transformation halts just above it. If a Wild is already present, the multiplier increases by +1 for that symbol. 2-5 Panzers may appear randomly in different rows, with one Panzer per row. Every low-paying symbol on these rows transforms into a Wild symbol, except for the Foot Soldier symbol. If a Wild is present, the multiplier increases by +1 for that symbol. The Howitzer feature randomly selects 1-7 paying symbols and converts them into Wild symbols, excluding Commando symbols or existing Wild symbols.

Landing 3 Scatter symbols triggers Neptune Spins. Upon activation, you'll have a pick-and-reveal option, unveiling 2 out of 5 features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 during Neptune Spins, the Atomic Wild feature activates, leaving only 1 option to pick from the remaining 4 features. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Neptune Spins.

Landing 4 Scatter symbols triggers Invasion Spins. Upon activation, you'll have a pick-and-reveal option, unveiling 3 out of 5 features. If a Scatter lands on reel 5 during Invasion Spins, the Atomic Wild feature activates, offering only 2 options to pick from the remaining 4 features. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Invasion Spins.

Landing 5 Scatter symbols triggers Overlord Spins. The Atomic Wild feature is guaranteed, allowing you to pick and reveal 3 features out of the remaining 4. Each revealed feature activates at least once during Overlord Spins.
In Cat Wilde and the Incan Quest, a captivating 5x3 video slot unfolds its reels amidst the enchanting backdrop of South America. As players embark on this thrilling journey, they'll delve into the heart of the lush rainforests, where the mysteries of the ancient Incan civilization await discovery.

Join the intrepid explorer Cat Wilde as she swaps the sands of Egypt for the steamy jungles of South America, armed with her unparalleled wit and intellect. Through the dense foliage, she seeks the long-lost treasures of the Incans, beckoning players to assist her in unraveling the secrets of this uncharted territory.

Within the game, spinning the 5x3 reels across 10 paylines unveils the potential to unearth a trove of riches. Amidst the verdant expanse, bonus features emerge to heighten the excitement, including the tantalizing allure of Falling Wilds, Free Spins, and the Jackpot Bonus.

In the heart of the action, Wild symbols may descend upon the reels, triggering the exhilarating Falling Wild Re-Spin feature. With each spin, these symbols gradually descend, potentially expanding to dominate entire reels when multiple Wilds converge.

The discovery of three or more Scatter symbols heralds the onset of the Free Spins round, offering players the chance to delve deeper into the mysteries of the rainforest. Here, Falling Wilds expand with abandon, intensifying the thrill of the expedition.

Amidst the adventure, precious gemstone Bonus symbols may emerge, fitting seamlessly into the collector totem. As players collect these symbols, they edge closer to triggering the Bonus Game, where tantalizing rewards await. Within the Bonus Game, reels are cleared, and three Free Spins are granted, each symbol potentially unlocking untold riches. As Bonus symbols accumulate and rows fill, players inch closer to claiming the coveted Jackpot, with the potential to win up to X10,000 their initial bet.

In the company of the indomitable Cat Wilde, the journey into the unknown promises excitement and untold riches. Do you possess the courage to join her quest and claim your share of the ancient treasures?
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening at Love is in the Fair! Keep your composure as you anticipate the date of a lifetime. Wander along the boardwalk accompanied by your ideal companion, soaking in the sights and sounds of the fairgrounds. Capture a prize, immortalize the moment with a romantic photograph, and soar on the giant wheel, ensuring this becomes a night etched in memory.

Engage in the core gameplay of Love is in the Fair by spinning the 5x3 reels, aiming to form winning symbol combinations while exploring various bonus features. Will you dazzle your date amidst the backdrop of passion and romance? Brace yourself for amusement and merriment at the fair, where the essence of love hangs in the air.

Throughout your rendezvous, seize the opportunity to indulge in all the fair has to offer, with Romantic Pics serving as your guide. Progress through the Love Map by amassing these captivating images, ensuring you traverse every corner of the fairgrounds and create countless cherished moments.

Each acquired pic advances your journey on the Love Map, unlocking new multipliers for the game ranging from x2 to x100 as you reach specific fairground attractions. Furthermore, your progress remains intact even if you momentarily depart and return to the game.

While spinning the reels in the base game, the Multiplier Wilds feature may activate, affixing a multiplier—ranging from x2 to x100—to any Wild symbol landing on the reels.

During the base game, Romantic Pics symbols have the potential to stack, towering three symbols high on each reel. This significantly heightens the likelihood of triggering the Free Spins feature, launching the round with 15 Romantic Pics.

Upon landing three Romantic Pics scatters, embark on the Free Spins round, where you'll be whisked away on the ferris wheel of affection. The Multiplier Wild feature initiates at x2 and elevates with every trio of Romantic Pics collected, granting additional Free Spins and increasing the multiplier until the feature concludes.
Introducing the Langford Family. Nothing extraordinary here, just your typical, God-fearing family unit. A genuine symbol of American excellence - but let's not forget, this is the Land of the Free, and unusual situations often call for unconventional solutions.

The slot game features 5 reels, with reel 5 fixed in the main game. The reel configuration is 4-4-4-4-4, and beneath the bottom row, there's a Conveyor Belt. All reels become accessible during Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins. In the main game, Wild symbols have the potential to land on any reel. You may encounter partially and fully stacked character symbols. Fully stacked character symbols transform into stacked Wild symbols.

The Protein Powder Keg activates when a partially stacked symbol appears on the same reel. It converts the partially stacked symbol into a fully stacked one. A half-stacked Benzo Bear is exclusive to the main game and can convert 3-8 random symbols into Wild and/or Scatter. In Submerged Spins, a fully stacked Benzo Bear exists, converting all symbols below the water surface into Wild. The Bottle feature comprises a crate containing 1 or 2 bottles. One bottle converts a randomly selected paying symbol on the same reel into a Wild. With two bottles, the first converts a random paying symbol into a Wild, and the second splits that Wild symbol into two parts.

Mr. Split can only appear on an unlocked reel 5, splitting all symbols, excluding Scatter, from reel 1-5 in accordance with its size. It can manifest as half or fully stacked in the main game. During Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins, Mr. Split appears as a fully stacked symbol, splitting all symbols below the water surface. If Mr. Split is present on an unlocked reel 5, the Chainsaw activates, adding one more split to the already split positions on the same reel where it appears.

When Rubber Ducks emerge during Tsunami Spins and/or Submerged Spins, each awards +2 spins. Additionally, each Rubber Duck raises the water level by one row during Tsunami Spins.

Whenever a submarine surfaces in any spin (called Titan Spin in the base game and Idiot Spin for the bonus buy), be it in the main game, Tsunami Spins, or Submerged Spins, the Titan Spin is set into motion. When the submarine enters, one of three 'Presidants' might make an appearance, and the multiplier associated with that particular 'Presidant' will be applied to the base bet. If none of the 'Presidants' land, it results in a no-win scenario. The three 'Presidants' and their respective multipliers are as follows: Presidant 3 with a multiplier of 15000x, Presidant 2 with a multiplier of 25000x, and Presidant 1 with a whopping 57000x multiplier.
Discover your luck in our latest and thrilling Megaways release, Gimme the Honey Megaways! Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with cascading wins, Queen Bee Wilds, and a rewarding Free Spins Bonus. Immerse yourself in classic Megaways action, offering up to 117,649 ways to win!

The delightful Queen Bee Wilds make their entrance when a Golden Hive Symbol lands on the bottom tracker, unfurling a stacked Wild that blankets the entire reel, presenting more opportunities for significant wins. The Queen Bee Wild stack stays in place, providing respins while elevating its multiplier with each respin until a win is achieved! Show us the honey!

Trigger the Free Spins Bonus by landing 3 or more Bonus Symbols anywhere in view, receiving a set of free spins based on the number of triggering Bonus Symbols. Watch out, as even 2 non-winning Bonus Symbols have the chance to randomly transform into Wild Symbols. Throughout the bonus round, the escalating multiplier is exclusively activated by the persistent presence of the Queen Bee Wild in view. The Queen Bee Wild multiplier is unwavering during the bonus and continues to ascend.

Mystery Symbols add an extra layer of excitement by revealing any paid symbol, excluding Wilds, Queen Bee, and Bonus symbols. Anticipate surprises as you spin the reels and delve into the world of Gimme the Honey Megaways for a chance to enjoy sweet victories and a truly buzzing gaming experience!
Dive into the world where guns, katanas, and ninjas collide with Narcos in this high-energy journey through an 80s-inspired fantasy realm of somewhat organized crime. Will you emerge victorious and claim the ultimate BOSS PRIZE, or will you find yourself sleeping with the fishes? Always remember, when the Cartel faces off against the Clan, there can only be Juan!

Initiate Blitz Mode by landing the triple Narco symbols on the reels at any time. Populate any of the columns on reels 2-4 with golden frames for an instant, cold, hard cash prize!

Achieve the ultimate by filling all positions in any of reels 2-4 with golden frames, triggering the Ninjaz RAGE MODE. This mode remains active until the end of Blitz mode spins, with each ninja possessing a unique power on each column.

Ringo-Shi (Green Ninja) doubles one K-Cash amount before accumulation. Rem-Shi (Yellow Ninja) increases ALL K-Cash amounts on the column by a random percentage. Tom-Shi (Red Ninja) resets Blitz Mode spins to 4 instead of 3 and provides extra spins in Free Spins mode.

Unlock Free Spins by hitting 3 Free Spins symbols, unveiling an additional row above the reels. Target any ninja in this row to add all visible K-Cash amounts to the win at the spins' conclusion. Hit all three Ninjaz in any order in the row to claim the coveted BOSS PRIZE. With each meter fill, the BOSS PRIZE receives a doubling multiplier!

Engage in this thrilling clash where Ninjaz face off against Narcos, and the stakes are high. Will you conquer the underworld and secure the BOSS PRIZE in this action-packed adventure?
Introducing Bill and Coin, your gleaming, dime-filled companions in a dazzling slot game adventure. Achieving a trio of appearances in the Base Game with these dynamic characters opens the door to a triumvirate of lucrative rounds. Now, the choice is yours!

Will you embark on the Coin Track, where 'Enhancer' and 'Collect' symbols boost the coins encircling the reels, augmenting your winnings? Perhaps you'll ascend the Multiplier Ladder, where each win and spin progressively elevates the multiplier to a potential 500x. Or, are you ready to pursue the Sure Win Bonus, where your base sum grows with each success, ensuring a perpetually victorious experience?

However, it's in the Super version of these rounds that true wealth awaits. Enhanced with extra Enhancer symbols and additional spins, it brings you closer to achieving the elusive 10,000x max win! Join the spectacular journey with Bill & Coin, where the allure of spinning and winning takes center stage in this dazzling realm of razzle and dazzle.
In the midst of the icy expanse, the intrepid adventurer Batista embarks on a quest to unveil the secrets of epochs past. Deep within the polar ice, ancient beasts lie suspended in time, anticipating discovery as the ultimate revelation—the true GOAT.

Frozen Age unfolds as a high volatility Video Slot game on a 6x6 grid featuring 50 paylines, offering an impressive maximum win potential exceeding 8000x the bet. The game introduces Monster Blocks, roaming wilds, and an impactful Free Spins feature equipped with Wild Respins, Synced Blocks, and retriggers!

Monster Blocks, oversized symbols on the reels, emulate individual symbols arranged in a 2x2 to 6x6 formation.

The Synced Blocks feature occurs randomly, transforming all Monster Blocks into the same symbol for enhanced winning possibilities.

Wild Respins, randomly triggered in the base game, introduce 1-6 roaming wilds onto the panel based on the initial Wild block size. Following wins, a respin ensues, with roaming wilds changing positions. If roaming wilds land on a Monster Block, the entire block transforms into a Wild. Notably, roaming wilds cannot land in the same spot.

Initiate Free Spins by landing 5 or more scatters, earning an equivalent number of spins with up to 36 free spins available. Collect roaming wilds during Free Spins to unlock tiers, providing an extra 2 spins upon reaching each tier. The panel multiplier progressively increases, potentially reaching up to 10x when amassing 50 or more roaming wilds. Furthermore, any scatter appearing in the panel adds an additional free spin, enhancing the exhilaration of the Frozen Age adventure.
Join Lucy Luck on an exhilarating expedition to the Temple of Mysteries nestled in Nepal’s majestic mountains. Within this gripping slot adventure, the potential for wins skyrocket to an astonishing 10,000x your bet, achievable by aligning 8 or more symbols and unraveling the enigmatic secrets guarded by the mysterious Mystery Symbols.

Acting as gatekeepers to a myriad of rewards, the Mystery Symbols grace both the Base Game and Free Spins. Accumulating 8 or more of these symbols unveils paying symbols, special features, or the coveted Mystery Coin, boasting heart-pounding bet multipliers of up to 1000x. Feel the thrill of Free Spins or intensify the excitement with Super Free Spins, where Mystery Symbols persist until reaching 8 or the bonus concludes.

Delve into the mysteries concealed within the Nepalese mountains, seizing the opportunity for incredible rewards tucked away in the temple's depths during this exhilarating expedition.

Responding to evolving player preferences in gameplay, Slotmill games feature two integrated excitement-enhancing features: "Burst Mode" and "Fast Track." Burst Mode presents an enhanced auto-play, swiftly progressing through two game rounds per second, while Fast Track provides players with a direct route to the games' bonus features. Both Burst Mode and Fast Track have garnered immense popularity among players.
While it's widely acknowledged that Santa knows whether you've been naughty or nice, has anyone ever wondered if Santa himself has been on his best behavior this year? Well, here's your chance to find out! Why not take a seat on Santa's lap and get the inside scoop?

In the slot game Jingle Balls, there are 6 reels with initially locked reels 5 and 6. The main game has a reel setup of 3-3-4-4-5-5, while the bonus mode changes it to 5-5-4-4-3-3. Reels unlock during Spirit Spins.

Scatters unlock reels: one for reel 5, an additional one for reel 6. "Wish Upon A Star" guarantees a Scatter on the second reel, unlocking reel 5. xWays symbols can appear on reel 1-2 in the main game and on reel 5-6 during Spirit Spins, revealing random regular symbols.

xNudge Wilds on reel 3-4 nudge to be fully visible, with each nudge increasing the Wild multiplier. Split Wilds add extra Wilds. Regular and xSplit Wilds land on different reels, with xSplit doubling symbols.

In Spirit Spins, all reels are unlocked, and xWays symbols can land on reel 5-6. The game features the option to increase the base bet by +50% to chase Spirit Spins in "Wish Upon A Star."
Bonanza, the globally acclaimed creation from Big Time Gaming, has undergone a stunning transformation in the thrilling world of Bonanza Falls!

Featuring the iconic Megaways™ mechanic, it opens up an astounding 117,649 ways to win, providing an unmatched gaming adventure. Brace yourself for the pinnacle of excitement during Free Spins, where Bonanza Falls introduces its groundbreaking Megadozer™ mechanic. Witness the anticipation as gold Bonus Coins gather in the dozer, ready to cascade onto the reels, revealing their extraordinary surprises.

What mysteries do these Bonus Coins conceal? Unveil Wilds enhanced with multipliers reaching up to x5, observe repeating symbols adding to the reels, creating individual symbol multipliers of up to x10. Enjoy additional Free Spins, or marvel as the Free Spins win multiplier skyrockets to unprecedented levels!

Immerse yourself in Win Exchange™, a feature where substantial wins can evolve into even more Free Spins, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of action. With the Bonus Buy option, plunge straight into the heart-pounding Free Spins action, bypassing the wait and unlocking limitless possibilities. Fall into the zenith of gaming excitement with Bonanza Falls and its revolutionary Coin Dozer!
Santa's reindeer are tirelessly laboring, creating magic with every twirl and reaction to bring the spirit of Christmas to life. Uncover the delights left by Santa himself, with captivating Gifts Bonus Prizes materializing after each reaction. Witness the dedicated reindeer gathering your prizes, loading each Sleigh for the season of generosity! And if you've secured a spot on Santa's nice list this year, anticipate the possibility of receiving a Golden Sleigh adorned with a dazzling x10 multiplier.

Come Christmas Eve, attune your ears to the soft rhythm of reindeer hooves on rooftops, announcing the advent of Free Spins and a plethora of Sleighs! The inaugural Sleigh takes flight, bearing a x1 Sleigh Multiplier, and with each subsequent Sleigh, the multiplier escalates, marking the commencement of festive celebrations! Experience the Christmas spirit as each Sleigh multiplies your Gifts Bonus Prizes.

Let the snowfall commence as Win Exchange converts your significant wins into Free Spins for the most enchanting time of the year! Embrace the genuine essence of the season with Bonus Buy, where Free Spins await, wrapped in a large red bow, poised to unleash the full grandeur of holiday merriment!
Step into the fascinating world of Dr. Toonz's latest experiment! The esteemed doctor has successfully created a small one-eyed Gargantoon, a groundbreaking creation that is the first of its kind. Dr. Toonz is set to conduct a series of experiments on this fortunate Gargantoon, introducing it to the Reactoonz society with the goal of generating unimaginable wealth and prizes.

Are you ready for more alien adventures? Gargantoonz is a 7x7 cascading grid slot that takes you on a thrilling journey filled with experiment-themed features. The Charge Meter plays a crucial role in enriching the Reactoonz IP and expanding the world-building. Brace yourself for the excitement of x4 Multipliers, Gamma Ray Wilds, and Supernova rewards, making Gargantoonz a true spectacle in the world of slots.

Join Dr. Toonz in this extraordinary experiment and witness the creation of a new era in Reactoonz history. Gargantoonz promises an alien adventure like never before, with features that are sure to captivate and reward players. Are you ready to spin the reels and unveil the wonders hidden within this unique and captivating slot spectacle?
Commence on an epic journey through Egyptian mythology as we continue to follow the captivating tale of the goddess of motherhood and fertility. Our beloved Egyptian goddess returns in Book of Goddess Mega Moolah, ready to bestow players with a bountiful wealth of rewards.

This high-volatility video slot game features a 5x3 reel set and 10 paylines, delivering an immersive experience that captures the essence of ancient Egypt. Book of Goddess Mega Moolah boasts Free Spins with an expanding symbol and the highly coveted Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, which can be triggered randomly in both the base game and free spins.

The magic book symbol takes center stage as both a Scatter and Wild symbol. As a Scatter, it creates its own wins and triggers the highly anticipated free spins. As a Wild, it acts as a versatile substitute to complete winning combinations, enhancing the potential for lucrative rewards.

Land 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols, and you'll be generously awarded 10 Free Spins. During this thrilling feature, a game symbol, excluding the book symbol, is randomly selected to become the expanding symbol throughout the Free Spins. Watch in awe as the special expanding symbol covers entire reels, and revel in the fact that winning combinations don't have to be on adjacent reels or start from the left-most reel. The excitement doesn't end there – Free Spins can be re-triggered for even more chances to win big.
Discover the mischievous side of the holiday season with Anti-Santa and his trio of quirky elves in Book of Yuletide. This Christmas-themed slot, set on a 5-reel, 10-line layout, adds a playful twist to the traditional holiday cheer, especially for those on the naughty list.

For the recipients of Anti-Santa's unconventional gifts, there's no ordinary coal in the stockings. Anti-Santa and his three freaky minions bring boundless creativity to the table, delighting players with comically themed surprises that can turn a cheeky spin into a festive win.

Book of Yuletide offers a Free Spins Bonus with Pick and Click, allowing players to explore the surprises hidden within the holiday-themed book. Keep an eye out for Expanding symbols and Multipliers that enhance the excitement of the game, creating a whimsical atmosphere filled with surprises, giggles, and chances for festive wins!

Get your fingers ready for some action, because it's time to unleash your inner Piggy Tapper! With every tap, you'll witness those cracks expand, fueling your excitement. It's a stress-relieving therapy session and a finger workout all in one.

Picture game mechanics as refreshing as a sip of cold lemonade on a scorching summer day. Prepare yourself for an epic journey as you dive into the mission to shatter the piggy bank! Have you ever fantasized about breaking a piggy bank without a hint of guilt? Well, stop dreaming and start tapping!
Each year, countless animals worldwide fall victim to vehicular collisions. It’s high time they stood up for themselves and seized control. Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit, and Deer Joe have arrived, refusing to tolerate any nonsense. Two Scatter symbols initiate the Call To Arms, granting two regular hearts. Should the third Scatter symbol appear during this phase, it triggers Team Assemble Freespins and replenishes any lost regular hearts. The game mode concludes when there are no hearts remaining.

The Collector activates whenever a Jumping Wild animal is in action. Each Collector is visually linked to its corresponding Jumping Wild by color and type. Whenever a car is halted by the Jumping Wild, the corresponding Collector value increases by 1. Upon reaching a count of 5, the Collector triggers the upgrade feature, enhancing its associated Jumping Wild based on its type. When the upgrade feature activates, a regular heart is upgraded to an armored heart from the left side of the heart list. If any heart is missing, an armored heart is added from the left side of the heart list instead. The Collectors counter is removed once the cap is reached.

Papa Bear, Fred The Rabbit, and Deer Joe serve as Jumping Wilds, relocating to a random position within the Battle Area (reels 2, 3, and 4) between rounds.

Hilly and Billy Cars become active when animals are present and only trigger between spins. There are two car types: Green - Hilly’s Car (1 Hit point) Always appears first in each round. Requires one hit to stop. Red - Billy’s Car (2 Hit points) Appears every fifth round during Team Assemble or in every round during Junkyard Assault. Requires two hits to stop. When a car enters play, it traverses the reel area from the right side, starting at a random row. If a Jumping Wild obstructs the car, one hit point is deducted. If the hit points reach zero, the car stops. If the car traverses the area from right to left without interruption, it selects a random row and begins traversal from the left side. A successful round trip either damages an armored heart or removes a regular heart, starting from the right on the heart list. The feature ends when there are no hearts remaining.

Roadblock activates after accumulating a total of 20 hits, becoming enabled for the next spin. The feature begins by restoring any regular hearts and transforming all Jumping Wilds to occupy entire rows within the Battle Area. Upon activation, Hilly and Billy cars enter play, striking one row each randomly and triggering a feature based on the row hit: Top - Adds a random Wild on reel 5. Middle - Splits all rows on Reel 5. Bottom - Doubles the size of the 3x3 Wild. This sequence remains consistent, with each row capable of being hit twice. Once both cars are stopped, all three rows merge into a single 3x3 Wild, covering the entire Battle Area. After payouts are completed, the 3x3 Wild splits back into Jumping Wilds, and the Total Collector resets to 0.
The Pirots, after a successful show lasting over 10,000 days, needed to refuel their energy. During their reconnaissance mission, they stumbled upon barrels of sweet rum in an unfamiliar location nearby.

Pirots 2 is a thrilling 6×6 slot game featuring the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. With an expanding game grid, symbol upgrades, transformations, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game, this slot is packed with excitement, offering a chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet. Get ready for an adventure filled with teethy fun!
When four determined teenage investigators ventured into an abandoned shopping mall to unravel the mystery behind its sudden closure, they expected to uncover a case of corporate negligence and mismanagement.

Little did they anticipate that their exploration would lead them into a nightmarish scenario. Trapped within the decaying confines of the mall, they find themselves pitted against Juggy, a malevolent animatronic toy with a malfunctioning AI. Now, their once-innocent adventure has turned into a desperate struggle for survival, as they face the relentless pursuit of this vengeful mechanical menace.
Editors Choice
The Halloween season has witnessed an abundance of playful, gory-themed slots featuring familiar mechanics. However, Darkness promises a truly unique experience that will simultaneously send shivers down players' spines and fill them with delight. From the pentagram ritual mechanic to the revamped UI, every meticulous aspect of this slot aims to immerse players in a spine-chilling journey leading to a horrifying climax where terror collides with ecstasy.

This immersive slot adventure boasts a base game with 26 winlines, SuperSpinners™, and a Terror Symbol feature integrated into the base game. The Terror Symbol, a colossal symbol varying in size up to a full screen, glides across the reels from right to left during spins.

Beware of the mansion's ominous embrace, where the veil between worlds is fragile. A coven's ritual beckons ancient powers, yet what they unleash may be their own downfall. To ensure an experience where genuine terror blends with the thrill of winning, players can customize their brightness settings, enhancing the impact of countless creepy animations concealed throughout the game.

The primary objective is to fulfill the Dark Ritual, initiated by landing 3 or more scatters. When the bonus commences, a Pentagram manifests across the reels, particularly highlighting the star's corner positions. Wilds landing here become sticky, commencing their ominous chant. As the Pentagram accumulates more Wilds, tension builds, leading to the eagerly anticipated grand finale upon completion.

Should a player be fortuitous enough to successfully complete the dark ritual, Lucifer himself materializes to occupy the entire three center reels as a wild, triggering extraordinary wins in conjunction with the beloved SuperSpinners™.
Take a page from these familiar wild animals for a chance to win big with Book of Mega Moolah! Enjoy the suave lion, majestic elephant, cheer- ful buffalo and quirky giraffe & remastered sound as you aim for the trusted Mega Moolah progressive jackpot in this 5x3 reel, 10 payline game.

The Book symbol is the new king of this jungle! The symbol is a wild and a scatter symbol and offers win opportunities as large as the African savannah. As a wild symbol, the Book substitutes to com- plete winning combinations, while as a scatter symbol it creates its own wins and triggers free spins. Expanding symbols in free spins break all the payline rules for untamed extra wins. On Free Spins Entry a random symbol (except Scatter/ Wild) is chosen to be the Expanding Symbol.

When the special expanding symbol lands on the reels, it covers the whole reel. The expand- ing symbol winning combinations do not have to be on adjacent reels nor start from the left- most reel. Free Spins can be re-triggered. Is a Mega jackpot win written in your future? Spin the wheel and keep your fingers crossed for the largest jackpot!
Prepare yourself for an ultimate showdown with Judgement Day Megaways by Red Tiger. Brace yourself as four wicked demons emerge onto the reels, ready to unleash their sinister powers. Experience the excitement as Seal Wilds materialize on the gaming grid, summoning one of the four demons: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.

Watch as their dark magic takes over the reels, shooting Skull Wilds into play, slashing symbols in half, adding symbol multipliers to two reels, and conjuring the touch of Death to drag multiplier Skull Wilds onto a single reel.

Before Free Spins begins, you’ll have the chance to randomly select a demon whose power is guaranteed for every free spin. Get ready to face the all-engulfing fires of Judgement Day MegawaysTM and prepare for an epic battle brought to life by Red Tiger.
Prepare for the triumphant return of the intrepid explorer, John Hunter.

Set amidst an Ancient Egyptian backdrop, this six-reel slot features symbols that evoke the mysteries of the era, set against dynamically shifting rows. Aligning these symbols across up to 117,649 winning pathways unlocks the potential for victory. Additionally, a versatile wild symbol stands ready to substitute for all standard symbols, facilitating the formation of winning combinations.

At any moment during gameplay, a symbol may be chosen at random to expand and encompass an entire reel upon the spin's conclusion, heightening the game's potential for wins.

To trigger 10 free spins, a minimum of three scatter symbols must be obtained, during which a designated symbol expands consistently throughout the round. Furthermore, landing an extra three scatters reactivates the bonus, awarding an additional 10 free spins. Players seeking to enhance their chances of triggering the bonus can opt for an ante bet during the base game.
Peter Hunter stealthily navigates the challenging landscape of the expansive Siberian forest, seeking out the grand prize! Introducing Peter Hunter, a 5×3 Video Slot featuring medium-high volatility with 20 paylines. This game includes a cash collect feature that instantly rewards wins on Cash symbols, along with a free spins round boasting additional free spins and cash multipliers.

In the primary game, Wilds have the ability to replace any symbol, excluding the Scatter. When the Bonus symbol (Target) lands on the screen, all high symbols undergo a transformation into Cash symbols. These Cash symbols progress towards the Scatter, leaving a bet multiplier value at each position they traverse. Once the Cash symbols reach the Target, the hunter takes precise aim and shoots them, accumulating the multiplier values in the panel, which are then summed up. The resulting win amount is the product of the multiplier and the initial bet amount.

Initially, 5 free spins are granted, and the game unfolds on a 5x5 panel. Extra free spins are earned whenever a free spin symbol makes an appearance on the screen. With each spin, one scatter and random high symbols emerge in the panel. Each high symbol journeys towards the scatter, leaving a trail of multipliers. On every spin, the hunter's multiplier doubles upon each successful hit. When the hunter takes a shot: * If a moving high symbol is hit, its value is multiplied by the hunter multiplier. * In the event of a miss, the symbol undergoes a random change in position.
Get ready to hang ten with up to 117,649 ways to win in the Pacific paradise of Wild Waves Megaways™! In this Maori adventure, lose yourself to a tidal wave of wins from a radical tube ride of features. In the base game, watch as each winning symbol that forms part of a win line is replaced by a cascading symbol for potentially limitless wins.

4 or more Scatters trigger Free Spins with 7 Scatters alley-ooping you up to 16 Free Spins. 3 Scatters appearing in the Top Tracker during the Bonus Game will award four additional spins. Shark Danger symbols appearing during the Bonus Game will appear fully stacked with a massive 6x Multiplier applied. Additionally, the Bonus Game features a Progressive Multiplier in which a 1+ Multiplier will be applied to each winning line or cascade and will be applied to the next win!

Catching airtime in Wild Waves Megaways™ needn’t mean waiting for the next bitchin’ big waves. Thanks to Bonus Buy, you can, for 100x your stake, buy directly into the Bonus Game where only the most gnarly rewards await!
Return to the lake in the tenth title in the Big Bass franchise, Big Bass Hold & Spinner Megaways™.

Played across six ever-changing reels, players must form a matching combination of rods, lures and fishing equipment symbols across the slots 147,456 ways to be awarded a win. Winning symbols are removed from play, causing a cascade of new icons to fall onto the gameboard and potentially grant subsequent wins. Mystery symbols can also land on the gameboard unveiling a matched symbol which can also help form wins.

Two bonuses are present in this title with the iconic multiplier and retrigger free spins popularized in the franchise being upgraded to now award unlimited retriggers! In the hold and spin bonus, players are granted three respins to land additional instant cash prizes with each win resetting these spins. Grab your rod and prepare yourself for another fishing adventure.
Open the magic book and begin your journey to the Meow world with gorgeous cats and piles of gold. Discover outstanding high volatility experience. Embrace the game atmosphere with fantastic design and soundtrack.

Collect Book symbols to unlock the Free Spins game with unique rewarding mechanics and get massive winnings! The more symbols you get, the bigger rewards you receive.
Editors Choice
Get ready for a magical journey into the enchanting realm of Abrakadabra, a captivating fantasy slot game where a skilled sorcerer and an array of whimsical creatures breathe life into the world of magic! Abrakadabra unfolds on a 5x3 grid, offering 243 ways to win and a thrilling max win potential of 10,000x your bet. Immerse yourself in cascading wins, a distinctive power reel featuring various types of Wilds, Free Spins, multiplier jumps, and not one but two exhilarating free spins Bonus games.

In the base game, each winning combination sets off a cascade, causing the victorious symbols to disappear and be replaced by new symbols cascading from a Power Reel above the grid. Cascades persist as long as new wins are generated, and with each triumph, a cumulative global multiplier adds to the excitement.

Step Multiplier Feature: The multiplier resets after all cascades are concluded in the base game. The step multiplier appends the current cascade iteration to the previous multiplier, following a sequence such as 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, 22, 29, 37, 46, 56, 67, and so forth.

Power Reel Feature: The power reel harbors special symbols released when winning symbols are replaced by cascades. It includes Wilds with limited lives and powerup Symbols offering features like extra free spins or multiplier jumps.

Monster Free Spins Bonus Game: Trigger 7 free spins by landing 3 Scatter symbols, with each additional scatter granting 2 more free spins. Scatters are tallied once cascades cease and no further wins occur. Unlike the base game, the step multiplier doesn’t reset here, and the power reel contains symbols awarding extra free spins or boosting the multiplier. Additionally, a random wild placement feature can be triggered during spins without wins or in the final cascade of a winning spin, heightening the excitement.

Super Free Spins Bonus Game: Accumulate 450 Scatters in a meter during the base game to unlock the Super Free Spins Bonus game, bestowing 10 Free Spins. This bonus game encompasses all Monster free spins features, with the added benefit that the Multiplier Powerup can elevate the step multiplier by up to 3 steps.

Power Bet Feature: Opt for the Power Bet feature, which involves an extra cost per spin but doubles the speed to access the Super Free Spins game, enhancing the chances of triggering the Monster free spins Bonus game.

Buy Free Spins Feature: Players have two options to secure entry into the Monster Free Spins Round, either for 90x the bet, granting 7 Free Spins, or for 120x the bet, providing a random number between 7 to 11 free spins.
Lace up your snowshoes and join an epic Arctic adventure in Polar Wilds! This game offers the exciting Arctic Circles feature, that can transform symbols into Wilds or award multipliers up to 12x!
Once again, the notorious gunslingers return, relentlessly pursuing any target with a bounty on their head, regardless of virtue or vice. In this realm, morality takes a backseat to the allure of riches. You're either fully committed or facing certain demise.

Scatter symbols exclusively land on reels 2, 3, and 4. When 3 Scatter symbols align on these reels, Raid Spins are triggered. Aligning bonus symbols on the same row as 3 Scatter symbols activates Showdown Spins. Bonus symbols can only appear on reels 1 and 5 but may also emerge in the middle reels during a Mexican Standoff.

Initiating a Mexican Standoff requires bonus symbols to land on reels 1 and 5 of the same row. This triggers a respin for that row while disabling the others. Each bonus symbol turns into a sticky Wild, offering a 6x multiplier. During a Mexican Standoff, if a Bounty Hunter Wild appears, it also becomes a sticky Wild with a 6x multiplier. All sticky Wild multipliers are applied cumulatively. Landing bonus symbols during a Mexican Standoff awards additional respins, acting as Wilds for subsequent respins and remaining sticky until the feature concludes.

During Raid Spins, the reel layout expands to a 4x5 area in the center, accommodating thugs and bosses. Additionally, 5-row high reels flank the left and right sides, with a 4-reel row at the bottom, each guarded by a Hunter. The feature begins with 3 spins and resets to 3 whenever a thug or boss lands in the central reel area.

In Showdown Spins, the reel area enlarges to 5x5, centered around thugs and a formidable Hard Honcho Boss. Surrounding the Hard Honcho Boss in a diamond formation are 12 thugs, 8 directly adjacent and 4 positioned on the outer edges. Similar to Raid Spins, the feature begins with 3 spins and resets with each thug landing in the central reel area. The Hard Honcho Boss starts with a 6x coin value and alternates behavior akin to the Raid Spins bosses with each spin. Upon collecting the Hard Honcho Boss, new thugs fill the empty positions of the diamond formation for the subsequent spin.
The clan assembles in homage to the mighty Thunderhawk, bestowing blessings upon the harvest and ushering in prosperity and wealth.

Thunderhawk presents a slot game of medium-high volatility, played on a 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines that pay from left to right. The potential for a maximum win reaches 10000x your bet. The game showcases Thunder Hawk symbols offering instant payouts, a free spins round featuring random power-ups on each spin, and a collection feature that activates a super free spins game, requiring the accumulation of as many Thunder Hawk symbols as possible.

In the main game, Wilds act as substitutes for any symbol except the Scatter and Thunderhawk. Scatters, appearing on reels 2, 3, and 4, do not yield payouts. Landing three or more Thunder Hawk symbols in the panel results in an immediate win, with payout values displayed on a pay table adjacent to the grid.

Triggering the Free Spins bonus game requires three Scatters, granting 10 free spins. Each spin awards a random Powerup feature applied to the wins. Powerups may include multipliers ranging from 2x to 4x, one to three extra free spins, or the opportunity to acquire one to three additional Thunder Hawk symbols. As in the base game, Thunder Hawk symbols provide instant wins.

Accumulating 7 Free Spin games on a meter unlocks the Thunder Hawk Super Free Spins bonus game, awarding 5 free spins. Players must fill the panel with up to 12 Thunder Hawk symbols for the maximum win. Additional free spins can be earned with each subsequent spin.

For increased chances of triggering the bonus game, players can utilize the Golden Bet feature, paying an extra x1.5 per bet. An alternative option is the Buy Bonus feature, allowing players to enter the Free Spins game with their chosen bet.
Welcome to the mystical world of NetEnt’s The Wish Master™ Megaways™. Meet the powerful genie who makes your wildest dreams come true, fulfilling all your desires - if you are lucky! The genie lamp special symbols summon the powerful genie, The Wish Master™, to the gaming grid. As he shows up in a puff of smoke, he adds up to 3 of his Wish Master Features to your inventory.

The Wish Master Feature is triggered for 5 consecutive spins. In the event that the inventory is full, the oldest feature is replaced. The reels spin with a bet-way potential of 117,649 Megaways™ as the treasure-filled cavern zigzags endlessly in the flickering flames of torches and oil lamps. The Wish MasterTM waves his hand and flicks his fingers to cast his magic. Are you ready to share your desires with The Wish Master™ Megaways™ by NetEnt?
The legendary pirate hunter Captain Glum strikes fear into the hearts of the toughest pirates... Join Captain Glum and his warships as they hunt for Skull Island, home to a thousand pirate treasures... so long as the Pirate Queen doesn’t get there first. Prepare the sails for full mast!

On each spin, the Ship Wilds move randomly across the reels, aiding Captain Glum and your crew secure wins. The Pirate Hunter ship Wild can also replace Scatters across the reels, creating both horizontal and vertical wins. If a player lands on the Golden Flagship Pirate Ship Wild, it becomes a permanent Wild on the reels. This aids in completing paylines and securing your valuable treasure.

Landing two Scatters triggers the Captain’s Due feature. so long as the player secures two Scatters which unlocks Connecting Wilds, casting a wide net over the reels, opening the floodgates for combo wins.

If you land three Skull Scatters, it triggers the Free Spins round. With 10 Free Spins gifted from the beginning, this mode launches players into a tense Pirate vs Pirate Hunters showdown. Use your Multiplying Mortar to sink the Pirate Queen’s ships and steal their loot.

If you best Pirate Queen’s score, you're awarded a x10 Multiplying Chest. Here, you choose between three chests that can net a x1, x2 or x10 Multiplying win.
Editors Choice
Join Gerard Wilde, the black sheep of the renowned Wilde Family, as he sets off on a journey of discovery and redemption to reclaim the honour of his family name.

Venture across the world with Gerard in search of riches and mysteries from the dunes of Egypt to the lost temples of the Mexican rainforests. But be prepared for a bumpy ride – Gerard will risk everything to restore his reputation and be recognised as more than just the family’s wild card…

This exciting new chapter for the Wilde family brings with it an innovative new way to play video slot games. With an expanding reel that increases in size, and with new features as you advance through ten levels, this provides a much more obvious sense of progression through the game.

As a veteran player this represents story advancement and gives you a different way to play than you’ll be used to. If you’re a beginner to video slots, however, this will also provide you with the means to learn how these types of games work, adding features and more paylines to help you get used to the overall mechanics of traditional video slot games.

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