Aladdin and the Sorcerer

Nov 14, 2019







Step into the enchanting realm of Aladdin and the Sorcerer™, the 3×5, 20-line video slot. Keep your eyes peeled for the two formidable wizards who introduce random WILD symbols to the reels. When these wizards converge, their magical spells collide, initiating the boundless free spins round with random and adhesive WILDs, featuring up to a 3x multiplier.

Introducing the Dynamic 5th Reel feature, where the appearance of symbol S1 on reel1 triggers the replacement of reel5 with a different one, referred to as the Diff reel5. This feature is exclusively active during the base game, utilizing two reel sets with identical reels 1-4 and a distinct reel 5.

Aladdin graces the gameplay with Raining Wilds when symbol S1 lands on reel1 and S2 is absent from reel5. This enchanting occurrence is not only enabled in the base game but also during re-spin level 1, where 3-6 wilds embellish the screen.

Likewise, the Sorcerer conjures Raining Wilds under the condition of S2 appearing on reel5 while S1 is absent from reel1. This magical phenomenon, like Aladdin's, is active in both the base game and re-spin level 1, showering the screen with 3-6 wilds.

Prepare for the Reel Stacked Random Wild feature, triggered when S1 lands on reel1 and S2 graces reel5 simultaneously. This results in reels 1 and 5 transforming into wilds, captivating players during both the base game and re-spin level 1.

Embarking on re-spin level 1, initiated by the presence of S1 on reel1 and S2 on reel5 in the base game, players transition to a new reel set. Aladdin and the Sorcerer commence with 3 health bars each, engaging in a battle. The level persists as long as either character loses all their health.

In this fantastical duel, if S1 appears on reel1 without S2 on reel5, Aladdin attacks the Sorcerer, causing a loss of 1 health. Conversely, if S2 emerges on reel5 without S1 on reel1, the Sorcerer counterattacks, leading to Aladdin losing 1 health. The re-spin level concludes if Aladdin or the Sorcerer loses all health, returning players to the base game or advancing to re-spin level 2, respectively.

Level 2 of the re-spin journey grants players 3 re-spins, maintaining all wilds as sticky from the last spin of re-spin level 1. Utilizing a different reel set for these spins, the excitement intensifies on the second spin with 2x multipliers applied to all sticky wilds. Finally, on the third spin, the thrill peaks as all sticky wilds receive 3x multipliers, and the combined 2x and 3x multipliers on wilds enhance each other on the same line, creating an electrifying gaming experience.

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