Area Cash Heist

Apr 18, 2024







Prepare yourself for the moment when the vault doors swing open wide, revealing the arrival of Prize symbols on the reels. As the Thief symbol lands on the center reel alongside at least one Prize symbol, anticipate the climax of the heist - the extraordinary AREA CASH™ feature! Witness as the Prize symbols unlock, showering down a cascade of amazing rewards. And there's more - if the Thief symbol carries a multiplier, it enhances all winnings and jackpots acquired during this thrilling feature. Look out for the Free Spin Prize symbols too; they hold the key to activating Free Spins during the AREA CASH™ feature, leading you to even greater triumphs worthy of a master thief!

No Prize symbols visible when the Thief appears at the center? Fear not, for the Surge Spin feature could kick in, akin to an unexpected twist in a successful heist plan! Watch as the reels respin randomly, ensuring a Prize symbol appears with each spin, sending a surge of excitement rushing through you. Prepare yourself for an electrifying surge of surprises, including the chance to unlock Free Spins that will make your heart race like lightning!

Should the AREA CASH™ feature trigger with just 1 or 2 Prize symbols, get ready for the epic Power Prize feature! Witness the reels spin in a thunderous display, with Safe symbols raining down like a fortune. Each newly acquired Prize symbol instantly transforms into a high-stakes Jackpot, showering you with wealth reminiscent of the legendary exploits of a heist!

Experience the adrenaline rush of the heist as the Prize symbol hints at the possibility of Free Spins - a treasure coveted by any adept thief! When the AREA CASH™ feature unveils the Free Spin Prize symbol, prepare for an extended opportunity to seize the loot. The initial trigger grants 8 Free Spins, and for each additional Free Spin Prize symbol gracing the screen, you gain an extra 5 Free Spins! During these high-stakes rounds, specific reels become exclusive zones for top-tier hauls, increasing your chances of a successful haul. And there's more! If you unlock another Free Spin Prize symbol during Free Spins, you can grab an additional +1 or +2 spins, keeping the adrenaline flowing and the rewards coming!

If the base game spin fails to trigger the AREA CASH™ feature, do not despair! The Prize symbols might activate the Pick feature - a moment for you to make choices befitting a master thief. Match 3 icons to claim your well-deserved reward, and if one of the MAJOR, MINOR, or MINI matching icons features a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier, rejoice! Your stolen treasure will be multiplied accordingly, enhancing your loot even further. Keep in mind, however, that the Pick feature remains a mystery during Free Spins, adding an extra layer of excitement to the heist strategy.

With these captivating mechanics, AREA CASH™ Heist guarantees an electrifying gaming experience brimming with high-stakes victories, heart-pounding features, and the chance to rise above the most successful thieves in the underworld of heists! Spin the reels, execute your master plan, and seize the stolen treasures of the city's most esteemed banks!

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