Bankrush Bonanza

Apr 25, 2024







Welcome to the western frontier! Bankrush Bonanza is brimming with thrilling elements that promise frequent and exhilarating rewards through our two Loot Link features!

In the main game, you'll encounter Wilds and Scatters. Triggering the Scatter Lootlink feature requires landing 5 or more yellow circle scatters. This sets off an entirely separate grid with 25 slots, initially with 10 locked. You'll receive 3 spins, with each new symbol resetting the count. As you accumulate symbols, additional rows unlock, with the possibility of hitting the Grand Jackpot if all 25 positions are filled!

Similar to the Scatter Lootlink is the gold bar Lootlink, which kicks in when a Wild symbol appears. This introduces a fresh matrix where the aim is to amass gold bars. Starting with 3 spins, you'll keep spinning and resetting as long as gold bars land, with rewards scaling up to 5,000x for collecting 100 bars. The value on each gold bar may randomly increase with each spin.

Additionally, landing Free games symbols grants free spins, with quantities ranging from 10 to 25 based on the number of symbols.

Bankrush Bonanza also offers 2 Power bets: the Scatter loot link boost and the gold bar loot link boost. Activating the Scatter Boost Power bet lowers the requirement for triggering the Scatter Lootlink, enhances Scatter values and jackpot payouts, and extends the spin counter to 4. Similarly, activating the Gold bar loot link Boost elevates the frequency of activating the loot link feature, increases the spin counter to 4, and boosts gold bar payouts by 3x.

In essence, dive into a standalone 25-slot grid featuring scatters, with the opportunity to unlock rows and chase jackpots. And keep an eye out for Wilds, which could ignite the gold bar LootLink, offering tantalizing rewards based on collected gold bars and multiplier values.

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