Cash Crew

Apr 4, 2024







Assemble your crew and meticulously strategize before plunging into action because it's time for a heist! Cash Crew presents a 5-reel, 5-row game featuring payline wins, two thrilling bonus game modes, and the chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet! This maximum win potential applies across all game modes.

Wild Multiplier symbols can substitute for any symbol on the paytable and multiply the value of all Cash symbols within a 3x3 area when a Grab 'em symbol is landed. Multiplier values are applied to any winning payline they contribute to. If multiple Multipliers are part of the same payline, their values are multiplied together before being applied. Multiplier values range from x2 to x25. Multiplier symbols with a value of x4 or higher are marked with a ? and reveal their value upon Cash collection. Secure, collect, and amplify!

Cash symbols yield a prize when gathered, displaying values such as 1x, 2x, 3x, and up to 500x. Cash symbols are collected when a Grab 'em scatter symbol appears concurrently with at least one Cash symbol.

Multiplier symbols impact all collected Cash within their 3x3 vicinity. When multiple Multipliers are adjacent to a Cash symbol, the Cash value is multiplied by each adjacent Multiplier symbol.

Trigger the bonus feature with 6 free spins by landing 3 FS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game. This bonus feature enriches the base game by increasing the likelihood of encountering more Cash and Multiplier symbols with higher values! Furthermore, all positions where Multiplier symbols land remain active throughout the feature, ensuring a random multiplier on each remaining spin.

Obtaining the Stopwatch symbol grants 1 to 6 additional free spins, as indicated by the displayed number. Activate the second bonus feature with 9 free spins by landing 4 FS scatter symbols simultaneously during the base game.

This bonus feature elevates the base game experience with improved chances of encountering higher-value Cash and Multiplier symbols! Additionally, all Cash symbols landed during this feature will have a minimum value of 5x.

Moreover, all positions where Multiplier symbols land are activated for the duration of the feature, ensuring a random multiplier on each remaining spin, further enhancing your winning potential. Collecting the Stopwatch symbol during this feature awards additional free spins, determined by the number displayed on the stopwatch.

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