Castle of Terror

Oct 26, 2022







Indulge in this creation from Big Time Gaming, Castle of Terror™!

Castle Of Terror™ promises an electrifying experience from the get-go, featuring the innovative Bonus Buy™ option. With it, you can acquire 12 Free Spins for 70 times your stake or elevate the excitement with 12 Enhanced Free Spins for 200 times your stake! This captivating 6-reel game offers a staggering 4,096 ways to win and introduces the intriguing Win Exchange™ feature, amplifying your chances of triggering Free Spins!

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey with BTG’s Castle Of Terror™. Each spin holds the potential for two or more positions on the central four reels to be doused with Holy Water. Any vampires caught in the Holy Water's path transform into Wild symbols, boosting your win multiplier by 1 for an utterly thrilling gaming experience! Quench your thirst for victory with Win Exchange™, offering additional opportunities to initiate Free Spins, and utilize Bonus Buy™ to secure either 12 Free Spins or Enhanced Free Spins!

Bolster your defenses with a splash of Holy Water. Every spin brings the chance of two or more positions on the central four reels being struck by Holy Water. Any Lady, Gentleman, Maid, or Gardener touched by Holy Water transforms into a Wild symbol, increasing the win multiplier by 1 for that spin.

Two Scatter options await - the standard Silver Castle Scatter and the illustrious Gold Castle Megascatter. Unveil 12 Free Spins with any combination of three Scatters, earning an additional 3 spins for each Scatter beyond the third. To unlock the Enhanced Free Spins, one of the triggering Scatters must be a Megascatter.

Prepare for spine-chilling wins as Holy Water rains down on every Free Spin. The win multiplier begins at one, escalating with each Lady, Gentleman, Maid, or Gardener turned Wild. Enhanced Free Spins offer even fiercer gameplay, starting with a win multiplier of two and doubling with each increment. Reach a multiple of 20 on the win multiplier, and you'll be rewarded with an extra 6 Free Spins, straight from the blood bank!

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