Cursed Treasure

Mar 26, 2024







Embark on an audacious journey with NetEnt’s Cursed Treasure: Chalice of Souls! Join a fearless trio as they uncover ancient mysteries, gathering the Cursed Treasure and releasing souls into a mystical Chalice. This triggers continuously growing Cash Prizes filled with unexpected risks, activated sporadically throughout their hazardous expedition. Explore forgotten realms, deciphering the Chalice's puzzle with each spin, unveiling incredible rewards. Are you prepared to conquer the undiscovered?

Within the primary game, Wild symbols adorn reels 2 to 5, substituting for all symbols except Scatters and Cursed Treasures.

The Cursed Treasure feature initiates in both the main game and Free Spins, accumulating symbols into a Chalice beside the reels. Starting at 5, each gathered Cursed Treasure symbol increments the tally. In the main game, it activates randomly or upon collecting 20+ Cursed Treasure symbols, positioning Cash Prize symbols on reels corresponding to the amassed Cursed Treasure count.

For less than 20 symbols, Cash Prizes vary from 0.5x to 5x the bet; 20 or more symbols escalate prizes to 0.5x to 20x the bet. Cash Prizes accumulate if placed in the same location and they cannot overlap with Scatter symbols. Following payout, the tally resets to 5. If Free Spins initiate with symbols in the Chalice, they are reserved for later. Adjusting bet values stores collected symbols separately and reinstates them upon the original bet's return.

In the primary game, landing 3 or more Dynamite scatters triggers Free Spins. During Free Spins, each reel position rotates independently, featuring only Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, and Cursed Treasure symbols. Starting with 3 spins, each appearance of a Cash Prize, Mystery Cash Prize, or Cursed Treasure symbol resets the spin count. Cash Prizes range from 0.5x to 10x the bet; Mystery Cash Prizes range from 50x to 5000x the bet, persisting on the reels until Free Spins conclude.

Cursed Treasure symbols raise a new Chalice count, starting at 5. When spins deplete, the collected Cursed Treasure activates Cash Prize symbols (0.5x to 20x the bet) and/or Mystery Cash Prizes based on the amassed symbols. Upon the Cash Prize symbols' appearance, Mystery Cash Prize symbols disclose their values, culminating in a total win summing all values. Free Spins uphold the initiating bet, concluding at 0 spins or when the grid fills with prizes. Total Free Spins winnings combine with initial round winnings before reverting to the main game.

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