Fishin’ Bear

May 9, 2024







The tranquil allure of the lake entices, promising rewards as vast as the ocean. Are you prepared to set sail on a grand piscatorial journey with the 5x3, 25-line 'Fishin' Bear' slot? Steering this reliable vessel is none other than our cheerful Bear, a seasoned angler! With a merry tune on his lips and a glint in his eye, he extends an invitation to join him on the most spectacular fishing expedition of the season.

Prepare yourself for a deluge of thrills! The COLLECT FEATURE, with its ability to unlock substantial wins and JACKPOTS, presents an opportunity to net the catch of a lifetime. Then there are the FREE SPINS where generous rewards flow as abundantly as the glistening lake waters, thanks to an array of exciting modifiers active during this phase. So grab your fishing rod, settle alongside the Fishin' Bear, and get ready to haul in rewards exceeding x2,500 your initial bet in this exceptional game crafted by 3 Oaks.

Embark on your fishing escapade by keeping an eye out for the Bear WILD - it exclusively appears on the central reel. Additionally, be on the lookout for the adorable and colorful Fish BONUS SYMBOLS. Each Fish symbol carries a monetary value, including the coveted JACKPOT values: MINI (x10), MINOR (x20), MAJOR (x50), and GRAND (x1,000). When the Bear WILD aligns with one or more BONUS SYMBOLS, brace yourself for the thrilling COLLECT FEATURE! The Bear will gather the values from all present BONUS SYMBOLS as he flashes a triumphant grin.

Be prepared for surprises! At unpredictable intervals, the serene lake waters will surge, engulfing specific grid cells. Witness as ordinary symbols are swept away in these cells while special symbols emerge in their place. This triggers two remarkable features: WILD REWIND and FISH REWIND. The former guarantees the appearance of the Bear WILD, while the latter introduces up to three JACKPOT SYMBOLS. Isn't fortune smiling upon you?

But hold onto your rods, avid slot enthusiasts, for the grandest prizes await during the FREE SPINS round. How do you access it? It's simple - whenever our Fishin’ Bear appears, he cheerfully tosses a Fish or two into a boat above the reels. Each Fish contributes to two progress meters, and upon completion of one, you'll receive 8 FREE SPINS. If both meters are filled simultaneously, brace yourself for an astounding 16 FREE SPINS. That's a haul worth celebrating!

Your chances of landing massive wins are heightened during the FREE SPINS. Here, the Bear WILD remains locked in its central position throughout the session, elevating the COLLECT FEATURE to new heights. Furthermore, the STICKY FISH FEATURE comes into play during the free round. This captivating feature transforms every BONUS SYMBOL landing on the fifth reel into a sticky BONUS SYMBOL, with its value evolving with each FREE SPIN. And remember the FISH REWIND FEATURE? It adds an extra layer of excitement to the bonus game.

If you're eager for those substantial wins to materialize, you have the option to purchase a round of FREE SPINS for x75 of your bet value. Simply hit the BUY BONUS BUTTON and witness the enchantment unfold.

Captivating cartoon characters, vibrant hues, and dynamic animations in 'Fishin' Bear' converge to sustain the excitement akin to a babbling brook. With a catchy melody setting the tone, each spin breathes life into this playful and enthralling slot game. Factor in a lineup of exhilarating features, and it's undoubtedly a fishing expedition not to be missed.

Cast your line now and discover how many sensational JACKPOTS you can reel in - because those fish are waiting to strike!

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