Fortune Pike Gold

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Release DateApr 20, 2023RTP96.02%VolatilityMediumStudio
Release DateApr 20, 2023RTP96.02%VolatilityMediumStudio

Come down to Fortune Pike with an oil lamp in hand and witness shiny gems and glittering gold chunks abound! Grab a pickaxe with Lucky Dinky, your gruff dwarven companion, and delve deep into the mines. Swing through mine shafts in search of gold ore and gems, see if you can find unimaginable fortunes in this dark cave. With a map in one hand and an oil lamp in the other, you can’t stray too far off course with brave Lucky Dinky by your side!

Never fear the dead ends or twisting tunnels, when in doubt you can always blast through rock walls with spectacular dynamite explosions! It’s a wellknown fact that dwarves LOVE explosions and Lucky Dinky’s packed more than enough dynamite for this adventure. With Lucky Dinky as your guide, you’re sure to unearth all kinds of rewards and dwarven mysteries in the mines.

If you aren’t afraid to get down in the dirt and dig deep, you’ll be richly rewarded with all kinds of treasures in Fortune Pike Gold. Test your luck today and uncover a massive haul of golden nuggets in the Fortune Pike Mines. Unlock hidden fortunes never seen before in Fortune Pike Gold, see how much gold you can uncover.

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