Fulong 88

May 2, 2024







Enter the ancient den of the dragon and behold the vast riches he guards. Many have attempted to lay claim to even a fraction of the hoard amassed by this formidable creature, but will you be the one to triumph? Demonstrate your mettle and outsmart the majestic dragon in his own domain. Do you possess the fortitude for such a challenge?

Having safeguarded this trove for over a thousand years, the dragon known as Fulong will not readily relinquish its treasures to just anyone. Any mortal daring enough to venture into the lair in pursuit of fortune must be prepared to earn it. Spin the reels of 5x3 and uncover bonus features to enhance your odds of a successful plunder. Only those deemed worthy will partake in Fulong's bounty. Could you be among them?

During the standard game, each of the five higher-value symbols can be activated beside the reels, transmuting all corresponding symbols on the reels into golden variants. While each activated symbol increases the wager, it also boosts potential payouts by up to x25 of their standard values! Furthermore, each activated Golden Symbol unlocks an Instant Prize, attainable through Fulong’s Fortune bonus feature.

The Gold Coin Scatter may appear during any spin, offering a chance to trigger Fulong’s Fortune. This bonus entails revealing concealed prizes until three of a kind are uncovered, with the corresponding prize awarded. However, when a Gold Coin Scatter emerges during the Free Spins round, Fulong’s Fortune is guaranteed to activate.

To initiate this round, land three Scatter Symbols. You'll receive 10 spins, during which low-paying symbols are removed from play, increasing the likelihood of lucrative wins with higher-value symbols. Additionally, Wild Symbols will consistently split during this phase, maximizing the potential for winnings. Do you dare to venture into Fulong’s lair and lay claim to its treasure? Ready yourself and demonstrate your worth!

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