Indian Rummy

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Release DateApr 18, 2023RTP86.00%VolatilityN/AStudio
Release DateApr 18, 2023RTP86.00%VolatilityN/AStudio

In India, rummy is a popular card game that has spread to people of all ages. It is frequently played at home and at social gatherings as a way to have fun. The basic 13-card rummy game is historically the most widely played variety of Rummy.

Indian Rummy is a game that consists of 2 decks of cards and two printed Joker cards. Once you arranges 13 cards in 2 valid sequences, including 1 pure sequence, and more groups (sequences or sets), you can make a declaration and win the game.

For every 100 units you wagers, you will be paid an extra 60 units if you win the game.

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