Kiss My Chainsaw

Apr 11, 2023







On a serene summer evening, in a sleepy town where activity was typically scarce, destiny took an unexpected turn for two women who hitched a ride home. Unbeknownst to them, they had just crossed paths with Chainsaw Larry, a figure notorious for relishing the blend of fear and fuel. His weapon of choice? The roaring rev of his engine.

Within the primary game, the Scatter symbol finds its place solely on reels 1, 3, and 5. The ignition of Burnout occurs when precisely 2 Scatter symbols align on a single row. Once all earnings have been collected, Burnout wreaks havoc by obliterating all symbols, including the 2 Scatter symbols, thus paving the way for fresh symbols to descend. The row upon which the Scatter symbols land determines the bonus mode bestowed: if 3 Scatter symbols grace distinct rows, "The Ride" is activated, granting 8 spins; if all 3 land on the same row, "The Last Ride" kicks in, offering 9 spins.

An additional row is introduced, expanding the reel area to 5x5. During spins of 'The Ride', Charged Wilds can ascend to 4x before meeting their demise. Attaining exactly 2 Scatter Symbols earns an extra spin, while the presence of only 2 Scatter symbols on a single row triggers Burnout. Landing 3 Scatter symbols not only awards +3 spins but also triggers Chainsaw Larry spins.

Gameplay and features within "The Ride" remain consistent, albeit with a guaranteed Scatter symbol appearing on reel 5. Similarly, landing 3 Scatter symbols during this mode bestows +3 spins and activates Chainsaw Larry spins.

Moreover, acquiring 3 Scatter symbols during either "The Ride" or "The Last Ride" grants +3 spins and activates Chainsaw Larry spins. An additional enhancer reel is introduced, enhancing symbol payouts during this mode according to the Chainsaw Larry Spins paytable. Manifesting as a jumping Wild, Chainsaw Larry traverses reels 2-4 with each spin.

Landing on a character symbol boosts the win multiplier by +1. Furthermore, Chainsaw Larry unveils enhancer symbols upon landing, yielding one of the following enhancers: Smiley, xSplit®, or Lucky Feet. Smiley rewards an additional Spin, xSplit® doubles all multipliers between the xSplit® and Chainsaw Larry symbols, and Lucky Feet prompts Chainsaw Larry to relocate to a different row, leaving behind a regular Wild symbol.

If Chainsaw Larry lands on a position with a Charged Wild, the Afterburner feature is activated, doubling symbol multipliers on the same row. If it initially lands on a Charged Wild, all symbols double in value.

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David Åhlander

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