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Jan 23, 2024







Introducing the Langford Family. Nothing extraordinary here, just your typical, God-fearing family unit. A genuine symbol of American excellence - but let's not forget, this is the Land of the Free, and unusual situations often call for unconventional solutions.

The slot game features 5 reels, with reel 5 fixed in the main game. The reel configuration is 4-4-4-4-4, and beneath the bottom row, there's a Conveyor Belt. All reels become accessible during Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins. In the main game, Wild symbols have the potential to land on any reel. You may encounter partially and fully stacked character symbols. Fully stacked character symbols transform into stacked Wild symbols.

The Protein Powder Keg activates when a partially stacked symbol appears on the same reel. It converts the partially stacked symbol into a fully stacked one. A half-stacked Benzo Bear is exclusive to the main game and can convert 3-8 random symbols into Wild and/or Scatter. In Submerged Spins, a fully stacked Benzo Bear exists, converting all symbols below the water surface into Wild. The Bottle feature comprises a crate containing 1 or 2 bottles. One bottle converts a randomly selected paying symbol on the same reel into a Wild. With two bottles, the first converts a random paying symbol into a Wild, and the second splits that Wild symbol into two parts.

Mr. Split can only appear on an unlocked reel 5, splitting all symbols, excluding Scatter, from reel 1-5 in accordance with its size. It can manifest as half or fully stacked in the main game. During Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins, Mr. Split appears as a fully stacked symbol, splitting all symbols below the water surface. If Mr. Split is present on an unlocked reel 5, the Chainsaw activates, adding one more split to the already split positions on the same reel where it appears.

When Rubber Ducks emerge during Tsunami Spins and/or Submerged Spins, each awards +2 spins. Additionally, each Rubber Duck raises the water level by one row during Tsunami Spins.

Whenever a submarine surfaces in any spin (called Titan Spin in the base game and Idiot Spin for the bonus buy), be it in the main game, Tsunami Spins, or Submerged Spins, the Titan Spin is set into motion. When the submarine enters, one of three 'Presidants' might make an appearance, and the multiplier associated with that particular 'Presidant' will be applied to the base bet. If none of the 'Presidants' land, it results in a no-win scenario. The three 'Presidants' and their respective multipliers are as follows: Presidant 3 with a multiplier of 15000x, Presidant 2 with a multiplier of 25000x, and Presidant 1 with a whopping 57000x multiplier.

Game Developers

Game Developer

Lars Söderberg

Sound Designer
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  1. SlotMonkey

    Several fun features in both the main game and the free spin bonus. I haven’t seen the submarine yet, but hopefully soon!!

    9.0 rating

    Several fun features in both the main game and the free spin bonus. I haven’t seen the submarine yet, but hopefully soon!!