Legendary Treasures

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Release DateSep 14, 2023RTP96.15%VolatilityHighStudio
Release DateSep 14, 2023RTP96.15%VolatilityHighStudio

There are a lot of precious artifacts in the ruins we are heading to, one of them is the Treasure Barrel. You need to find at least 4 Scarabs for it to reward you with gold coins. Also, it activates near the Pyramids in Base Game Valley, so when you pass between two of these, hold it firmly: Treasure Spin will start immediately, leading you to riches. Speaking of riches!

Our main goal, the Free Spins Tomb, lies deep down in these ancient ruins full of unimaginable treasures and... Well, deadly traps. To avoid the latter, stick to our 3 Free Spin Compasses. When they are in sync, that’s our chance to break into the Free Spins Tomb! When inside, every Scatter Scarab collected to the Treasure Barrel will win us some precious time in the Tomb. After our expedition is over, you can exchange them for nice cash! Another way to refresh the spin timer is to find the ancient artifact.

It reverses the time back to 3 spins and summons random ancient magic from the Feature Barrel! Just imagine: Cash Collect to get immediate coins from Treasure Barrel, and Barrel Upgrade to improve the prizes. Multiplier Boost for 2x and 3x Multipliers, Reset Extra to increase Free Spin counter, and even Super Free Spins key to get us further into the ruins! This key can also be found between two Pyramids in the Base Game Valley if you are lucky enough to sync 3 Compasses in the right spot.

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