Lord of the Dunes

Mar 1, 2024







Enter the vast expanse of the dunes, where every turn has the potential to unleash ancient forces and reveal treasures hidden beneath the shifting sands. As symbols disappear in successful combinations, they contribute to the Threat meter, unlocking powerful features at four distinct levels. However, the true guardians of these dunes are the Worm Defenders. These immense creatures emerge to transform rows and columns into scorched earth, each imbued with a different hue of Blaze. Blaze introduces an intense element, significantly multiplying payouts when symbols land on blazed positions, with multipliers ranging from 5x to an astonishing 500x. Are you prepared to confront the Worm Defenders and lay claim to the dunes' riches?

Triggering 10 Free Spins requires landing 3 Scatter symbols simultaneously, with an additional 5 Free Spins granted for each Scatter symbol beyond the initial 3, up to a maximum of 25 Free Spins. Each Scatter Symbol landed during Free Spins awards 1 additional spin and increases the threat meter by 10. The feature concludes upon reaching the maximum win of 10,000 times the stake.

Throughout Free Spins, the Threat Meter retains its progress until the conclusion of the feature, allowing all four thresholds to be achieved.

Following any spin where a threshold of the Threat Meter is attained, a Worm Defender emerges. The first threshold, set at 25, summons a worm to demolish and blaze either 2 columns or rows with Red Blaze. The second threshold, at 50, brings forth a worm to destroy and blaze either 3 columns or rows with Blue Blaze. Upon reaching the third threshold of 100, a worm appears to obliterate and blaze either 4 columns or rows with Green Blaze. The final threshold, set at 200, summons a worm to devastate and blaze the entire slot with Purple Blaze. Symbols destroyed by the Worm Defenders are promptly replaced. Notably, Scatter symbols are impervious to the Worm Defenders' destruction.

Symbol positions on the slot may be ignited with Blaze. Should a symbol contribute to a winning combination while occupying a blazed position, all other participating symbols are likewise ignited. Following the activation of a locked Red, Blue, or Green Blaze, it is extinguished alongside the triggering symbol. However, the Purple Blaze remains intact upon activation. In cases where symbols in winning combinations are ignited by multiple types of Blaze, they are all ignited with the more potent Blaze.

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