Lucky McGees & The Rainbow Treasures

Mar 28, 2024







Step into the lively realm of ‘Lucky McGee & the Rainbow Treasures,’ an exceptional video slot game that melds timeless Irish allure with inventive gameplay.

Players set out on an enthralling quest for treasures, navigating through expanding reels and amassing golden coins in their quest for Lucky McGee’s elusive riches. What sets this game apart is its lively interaction with Lucky McGee, a playful leprechaun who mischievously disrupts players' endeavors to unearth his hidden wealth, employing shimmering rainbows. This captivating mechanic, coupled with vibrant visuals and traditional Irish themes, assures a delightful and fresh experience for a diverse player base.

Lucky McGee possesses a knack for witty banter and enjoys a good joke. He persistently attempts to distract players – after all, they're after his cherished pot of gold. With the RAW Virtual Interactive Behavior Engine, players can anticipate plenty of lively exchanges.

As victories pile up, so do the spins! Each winning spin triggers a complimentary re-spin, during which all symbols, both winning and losing, vanish, making way for a new set.

To aid players, Lucky Irish symbols expand the reels. Initially played on a 5-row, 5-reel grid, the game expands vertically with each high-paying symbol (Lucky Irish object) win. Every winning Lucky Irish symbol on a reel extends it by one row, up to a maximum of 10 rows.

Although Lucky McGee may exude joviality, he's protective of his hidden treasure. When he materializes on the reels, he conjures rainbows that descend to the row's bottom, limiting the number of paying ways.

Despite the allure of Lucky McGee’s rainbows, they obstruct wins. Fortunately, when a Golden Pot Wild symbol lands, it prevents the Irish leprechaun from obstructing the reel for that spin and any subsequent re-spins. Additionally, it serves as a wildcard, substituting for any symbol to form winning combinations.

Gather all five of Lucky McGee's golden coins to unlock the free spins feature. Here, players have the opportunity to amass substantial winnings, with Golden Pot Wilds transforming into sticky wilds and accruing multipliers with each win. However, players should remain vigilant – uncovering the hidden gold doesn’t mean Lucky McGee will make it easy. Should he land adjacent to any sticky wilds, he'll swipe them away, removing them from the board.

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