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Mar 21, 2024







Enter the enchanting realm of Magic Lab™, where bubbling elixirs, vibrant mixtures, and a playful fiery lamp beckon you into an alchemical adventure across the spinning reels. Scatter Pays introduces the possibility of winning with 8 or more paying symbols, while Avalanche™ triggers a cascade of fresh symbols, opening avenues for consecutive triumphs. The enigmatic flaming lamp, serving as the Wild symbol, not only endures wins without vanishing but also augments its power with a +1 multiplier after each Avalanche™.

Discover the secrets of Free Spins by landing 3 to 5 Scatters, with each Scatter granting a unique enhancement on every spin, promising an exhilarating blend of features. From the Fixed Wild, steadfastly anchoring in place, to the Erase Symbol, banishing elements from the reels, and even the Double Multiplier, there's an array of instant enchantments awaiting exploration. For those eager for immediate marvels, the Buy Feature option guarantees access to Free Spins, offering a shortcut to the mystical wonders of alchemy. Immerse yourself in the world of Magic Lab™ – where potions, sorcery, and grand victories await your revelation!

A victory is achieved with 8 or more paying symbols, irrespective of their positioning on the screen. Symbols composing wins vanish, clearing the path for new symbols to descend, potentially forming fresh victories.

The Wild symbol serves as a substitute for all paying symbols, boasting an escalating multiplier that ascends by 1 with each Avalanche™. Although it endures on the reels after contributing to wins, only a single Wild symbol can manifest at any given time.

Trigger 5 Free Spins by landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Each triggering Scatter bestows 1 enhancement on every spin during Free Spins, with up to 5 Scatters in the base game ensuring an enhancement on each spin within Free Spins. The enhancements activate sequentially on the corresponding Free Spin before the reels halt.

Fixed Wild: 1 Wild is securely locked in place at random on the reels. It remains fixed in that position until the conclusion of Free Spins. Erase Symbol: A single type of symbol is eradicated from the reels until the conclusion of Free Spins. Double Multiplier: The cumulative Wild Multiplier during the Free Spins feature is doubled upon activation of this enhancement.

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