Money Mayham

May 23, 2024







Welcome to one of the most thrilling games ever! Get ready for wild stacks, free spins, multipliers, scatter lootlink with 4 jackpots, and 2 Power bets to make your payouts soar!

Watch the piggy bank go wild with a full set of exciting features, captivating gameplay, and a soundtrack that will keep you dancing as you win! The base game includes Wilds that expand vertically, each potentially carrying a multiplier between 2x and 5x to boost all winning lines using that wild stack. When players land at least 3 bonus symbols, they enter a mini bonus game with a unique matrix designed to:

Collect free spins by landing bonus symbols. Gather wild stack copy symbols that duplicate any wild stack landed in the bonus games. Accumulate multipliers that apply to scatter symbols during bonus games. Players start with 3 spins to collect these symbols, and the spins reset to 3 each time a symbol lands, extending the collection time! After 3 spins with no new symbols, all collected symbols carry over to the bonus game.

Additionally, enjoy the popular loot link feature in Money Mayham. Landing at least 5 scatter symbols triggers an independent matrix with 40 slots, 20 of which are locked. Similar to the mini bonus games, players start with 3 spins that reset to 3 each time a symbol lands. There are 4 locked rows with 5 symbols each, unlocking one row at a time by landing 10, 15, 20, and 25 symbols in total. This opens up more slots for landing cash! Watch out for the Hotspot feature, a special symbol that can:

Multiply the surrounding 8 symbols by the number displayed. Combine and absorb the surrounding 8 symbols into the Hotspot symbol. Increase the surrounding 8 symbols by the number displayed in the Hotspot. But there’s more! The loot link feature includes 4 jackpots, which can be won by landing a Jackpot symbol or filling the entire matrix with symbols for a 2,000x jackpot!

Money Mayham also offers 2 Power bets: the Scatter loot link boost and the copy wild stack boost. With the Scatter Boost Power bet activated, only 4 symbols are needed to launch the Scatter Lootlink feature. Scatter values are higher, jackpots are 3x the value of the base mode, and the spins counter increases to 4 instead of 3. When the copy wild stack boost is activated, wild stacks duplicate more frequently.

Any wild landing in the base or bonus game will expand to fill the entire reel, showcasing a multiplier value between 2x and 5x that applies to any winning line using the wilds on that reel.

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