Penguin City

Jul 24, 2018







It's time to aid some flightless friends in breaking free from Penguin City, where the powerful Emperor Penguin is holding his tiny companions captive in his devious food emporium!

The game's main attraction is the Penguin Liberation Mode, which kicks in when a Wild symbol appears on either the 2nd or 4th reel during a winning spin. This Wild remains fixed in place throughout the Liberation Mode, which continues to spin until a non-winning spin occurs. Throughout this mode, Penguins appearing on each spin can grant players an extra Sticky Wild on the 2nd or 4th reel, or swap a symbol on the 3rd reel to secure a win. As an added perk, players can encounter a stacked Emperor Wild, which gradually descends one row per spin, ensuring respins until it exits the reels! So, let's spin those reels and assist the penguins in spreading their wings while amassing substantial victories!

Trigger the Penguin Liberation Mode by landing a win with a Wild symbol during the base game. Once activated, remain in this mode as long as your winning streak persists. Within this mode, each spin features a penguin attempting its escape, unless the Stacked Emperor Wild is present. If the penguin successfully jumps onto the reels, one of two outcomes occurs: either a Sticky Wild is added to reels 2 or 4 during a winning spin, or a symbol on reel 3 is switched to ensure a win on a losing spin. Conversely, if the penguin's attempt fails, no changes take place on the reels. Throughout this mode, all spins adhere to the same rules as the base game. However, it's important to note that increasing the bet size will reset all Sticky Wilds and promptly end the Penguin Liberation Mode.

During the Penguin Liberation Mode, the Stacked Emperor Wild appears on the third reel, consisting of three stacked Wild symbols. His presence guarantees a win whenever any part of him lands on the reels. With each spin, he descends by one reel position until he disappears. Notably, while the Stacked Emperor Wild is active, penguins refrain from attempting their daring escapes.

Wilds act as substitutes for all regular symbols. When a regular Wild symbol contributes to a win, it remains on the reels for the next spin.

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