Pirates 2: Mutiny

Dec 3, 2020







Isn't the allure of Pirates intriguing? Despite their reputation as sea scoundrels, there's an undeniable fascination with their lifestyle and environment. They truly live on the edge.

In this game, there are no predefined lines or patterns. Instead, winning occurs when six or more identical symbols form a cluster, meaning they're adjacent to each other. Once a player lands a cluster, all instances of that symbol (even those not in the cluster) remain, while losing symbols vanish from the reels. If another cluster appears with different symbols, it's treated as losing symbols. The winning symbols then descend, and new random symbols fill the vacant positions.

This cycle continues until no new winning symbols appear, at which point the win is awarded. If there are two or more different winning clusters initially, the lower-paying winning symbols transform into the highest-paying ones, regardless of cluster sizes. For clusters with symbols of equal value (card suits), their hierarchy is Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds.

Completing a row with winning symbols grants the player a win multiplier. These multipliers apply to each Dropdown win separately and reset at the end of each spin (except in Free Spin mode). Finding three Scatter symbols in a single spin (which can be spread across multiple Dropdowns) grants seven Free Spins. Free spins begin with a x1 multiplier in the top left corner. All achieved multipliers are combined and applied to each Dropdown win throughout the entire Free Spin session. Additionally, for each Free Spin session, one random Pirate is chosen as the high-paying symbol (replacing all other high-paying symbols). A 3x3 high-paying symbol can land, guaranteeing a win or enhancing the current Dropdown win. The Cannon Blast occurs on a losing spin in the base game or during Free Spins, removing all low-paying symbols from the reels and initiating a new dropdown. The Tsunami activates when there are at least six winning symbols on the reels and the player experiences a losing Dropdown. At this point, all losing symbols are removed, the winning symbols are leveled to increase the potential multiplier, and new symbols drop down.

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