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May 16, 2024







At the dawn of the 20th century, a flurry of technological progress emerges.. Maynard Woodrow, the formidable titan of industry, holds sway over Manifest Energy – asserting dominance in the market with an unwavering grip. However, the currents of innovation are stirred by the brilliance of young inventor Tess Jačova, who introduces her groundbreaking energy source: Resonant Energy. As these two luminaries collide in a high-stakes contest for supremacy, the destiny of the grid and their lucrative rewards hang in the balance. Who emerges victorious? The decision is yours!

As the blocks descend, aim to amass victories. Achieving 15 or 25 winning symbols enables players to unlock the scientific blueprints of Tess or Maynard. These abilities are pivotal for unlocking greater potential and gaining entry to the coveted bonus round.

With Gyrota, players witness the strategic rotation of three to seven symbols, paving the way for additional winning combinations. But that's just the start. Tess's Dynamo empowers players with up to six special symbols that can connect from all four sides, providing gamers with a significant advantage in the battle of wits.

Yet, the true thrill lies in Tess's Free Energy Spin. This power-packed feature promises an unparalleled surge of momentum as abilities unfold one by one, culminating in an escalating Win Multiplier that amplifies with each consecutive victory.

Woodrow isn't without his own tricks. With his Relay ability, players can secure up to 15 Wins. Unleash chaos upon the grid as randomly selected symbols are eradicated, clearing the path for fresh opportunities.

With his Overload experiment, victories can swell to 25. The Overload ability triggers a cascade of disruption, introducing up to six special symbols that systematically dismantle surrounding symbols.

And then, there's Empire Energy Spin, Maynard's standout creation. Seize control of the spotlight with Maynard's Empire Energy Spin, where a unique 2x2 connector ignites a pathway to wealth. With each successful connection, witness the surge of the Win Multiplier, potentially granting players up to 35 Free Spins.

In this game, sparks ignite and triumphs are electrified!

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