Tomb of Gold

Apr 11, 2024







Legends abound about the hidden resting places of Egypt's ancient rulers, yet few have succeeded in locating them. Until now. The legendary Tomb of Gold has remained untouched for thousands of years, but now you'll journey beneath the desert sands to uncover its long-concealed treasures. Do you possess the courage to undertake this perilous journey?

Within the Tomb of Gold, you'll spin the reels, each measuring 6x4, in pursuit of winning symbol combinations, all while unraveling the secrets of this ancient mausoleum. Are you prepared to traverse the forgotten corridors of this ancient tomb and unearth its invaluable artifacts? Then peer into the mysteries awaiting you.

In the base game, landing a Golden Coin Scatter on each of the six reels could bring you closer to the tomb's hidden wealth. This triggers the lucrative Lock'n Gold round. Witness the tomb's ancient mechanisms in action as the reels expand to a 6x5 layout, leaving only Gold Coins in place and awarding five Free Spins.

Each Gold Coin that lands will remain fixed until the round concludes, potentially carrying a multiplier value of up to x100. These multipliers are aggregated at the round's end, promising substantial rewards.

Even landing four or more coins presents an opportunity. In such instances, the Tomb extends an extra chance to collect the remaining Gold Coins needed for the Lock'n Gold round through a Re-Spin.

While spinning the reels and hunting for priceless artifacts within the tomb, landing three standard Scatter Symbols will unlock the chamber leading to the Free Spins round. A wheel determines the initial multiplier, which increases with each Wild symbol during Free Spins, and each Scatter symbol grants an additional spin.

Do you dare to navigate the corridors of the Tomb of Gold and claim its treasures? Equip yourself with explorer gear and prepare for a deep dive into the unknown.

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