Trolls Bridge 2

Jul 8, 2019







The trolls have returned, fiercer than ever! Within the depths of Troll's Temple lies untold riches, but adventurers must first navigate treacherous trials against these monstrous adversaries.

For generations, these creatures have plundered travelers crossing the bridge. Now, it's time to turn the tables and pilfer from the thieves themselves. Traverse the massive bridge, confronting the formidable troll who may manifest at any moment as a colossal symbol!

The mystical cauldron holds the promise of boundless treasures, while the mega bonus stone can amplify any victory! Those daring enough to trigger Free Spins must brace themselves for epic encounters with towering trolls... the clash begins!

During the Base Game, three scatters lower the drawbridge, revealing the entrance to the Free Spins dungeon through the Pick n Click gate. Engaging the Golden Bet feature prior to Free Spins grants an additional selection that could tip the scales in one's favor. Additionally, in the Base Game, the Bonus Cauldron feature can activate randomly, awarding Free Spins or Coins. When a Flaming Boulder strikes the reels, multipliers of x2, x3, x4, or x5 come into play. A colossal troll may emerge, spanning two reels and transforming into a wild symbol. Should the troll gleam with golden light, victory is assured, and rewards will flow abundantly!

Three or more Free Spin symbols trigger the Free Spin mode with Extra Features, maintaining the same bet and lines as the initial activation. Before commencing Free Spins, players select concealed features from a deck of cards that will be activated during the Free Spin session. Free Spin symbols are absent during Free Spins.

Each card can only be drawn once, with only one 2x2 Colossal symbol card available for the entire Free Spin session. Among the 18 selectable cards are various features, such as additional Free Spins, multipliers on all wins, random placement of wilds, and colossal troll symbols in different colors.

Activation of the Golden Bet feature grants players an extra feature pick upon entering Free Spin mode. This enhancement requires an additional 10 coins per spin and can be toggled on or off between spins in the base game.

In both the base game and Free Spins, 2x4 symbols may appear on the reels, functioning as regular symbols with equivalent payouts to their smaller counterparts. Colossal symbols are exclusive to high-paying symbols.

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