Wild Survivor

May 9, 2024







Navigating the uncharted wilderness presents a formidable test, where the rugged terrain and untamed creatures challenge one's fortitude. Facing nature's elements and encountering wildlife demand a resilient spirit from those who dare to venture into the wild.

Are you prepared to assume the mantle of a Wild Survivor? Prepare yourself for an immersive journey into the heart of the untamed.

In Wild Survivor, engage with the 5x3 reel grid, seeking winning combinations amidst the backdrop of the wilderness. While traversing through potential hazards, uncover hidden treasures nestled within nature's embrace, transforming each expedition into an unforgettable odyssey.

Stay vigilant as Wild Survivor symbols may activate at any moment during the base game, transforming into collection symbols and instantly rewarding with Instant Win Prizes. Equipped with binoculars, the Survivor scans the surroundings, offering greater rewards for encountering formidable wildlife.

Even during Free Spins, the Wild Survivor symbol remains active, ensuring continuous excitement. Triggered by landing three Scatters, Free Spins provide 10 opportunities to explore further. Prior to entering this bonus round, select a vital tool to enhance your chances of success.

Calls & Lures amplify the presence of animal symbols, whether for observation or pursuit. The Mug sustains stamina with a warm beverage, increasing the appearance of Wild symbols. Night Vision facilitates navigation during nocturnal encounters, augmenting win multipliers for animal symbols. The Knife, a versatile aid, offers additional spins and aids in overcoming obstacles.

Throughout Free Spins, remain vigilant for Wild Checkpoints, granting respite and progress along the trail. Each fourth Wild Symbol unlocks a new milestone, accompanied by extra spins and escalating win multipliers, culminating in a formidable x3 multiplier and 15 additional spins.

Survival demands more than just equipment; it hinges on inner strength and reverence for nature. Do you possess the necessary qualities to endure this wilderness expedition?

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