About Responsible Gaming

Playing responsibly means being in control of your gambling as part of your entertainment. Below you will find information about responsible gambling and what tools are available if you or someone you know has difficulty controlling their gambling.

What is Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is an effective concept that helps players stay away from the negative parts that gambling can bring. Playing is a form of entertainment and should be seen as such by all players. For many, it is an occupation that makes time go by, but some people become addicted to gambling. They risk their money and their mental health for playing online. Playing is fun, but if you are not careful, it can be a potential risk. Everyone needs to understand the importance of responsible gambling and try to establish good gambling habits to avoid such risks.

Prevent Minors from Playing

According to most countries laws, there is a requirement to be over 18 years old to play and there are several tools that parents can implement to prevent minors from playing. Kaspersky Safe Kids, for example, is a filtering program that allows parents to add websites that they want to block. Click here to visit Kaspersky’s website and get more information about the software.

Play Because it’s Fun

The time you spend on gambling should be a fun experience, so we recommend you to follow these guidelines while you gamble.

  • Decide your deposit, turnover and loss limits before you start playing. Review your transactions, check how long you have been playing and how much money you have spent on a regular basis.
  • Prioritize your daily commitments and make sure your gambling does not come between everyday activities.
  • Do not gamble if you are recovering from any addiction or if you are intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Do not chase you losses. If you feel that you have lost control of your gambling, consider setting a gambling limit, self-excluding your account or seeking help in any other way.

Responsible Gaming Limits

It is wise to set limits before you start gambling, as the chance of players experiencing game problems is much less with that in mind. All serious online casinos offers a way to set limits to your account.


Self-exclusion allows you to take a break from gambling, if it has become anything other than something fun and entertaining. You can self-exclude yourself at all serious online casinos and if you are not able to find the option to do this, you should contact their support.

Help and Support

Gambling Therapy is a global service offering free practical advice and emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling. They offer many different online services for problem gamblers and their friends and families. Online groups, forums, e-mail support, resource database.

Those who work at Gambling Therapy have a duty of confidentiality and with them, you as a player get help to change your gaming habits through support, tips and advice. Relatives to problem gamblers are equally welcome to receive support. You can get more information by visiting their website https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/ or send them an email by using this form.