Prepare for a nostalgic journey with a contemporary edge. Engage in some joystick action with this arcade-inspired slot game. Experience its distinctive gameplay mechanics and lightning-fast pace as you dive into this fresh addition.

Simply align two arrows during the jackpot round to activate one of five assured jackpots, including the staggering Mega jackpot worth up to EUR 3,000,000. All indications lead to Line Busters Dream Drop!

When arrows align on reels 1 and 2 with a Free Spin symbol on reel 3, Free Spins are activated. Multipliers attached to the arrows will magnify and apply to the revealed number of free spins. Symbols can stack up to 5 during free spins, and additional spins can be triggered within this mode.

The game boasts a maximum win limit of 5,000 times the bet for line wins, which remains separate from the Dream Drop feature. With the 'Buy Feature' option, players can choose between receiving free spins or securing a mystery prize.

The Dream Drop round initiates randomly at the commencement of any spin. Once in the Dream Drop round, landing 2 symbols on reels 1 and 2 guarantees a prize. The Jackpot reward is determined by the symbol on Reel 3, with 5 potential Jackpots up for grabs: RAPID, MIDI, MAXI, MAJOR, or MEGA.
Your cherished sloth has returned to action – and stumbled upon a petite treasure trove.

Loaded with fresh attributes and improvements drawn from Sloth Tumble, you can ascend the towering ladder across 50 levels for a top prize of 5,000x by gathering matching coins and symbols to boost winning prospects.

Grasp onto the sloth-rific Super Build Bonus and Super Dig Bonus functionalities. Initiate Free Spins to commence your journey upwards, or to delve below to unearth concealed jewels. What's your preference?
Secure your seatbelts for our journey to the Middle East. Next destination: Sultan Spins! Why bother with diamonds and pearls when you can align gem symbols to boost the jackpot? Step into a realm of regal allure, witnessing the reels whirl and multipliers soar up to 5,000x. Prepare to amass Arabian wealth and ensure this journey is unforgettable.

Each reel boasts a Jackpot overhead. Whenever a Gem symbol lands on a reel, it augments the corresponding pot's prize by the bet size. Once updated, the Gem will reveal either a payout symbol, an expanding wild symbol, or a Jackpot Spin. The Jackpot Spin unfolds in the main game area, resetting the prize once claimed.

Trigger the free spins by landing 3 Bonus Symbols. During these spins, every Bonus symbol collected contributes to unlocking a new level, with every 5th symbol unlocking a subsequent tier. The free spins encompass 5 distinct levels that must be played in succession. Additionally, the Free Spins feature incorporates the Local Jackpot Feature, where multipliers solely affect line wins.

Bonus Symbols accumulated during free spins, which fail to unlock a new level, are preserved and carried over into the main game. Landing 2 Bonus symbols in the main game rewards 1 of the 5 collection spots required to unlock a new level.
We're off! Soar through the night sky and voyage into the cosmos for a chance to win prizes of up to 50,000 times your bet.

Space Miners returns with an exciting Dream Drop makeover featuring a staggering 1,000,000 ways to win, elevating the game to new heights.

Stay alert for the random jackpot counter, which can activate the Bonus drop within the jackpot meter, boosting your winning potential with RAPID, MIDI, MAXI, MAJOR, and MEGA jackpots poised to land on the reels.

No need to dig deep to trigger Free Spins either! Simply gather 3 Bonus symbols during the main game to unlock six spins - ready to discover some interstellar wins?
Step into the realm of the Totem Guardians, where untamed beings track down riches and mystical symbols cascade through the spinning reels. Each victory fills the multiplier gauge, while the essence of animal companions rewards before fading into obscurity.

Watch for the Bonus symbols - they obliterate obstacles, enlarging the reels and expanding your realm of triumphs. Eliminate all three tiers to venture further into the woodland during Free Spins. Unleash the enchantment of the Totem Guardians, where wilderness thrives in a unified pursuit of a jackpot nearing €3 million.

Are you prepared to race alongside the pack? Wealth awaits amidst the heart of the forest!
In this adrenaline-pumping slot game, crates cascade down while vibrant fireworks ignite an epic bash in the primary round. It's a whirlwind of excitement and frenzy, and you're welcomed to join! But hold on, there's more to this celebration! Encounter the troublemakers who redefine the notion of "work hard, play harder."

You're in for an exceptional treat with three special passes, granting you prime spots to the post-work extravaganza. Once the factory shuts its doors, the real revelry commences! It's a realm of joyful mayhem and heartfelt camaraderie where the factory crew lets loose.

Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey with Expanding Wilds that burst in various directions and escalating Multipliers that grow with each triumph. Are you prepared for this thrilling escapade?

Whenever an explosive Wild contributes to a winning combination, the multiplier rises by 1x.

Land a minimum of 3 Scatter symbols to activate 8 Free Spins. Each extra Scatter bestows an additional Free Spin. Throughout the Free Spins, the multiplier persists across rounds and escalates each time an explosive Wild aids in a winning combo.

In instances where unused Wilds linger and no further wins are feasible, any of the worker characters may set them off, triggering an explosion that affects all adjacent symbols to the Wilds. This explosion clears space for new symbols to descend.

The Buy Feature grants Free Spins for the displayed price. The Random feature commences Free Spins with a varying number of spins (8-15), while the Super Feature assures 15 Free Spins.
Immerse yourself in a grid of candy clusters arranged in a 7 by 7 sugar-coated realm. Experience respins triggered with each cluster formation and anticipate a delightful Sweet Surprise whenever a cluster expands across your gaming grid. Delve deeper into this sugary wonderland to uncover Candy Cannons, which launch matching symbols onto the reels, transforming your gameplay into a realm of delightful surprises.

Gather 3 or more bonus symbols to unlock free spins, where you'll receive 5-9 spins and witness upgraded features shining brighter than ever. And those respins? They occur more frequently than in the wildest dreams of a candy enthusiast!

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the tantalizing realm of Sweetopia Royale? Join us on this flavorful journey and let the sugary excitement commence!

Cluster wins are secured in place while all other symbols undergo a respin. Respins persist as long as clusters expand or new ones form. At the conclusion of each game round, wins are evaluated. Additional feature symbols may appear during respins, granting enhancements and enlargements to clusters. When feature symbols emerge and multiple clusters are present, they act upon a random symbol.

Symbols matching the cluster on the same reels or rows are drawn towards it. At the onset or conclusion of a game round, a random feature may be granted. If a random feature results in a win or enlarges an existing cluster, the game round proceeds.

A candy coin respin is activated by a cluster of coin symbols. These symbols display values representing a multiplication of the bet amount, ranging from 1 to 1000. The winning cluster remains in place while all other symbols undergo a respin. During the respin, only coins and feature symbols appear. Features operate similarly in the candy coin respin, enhancing, upgrading, and attracting coins to the cluster. The sweet surprise and lucky respin random features are available in the candy coin respin, offering a chance to extend the round. The candy coin respin continues until the coin cluster stops expanding, with a win evaluation occurring at the end.

Free spins are unlocked with the collection of 3 or more bonus symbols during a round. The candy cannon, sweet upgrade, and candy cluster features can be enhanced during free spins. Random feature upgrades occur, with an additional free spin awarded every 5 respins. Even after reaching their maximum level, an extra free spin is awarded every 5 respins.
Welcome to Cowabunga, where the waves are prime for surfing and the jackpots are ready to roll in!

Ride the waves and chase after the prize pool in this oceanic adventure. Dodge the jaws of two sharks to dive into a thrilling tube of Free Spins, where the waves can surge to a towering height of seven rows, brimming with potential. Every spin at this beach is an opportunity to ride the wave of fortune!

Surf, spin, and seize victory as the pinnacle moment approaches in the Dream Drop Bonus Round, where encountering driftwood DD symbols could send you into a frenzy of excitement!

Watch as two or three middle reels synchronize and expand to a towering seven rows high!

Land two Bonus symbols to activate five Free Spins. Throughout Free Spins, the three middle reels remain synchronized! Earn an additional Free Spin for each extra Bonus symbol that appears during Free Spins.
A dedicated course tailored for markets where bonus purchases are restricted, Money Cart 4 delivers the same intensity as Money Train 4 but with enough acceleration to surge beyond the Base Game.

The outlaws take their final ride on the tracks in a slot that exudes more toughness than the gaming world has ever witnessed. Packed with fresh characters, explosive feature combinations, and a highly achievable maximum win of 15,000 times the stake, they're not backing down without a struggle!

The Arms Dealer joins the crew on the battleground, prepared to offer features in exchange for Bonus symbols at any given moment. Dive straight into Upgrader symbols, enhancing features with lasting benefits, enjoy the Unlocker that reveals additional rows, and stay vigilant for the Reset feature, replenishing the spin counter. The gang is prepared, but are you?

This is no realm for the feeble; this is the final showdown.

To trigger the re-spin, three or more symbols are required. Triggering symbols can land anywhere on the active reel. Special symbols (gold symbols) contribute to triggering the re-spin feature. When the feature is activated, the symbols that initiated it will reveal a value. Additionally, the Special (Gold) symbols that triggered the feature will unveil a value and execute their action before the first spin. Unlocking rows can be achieved by either landing an Unlocker or filling an entire row with symbols. All values in the feature will be depicted as coin values. The round consistently starts with three spins, and each time a new symbol is landed, the spin count resets.
Step into a realm of myth and strength, and accompany Hercules on his legendary quest for undiscovered treasures!

Harness the power of Wilds to vanquish mythical creatures and set ablaze lines across the reels. As you collect shields, witness the reels expanding in the Beast Slayer Bonus, and unlock heroic bonuses that enhance your lives.

Embark on conquering the labors, ascending to Olympus, and pursuing a legendary fortune nearing 3 million euros in the Dream Drop Bonus. Do you possess the mettle to join the esteemed ranks of heroism?

Earn a re-spin when a fully stacked high-paying symbol completely occupies reel 1. Should a stacked symbol land partially on the reel, there's a chance it may nudge to fill the entire reel! During the re-spin, all symbols matching the one in reel 1 become sticky, while all other positions undergo a re-spin. Look out for the reel expansion symbol, which, when landing during the re-spin, adds 1 extra row. Reels can extend to a towering height of 10 rows. Symbols may land with x2, x3, or x5 multipliers, multiplying wins involving these symbols. If a connected pathway boasts multiple multipliers in a win, their values multiply each other. Re-spins persist as long as matching or expanding symbols land, with winnings assessed at the conclusion of the re-spin round.

Attain the Beast Slayer Bonus by landing 3 bonus symbols. Upgrade the paying symbol, acquire multipliers, and enlarge the game area! The bonus game initiates the re-spin feature with an initial 3 spins, deducting a spin when a symbol fails to land and resetting to 3 after any symbol lands. Begin the bonus game with a stacked lion symbol in reel 1, progressively upgrading as the collection meter fills. Shield symbols exhibit a displayed value corresponding to their contribution to the collection, concluding when 10 points are amassed. Similar to the base game, symbols in the bonus round may land with x2, x3, x4, or x5 multipliers, amplifying wins involving these symbols. Triggering the bonus game with 4 or 5 bonus symbols awards the feature, beginning with a higher value symbol. Upon exhausting all lives or completely filling the game area, a win evaluation ensues.
Introducing Bill and Coin, your gleaming, dime-filled companions in a dazzling slot game adventure. Achieving a trio of appearances in the Base Game with these dynamic characters opens the door to a triumvirate of lucrative rounds. Now, the choice is yours!

Will you embark on the Coin Track, where 'Enhancer' and 'Collect' symbols boost the coins encircling the reels, augmenting your winnings? Perhaps you'll ascend the Multiplier Ladder, where each win and spin progressively elevates the multiplier to a potential 500x. Or, are you ready to pursue the Sure Win Bonus, where your base sum grows with each success, ensuring a perpetually victorious experience?

However, it's in the Super version of these rounds that true wealth awaits. Enhanced with extra Enhancer symbols and additional spins, it brings you closer to achieving the elusive 10,000x max win! Join the spectacular journey with Bill & Coin, where the allure of spinning and winning takes center stage in this dazzling realm of razzle and dazzle.
Prepare your spaceships; the race to the intergalactic jackpot is about to kick off! On this cosmic track, there are no rules—float, fly, or blaze through the cityscapes, collecting elusive random multipliers to turbocharge your performance.

Navigate the race's ways to score winning combinations and secure three or more trophies to enter the Bonus Round, where multipliers are fixed and plentiful. Build up your points and fast-track your way to the Dream Drop Jackpot finish line, with the potential to win up to €3 million!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the cosmos and aim for the stars in this high-stakes space race!
Dream Drop leads players back up the cathedral steps for a Tumble adventure worth its weight in gold. Players destroy blockers to get to Free Spins where they can land a ticket to the divine jackpot!

A DD symbol on each reel could mean a €3 million prize pool for one lucky player as it unlocks the coveted jackpot round. Players must conquer the pyramid’s reel to claim its treasure, will they have what it takes to tumble with the templar knights and walk away victorious?
But there's no time for rest, the life of a sailor is unpredictable. When 3 bonus symbols appear, take a deep breath and dive into a new adventure beneath the surface.

Your mission is to lure fish as close to the boat as possible, with the help of your trusty companions: the Persistent Hammer Octopus, the Persistent Payer Worm, and the Persistent Spawner Fish. Together, they can lead you closer to the hidden treasure on the horizon. Get ready for a high seas escapade like no other!
Follow the serpents’ trails deep into the jungle to locate their stow of stolen fortune. Rally your tribe to earn your way into its lair and claim what’s rightfully yours. Two coins tantalise the serpent, setting its eyes aflame and granting a full wild reel.

With three or more bonus symbols, you stoke the flames further – unlocking Free Spins with fixed wild reels once two coins are collected, edging you towards the tribe’s treasure and a 5,000x stake.

Step boldly into the Jackpot spin, where temptation and risk collide. Secure a gold DD symbol on every reel, and you’ll access the coveted Dream Drop Bonus – a chance to seize up to €3 million bounty.

May the pulse of the jungle guide your steps to victory.
Electrifying gameplay takes you on a battle for supremacy as you come face to face with the mighty Zeus. Harness the power of lightning for instant wins and unique collection features that open the gates to Olympus in the Bonus Round. Up in the clouds, the storm reaches a frenzy, with frequent lightning bolts and a fixed symbol that brings showers of cash prizes.

The adventure intensifies in the Super Bonus Round, where your godly status awaits. 10 Super Free Spins are triggered when landing a Super Bonus symbol amongst Bonuses in the Base Game kicking up a storm of cash prizes. This round brings even more divine rewards with a win guarantee feature.

Seize destiny by the reins, etch your name amongst the legends of Olympus.
20+ Features. 150,000x max win. One last chance.

The Train that electrified the industry leaves the station for its final destination this September. The bandits ride the rails for the last time in a slot that’s got more grit than gaming has ever seen. Fully-loaded with new characters, explosive feature combos, and an ultra achievable max win of 150,000x stake, they’re not going out without a fight!

The Arms Dealer joins the troupe on the battle field, ready to dish out features in exchange for Bonus symbols at any moment. With a Respin feature that takes the Base Game to new levels, an Upgrader that gives features a persistent edge, an Unlocker that reveals more rows, and a Reset feature that refills the spin counter; the gang is ready, but are you?

This is no place for the weak, this is the end game.
Pirates return to the rough seas and sail deep into unknown territories reaching the bountiful Trail Bonus or the Dream Drop Trail, where 5 different jackpots are hidden beneath the surface. A pirate map unfolds to guide them through the mystery laid in every tile, as they hunt for epic wins! Then it’s time to make their move, they can take 1-9 steps per turn, each tile triggers a reaction; in the Trail Bonus it can be anything from multipliers, to collection symbols, or random coin wins, but in the Dream Drop Trail every step brings them closer to the coveted jackpots!

Back on the reels, landing coin symbols on 3 or more reels triggers the Coin Feature, a welcome loot awarding the total amount of visible coins.

Pirates stare death in the face in Dead Man’s Trail, where fortune favours the brave.
Mount your horses and meet us in the Middle Ages, where jokers are your allies and wild symbols your comedy. It’s all fun and games in this era, as wilds jump off the grid and split into two while every winning wild triggers a re-spin.

In re-spins if additional wild lands on the same position, new multiplier will be equal to the sum of the two multipliers of the combined wilds. Collect 3 bonus symbols and trigger 5 free spins to enter the Bonus Round, and collect non-winning wilds that can be reactivated in re-spins.

Journey through time and collect treasures of old, the Medieval ages have 20,000x your bet to bestow.
Grab a margarita and climb to the roof tops of Mexico City for a journey that could land you at the foot of the ancient chichen itza.

Taco in hand and tequila in tow, you create winning clusters each time 5 or more matching symbols land. Piñatas trigger re-spins that carry on as long as piñatas continue to land, with one final spin awarded once the respins have ended. Before the reels come to a stop, any piñatas present explode, showering one symbol type in all positions marked around them!

3 Bonus symbols transport you to the Aztec temples with 3 spins to get you started and your ancestors by your side. Each time a piñata lands, the Free Spin counter resets to 3 and once empty, the piñatas explode to reveal the empire’s greatest treasures.

Join in the fun for wins so big they could wake the dead!
Enter the torii gates and channel your fighting spirit as you journey to Japan’s dark underbelly for a feud of good and evil. Climb on the Multiplier Ladder, which increases one step after every win, and team up with the samurai or oni for the battle of the century.

Special stone blocks may land on the reels, containing multiplier boosters and spin savers to aid in your battle. 3 Free Spin combat zones are presented before you when 3 Bonus symbols land, choose wisely as each brings its peaks and pits. Stone blocks with multipliers, spin savers, and additional free spins are your destiny, but are you ready to face your fate?

Warriors, unsheathe your swords, it’s time to tumble.
Relax Gaming and Casino Daddy bring laid-back wins.

The Tumble mechanic takes on a fruity dimension as Relax Gaming and Casino Daddy bring Sloth Tumble to game screens this summer. Join Chip, our drowsy but delightful sales sloth, as he serves up sweet tunes and epic wins on the game screen.

Groove with the cutest creatures of the rain forest in Sloth Tumble. With its fruity theme, proven tumble mechanics, and community-driven features, this slot game promises a feel-good factor and 100,000x win potential. So, sit back, relax, and let the sloths guid you to gold!
Sneak your way across a 6x6 reel area for a shot at winning over 10,000x your bet!

Just when you think it can't get any better, your partner in crime pulls out a Dream Drop Jackpot mechanic worth up to €3 million and a unique Collect and Multiply mechanic that sees clusters of 5 matching symbols 'collect into one' and award a re-spin. The more symbols you collect, the higher the multiplier!

This high-stakes game is all about spinning reels and filling your pockets. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a duffel bag and join the heist.
Soap suds and salty water might not be the combination you imagined at a car wash but with the amount of gold up for grabs these predators must be doing something right! Follow the signs into the Shark Wash and keep an eye on the Countdown Wilds that increase the Multiplier, get 7 free spins in the Bonus Round boss’ office and be sure to stop by the 5,000x bet on your way out.

Welcome to the Shark Wash, where the wins keep rolling and the thrills keep us going.
Just when we thought these explorers had hung up their hats, another disappearance gets Scarlett Spinz back on her feet and geared up for greatness.

The jackpot hunter is on the move, navigating the 8x8 grid, and destroying every tile that stands in her way to the Dream Drop Jackpots and her partner in crime. Help her fill a reel inside the Dream Drop realm and the treasure is yours for the taking!

With 20,000x win potential and love on the line, it’s time to trade bravery for gold in this Dream Drop Jackpots rendition.
The gang goes back to the glory days to tackle unfinished business in this Dream Drop Jackpots legacy game.

The gang have picked up some new friends along the way; meet The Healer - who brings 1 to 3 existing Collectors or Payers back to life, awarding them new lives, and The Banker, who reveals and adds a value to symbols on the reels and any new symbols that land in the spins afterwards. Pack the reels with DD symbols and shoot your shot to win your ticket back to the future with a jackpot in tow.

Join the jackpot hunt on the train when 3 of the same jackpots are revealed and shoot your way through 40 paylines before blowing up the safe to get up to 10,000x your stake. The legacy we never expected is coming to game screens this June, are you ready?
You’ll want to sharpen your claws for this one ‘cause only the fiercest of felines can kick it with the alley cats of NYC. Now that the big dawgs are out of the way, these Fly Cat$ can feast on the Dream Drop Jackpots.

Hop to the hottest beats as you follow their footsteps into the Mystery Respins, and get 3 Fishbowls to ride into Free Spins. There’s no time like the present to make dough, so blast your boomboxes if you’re up for getting down.
Grab your gloves and a few duffel bags, you’re going to need them for this burglary. Landing 2 Bonus symbols causes a riot in the prison - your best opportunity to escape and begin the biggest heist of your life.

Once you’re on the run, follow the robbery route for your best chance at living free. The gas station is your first stop, go for the 150x stake and take anything you can before racing off to the club for 1,500x. Your final stop is the bank, hit the mother load at 15,000x bet and you’re in the clear. Unlock Power-Ups as you go to get Multipliers, robber reinforcements, and anything else you might need for your great escape. Good luck.
2 years on the run and you’ve landed yourself back behind bars... but it’s not all bad news, Hellcatraz scored some decent upgrades since your last visit.

For starters, the company is better. Play your cards right and they might just let you join their hunt for the Dream Drop Jackpots; a one-way ticket to paradise. The Mystery symbols can now reveal coins and expand between 2 to 5 symbols high as you explore new areas of this age-old prison.

You’ve done it once and you can do it again, but this time you’ll need to think outside of the box - from flying objects to underwater threats, Hellcatraz is more than it once was.
Money Cart is bringing the gang back together again in a sequel that takes you straight to the action. Leave the Base Game grind behind and keep your eye on the 10,000x bet prize.

Welcome the return of Necromancer, Sniper, Collector and Collector-Payer now with a persistent edge. Get familiar with some brand new machines- the Persistent Shapeshifter, which transforms into any feature on each spin, the Absorber, which soaks up all multipliers and adds them to itself, and the Tommy Gun, held by the Payer or Sniper and targets 1 symbol type before adding to its value.

This is history in the making, the hype train is coming in hot.
The monkey mafia are back and they’re out to make bank. This time they’re going for the Dream Drop Jackpot and the possibility of making 10,000x stake, are you in for a peice of the pie?

You have to break eggs to make an omelette and in this town 3 banana crates could be all that stand in the way of matching 3 symbols with the corresponding jackpot and winning big; you know what to do. Join the family in some playful destruction and look out for Multiplier upgrades and Free Spins. With this crew, you’re either in or you’re out, so what’s it going to be?
Follow the sweet scent of nectar into the buzzing beehive, bow to the royal insects and learn their ways of making (m)honey. Befriend the generous Prince bees who will offer you their coin collection, and worship the godly powers of the Queen!

Buzz your way to the Dream Drop feature and aim for the Mega honey Jackpot to find your spot on the royal family tree! The Bee Palace is abundant with free spins, enjoy them each time you land 3 or more scatters on the reels, or relish in Royal Re-spins whenever enough bees have gathered in the hive.

You have to earn your way to the top, worker bees, so man your stations for a 10,000x bet max win!
Relax Gaming and CasinoGrounds are unearthing ancient riches in this ‘Book of’ rescript.

Fancy yourself an archaeologist? Explore the hidden temples to collect artefacts valued at up to 15,000x your stake. Crack open the book and break the brittle spine to unlock Free Spins or Power Free Spins if you’re adventurous enough.

Enjoy the harrowing stories of treasure-hungry heroes who came before you, myths of symbols transforming into Wilds, avalanches of Free Spins and tornadoes of Multipliers. Follow the legends and trace footsteps to see the reels turn to gold before your very eyes. Skip to the final chapter by using the oldest trick in the book - the Buy feature and be transported to Free Spins in seconds; or try the latest Power Bet option that increases your feature entry chance by 170%!

Pick up Book of Power and rewrite history, it’s about time a new success story found its way to the shelves!
Wild Chapo has landed himself behind bars. Prove your loyalty for a share of his stowed-away gold.

Break him out of this 6x3 prison; dig through 25 pay lines, Wild Re-spins, Free Spins, Expanding Wilds, and Multipliers, and brace yourself for a whole lot of BANGS in the Final Spin feature. If you simply can’t wait to have our Mexican menace out where he belongs, bail him out using the Buy feature.

The countdown starts now, there’s no time to waste, hop onto his steed and head for the county jail, your loyalty is priceless and his liberty is worth up to 20,000x your stake!
The moon is shining exceptionally bright on this chilly winter evening, lighting the way into the woods. Listen to the earth and follow the heartbeat of Mother Nature, your bravery will be rewarded. Hike to collect 3 or 4 Scatters that lead you to 7-10 free spins along your journey. Watch as Multipliers on Expanded Wilds grow with every win, bringing you closer and closer to the 20,000x max win at the end of the trail.

In this neck of the woods, acquired Multipliers on Expanded Wilds remain for the duration of the Free Spins and every Free Spin symbol landed brings an additional spin. Land the best natural treasure of all when Multipliers of 2 Expanded Wilds multiply each other - this is the way of the wild. Get access to its phenomenal benefits using the Buy feature, nature’s offerings could be beyond your wildest dreams.
Across an old quiet graveyard, cold breeze in the air, there’s a lodge in the distance, drawing you in if you dare. Step towards the doorway, slight nod of the head, you’ve made it to The Horror Hotel - a feeling of euphoria but a whiff of the dead.

An unspoken game goes on amongst the guests, group them up for the spoil - the grimmer the cluster, the bigger the reward. The Mystery feature converts all winning symbols to Mystery symbols +1 Re-spin. Check yourself in for Free Spins each time you land 3 or more Bonus Symbols, but don’t rush the paperwork, the fine print is etched in blood. Every Bonus Symbol in Free Spins awards an increasing amount of Wilds, starting at 1 Wild for the first spin, and increasing by 1 each time.

The bat-boys will bring up to 20,000x your bet straight to your room. Now go rest your head, it’s been a long day, the Horror Hotel hopes you’ll enjoy your stay.
This deck has the power to shake the earth beneath your feet or shower you with riches, are you ready to play with The Splitter?

Pull up a chair but hold onto your seat, you’re in for a whirlwind of Wilds that can split each reel up to 3 times! Play your cards right to unleash Free Spins, where Bonus symbols award additional spins and the Splitter feature is stored, making it possible to win on up to 20 symbols per line when a Wild lands! Beat The Splitter at his own game and prove yourself worthy of the Dream Drop Jackpot, the stakes are high but the reward could be life changing.

So leave your ego at the door and lay your cards on the table, it’s time to face your fate. There’s no hiding from Grim The Splitter, especially with 10,000x stake up for grabs.
The Shark, Croc and Rhino have joined forces with our hero Lion in pursuit of all the treasures the sea has to offer. From the sun-gazed scenes of Venice Beach to the sweet tranquility of open- water fishing, our Beast has swapped out his metal detector for a fishing rod.

Trawl uncharted waters riddled with hidden riches, the game offers 3 different seascapes to explore in Free Spins. Unearth mystery symbols, wilds, a coin collection mechanic and a special bet feature that increases the chance of landing scatters on the reels, taking win potential to new depths.

Net Gains is the third collaboration between Relax Gaming and CasinoGrounds, so you know it’s going to make a splash – let’s get printing!
’Twas the night before Christmas, and no slots were spinning. Fingers were still and all sounds were thinning. Out of the darkness came a drawn-out cry, “Santa’s Stack is a game we must try! From the distance echoes the sound of printing, with the Dream Drop jackpot there’s more chance of winning!”

Join the Christmas clan in a festive slot with a difference – 1,000,000 differences to be specific. Having made over a million winners in its first few months, there’s no saying how many cheers the Dream Drop Jackpot will drive this year. Set against an 8x8 grid, wins are created through clusters of 5+ matching symbols, helped by Wilds, Respins, Free Spins, the Secret Santa Features and of course the Dream Drop Jackpots mechanic. We can’t promise a white Christmas but you might just see gold!
Reap what you sow in this 5x5 cascading slot game and learn to adapt to the winds of change as the weather sets the pace of your harvest. Wilds and vegetables are abundant on Relax’s farm. Landing a weather sign symbol sprouts Wilds across the reels, transforming existing ones into persistent symbols and adding a multiplier to all winnings.

When night falls and the Free Spins round is activated, 6 spins are awarded. Landing a bonus brings an extra spin and any weather signs retrigger the effects of every previously landed sign symbol. 3 signs can land in a single avalanche, taking win potential to new levels. Wild Yield also offers a buy feature and the possibility to pick up the pace and buy spins. Working the field is no easy task but could bring up to 50,000x your bet, so roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands dirty, harvesting season is here.
Get behind the wheel of the high-speed gas-guzzlers of your dreams and put these engines to the test. Skid through deserts and hold onto your seats, there’s a 25,000 x max win up for grabs.

Regular and Super Free Spins will get you one step closer to the finish line as you steer into wilds and bounce off scatters. How’s that for a cruise?
Join the crusade up the cathedral steps and ready your shields for avalanches - there are heavy jackpots amongst them! In the Base Game, symbols and blockers can be framed in red or blue, bringing divine multipliers and mystery symbols respectively. Every 5 marked symbols destroyed activate deeper levels of the feature, contributing to a collection metre that is transferred to Free Spins!

Chivalry displayed in the Base Game is rewarded with 10 free spins and the application of red and blue collections in each spin. The true honour however, is felt in the Jackpot Spin, which is randomly triggered and can lead to spoils beyond your wildest imagination. Follow in the footsteps of ancient warriors, your bravery will not be forgotten.

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About Relax Gaming

Since its inception in March 2010, Relax Gaming has stood out as a top-ranking B2B multi-product provider. The founders, Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi, spearheaded the mission of providing high-quality games in the category of poker, slot, Bingo, and more.

As Relax Gaming has constantly been innovating, the gamers have been enjoying the title repeatedly. The operations in this organization started in December 2011, and by 2014, the company began its Poker category. If you look through the timeline of this company, you will see that they were able to spread their wings wider when their first network game was out for distribution. This happened in 2019, and since then, the team has not looked back.

The big achievement was when it got its Game Server Casino Platform Product launch. This made it a great name in the industry and among the partner studios. The company made another turnaround with its Plat-to-Plat casino vertical as it also attracted great attention.
Among the most popular titles of Relax Gaming are Temple Tumble, Snake Arena, Space Miners, Beast Mode, Santa’s Stack, Dead Man’s Trail, and more.

Gamers looking for high-quality graphics, animation, and an intriguing game plan can find the same here. You can come across Infinity reels and titles that offer progressive and non-progressive jackpots. Look for the Dream Drop range of jackpot games from them. You can expect everything from a guaranteed jackpot every time a gamer enters the Dream Drop jackpot feature. This feature is a specialty you will notice in Temple Tumble 2 and other titles. There are 5 different jackpots on offer Rapid to Midi, Maxi, Major, and even Mega. These titles offer a start value of €500,000 to a Must-win level of €1,000,000.

You can come across action, adventure, Oriental, jungle, animals, fruits, and gems by talking of themes. You can even come across features such as Cascading reels, free spins, Multipliers, and more. In the Poker category, you can find Hexapro - Jackpot Sit & Gos, Multi-table Tournaments, and Omaha PL are some of the best titles. Banzai is also a title you can check out if you need the best of all worlds.

The best aspect is to check out the Community Jackpot titles, the Escalator Jackpot, and the regular jackpots. Relax Gaming has partnered with top casinos like Casinohuone,, Aria Casino Unibet, and Vlad Cazino.

Unfortunately, the game developer has not come up with any Live dealer games. But that will not dampen the mood as their rather rich-assorted set of slot games and Bingo will replenish that void.

The online site has MGA license for casinos, poker, and Bingo, and the UK Gambling Commission Limited, and the Romanian National Gambling Office. The company has also earned Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission license.

This speaks volumes about the company and how they make great efforts to reinstate the firm’s credibility in the market. They have also won several accolades from all the reputed organizations. Talking of getting an upper edge, you will notice that the company takes effort at knowing how to function at best globally. They also offer a vast range of games across categories. However, they do not offer sports or Virtual games, table and Live Dealer games. The firm has already gained a lot of trust and reputation from clients and end-users alike.

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