It's time to break the bank!

Join a band of plucky pigs as they collect gold coins and deposit them in your piggy bank for sizeable rewards. Be part of the blitz and secure as many gold coins as you can. What are you waiting for?

Oink your way across the reels and win big.
Step into the grandeur of the Temple of Prosperity, home of the benevolent deity, Caishen, well known to bestow great riches. Spin the reels and find out if Caishen is ready to share his wealth with you today!

Temple of Prosperity is a 5x5 video slot where players seek the blessings of the Chinese God of Wealth, Caishen. Engrossed with features like Cascading Reels, Scatter Pays, Progressive Free Spins, and Prize Collections, Temple of Prosperity promises an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.
Find the Golden Snake Tomb! This slot follows a solitary scout embark on a journey across the sandy terrain of Ancient Egypt. In pursuit of the Golden Snake Tomb – the treasure is known to house unparalleled treasure.

To win, players must land at least three symbols of Coloured Royal, Serpent, Fox, Falcon or Amulet. When a sandstorm occurs, three Tomb Scatters can activate the Original Free Spins. During this round, players can receive up to eight Free Spins, which may include dynamic Special Symbols and Multipliers.

Scales of Dead is a 5x3 online slot with 10 dynamic paylines. This title brings back The Dead series’ signature Expanding Symbols and Ancient Egyptian setting. Coupled with Sandstorm Free Spins and a potent Gamble feature – Scales of Dead is the complete package.
It's time to get those lines ready and fix up your nets for the thrilling seafaring slot game, Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch! Drop your bait beneath the waves and reel in a bounty of deep-sea rewards of vibrant marine creatures and big win opportunities.

With your two fishing boats at the ready, you'll cast your nets to snag Instant Win fish, and you might even land the legendary Swordfish! So, ready your hooks and chum buckets and chart a course for victory. It's time to see what the ocean has in store for you!

Boat Bonanza Colossal Catch is the sequel to the popular Boat Bonanza. This 5x4 video slot sees players creating winning combinations across the reels, all the while seeking to earn Instant Win fish with the two fishing boats casting their nets from the top of the reels. There is also the Free Spins and Colossal Catch Multiplier to earn, enhancing wins significantly.
Honey Rush is back! Explore the honey-coated hexagonal grid filled with sugary surprises and one-of-a-kind treasures. Building on the mechanics from the original Honey Rush title, this grid slot doubles down on the sweetness. What are you waiting for? The colony awaits!

Honey Rush 100 is a grid slot played on a hexagonal grid. Symbols drop into the grid to create wins. 5 or more adjacently connected symbols in a cluster award a win. Only the highest win in the cluster is paid. Winning symbols are removed. New symbols fall down to fill the gaps. Multiple clusters of the same symbol that are not connected are paid as separate clusters.
Experience 30 years of Hugo in one slot! Hugo Legacy is the newest instalment in Play’n GO’s revered Hugo series. Bringing back familiar faces from previous slots such as Jean Paul and Don Croco, this title is a fun-filled love letter to the Hugo franchise. Pitting Hugo against the forces of evil once more, he needs your help to save the day.

Your goal is to clear the grid of Dynamite, Legacy Cap, Gold, Key, Diamond, or Character symbols to achieve a standard win. It's important to keep an eye on the Overcharge Meter, which can be filled to unlock powerful bonuses.
Candy the Witch has become a teacher, and she’s got three new apprentices... her little sisters! Teaming up with Cherry, Berry and Apple, Candy’s passing on her knowledge of sorcery to her prize-making protégés. Our three new witches will be learning the power of teamwork as they rise to sugar-coated stardom! There’s room for one more in the Sweet Alchemy classroom – are you in?

Sweet Alchemy 100 is a 5x5 grid slot featuring dynamic Free Spins and witch-themed mechanics that transform the grid into a playground for Cherry, Berry and Apple. The Witches’ abilities range from bolstering non-winning spins to filling the Trinity Metre.
Scroll of Seth is an immersive 5x3 slot game set in Ancient Egypt. With 50 paylines and a unique additional horizontal reel, players embark on a quest to find the ancient Scroll of Seth, a symbol of disorder and transformation. The game’s special features, like the Golden Ankh Scatters and the powerful Scroll of Seth itself, promise exciting gameplay and abundant rewards.
Merlin embarks on a massive-scale egg hunt! As the young wizard traverses unforgiving land, Merlin uncovers a series of Dragon Eggs in a swampy, enchanted lake. Using his Spell Book, Merlin uses his skills to crack open the winged hatchling – only to end up in a trial by fire. Can you aid Merlin on his quest?
Freddie Fox is up to no good. The county fair is right around the corner and the farmer is busy fattening his prize pig. Little does he know; Freddie has a plan of his own for the hog. Aid this wily fox in his quest to claim the succulent swine, and you might be rewarded for your help.

Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience filled with unexpected surprises and winning opportunities. In the base game, aim to land winning combinations of symbols across the 5x3 reels to garner victories across 20 paylines. You can enhance your gameplay and maximise your winnings with some exciting bonus features, too.
Meet the charming Sparky and Shortz, two of the galaxy’s most dedicated and charismatic droids! These two are back in action in the sequel to their hit adventure: Sparky & Shortz. Join these quirky android allies as they embark on a daring mission to rescue exotic creatures and preserve precious materials from another distant planet on the brink of a cataclysmic event. Brace yourself for an electrifying adventure in Sparky & Shortz Hidden Joules.

In the base game, you’ll create cosmic combinations of symbols across the game's 7x7 grid. As these combinations form and then vanish, the excitement intensifies as the grid continues to cascade, sparking a chain reaction of electrifying gameplay opportunities. These cascades can also facilitate some powerful bonus features.
These Rascals have just got their latest briefing. Their Mission: Locate Golden Trashcan. Gadgets: A padlock, grappling hook, plier, flashlight and screwdriver. Their Disguise: A trench coat, a moustache and a fedora. With the Golden Trashcan on the line, our loveable rogues are on a quest to find the Golden Trashcan so they can pull off the heist of the century. There’s room for one more in the trench coat – are you in?

The three rascals take on the role of the Stacked Rascal Wild. The Stacked Wild can appear on any spin – meaning win opportunities rise tenfold. The Stacked Wild symbol appears from the right and can land on any reel.

The Leader Raccoon's reel ability is the Multiplier, which can increase all wins on a spin by x2, x3, or x5. This ability can also be applied to other Raccoons, adding to any current wins and bringing them closer to their prize.

Landing three Golden Trashcans launch the racoons into the Free Spins. All prior features are present throughout Free Spins; meaning the racoons have even more pathways to hit the Junkyard Jackpot.
Candy the Witch is back! In Sweet Alchemy 2, Candy the Witch conjures up magical Pastille, Chocolate and Star treats that hold a rewarding gooey centre full of riches. To claim her prize, you must first conquer her grid of treats to prove your worthiness by putting your magical skills to the test. Are you ready for a chocolate-covered challenge?

These features are pretty gob-stopping! Your job is simple – clear the grid of Star, Cube and Pastille candy clusters by using your sorcery abilities. If you wield the Grid Expansion feature, you can experience a thrilling sugar rush and potentially win exciting prizes. To achieve this, you must create winning clusters.
Victory City is in danger! The Doomsday Device has been activated and the city is now under threat from monsters, meteors and monumental natural disasters. Now, only one team of superheroes can save the day... Ternion! Meet Marvelosa, The Incredible Wonder and Windstorm. This powerful trio must work together to save the city from the fast-approaching doom ahead. Will you help them save the day?

Look up in the sky, Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s Ternion! Land three or more supped-up symbols to secure a win. Random superpowers can be triggered on any spin to bolster your prize and nudge the heroes closer to victory.

Marvelosa, The Incredible Wonder and Windstorm’s powers can add 3-10 individual Wilds, put Stacked Wilds onto the reels and remove all low-paying symbols from the reels: talk about teamwork! Land three Ternion Signal Scatters to enter the Free Spins round. You can amass up to 35 Progressive Free Spins, super-charging your potential.

The Win Multiplier is also triggered in the Free Spins round, meaning it can multiply a player’s total win and increases by one every time. During this feature, a Wild Symbol is stacked on top of a pre-existing Wild, mirroring the team’s fighting formation.

The Energy Cell Meter is filled up with Energy symbols. When you collect enough, the meter fills up, meaning superpowers are added to the reels. This increases the chances of Victory City’s safety – as well as giving you gifting you lots of rewards.
The devious Loki has switched his allegiance yet again, and this time he’s set his sights on the home of the gods. The gods are going to have their work cut out for them if they are to repel Loki and his forces bearing down on their home. It seems that they’re going to need some help...

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse offers a multitude of exhilarating features that keep players on their toes while battling Loki and his army as they try to capture Asgard. From the Spirit Wild to the Ragnarök Free Spins, this game is as unpredictable as Loki's mischief itself. Hold on to your helmets, because this battle is about to get intense!

When the charge meter is filled with 65 symbol wins this will trigger the Ragnarök Free Spin feature. The charge meter transforms into a multiplier meter, and all Power of the Aesir features are applied on every non-win cascade during the round. Spirit Wilds are collected but won't trigger any Gift of the Gods features; instead, they are reserved and added back to the grid at the end of the Free Spin, with up to 20 Wilds being collected.

So, grab your battle-axe and sound your war horn, as you get ready for the battle-to-end-all-battles in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse.
Join in on the fun with Free Reelin' Joker 1000, the follow up to the highly successful Free Reelin’ Joker. This unique, expanding video slot offers straightforward and fun gameplay making it a great option no matter your experience level. Get ready to spin the reels and discover what prizes the mischievous Joker has in store for you!

In Free Reelin’ Joker 1000, you’ll spin the reels to create winning combinations of 0s, 1s, 2s, and 5s, winning the amount that appears across the reels. For example, if the first reel lands a 5, and the subsequent reels are a 2 and a 0, you will win 520 coins. As well as this exciting base game, there are a few extra features that the mischievous joker will occasionally throw into the mix to keep you on your toes.

When the Joker himself lands on the reels, it will expand horizontally by one, with the first reel always displaying a 1. The following reels can be blank or 0, increasing the chances of winning a maximum prize of 1000 if you land a zero on the second, third, and fourth reels.

If you land three zeros on a spin during the base game, you will receive a free re-spin, adding another layer of excitement to the game. With the help of these exciting features, prepare yourself for a night of laughs and big prizes as the Joker takes centre stage!
Meet Swift Rick and Lady Pearl – two of the most infamous highway robbers across the land... Their mantra is simple: steal from the rich, take for themselves. Now, these highway legends want your help as they take off on their next adventure. But be warned, they may not be inclined to share the riches they acquire. Are you ready to hit the road?

Giddy up and ride to riches... Land three Golden symbols to secure a regular win. The slot’s Wild takes many different forms. It can appear as a Rider on Horseback (Stacked Wild), a Bandit (Sticky Wilds) or a Gold Plaque (Standard Wild) – fusing the period-set game world with innovative prize pathways.

The Scatter is represented as dual Golden Pistols. This means once they’re fired – you can cause a ruckus and snag loot-worthy bonuses! Money Bag Symbols can land on reels 1 – 4 and result in various cash values. If the player lands this symbol on reel five, you’ll win the accumulated value, skyrocketing your overall steals.

Landing three Golden Pistol Scatters unlocks Free Spins. If only two Scatters land, the fifth reel will Re-Spin and aid in securing the third Scatter. Lady Pearl takes centre stage for the Sticky Wild feature. On any spin, Wild Symbols can land as part of the spin cycle. They’ll remain on the reels for the duration of the feature, with further Wilds accumulated as they roam across the reels.

The Stacked Wild feature involves Swift Rick stacking up to four Wild’s on any of the five reels. This feature acts as a one-of-one translation of the narrative, with our two leading protagonists stacking as much loot as possible.
Get ready to turn up the heat as you watch the Luchamigos fight to become the best lucha libre wrestlers the world has ever seen! These three amigos have spent most of their lives dreaming of Luchador glory but have never had the strength to compete.

But, with the discovery of a magical chili that gives them supernatural powers, they can now jump into the ring to fulfil their dreams! Join Gran Chico, Roco Elastico, and Muchos Salvajes, as they jump into the ring and tear up the competition with the help of their newfound spicy magic!

Step into the vibrant and fiery world of Mexican wrestling with the Luchamigos, a feature-rich online slot filled with lots of fiery features. During the base game, you will spin the reels of this 5x4 slot to create winning combinations across the reels. There are no specific paylines in the game.

Instead, you will complete way wins which are awarded for adjacent symbol combinations from left to right. As you spin the reels, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a number of fiery bonus features, boosting your win potential.
The legendary pirate hunter Captain Glum strikes fear into the hearts of the toughest pirates... Join Captain Glum and his warships as they hunt for Skull Island, home to a thousand pirate treasures... so long as the Pirate Queen doesn’t get there first. Prepare the sails for full mast!

On each spin, the Ship Wilds move randomly across the reels, aiding Captain Glum and your crew secure wins. The Pirate Hunter ship Wild can also replace Scatters across the reels, creating both horizontal and vertical wins. If a player lands on the Golden Flagship Pirate Ship Wild, it becomes a permanent Wild on the reels. This aids in completing paylines and securing your valuable treasure.

Landing two Scatters triggers the Captain’s Due feature. so long as the player secures two Scatters which unlocks Connecting Wilds, casting a wide net over the reels, opening the floodgates for combo wins.

If you land three Skull Scatters, it triggers the Free Spins round. With 10 Free Spins gifted from the beginning, this mode launches players into a tense Pirate vs Pirate Hunters showdown. Use your Multiplying Mortar to sink the Pirate Queen’s ships and steal their loot.

If you best Pirate Queen’s score, you're awarded a x10 Multiplying Chest. Here, you choose between three chests that can net a x1, x2 or x10 Multiplying win.
Editors Choice
Join Gerard Wilde, the black sheep of the renowned Wilde Family, as he sets off on a journey of discovery and redemption to reclaim the honour of his family name.

Venture across the world with Gerard in search of riches and mysteries from the dunes of Egypt to the lost temples of the Mexican rainforests. But be prepared for a bumpy ride – Gerard will risk everything to restore his reputation and be recognised as more than just the family’s wild card…

This exciting new chapter for the Wilde family brings with it an innovative new way to play video slot games. With an expanding reel that increases in size, and with new features as you advance through ten levels, this provides a much more obvious sense of progression through the game.

As a veteran player this represents story advancement and gives you a different way to play than you’ll be used to. If you’re a beginner to video slots, however, this will also provide you with the means to learn how these types of games work, adding features and more paylines to help you get used to the overall mechanics of traditional video slot games.
Agile like a ninja, powerful like a samurai... the fortune lies in The Ronin’s blade as he slices his way to riches! This is a classic hero-versus-villain story with epic showdowns. Get your fighting stance at the ready... Learn the ways of The Ronin...

Slice with your trusty blade and harness the power of the Mystery Splitting Symbols. With the ability to be stacked or split in two, Mystery Splitting Symbols unearth a path to Dynamic Payways, linking the blade-barraging features to the hero's journey.

If you land three Scatters, you’ll lock eyes with Hannya and go head-to-head in a frantic showdown. In Battling Free Spins, Hannya becomes the Stacked Wild.

With three lives on each side, if the Wilds are split, a life is taken away from Hannya, and you’re gifted a Guaranteed winning spin. On the other hand, if no Wilds are split, you’ll lose a life, fusing octane-fuelled action to the storyline.

Prepare for combat!
Sink your teeth into this... Cook up a storm with Chef Jiro Miike – a master of the culinary arts – as he takes you on a flavour-filled experience in Slashimi. It’s the tastiest game around! Read this recipe for tongue-tantalising effects...

Land three food symbols to secure a standard win. The game’s Golden Soy is your Wild symbol, which helps you create winning paylines. On every spin, random symbols (except for Wilds and Scatters) are chosen. The symbols can be sliced into two, just as Chef Jiro Miike slices his ingredients.

Since all regular symbols are stacked, splitting symbols can create up to 1000 mouth-watering payways, maximising your potential.

Secure three Golden Wasabi Scatters to enter the Free Spins. When triggered, you’re awarded five flavoursome Free Spins. You can choose from any of the regular food symbols and transform them into splitting symbols for the duration of Free Spins, creating lip-smacking fun. Dig in!
Shake ‘em up, throw ‘em down, roll ‘em out in Craps! If you enjoy table games, you’re going to love Craps. Customise your table and get ready to roll. With exciting visuals, buckle up for the most immersive online Craps experience yet!

Before the dice are rolled, bets can be placed in the various fields of the craps table. First, click on the value of the chip you wish to wager with your left mouse button. Next, place the chip in the desired betting area on the Craps table by clicking in the area with your left mouse button.

When you are finished placing your bets, click on the ROLL button to roll the dice.
Grab your revolver... there’s it’s about to be a firing frenzy! With a gang of trigger-happy bandits running loose and wanted by law, it’s up to you to restore the peace. It’s a wild ride out in the west! Shoot your shot at victory!

Land three matching symbols to shoot open the safe and grab your prize bag. After any spin, Wild bullets can be fired onto the reels using a target range, fusing the sharpshooting feature and the narrative together.

So long as you don't encounter a Sheriff symbol, you’ll continue to accumulate Wilds in a tense showdown that gives you that authentic Western feeling. You can trigger the Smoke & Mirror feature by landing two Scatters on the reels. You have the chance for a Re-Spin to acquire a trusty third Scatter –unlocking the Free Spins round.

Once you step into the Free Spins, you’re gifted your bounty of 10 Free Spins. You’re able to pick a Wanted Poster, immersing you into the cowboy lifestyle, as well as unveiling several Guaranteed Wilds. We’ll see you at the standoff if you’re tough enough...
Powerful princesses Love, Star and Storm unite once again! In this latest instalment of the Moon Princess series, our trio of magical majesties use their powers to distribute wealth across the kingdom to a select lucky few they deem noble.

Are you ready to conjure up magic in this mystical grid slot? If so, let’s GO! The aim it to match three or more symbols, horizontally or vertically, to make them vanish and secure a win. The win Multiplier starts at x1. If you clear the grid, the win Multiplier is increased by +1. There’s a total of 5 potential tiers for dynamic win potential.

The Girl Power ability is pure magic. The feature randomly triggered on spins with a winning combination is made, Love, Star and Storm will use their powers on the grid.
Once upon a time, Zeus – the King of the Gods created Pandora. Gifting her a magical box, Pandora was given one rule: do not open it! Pandora’s curiosity got the better of her, and she freed mystical forces from the nether realm. With a surprise each time you peep inside... What will you find in Pandora’s Box of Evil?

Peek inside the magical mystery box... The box can land on the reels to reveal a Mystery Symbol. A Scatter or an elusive Spirit of Hope symbol fuses the slot’s spooky theatrics with the narrative. Who said lightning can’t strike twice? If Zeus hits Pandora’s Box before it opens, it’ll transform into a Mystery Wild instead of opening with an x2 to x5 Multiplier.

If a Spirit of Hope symbol is revealed, a Re-Spin of Hope is triggered. At the end of that spin, all mystery symbols will close again. Afterwards, all Mystery Symbols, Scatters, and Mystery Wilds will become locked and Re-Spin, upping potential even more. With Pandora’s Box, you don’t know if it’ll unleash monsters or a great fortune. There’s only one way to find out...
A thunderstorm has rolled into the plains. Amidst the loud thunder and flashes of lightning, a Wild Horse is struck -- absorbing the electric power of the storm. With that strike, the Wild Horse has become a superpower, sowing luck and fortune to those whose paths he crosses. Harness the power of the Wild Horse for great fortune!

Colt Lightning is highly charged with features that tie in together to create electric gameplay. On any random spin the following features may play out.

Colt Strike
The animated electric colt will charge out of the reels and add more Colt symbols to the reels.

Colt Re-spins
Are triggered when you land a horseshoe on the third reel and the reels will expand one reel height and the Re-spin will commence. This will keep happening should a horseshoe continue to land on the third reel to a max of three times. Colt Strike can play out during this feature too!

Super Colt Spins
This is the Free Spins feature in the games and combines the two features above... and some. Land three Scatters to trigger the Free Spins, but that’s not all. The Colt symbol will change colour and is now worth double what it was before. Colt Strike and Colt Re-spins have the potential to play out during this Super Colt Spins Bonus Round too – electrifying!
The Roman Army wants you! Join the Roman garrison on the hunt for gold. With fierce Lions and prized coins around every corner – you’ll realise there’s no place like Rome. What are you waiting for? These coins won’t discover themselves...

These features are gold-plated! Land three or more Lion Scatters to commence the Mega Free Spins. Should you land a Mega Coin symbol during this feature, you’ll unlock the Gold Re-Spins! This enables you to land a Mega symbol anywhere on the reels, which ups potential – paving a potential golden path to victory.

Landing six Coins or a Mega Coin symbol on the reels triggers your Gold Re-Spins, an opportunity to fill the grid with prized Multiplying Wild coins. You’ll lose one of your three lives each time if no coin lands during a spin – adding nail-biting tension to gameplay.
At the heart of the legendary Incan temple Coricancha, the treasure of an Incan King lies. In our latest Ancient Incan adventure, find your way into the storied temple and allow the sacred coins you collect to lead you to legendary treasures and eternal glory! Land three Temple Scatters to unlock the Free Spins where you’ll be presented with the Wheel of the Gods. Here your fate is in the ancient Incan Gods’ hands as they decide whether you’ll be awarded 1 to 20 Free Spins.

At the top of the reels sits a bar that will decide how many Wilds will land on the middle three reels during each Free Spin round, should the Gods smile in your favour there’s the potential to land the maximum of 9 Wilds. During the Free Spins should you land two or more Temple Scatters the Wheel of Gods will once again appear to reveal your fate as they offer an additional Free Spins between 3 and 8.
Spartacus returns to face the ultimate challenge. Locked inside the gladiator pit, he must fight for his freedom and fortune. Pitted against the battle-hardened Bellica under the watchful eye of the tyrannical Emperor Gaius, Spartacus faces his destiny. Grab your sword, you’re gonna need it...

Careful... these features are as sharp as swords! Gladiators Oath is trigged when a Scatter or Wild lands on the reels. This can cause Re-Spins with a fighter, maximising potential pay-outs massively! What would a fighter be without a special move? Our three lead characters all have their own unique abilities. Spartacus adds between 3-5 Wilds to the reels. The battle-ready Bellica adds 2-3 full reels of Wilds, and the powerful Emperor Gaius adds 2 or 3 Multiplier Wilds to the reels.

Free Spins are triggered by landing two or more gladiators on the reels. Capped at a whopping 100 for maximum potential reward, a fighter's health bar (or lack thereof) determines the final outcome. To add intensity to the battle, Guess the Victor sees players pick who they believe will win a battle. If a player predicts correctly, a player’s net prizes can be multiplied 5x over!
We’ve all heard of the Book of Dead, but what about the Book of Life? The latest edition of our popular Dead series sees a pilgrim venture the tombs of the pharaohs in search of the Book of Life and its secrets to an eternity in paradise. On his travels he happens across a tomb, is it here he’ll find what he seeks?

There’s only one way to find out... Find the tomb, uncover the Book of Life. Land three or more tomb Scatters to make the Book of Life reveal itself. Upon receiving the mystical book, the pilgrim will be gifted with a Special Expanding symbol to up winning potential.

The chosen symbol to land on each reel transforms into a golden sticky symbol during the Free Spins round. The sticky symbol can expand maximising the potential of the round even further. Don’t like the symbol you landed on first time? A gift from the gods allows you to re-roll, but only once.

The underworld is rife with treasure and the spirits that protect them. Proceed with caution...
Everyone wants to visit Vegas at least once in their lifetime, right? Even visitors that are a little... out of this world? Watch with Vegas mainstays from the ‘80s and ‘90s as our aliens turn Sin City into their personal stomping grounds, leaving a trail of wild excitement and wins.

You know what they say, what happens in Vegas... Las Vegas has it all… just ask the aliens who have arrived in Invading Vegas, a game with it all – Free Spins, Re-Spins, Walking Wilds and Expanding Wilds! See the invasion coming from afar by landing three Flying Saucers (Scatter symbol) to unlock the Free Spins feature. In the Free Spins feature, receive 12 Free Spins to start with the possibility of re-triggers.

During the Free Spins feature, the aliens will flip the Strip… a Walking Wild moves to the left on the reel and the reels are rotated 180 degrees, making the last reel become the first reel. When the reels flip, the stacked symbols you’ve accrued will change, increasing winning chances – especially big wins.

You can’t get a second shot at a sizable win on the Strip, but you can in Invading Vegas… If you have a full stack of symbols on Reel 1 and a full stack of the same symbol (or Wild symbols), but no matching symbols on Reel 3, the aliens will send you into the Lock On Re-Spin Feature. Here, you’ll get that second chance when Reel 3 re-spins for a big win chance!

During the Lock On Re-Spin Feature, stacked Wilds can morph into Walking Wilds, covering the whole reel. In this mode, the Walking Wild moves in the opposite direction – to the right – and every other reel gets a Re-Spin. Designed with a twist on reel-moving mechanics as other popular Play’n GO games, the features packed into Invading Vegas are truly out of this world!
Welcome to the Cash-a-Cabana, the hottest club in town! Pull up a front-row seat, pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy the chorus of the famous Copa Girls, who are ready to put on a show… Treat yourself to a throwback night out in this high-kickin’ online slot packed with features under the dim lights and dulcet tones of authentic Americana entertainment.

In Cash-a-Cabana, experience a unique combination of gameplay with a Free Spins feature that includes Expanding Wilds and Win Multipliers – receive up to 30 Free Spins and cash in on up to x20 Multipliers by applauding your way through the Cabana Show feature. When the Copa Girls take the stage, sit back, relax, and spin the night away in a slot stacked with fun, music and ambience. It’s all happening at the Cash-a, the Cash-a-Cabana!
Leprechauns have all the luck! You may have heard about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but what about the diamonds buried deep below the earth’s surface. You know what they say, diamonds are everyone’s best friend... Or something like that.

Dig deep and help the Leprechaun mine an Irish-sized jackpot by discovering diamonds for cash and collecting them to fill up a train of miners’ carts. Collect different Diamonds for cash value and watch as the Leprechaun explodes these precious stones from the rock in a rainbow explosion. Prepare for detonation by landing at least three Dynamite Sticks (Scatter symbol).

The more dynamite, the bigger the blast into the Free Spins round – for three Scatters, receive 10 Free Spins; for four Scatters, receive 15 Free Spins; for five Scatters, receive 20 Free Spins.
We're heading back to the '80s. Join Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Vince Neil as they take you out on the night of your life. With pyrotechnics, a rollercoaster drum set and all things glam rock – you’ll be a member of Mötley Crüe by the time the night’s over! Don’t believe us? There’s only one way to find out.

They say the best things come in threes, and the base game has three features alone! Wild Side boasts Stacked Wilds that occasionally land on the fifth reel, working their way backwards until a winning combination is reached. The Kickstart My Heart feature randomly multiplies wins during Wild Side. Live Wire is trigged on any random spin, where random Wilds are added to the reels, helping maximise potential pay-outs.

Shout at the Devil is triggered by landing three Pentagram Scatters, which will reveal a pentagram with numbers at each point. Landing three of the same number will determine how many Free Spins the player gets in the round. During the Free Spins round, the Girls, Girls, Girls, music video will trigger. So long as players acquire the Lips symbol on reels 2, 3 or 4 – they’ll be dropped into the heart of the Mötley Crüe experience.
Head on back to the Yukon River and grab yourself a piece of the Gold Rush that remains!

Welcome back to the Klondike Gold Rush, where our favourite miner and his dutiful donkey are back for their latest and greatest adventure. In this sequel to our popular classic Wild Falls, make your way down the cold Canadian river towards gold.

Can you help the miner and his donkey grab the gold as it floats down the river? Find the River of Gold and you might just find yourself a golden fortune!
What happens when Saint Nick chooses naughty over nice? He’s here to wreak havoc, delivering more tricks than treats. Join Naughty Nick and his rambunctious friends as they tell a different Christmas Eve tale this year. Naughty Nick is coming to town. Yikes.

This isn’t your ordinary Christmas slot. Celebrate the holiday season through the eyes of a crooked Santa and his rambunctious friends and follow their mischief to a mound of Christmas presents under the tree by ripping through fun features.

Gather three or more Naughty or Nice books (Scatter symbol) on any reel to unwrap the innovative Free Spins feature. Watch as Eric Elf tears open a sixth reel on the right side of the grid to start the Free Spins round. Receive 8 Free Spins to start and re-trigger the round by landing an additional three Scatter symbols on any reel – each re-trigger adds 8 more Free Spins.

When the Free Spins round begins, a random symbol is chosen as a special Expanding Symbol. Stuff 'em in the back of Naughty Nick's sled to form more winning combinations. In the Gamble feature, take your trove of presents and try for an even bigger haul: Double and quadruple your wins by correctly picking a hidden card's colour or suite, respectively. From the Free Spins feature gifting an extra reel to the Gamble round giving a chance to top your Christmas tree, put Naughty Nick's Book on your list for a holiday game like never before!
After rising through the ranks of the Greek Gods, Athena has finally established her namesake. Standing as one of Olympus’ most powerful, Athena casts her powers, good fortune and good faith to only the worthiest in the realm. This is the second thrilling chapter of Athena’s story. It’s in your hands to change the course of the Olympian dynasty.

Land three Owl Scatters to trigger the Free Spins round, and watch the Free Spins continue so long as a Wild is present on the reels. Speaking of Wilds, they appear in one out of every three Spins, upping the potential. The game features a new take on the Multiplier Wilds which ascend during the Free Spins. This means each Wild gets stronger on each Free Spin, creating more dynamic gameplay and potential.

From the original game where winning combinations had the potential to be multiplied up to x27, Athena Ascending sees this rise to x64, creating even more potential.
While King Arthur was out battling to return the Diamonds of the Realm, Mordred has stolen something even more important from him – his throne. Now, as Arthur returns, he needs your help in reclaiming his rightful place as King of Camelot.

Wield your sword to help King Arthur wrestle the Camelot throne away from Mordred by landing Wild Multipliers up to x100! Clash of Camelot comes back with features, including a Free Spins round where you’ll decide which way to fight: Pick your Multiplier and the number of Free Spins to play with. Both Arthur and Mordred serve as Wilds in Clash of Camelot and morph into Expanded Wilds when landed on a specific reel. When it’s time for the Clash of Camelot (Arthur and Mordred engaging in a sword fight), Sticky Wilds will appear.
Grab your helmet and let’s go... It’s time to flip the script! Flip, the most famous stunt-biking bald eagle in the USA, is ready to take flight for eternal glory. Stand atop a course inside a packed stadium, kick-start the engine and take the tricks to the extreme for a chance at winning the gold.

Collect Free Spins and Re-Spins for more chances at a perfect score and ride Flip into the winner’s circle to receive a share of his riches. Ride through the USA ranks by winning Free Spins and Re-Spins. During the Free Spins feature, receive 15 Free Spins to start and watch while the course flips from side-to-side, putting the high-paying stacks on Reels 1 and 2 and the Walking and Expanding Wilds on the left side.

Attempt difficult tricks but don’t be daunted by near-perfect misses: With the innovative Near Win Re-spin feature, whenever you land a stack of symbols in Reels 1 or 4 and the same symbol lands in Reel 2 but not in Reel 3, receive a Re-spin for a second try at a big win. In the base game, the high-paying symbols are stacked in larger formations on Reels 4 and 5. With plenty of features, get ready to have some fun flippin’ away on these bikes!
Rise of Olympus 100 is the action-packed successor to Play'n GO’s 2018 classic, Rise of Olympus. The story picks up where the first game left these characters, featuring mighty brothers Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus as they all seek power across Olympus.

After the defeat of the brother’s father Cronus, the power vacuum leaves the realm in uncertain hands… Immerse yourself in another Greek Mythology-themed adventure! The gameplay largely resembles its predecessor on the reels. However, this time, things are cranked up to 100.

Land three Scatter Symbols to commence the Free Spins, where Rise of Olympus 100 really ups the ante. With the potential of 100 Free Spins at the player's disposal, there's never been this much energy injected into gameplay.

If a player fills their charge meter, it launches The Hand of God feature. Choosing between Hades, Poseidon and Zeus, the player's potential rewards hinge on the God's power and the effect on the gameplay. The game also features a Clear the Grid prize, which update's the game's feature multiplier by x50 while also netting the player instant rewards.
The game drops players into the heart of the a-paw-calypse! Canine Carnage is a classic video slot with barking mad artwork and slick gameplay that takes cues from classic adventure tales and dystopian sci-fi action. You follow Mutt and his band of furry friends across the wasteland to reach the Canine Canyon, a safe haven home to boundless treasure!

Prepare for a tail-wagging trip to freedom! Land three Scatters to trigger the game’s Free Spins and unlock your Cash Collection abilities. The game boasts 13 Symbols on the playtable, including x3 multipliers ensuring fast and frantic reel action. Only Instant Prize Symbols can be acquired in Free Spins. The player can choose from three types of Free Spins, all with their own unique rewards!

The prized Bulldog with a Bow Cash Collection Symbol can also be netted during Free Spins. Prizes can be doubled in multiple ways, as players receive an instant as well as an additional Cash Pot payout. The real star of the show is Canine Carnage’s Splitter Wilds. This prized Feature divides every Symbol – apart from Scatters – in two. Spitter Wilds mean there are even more ways to double your potential wins.

When a Collector Symbol lands, the Cash Pot is awarded and reset to zero. Multipliers do not reset and will build up throughout Free Spins.

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It has worked immensely to provide a multi-player gaming table that can compete among themselves to gain a massive jackpot. This software provider has created an Omni in-house platform to separate itself from the crowd, providing a new age of gambling entertainment.

Since then, it has never stopped supplying casino games. Now it produces game content in bulk and distributes them to many renowned casino sites. The company has over 100 titles with table games, slot games, scratch cards, and bingo games.

With over 20 years of experience in game development, the company serves intuitive gameplay, unique style, and refined graphics with immersive and attractive audio. One of the key features of the Play'n GO software supplier is their games reflect the RTP rate on the game screen so that players can choose the game based on the volatility and RTP rates.

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Coming to the games section, Play'n GO has a gaming suite that fulfills the gambling desires of potential players. Some hot picks that appeal to all types of players in the table game sections are Mini Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Blackjack, Fan Tan Roulette, and many more.

Poker games are better enjoyed in Play'n GO studios because they have some unique and amazing features that help the player win a minimum, adding value to the gameplay. Piggy Bank, Spin and Win, and Danish Flip are some names of this software provider's poker library.

Play'n GO is well known for its slot games, consisting of a melange of them. Many of its slot tiles are created on the theme of European myths and culture with modern blended technologies and stuff. The suite brings an immersive juxtaposition of classic and English styles in the structure and graphics in unison. The fantastic feature of this software provider is the player can enjoy multiple games with multi-window features. Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead, and Dragon's Maiden are a few examples of slot titles powered by this software provider.

The company has smartly maintained its reputation in this gambling sector by obtaining a gambling license for the impeccably reputed Malta Gaming Authority. It has also made its certification from Gamble Aware for not allowing below 18 years players to access its platform. Play'n GO Gibraltor, Alderney, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and the UK possess a license and are regulated by the Act by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority and Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, respectively. All the casino games are checked multiple times by the bmm test labs to uplift the security and safety of the players.

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