Step into the realm of the Mighty Viking, an electrifying video slot that transports you to the era of Norse myths and valiant struggles. Featuring breathtaking visuals and an enthralling storyline, this game beckons players to enlist with the elite warriors of the icy North. Mighty Viking distinguishes itself with its inventive gameplay elements, such as SuperSymbols™, Flying Axe Multipliers, and the Valhalla Free Spins bonus round, all crafted to deliver a gaming adventure as grand as the fabled Vikings themselves.

Set against a majestic 5-REEL, 7-ROW layout, Mighty Viking dares players to create SuperSymbols™, enhance them with symbol multipliers, and set forth on a journey to activate Valhalla free spins, where they'll amass multipliers to propel them toward monumental victories, embodying the Viking spirit.

Matching symbols landing adjacent to each other in clusters of at least 2×2 symbols will merge to create larger lucrative shapes ('SuperSymbols'). These expand when identical symbols land in proximity vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The size of the symbols directly correlates with the potential for wins – the larger the symbol, the greater the prize.

SuperSymbols remain in place, triggering cascades that replace any defeated symbols. With boundless cascade potential, your road to triumph knows no bounds.

Before each cascade, Flying Axes descend upon the grid, each carrying a multiplier that could amplify your earnings. Even amidst defeat, there lies optimism. Random re-spins offer a second chance to alter the course of battle, providing another opportunity for victory.

It's the ultimate odyssey for any Viking. Gather bonus symbols to activate Valhalla Free Spins, where every triumph is magnified by the accumulated value in the progressive multiplier gauge. With no limits on re-spins, the halls of Valhalla welcome the boldest with open arms.
Players can immerse themselves in the cutting-edge gameplay element: a Shinobi strolling wild that offers substantial payouts, provided he can outmaneuver the Daimyo in martial confrontation. This game caters perfectly to those seeking a mix of high-energy action, roaming wilds, and comical visuals. Revenge of the Daimyo is a video slot with 'all ways' mechanics, played on a 5-reel, 3-row grid. Whenever the wild symbol appears, it expands to cover the entire reel.

Should Shinobi encounter the Geisha girl, she transforms him into a roaming wild, initiating a series of re-spins. If their paths intersect, the Daimyo will challenge Shinobi to combat, with random multipliers enhancing the potential rewards.

Upon meeting the seasoned Ronin, Shinobi receives a +1 multiplier enhancement from his elder mentor. The bonus feature has the potential to expand the grid to 8 rows when additional bonus symbols land.
Step into the depths of the ancient Aztec civilization with Aztec Ascension, the latest thrilling gaming adventure from RAW iGaming. This slot game doesn't just offer a glimpse into history; it's a journey filled with enigma, ingenuity, and the potential for boundless wealth. Introducing our innovative Feature Reel Re-spin mechanic alongside our beloved SuperStretchTM feature, Aztec Ascension promises an array of enchanting moments.

Players engage on a 5-reel, 4-row grid initially, but each reel has the capacity to expand up to 8 rows high, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay experience. Central to the game's allure are the transformative abilities of the dazzling golden sun and mystical moon symbols. When these symbols appear, they trigger re-spins packed with features that lead to substantial rewards.

Upon landing the golden sun symbol, players are treated to a re-spin where the reel becomes populated with wilds, multiplier wilds, and various wild modifier symbols. As for the mystical moon symbol, its appearance prompts the reel to extend upwards by a random number of symbols, initiating a re-spin in the process. Moreover, the Wild Transformer symbol, when landed in the feature reel, converts a selection of symbols on other reels into wilds, amplifying winning opportunities.

Similarly, the Wild Expanders symbol, upon landing in the feature reel, duplicates itself and introduces one or more expanding wilds to additional reels, further enhancing the excitement and potential for substantial payouts.
Step into the lively realm of ‘Lucky McGee & the Rainbow Treasures,’ an exceptional video slot game that melds timeless Irish allure with inventive gameplay.

Players set out on an enthralling quest for treasures, navigating through expanding reels and amassing golden coins in their quest for Lucky McGee’s elusive riches. What sets this game apart is its lively interaction with Lucky McGee, a playful leprechaun who mischievously disrupts players' endeavors to unearth his hidden wealth, employing shimmering rainbows. This captivating mechanic, coupled with vibrant visuals and traditional Irish themes, assures a delightful and fresh experience for a diverse player base.

Lucky McGee possesses a knack for witty banter and enjoys a good joke. He persistently attempts to distract players – after all, they're after his cherished pot of gold. With the RAW Virtual Interactive Behavior Engine, players can anticipate plenty of lively exchanges.

As victories pile up, so do the spins! Each winning spin triggers a complimentary re-spin, during which all symbols, both winning and losing, vanish, making way for a new set.

To aid players, Lucky Irish symbols expand the reels. Initially played on a 5-row, 5-reel grid, the game expands vertically with each high-paying symbol (Lucky Irish object) win. Every winning Lucky Irish symbol on a reel extends it by one row, up to a maximum of 10 rows.

Although Lucky McGee may exude joviality, he's protective of his hidden treasure. When he materializes on the reels, he conjures rainbows that descend to the row's bottom, limiting the number of paying ways.

Despite the allure of Lucky McGee’s rainbows, they obstruct wins. Fortunately, when a Golden Pot Wild symbol lands, it prevents the Irish leprechaun from obstructing the reel for that spin and any subsequent re-spins. Additionally, it serves as a wildcard, substituting for any symbol to form winning combinations.

Gather all five of Lucky McGee's golden coins to unlock the free spins feature. Here, players have the opportunity to amass substantial winnings, with Golden Pot Wilds transforming into sticky wilds and accruing multipliers with each win. However, players should remain vigilant – uncovering the hidden gold doesn’t mean Lucky McGee will make it easy. Should he land adjacent to any sticky wilds, he'll swipe them away, removing them from the board.
Enter the scorching domain of the Forge of Hephaestus, where each spin holds the potential to set ablaze your fortunes with fiery orbs of wealth, each radiant with the allure of monetary rewards! This game boasts divine expanding reels akin to those of the gods, the prospect of fiery cash payouts with every wagered spin, and a searing hold-and-respin bonus feature replete with magnificent multiplier accumulations.

Forge of Hephaestus unfolds upon an initial 5-reel, 4-row grid, primed to extend upwards to a towering height of 10 rows.

FIRE SYMBOL ACCUMULATION – A tally initiates or resets whenever a fireball alights upon a reel. Should the reel become engulfed in flames before the meter expires, victory is yours.

SUPERSTRETCH™ – When Hephaestus's mighty hammer descends upon a reel housing a fireball, that reel extends by a single row. Each reel has the potential to reach a towering 10-row stature.

HEPHAESTUS MULTIPLIER ASSAULTS – Should the revered Greek deity of fire and craftsmanship materialize above a reel, he swiftly wields his hammer to impart a multiplier upon one or more reels. Should you gather these multipliers, your earnings are amplified.

BONUS FIREBALL ACCUMULATION FEATURE WITH MULTIPLIER GATHERINGS – Activation of the bonus feature occurs upon the landing of three or more anvil symbols. Existing fireballs remain fixed in place as the reels surge to a 10-row zenith. Gather fireballs to unveil the upper tiers of the forge, each adorned with progressively lucrative cash prizes. Collected multipliers will augment your earnings by the designated final multiplier.
Scatters Matter introduces an innovative twist to slot gaming: players achieve victory by amassing colored gems whenever their corresponding 'scatter magnets' land. This captivating gameplay element, coupled with vibrant graphics and luxurious embellishments, aims to captivate a diverse audience and features an immensely progressive bonus component. The game unfolds on a 7-reel/7-row interface and boasts the following gem-filled attributes:

Scatter Magnets: The accumulation of gems by these magnets correlates with larger winnings. Any successful symbols are gathered and replaced through a cascading action. Similar-colored gems multiply upon collection. Additionally, red bombs detonate, eliminating all vacant symbols from the interface to heighten the potential for cascading wins. Free Spins occur on a complete interface devoid of blank symbols and include a randomized booster multiplier capable of yielding wins up to 10,000x.

During free spins, Sticky Scatter Magnets & Multipliers emerge and persist throughout the entire feature, playing a pivotal role in achieving substantial victories. They continuously gather and amplify gems, leading to progressively larger rewards without resetting, thus enhancing the overall winning potential.
Soar to a higher level of videoslot entertainment with Mighty Eagle SuperSymbols™, the latest of RAW iGaming’s extremely popular series of cascade games based on the proprietary, patent-pending SuperSymbols ™ game engine.

When matching symbols land adjacent to each other in groups of at least 2×2 symbols, they merge to form larger paying shapes (SuperSymbols). These will keep expanding horizontally and vertically when individual instances of the same symbol land adjacent to them. The bigger the symbol grows, the bigger the win. The game is played on an initial 5-reel, 5-row panel that can expand to 20-rows high.

Mighty Eagle SuperSymbols™ introduces players to a thrilling array of functionalities designed to elevate their gaming experience. Mighty Eagle SuperSymbols™ has Progressive Multipliers, Mystery Symbols, Mighty Eagle Respins, and a Free Spins feature with Multiplying Symbols.

Cascades dynamically alter the gameplay landscape, with winning combinations triggering the removal of losing symbols, expanding the panel by an additional row. As SuperSymbols™ grow, they exert a vertical expansion on the reels, potentially towering to an impressive height of 20 rows.

Progressive multipliers add an extra layer of excitement, as symbol multipliers alongside the rows activate upon any SuperSymbol™ reaching them. These multipliers can surge up to 16x in the base game and a whopping 50x during free spins, intensifying the thrill of every spin.

Mighty Eagle re-spins bring forth the majestic eagle's intervention, swooping down to either trigger respins or augment the gameplay with multipliers ranging from 2x to 6x, offering players a chance at enhanced rewards.

Mystery symbols inject an element of surprise as they land on the grid, numbering between 1 and 6, before unveiling themselves and potentially forming new SuperSymbols™, setting off cascades and further amplifying the excitement.

During free spins, the emergence of multiplying symbols introduces a unique twist, as these symbols apply designated multiplier values (2x, 3x, or 5x) to adjacent SuperSymbols™, enhancing the potential for significant rewards and escalating the anticipation with each spin.
Plunge into the depths of Big Money Bass 6, where the world of fishing collides with fortune in a lively and enjoyable slot adventure. Team up with Tommy McTackler and his crew in this distinctive game that seamlessly combines one of our most beloved themes with one of our most popular game mechanics. The innovative addition of a 6th reel not only brings forth 6-of-a-kind wins but also doubles the multipliers during free spins, escalating from 3x to an impressive 6x. This ensures an exhilarating gameplay experience with the potential for substantial payouts that can reach bountiful amounts. Tailored for players in search of pure excitement and significant wins, it's a captivating catch destined to attract a broad audience.

Big Money Bass 6 is played with either 5 or 6-reels and 5-rows, and has a lot of tasty features coming your way.

Embark on the journey with the SUPER 6TH REEL, an extra reel that can be activated to significantly boost your win potential, adding an extra layer of excitement to every spin. Trigger the FREE SPINS bonus feature by collecting 3 or more bonus symbols in a base game sequence. Enjoy a default 3x multiplier on all wins during this round, and watch it soar to a whopping 6x when the super sixth reel is in play.

Encounter GATOR GAINS as 'Gnashville the Alligator' makes an appearance on a losing spin. Fear not, as he devours one or more fish, replacing them with symbols that transform your luck into a winning streak. Join the fishing expedition with REEL 'EM IN, where Tommy McTackler drops his line to catch winning symbols or the elusive bonus symbol, reeling in exciting rewards for players.

For those who can't wait for the bonus round, there's BONUS RUSH®. Dive straight into the action by choosing your bonus, setting your desired bet, and launching the Bonus Rush®. Once initiated, the bonus game unfolds directly, delivering instant thrills and rewards.

Boost your wins with CLUSTERSPIN® – a game that adds an extra layer of excitement to your rounds. Whether it's a winning or losing spin, earn extra cash either way. Play the Clusterspin® game and potentially win up to 1,000x your bet on top of your regular gameplay, enhancing the overall excitement of BIG MONEY BASS 6. Get ready for an underwater adventure like no other, where each spin holds the promise of big wins and thrilling features.
Immerse yourself in a winter wonderland with MIGHTY SANTA SUPER SYMBOLS, where each spin is enveloped in holiday magic! This video slot game, themed around Christmas, ensures not only a joyful time but also an abundance of gratifying payouts.

As the fourth installment in this distinctive patent-pending SuperSymbols™ game series, MIGHTY SANTA SUPER SYMBOLS unfolds on a 5-reel/7-row panel.
Immerse yourself in the saccharine world of Almighty Lollipop SuperSymbols™, where every spin is a swirl of candy-coated win potential. Featuring expanding symbols and reels dripping in sugary goodness, along with our innovative reel splitting and clone features, each moment presents an opportunity to unwrap massive rewards. Almighty Lollipop isn't merely a slot game; it's a candy-filled wonderland brimming with possibilities.

As the third installment of our unique patent-pending SuperSymbols™ game series, Almighty Lollipop has been meticulously crafted to offer even more chances for horizontal and vertical expansions, heightened big win potential, and a more captivating player experience.

The game unfolds on an initial 5-reel/5-row panel that can expand to an impressive 10 rows high, promising a bagful of tasty features and an enchanting journey through a world where sweet surprises await at every spin.
When four determined teenage investigators ventured into an abandoned shopping mall to unravel the mystery behind its sudden closure, they expected to uncover a case of corporate negligence and mismanagement.

Little did they anticipate that their exploration would lead them into a nightmarish scenario. Trapped within the decaying confines of the mall, they find themselves pitted against Juggy, a malevolent animatronic toy with a malfunctioning AI. Now, their once-innocent adventure has turned into a desperate struggle for survival, as they face the relentless pursuit of this vengeful mechanical menace.
Aztec Supertracks® is an innovative game in which four Aztec heroes seek to collect gems and special offerings, to appease their angry gods and to preserve the world order. The pay mechanic is based on the RAW proprietary SuperTracks® mechanic. The game has Gem Collection, Gem Multipliers, Instant Gem Awards and Symbol Modifiers, and a Free Spins feature with Progressive Multipliers.

The game has GEM COLLECTION, GEM MULTIPLIERS, INSTANT GEM AWARDS and SYMBOL MODIFIERS, and a FREE SPINS feature with PROGRESSIVE MULTIPLIERS. Heroes move around the panel when connected pathway tiles are formed and if they do not encounter the nasty Termination Tiles. The panel respins if at least one hero collects at least one gem each spin. The game is played on a bi-directional, 9×7 panel that changes orientation to optimise itself for the device screen.
Step back into the golden epoch of Ancient Egypt, where the mighty Pharaoh Ramses II reigned Supreme. Join Marion, Farrah, Cameron and Eva in their quest to find “Ramses’ Book of Rings”. Combining the uniquely exciting SuperSlice mechanic with payline wins, seek treasures that can deliver up to 6.550X!

A new innovative take on the Superslice Mechanic, the five concentric rings work together, delivering wins in the base game, and expanding a special symbol in the freespins for huge wins. With its enchanting graphics, powerful soundtrack, and thrilling features, “Ramses’ Book of Rings” will transport players to the heart of the Egyptian kingdom, where opulence and adventure were the orders of the day.
Experience the enchanting world of ‘Jazmin’s Wild Ways’ in this timeless Arabian tale.

This elegant game is played with SuperStretch™ reels that increase the number of potentially winning ways after every win, and delivers wins of up to 4345.60x. Unleash the power of Jazmin, our audacious princess, whose wild nature breaks free to fill then expand the reels she lands in, delivering ever greater winning possibilities with each re-spin.

Will you unlock the wealth hidden in the sands, or will the mirage of fortune elude you?
Get ready to reel in some big wins of up to 5,000x in Bigger Money Bass, the videoslot game that will have you reeling in even bigger wins! With 5 reels, 4 rows, and all ways-paying, you’ll be casting your net far and wide for your chance to catch the big one.
Embark on an adventure to the African Serengeti, the habitat of the Raging Elephant, the Stampeding Buffalo, the Wild Hippo and numerous other remarkable wild animals. Delve into this distinctive and feature-rich videoslot that promises Elephantine wins of up to 7,000x
Ave Caesar is a humorous, cartoon-styled videoslot with a Roman theme which is based on our innovative Dynamics Ways mechanic (243 to 3,125 ways) with 4 different base game features, 5 different bonus rounds, and 3 in-game jackpots. A number of characters feature who will intervene to help the player win bigger prizes.
Mighty Buffalo SuperSymbols® is a unique cascade game which is played on an initial 5x5 panel. Matching symbols that land adjacent to each other in groups of at least 2x2 symbols will combine to form larger paying shapes ('SuperSymbols'). These can further expand when individual instances of the same symbol land adjacent to them.

The symbol sizes directly correspond to win potential, making it very easy to understand spin outcomes, even on small mobile devices. The game has Progressive Multipliers, Mystery Symbols, Mighty Buffalo Respins,and a Free Spins feature with Multiplying Symbols.
Join the hero, Shinobi, on his quest to become a Ninja warrior so that he can protect his family and fellow villagers from The Daimyo, the cruel feudal boss in this Asian anime-style videoslot.

Guide our hopeful warrior on his quest as he summons wave after wave of walking wilds and other fantastic features.

Revel in the moment as Shinobi draws upon the teachings of The Ronin to stretch the reels to boost the number of paying ways, on his journey to the Ninja Temple bonus feature in which he dearly hopes to impress his elders with mega wins of up to 9,000x
Get ready to reel in some big wins of up to 5,000x in Big Money Bass. With 5 reels, 4 rows, and ways-paying, you’ll be casting your net far and wide for your chance to catch the big one. The core ‘hold and respin’ feature, with four exciting power ups, will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to hook those elusive fish multipliers.
Get ready to unleash the power of Thor and other Norse gods in this epic SuperSlice® game that offers cascading wheels, win multipliers, free spins, and multiple God Modifier features With thunderous gameplay, thrilling graphics and wins of up to 10,000x, players will feel as if they are battling alongside the mighty God of Thunder himself.
Follow the adventures of the handsome Arabian hero and a beautiful princess in this classic tale of love, skulduggery, and golden treasure. This feature-packed game is played with dynamic reels that change the number of potentially winning ways every spin and delivers wins of up to 9,970x in free spins.
Joker And The Thief is a uniquely exciting SuperSlice® game with a symbol collection mechanic that will test players’ nerve like no other. Winnings are not paid immediately, but are instead held in a temporary ‘Cash Stash’. At the same time, symbol collection meters fill up which, when filled after 6 wins, trigger free spins with win multipliers of up to 16x possible.

Players can opt to collect their winnings or keep spinning with the goal of triggering free spins. But they must beware, for if the nefarious Thief lands before they reach free spins, he will steal all of their winnings and reset the meters. This is a game that creates tension and joy, that puts the player in control, and which is guaranteed to deliver dramatic experiences that players will love with wins of up to 5,000x.
Popeye is desperate to impress his beloved Olive Oyl, and he needs your help to do it in this classic comic book – inspired videoslot. Guide everyone’s favourite, spinach- swallowing, pipe-smoking seafarer as he encounters wave after wave of walking wilds and others fantastic features in which he dearly hopes to impress Olive Oyl with mega wins close to 10,000x.
Chronos is the God of Time and wields his mighty hourglass and scythe determining the future, past and present for all mankind. If you are lucky Chronos will bestow time altering features on you and award you with the treasure of the Cosmos, up to 10,000x your bet.

Join Chronos in his realm in this 50-line slot with multiple features that can award big wins at any spin of the game. The Lost Time Multiplier Respin and Chronos Random Scatters are randomly triggered while the Power of Time Respins and Mighty

Chronos Free Spins are symbol triggered so the thrill is always there on every spin with the possibility to big wins of up to 10,000x your bet.
Everyone knows a joker at one time in their life, but never one that dishes out big wins with every comedic spin of the wheel. He’s actually quite mad but in a good, entertaining, and rewarding way. Mad Joker features the new SuperSlice® Zones engine spreading dynamic zones across the wheel offering massive multipliers up to 100x on every single spin.

Mad Joker features the new SuperSlice® Zones mechanic where dynamic zones spread out across the wheel offering massive multipliers up to 100x on every single spin. Included in this mad game, you find Mad Joker Respins, Mad Joker Free Spins and crazy antics from the Mad Joker himself to help you find your Epic Mad Big Win.
The beloved sailor Popeye comes to SuperSlice®. Since the beginning of time Popeye and Brutus have battled for the affections of the beautiful Olive Oyl. In Popeye vs Brutus SuperSlice™ , trigger the Popeye vs Brutus battle wheels and you choose your hero. If you choose right, you win the love of Olive Oyl and can get your chance at Olive Oyl’s heart spins and up to 7,800x your bet in golden hearts.

Popeye vs Brutus uses our patent pending SuperSlice® offering 2-12 dynamic slices on every spin. It couldn’t be easier, spin the wheel, see the number of symbol slices added and watch if you are rewarded the sailor’s luck. More slices mean a higher chance for wins while lower number of slices mean larger prizes but look for Wimpy, Spinach and the Popeye vs Brutus symbols for your chance at wins up to 7,800x your bet.
The most well-known and infamous pirate of all time is Blackbeard. Three hundred years after his death, his massive, hidden fortune is still lost to history. What wasn’t known was that Blackbeardleft a secret compass of rings that points in the direction to massive treasure of upwards 25,000x!

The game uses our patent pending SuperSlice® wheel in a new engine called Rings offering 4 dynamic SuperSlice® wheels spinning with up to 2-16 slices for a combined display of up to 64 symbol and multiplier slices. On top of that on any full symbol winning spin the fourth SuperSlice® Ring award a multiplier up to 25x your symbol win for a total chance in Free Spins of 25,000x your bet.
Trains, tracks and childhood flashbacks. Remember that toy train set you spent hours setting up and playing when you were young? Wouldn’t it be great if you could relive those glory days of building tracks but make some hard cash at the same time? Enter RAW iGaming’s new patent-pending SuperTrack Railways™.

Enjoy railway fun as your cash trains journey across the reel set adding track multipliers and power-ups for wins up to 1,000x in the base game and up to 10,000x your bet in the Free Spins. For giggles and laughs we have added in a bunch of extras, like multiplier tunnels, cranes that move you across tracks, loaders that add multiplier carts, water towers that can block your way, multiplier car crossings and much more. You never know how the tracks will lead your trains or how far they will travel.
Help Lucky McGee find his lost rainbow. Spin Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl® and win rainbow coins that rebuild Lucky’s lost rainbow. Collect hidden treasures such as Lucky’s Pachinko and Lucky’s Free Spins. If you successfully find the rainbow, Lucky will award you a chance at 25,000x your bet, in Lucky’s Rainbow Spins.
The small town of Black Hill is threatened by the dirty Jameson gang with their leader Gus Jameson, who will stop at nothing to take the town and it’s claim to the Black Hills gold mine. The town has hired you to protect them as Sheriff and ensure the safety of the good families of Black Hill. Save the town from the Jameson’s and they will reward you to up to 25,000x your bet.
Let’s play a classic favourite, SuperSlice-style! And heck, let’s do it in the old west, I mean why wouldn’t we. It was a magnificent time and it’s a magnificent game with magnificent prizes up to 15,100x your bet.

Get 10 free spins with an extra number in the bet selector as well as wheel multipliers are increased up to 300x. Don’t miss the bigwin opportunity Respin feature increasing its value with each miss. MagSpins® chance are also increased.
What would a concert be without rock and roll features like Respins with multipliers up to 50x or Free Spins with unlimited increasing multipliers? But only the biggest headbangers will get lucky enough to trigger MagSpins® offering wins up to 25,000x your bet in a single spin session.
Cascade through a SuperSlice® world of Egyptian Gods on your trip to Naunet and her Chaos Spins where you can spin forth massive multiplier wins up to 15,000x. On your quest, the Gods can award win multipliers between 1x to 8x, 8 or 12 retriggerable Free Spins or Naunets Chaos Spins.

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About RAW iGaming

In the iGaming sector, RAW iGaming has set itself up as a brand to keep an eye on. Although being relatively fresh to the market - RAW iGaming was established in early 2021 - they have already left a significant influence. Due to the company's SuperSlice engine's rapid adoption, many slots with entertaining games will soon provide a similar gaming concept. Every spin is unique since the SuperSlice gaming engine initially employs wheels rather than reels.

CEO Thomas Wood, who formerly held positions at SG Digital and Williams Interactive in the online gaming sector, is in charge of RAW iGaming. The company appears to be such a creative studio for this justification. The plan includes room for growth. There are many options to quickly integrate the SuperSlice games into various companies due to the company's acquisition of the Leander Games system in April 2022. It is already operating in 13 regulated sectors.

The RAW iGaming crew has a proven track history in the market. They have leveraged this expertise to produce games that can expand the slot market and establish an entirely new genre of games. Henceforth, some of the most famous slot titles are Wheels of Rock, Blackbeards Super Slice Rings, Joker & the Thief, Journey to Chaos, Mad Joker Zones, Popeye vs. Brutus, SuperTracks Railways, The Magnificent Super Slice, The Secret of Ali Baba, Thor Goes Wild.

Cluster Spin, the first add-on, allows gamers to wager on if they will lose or win over a sequence of several spins. The Bonus Rush is another add-on, and it is a spin on the bonus buy upgrades that have been implemented in games in 2022, with the mechanism gaining tremendous success. When playing Bonus Rush, players pick a level and feature, place the wager they wish to put on it, and then dive directly into the bonus game.

Upcoming games from RAW iGaming will probably be one of the finest slot machines available online if the company's portal is any indication. If the first few games are any indication, the brand is fulfilling its goal of "standing out in the sea of sameness," as it boldly declares.

Every game offered by Raw iGaming has been carefully tuned to work effectively on any device having a browser, internet access, and a screen, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices. Excessive loading times and annoying bugs won't ruin the opportunity for a business to stand out in the best possible ways.

If you enjoy high-volatility games with the potential for large payouts, these are the best titles for you. Additionally, a broad range of bet sizes is available, allowing you to play with whatever your bankroll. RAW iGaming's SuperSlice slots have a range of various RTPs, based on how the casino provider configures them. You can choose an RTP that is higher or lower according to your preferred style of play.

With its offices in Malta and Malaga, gamers and the gaming sector have been paying close attention to it. The emphasis is always on offering top-notch excitement, and a selection of high-variance games appear excellent on all kinds of gadgets. There are numerous opportunities to win, and the excitement of a vast wheel game mixes traditional slot machine action with that of a big wheel.

Upon becoming the most recent igaming company to register with First Look games, the company is seeking to use the influence of associates to increase the exposure of its titles. According to reports, the self-described "pink shark in the sea of sameness" will now have exposure to 800+ authorized publishers, who collectively have an audience of 20 million gamers.

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