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Dragon Power Keno offers an opportunity to uncover the riches guarded by dragons in an 80-spot keno game with a draw of 20 numbers. Packed with mesmerizing features, the game introduces dragon symbols that trigger instant rewards when 4 or more are matched.

Furthermore, these dragon symbols hold even greater potential. Achieving 5 or more dragon symbols not only doubles the instant reward but also unlocks +30 Free Games. Within the Dragon Power Free Games, each winning instant reward grants an additional +1 Free Game, while doubling the instant reward yields an impressive +10 Free Games. Moreover, during the Free Games phase, players stand a chance to uncover 1 to 3 extra spots, thus enhancing their prospects of claiming substantial prizes!
Neko Games takes immense pleasure in introducing Crazy Monkey: Banana Kingdom™! Embark on a journey through a vibrant rainforest filled with abundant rewards in the latest installment of this iconic series. Immerse yourself in upgraded instant bingo action, captivating visuals, and a jungle brimming with alluring treasures.

Within the game, players can opt to play with up to 4 tickets and acquire up to 12 extra balls to bolster their chances of landing any of the 19 prize patterns along with a range of additional features: Banana Jackpots Prizes: Each ball drawn during gameplay (initial draw or extra ball) holds the potential to grant a banana to the player. Accumulate 6 or more bananas by the end of a round to claim a Jackpot prize, with the highest jackpot reaching a staggering 5000x!

The Vines Bonus: Activated by achieving Bonus 1 pattern, this bonus unfolds across 5 distinct levels. Players must choose one of four available vines at each level, with rewards ranging from 60x to 500x based on the level. Additionally, a fixed prize of 550x awaits at the conclusion of the bonus round.

The Banana Trees Bonus: Triggered by achieving Bonus 2 pattern, this bonus also spans 5 levels. Players navigate through the levels by selecting one of three available Banana Trees, with prizes ranging from 28x to 350x. Similar to Bonus 1, a fixed prize of 400x awaits at the end.

The Royal Picker Bonus: Unlocked by achieving Bonus 3 pattern, players are tasked with selecting one of eight treasures, each offering rewards from 20x to 80x. Once again, a fixed prize of 400x awaits at the bonus round's close.

Wild Balls: Upon purchasing an extra ball, there's a chance to receive a wild ball instead of a standard numbered one. Wild balls enable players to mark any uncalled number on their tickets, with the game highlighting the highest candidate for optimal selection.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the untamed jungle with this exhilarating instant bingo game, boasting lavish rewards, a mouthwatering 5000x jackpot, and an abundance of monkey mischief!

Discover whether you'll reign supreme in the kingdom or succumb to banana madness with Crazy Monkey: Banana Kingdom™!
"And away they go!" Come along with Constitution Hill as he dashes towards triumph once more, competing against two other steeds in this Slingo-inspired rendition of his renowned races. Pick from a trio of racehorses and relish in the exhilarating, equine-infused Slingo experience.

Upon the signal to start and the commencement of spins, every successful number match corresponds with a color linked to one of the racehorses. Progressing the racehorse around the track with each matched number, players accumulate an array of instant cash rewards as they make their way to the final stretch.

Cash prizes initiate from two Slingos as players ascend the Payladder. Choose a horse that completes the racecourse to potentially receive awards of up to 1500x!
Step right into the thrilling world of animal kingdom games!

Experience the thrill of our diverse array of betting options, offering you 8 distinct avenues to place your wagers in this wild extravaganza! Simply make your selections and await the draw, where you could potentially win up to 5,000 times your initial bet!

Take your pick from a total of 50 bets spread across the varied categories. As the draws unfold, keep an eye out for matching animals on your ticket to claim your prize! Plus, with the possibility of up to 5 times multipliers on any draw, your chances of winning are further amplified!
Enter the captivating universe of China Shores Slingo, where the beloved Konami classic China Shores and Slingo merge to bring forth an exceptional gaming adventure. Ascend the Payladder, where achieving 3+ Slingos triggers the activation of the Mini Reel.

This Mini Reel presents players with a choice between Cash prizes or Slot Spins in the China Shores Slot. As players complete Slingos, the Mini Reel expands, offering more opportunities to secure enticing Cash prizes and thrilling Slot Spins. The further players progress up the Payladder, the larger the potential wins, with 12 Slingos granting rewards of up to 200X per reel. This distinctive feature ensures an escalating level of anticipation and potential rewards as players advance up the Payladder.

Beyond the Slingo base game, players are presented with various choices that shape the excitement of the Bonus Features. Upon accumulating Slot Spins, players encounter the classic Balance of Fortune™ feature from the original China Shores title. Within the Balance of Fortune™, players are faced with a pivotal decision: whether to utilize the awarded Slot Spins or gamble them for an immediate cash prize. Are you prepared to tilt the scales in your favor?

Opting for the Slot Spins initiates the original China Shores Slot. With its 5 reels and 30 paylines, this format caters to both casual players and seasoned enthusiasts, promising an exhilarating experience.

Adorned with majestic pandas, Chinese lanterns, and tranquil landscapes, the China Shores Slot sets a visually stunning stage, immersing players in the delightful victories of the classic title. Featuring stacked iconic symbols, captivating gameplay, and the potential for substantial wins, China Shores Slingo is a must-try for those in search of an entertaining and rewarding gaming journey.
Experience the intense blaze of winning possibilities in Slingo Hot Roll. The Grid presents 25 randomly generated numbers that must align with the five drawn on the bottom reel, marking their positions. To score a Slingo and ascend the fiery Payladder, players need to land a line of matched numbers.

Enhancing the excitement are various modifiers that can appear on the bottom reel, such as Wilds and Super Wilds. These modifiers introduce a strategic element to the gameplay, allowing players to choose which number to mark next. Additionally, a Free Spin symbol increases the initial 10 spins granted per round. After each round, players can purchase extra spins, the cost of which may vary based on their progress on the Payladder.

As players climb the Payladder, they unlock one of seven distinct bonuses. Access to the first bonus feature requires achieving 5 Slingos, with more Slingos leading to bonuses with higher win potential. Attaining 9 or more Slingos triggers the Hot Roll Bonus Game, featuring fiery dice rolls.

Roll the dice and witness the game board erupt in flames. Wins are accumulated through successful dice rolls, concluding when a roll results in a 7. Players can opt for more Hot Rolls or take a chance on up to a X5 multiplier, providing multiple ways to engage with the Hot Rolls feature. Adding further heat to the action are Golden Dice, introducing the possibility of an extra X2 multiplier and preventing lives from being lost when rolling a 7.
Before you embark on the gaming adventure, select your preferred festive elf character who will dash around the gameboard, bestowing an array of cash prizes and a potential jackpot of up to 1000x upon completing the race. Each elf comes with its own volatility rating, allowing players to tailor the experience to their liking.

Are you inclined to play it safe and secure prizes swiftly, or are you up for a gamble in pursuit of a larger win? With increased elements of risk and reward, you have the option to conclude the race prematurely and decide when to claim all accumulated prizes or continue on to the final stretch.

The widely embraced Slingo mechanic takes center stage in the primary game, featuring a frosty 5x5 grid of randomly generated numbers. Additionally, there are five numbers positioned beneath the matrix, requiring correspondence with those on the reels to trigger a matched number. Each matched number is denoted by a red, blue, green, or blank symbol, propelling the correspondingly colored elf racer forward by one space.

Achieving a line of matched numbers results in a Slingo, elevating players on an escalating prize ladder. Facilitating the creation of these wins are wilds and super wilds, enabling players to select the next number to mark, and a free spins symbol that awards an extra spin.
Embark on an exhilarating adventure inspired by a famous tale in Brazilian folklore with "Mae Do Ouro: Golden Spirit™." Join players in the quest for discovery, where a captivating blend of history and myth unfolds alongside rewarding features and immersive video bingo gameplay.

At the heart of the game is Mae do Ouro, or 'Golden Mother,' a legendary figure whose very presence signals the proximity of hidden gold reserves within the lush landscapes of the Minas Gerais region.

As the resolute guardian of these treasures, she takes on dual forms when encountered by intrepid travelers: an ethereal, golden apparition gently guiding players towards base game wins, and a fiery spirit with the divine authority to bestow the biggest bonus prizes upon the worthy.
Join the wolf pack as they trek through their snowy territory in this frozen title played on a 5x5 grid that displays randomly generated numbers. A constantly changing reel set at the bottom of the gameboard reveals numbers that must be matched to those on the grid to award a Slingo, increasing the player’s position on the pay ladder.

Assisting in forming Slingos are Wilds, Super Wilds, and Free Spin symbols that can land on the reels. Additionally, wolves can traverse the game board and grant four exciting features which increase the number of reels in play or grant an extra respin.
Experience Tetris® Slingo, a new game that combines classic Slingo gameplay with a Tetris twist. We have collaborated with The Tetris Company, Inc. to deliver a vibrant game played across a 5×5 matrix. Here the iconic symbols overlay randomly generated numbers which comprise the game board.

Players are awarded 10 spins to match as many numbers on this grid as possible with each line of matched numbers awarding a Slingo and progressing players up an incrementally increasing prize ladder.
Imagine a retro-themed game that brings all the old-school joy of an ‘80s classic into the present day, with modern graphical and sound effects. Now combine the result with the signature Slingo mechanic and you have Slingo SPACE INVADERS.

Yes, that’s right: the most famous shoot ‘em up of them all is now available to play on our 5×5 Slingo grid – UFOs, pesky little aliens and all. As you make your way up the Slingo pay ladder, you’ll be tasked with shooting those very Invaders on sight.

For that, you’ll be greatly rewarded in the form of cash prizes and extra lives in the bonus round. Enjoy the truly out of this world experience, as SPACE INVADERS jumps right off the screen like never before.
Are you ready to take a spacewalk on the wild side? There’s a whole universe to explore out there in Slingo’s Cosmic Clusters. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll have more on your plate than to wander aimlessly around the moon.

Your space mission here is to collect lines or clusters on the 5×5 Slingo grid, for which you’ll be rewarded in Slingos and Cosmic Spins respectively. The Cosmic Spins feature is when the game really amps up the excitement, as you’ll be playing on an expanded 9×5 grid.

So if you’re game for an interstellar space adventure, you lucky space cadet, get ready for some wins that are truly out of this world.
Join us for the biggest fiesta of the year on both sides of the great divide and get more chances to win with Extra Balls, revitalize your balance with helpful Wild Balls, wallop your way to riches in the Piñatas Bonus, and collect colourful skulls or “Calaveras” for your chance to hit the 5000x jackpot!

Celebrations aside, you’ll have plenty of chances to honour the dearly departed in both the Cemetery Bonus where wins of up to 80x await, and in the 5-Level Portraits Bonus which sees you pay your respects at various memorials for wins of up to 1646x! It’s a party you won’t want to miss, so come join the festivities and experience the Video Bingo celebration of a lifetime with Catrina™!
Pull out your piggy bank and prepare to fill it with coins, as there are plenty of chances to add to your collection with Slingo Piggy Bank. The objective is simple: climb the pay ladder, pig up as many coins as you can, and hoof it all the way home with your stash. Who knows? You might just win the whole hog.

Of course, you could be forgiven for thinking that Slingo Piggy Bank is all about the money – the name does kind of suggest that. But it’s also a game that’s pure, 100%, unadulterated fun. In fact, it won’t be able to help but remind you of a simpler time.
Yee-haw! Load up your six-shooter, grab your silver spurs, and saddle right on up. We’ve teamed up with Relax Gaming for this Slingo-spinning take on the Money Train. You’re transported right into the heart of the action, where the Money Train awaits you in the middle of the game’s steampunk Wild West setting.

There’s plenty going on too, as Slingo Money Train is a game with the original Money Train 2 bonus feature and multiple modifier symbols. The maximum win is a huge, rip-roaring 10,000x that you can take to the bank.
This Irish folklore-themed Slingo game will have you feeling top of the morning, even if you’re playing at 11 o’ clock at night. While the game features a Joker, he’s very much of the Irish variety in his Leprechaun suit. He has a big role to play too.

The Feature Trail integrated around the grid sees him moving with each spin of the reels. And if his luck rubs off on you, you may land one of the cash prizes displayed on the trail. Then there’s the feature games that includes both Bonus Wheels, with each one offering a selection of prizes, and a slot game. Come on…it’s time to grab your pot of gold.
Inspired by popular Ancient Egypt-themed games, Amazing Pharaoh invites players to experience a golden age of ingenuity thanks to its unique free rounds feature and gripping, Video Bingo-based gameplay. Step inside the glittering hall of Amazing Pharaoh and rediscover the wonders of the ancient world with features like Free Rounds, Wild Balls, Extra Balls, and an Amazing Jackpots feature which pays up to 10,000x for wins that are truly fit for a pharaoh!

The game can be played with up to 4 tickets and the option to buy up to 12 extra balls for more chances to win any of the 19 prize patterns and the game’s additional features: Amazing Jackpots: Follow the sacred Scarabs to unlock the game’s biggest prizes! Collect six or more in a single round to trigger the feature, then open ancient Arks for a chance to win up to 10,000x!

Free Rounds: The world’s first free rounds feature on Video Bingo! Four separate prize patterns award between 5 and 10 free rounds, which can be extended to 36 free rounds during the feature! Wild Balls: A classic video bingo feature. Choose the next number to be called on any active ticket.
Fans of Lord of the Ocean™ are going to love this addition to the game series, as it combines the look and feel of the cult underwater classic with the excitement of bingo! Lord of the Ocean Bingo™ CCJ allows players to play on up to 4 bingo cards, 30 regular balls and up to 11 extra balls.

Two winning patterns trigger the Lord of the Ocean™ Free Games feature to add slot action to your bingo fun! This game also gives players the chance towin a ‘Jolly Joker’ when buying an extra ball to let players select the number they need the most! Get ready to shout BINGOOOO on the Home of Games today!
Gaming Realms has once again reworked a classic, this time giving a sphinxy new look to IGT’s Cleopatra slot. All the old magnetism and mystery of the original slot is brought to a whole new generation of online gamers. You’ll be pleased to know that we felt compelled to live up to the standards of Cleopatra herself and shower you with riches.

Hint: you can land wins even on the lower rungs of the prize ladder. Of course, the pharaoh up the ladder you go, the more riches will fall your way. A game with pyramids, the Sphinx, and scarab beetles, you’ll find all the wonder that surrounds Ancient Egypt right here in Slingo Cleopatra.
Inspired by the legendary gold rush of the 1850s, American Gold Fever gives players a chance to find their fortune in the treasure-filled hills of California, where rich deposits of gold are waiting to be unearthed! Get more chances to extract a payout with Extra Balls, expose more opportunities to prosper with Wild Balls, and collect those prized golden nuggets for a shot at the 5000x Jackpot!

The game will offer the possibility to play with up to 4 tickets and buy up to 12 extra balls to increase the chances to win any of the 19 prize patterns and the additional features:

• American Jackpots Prizes: Each ball drawn in the game (initial draw or extra ball) will have a chance to award up to 9 nuggets to the player. At the end of the round, if 6 or more nuggets are collected, the player will win a Jackpot prize. The highest jackpot prize will award 5000x!

• Mine Shaft Bonus: Bonus 1 pattern will activate the bonus and the player will be taken inside the mine. The bonus has 5 different levels. On each level, the player will have to select one of four different wall sections of the mine with a dynamite. After the selection, the dynamite of the wall section selected will explode and reveal the resulting prize. Selections can pay prizes from 60x to 500x, depending on the bonus level. In addition, bonus 1 pattern will also pay a fixed prize (550x) at the end of the bonus round.
Slingo Golden Envelope draws from a rich cultural history, with its iconic symbols ready to capture your imagination. Be prepared to journey away from your living room to beautiful lands. Slingo Golden Envelope is more than a treat for the senses. When the new year comes around, the Red Envelope rewards you with a cash bonus, additional picks, or a multiplier. The Gold Envelope is even more generous, with its five jackpot levels.
We think we’ve scored with this one. And now it’s your own chance to put the ball in the back of the net. Slingoooal provides plenty of excitement: the fast-paced gameplay is on par with the best of the Premier League, and will make you feel like you’ve just signed a lucrative deal. As for the motivating music and design features, they’re sure to inspire your best game as you go running down the wing to score another Slingoooal. Strike while the reels are hot and instant cash prizes will be yours.

Numbers are marked off when you match any to those sitting on the reel, your goal is to mark off 5 consecutive numbers in a row, column or diagonally. Each Slingo scored will see you climb up the payladder and win a cash prize – up to 1000x your bet! You’ll feel like you’ve just brought the cup home.
Gaming Realms has again joined forces with the Discovery Channel, this time applying the Slingo touch to the adrenaline-fuelled reality show Deadliest Catch. In this version, you’ll attempt to survive the cruellest of elements, which only get crueller the further up the pay ladder you go.

A brand new Slingo collectible mechanic gives you a chance to get ahead of the game and add to the value of the feature rounds, as you grab golden crabs in the base game. You’ll be given a helping hand from experienced captains Sigurd ’Sig’ Hansen and Wild Bill Wichrowski!
Packed full of entertainment, Slingo Rakin’ Bacon is Gaming Realms’ spin on American Gaming Systems (AGS) classic jackpot game. Bringing the magic of land-based casinos, this will be a game you can’t turn away from, especially with 15 spins on three separate tiers to keep you busy.

Oh, and let’s not forget the four fixed jackpots that await you. Think we’re telling porkies? Give it a try…
Neko Games is proud to present Thunderstruck II Video Bingo! A new Video Bingo game based on the Thunderstruck II slot, the 2011 Norse mythology masterpiece that took the world by storm with its electrifying features, groundbreaking graphics, and cinematic soundtrack. With Thunderstruck II Video Bingo, players are invited to revisit the realm of the gods and join Odin, Thor, Loki, and Valkyrie in the hallowed halls of Asgard where a new, unforgettable video bingo adventure awaits.

Thunderstruck II Video Bingo can be played with 1-4 tickets, but it’s recommended to play with four tickets enabled to experience the game in all its godly glory. When playing with max tickets, each Extra Ball purchased has a chance to reveal a hidden cache of coins which are drawn into Thor’s Hammer – fill the hammer to enter the Great Hall of Jackpots and play for one of four mighty jackpot prizes:

• Valkyrie Jackpot: Collect 3 Valkyrie coins to claim a 50x jackpot from the shieldmaiden.

• Loki Jackpot: Collect 3 Loki coins to claim a 250x jackpot from the god of mischief.

• Odin Jackpot: Collect 3 Odin coins to claim a 2500x jackpot from the wise King of Asgard.

• Thor Jackpot: Collect 3 Thor coins to claim the ultimate 10000x jackpot from the god of thunder.

With three epic bonus features, including a 5-Level Asgard Chambers Bonus that pays up to 3095x, a Hall of Picks bonus that pays up to 2300x, a jackpot that can award 10000x, frequent Extra Balls, gripping gameplay, and the sheer magnetism of the Thunderstruck II brand, the call to Asgard has never been stronger. Journey across the rainbow bridge and continue the celebrated saga with Thunderstruck II Video Bingo, the triumphant video bingo remake of one of the world’s most famous slots.

This Video Bingo version was built around the Thunderstruck II theme, taking into account not only the general look and feel, music, backgrounds, animations and icons, but also the four main characters that each relate to a specific jackpot, the main feature of the game.
Inspired by popular Bank themed games, Break Da Bank Again Video Bingo gives players exciting new ways to bust into a treasure-filled vault with action-packed, Video Bingo-based gameplay. Featuring frequent Extra Balls, priceless Wild Balls, and a glittering 5000x Jackpot, Break Da Bank Again Video Bingo equips players with everything they need to make a hefty withdrawal, right from the very first round.

Step inside this highly-restricted strong room for a chance to crack the safe with a prize winning bingo combination, bypass security with precious bonus balls, and exchange cash, jewels and solid gold bars for instant wins by progressing through the 5-level Big Vault bonus game.

The game can be played with up to 4 tickets and the option to buy up to 10 extra balls for more chances to win any of the 19 prize patterns and the game’s additional features: Jackpot: The biggest payday in Break Da Bank Again Video Bingo comes from the Jackpot! It’s a 5000x fixed prize multiplier based on the bet per ticket value. Ker-ching!

Big Vault Bonus: The Big Vault Bonus is a 5-level picker game that awards instant cash prizes! Players have different items to select on each level of the bonus, which reveal a prize or the ‘Collect’ sign. Wild Balls: A classic video bingo feature. Choose the next number to be called on any active ticket.
Stinkin’ Rich Slingo is your chance to live the lavish lifestyle of the rich and fabulous as you seek to complete Slingos on your way to some smelly but generous money rewards. Sure, you’ll need to put up with Richard the Skunk just long enough to come out smelling like roses with a boatload of cash in your pocket.

If you’ve never encountered the funky skunk before, don’t worry: the two bonus games will make it worth your while.

The 5,5,3,5,5 grid mirrors the reels seen in the original video slot by King Show Games. This is good news, as you only need four matches on the top and bottom horizontal Slingos and only three on the middle vertical Slingo. And as Slingos cover lines that go horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, there are 12 possible winning combinations for you to hit.

Then there are the jackpots: three jackpot symbols activate the Smelly Rich jackpot, four make you Filthy Rich, and if you land five jackpot symbols, you’ll have the ultimate honour of being called Stinking Rich. The smellier you get, the richer you become, so be prepared to stink like a skunk.
Do you have what it takes to tame the wild rhino of the African Savannah in the thrilling new Slingo Stampede? You’ll want this beast of an animal on your side to help you secure even more wins through Scatters.

Slingo's latest game goes wild - featuring three reels instead of one to ensure even more number matches on the grid. Players will get to enjoy the blazing sun while reaping the magnificent rewards and wins through Slingos and Scatters! Grab your explorer’s hat and sense of adventure - good luck!
Slingo teamed up with IGT to offer a new take on this iconic and sparkling game. If you consider yourself a diamond in the rough, here’s your chance to turn on the style in one of the most elegant games ever seen. The inner artisans among you will surely appreciate the symbols and renaissance theme of Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds.

This gem of a game also includes the Tumbling Reels feature that the original IGT slot is so famous for. And if diamonds are your forever friend, you’ll fall in love with the slot game’s bonus feature
We’ve only gone and teamed up with the popular Discovery Channel show, Shark Week. But are you up for the challenge, as this Slingo shark game dares you to step into our fright-infested waters? If you answered “yes”, you’d better prepare to feel your heart pounding and your pulse racing.

After all, we’re talking sharks here. If that strikes terror in your heart, don’t worry – your bravery will be well rewarded as you complete Slingos and climb your way up the pay ladder to claim some very generous prizes.

With five bonus games and a shark wheel giving you the chance to play enhanced bonus rounds, it’s time to dive right in and sink your teeth into this jaw-biting adventure.
Follow in the fabled footsteps of the Peruvian Incas, taking in views of cloud forests, mountainscapes, and the region’s ruins along the way. Don’t worry, there’s more to this game than breathtaking sights, as Free Spins, Super Wilds, and more Slingo goodness awaits on the reels.

Oh, and the trail-tastic bonus round takes you to the glorious Machu Picchu. Glorious indeed, as it’s here where one of several sacred artifacts rewards you up to 5000x your stake. Yes, you read that right!
It’s both pure fire AND ice cold! Opposites attract in this totally new way to play Slingo, which features not one but two Slingo grids: one fiery red and one brrrr-illiant blue. Symbols on the slot reel are either red, blue or mixed, and each coloured symbol eliminates numbers from its respective grid, while mixed symbols mark numbers off both grids.

Completing Slingos on the red grid moves you up a multiplier ladder and completing Slingos on the blue grid moves you up a pay ladder, to which the multipliers are applied. There are also unbelieva-cool fixed jackpots up for grabs. High volatility and action-packed, Fire and Ice takes the Slingo mechanic to new fahren-heights.
Giddy up, we’re going to the races to spin for wins in our exciting new Slingo Racing game! There’s no handicap needed in this race as players select one of three horses before the game begins and collect multipliers on the track of their choice.

But that’s not all! Each track awards a galloping jackpot prize if the selected horse crosses the finish line. Time to get saddled up!
1524 Golden Quest! The new video bingo inspired by the story of “El Dorado”, the lost city of gold and full of riches in the middle of the South American jungle that in 1524 led Spanish and European conquerors on a trek into the rainforests and mountains of the new continent.

Join The Conqueror as he journeys forth through the South American jungle. Navigate through amazing bonuses and conquer all the riches as you search for the great El Dorado Jackpot.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this sugary confection, which adds layers of the legendary Sweet Bonanza slot to a delicious Slingo base. The highest wins are delivered via the unbelieva-bomb bonus game, which can be triggered from the base game reel or via the Slingo pay ladder.

As you climb up the Slingo ladder, an increasing number of picks in the bonus game are available, along with higher multiplier values, and Wilds will be on hand to let you mark numbers off the grid. Tres bon bon!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when chestnuts are roasting on an open fire and the carols are in full swing. Christmas is the time for giving, and Slingo Bells is the ultimate gift, giving you the chance to win up to 1000x your bet! Hit ‘START GAME’ to enter the winter wonderland and spin the slot reel to mark numbers off your 5×5 grid.

If you mark off 5 numbers in a row, you’ll get a Slingo and progress up the win ladder on the left. In the spirit of Christmas, you can also purchase unlimited extra spins to continue the festive cheer! Unbelieva-bell.
Super Bola was decommissioned by Play'n GO 15th March 2023.
Roll up, roll up! The Slingo fair is in town, and it’s jam-packed with games and treats. Grab some candy floss and wander past the colourful stalls, where you may find the Bottle Toss Bonus, Balloon Popper Bonus, Coaster Climb Bonus and so much more!

Slingo Carnival is one of the most immersive Slingo Originals, inviting players on an exciting adventure filled with memories of the fair – and hopefully some sweet wins. Highly interactive with a hint of nostalgia, Slingo Carnival is one magical innovation in online gaming that’s not to be missed.

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