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Explore the vibrant terrains of Africa as you set off on your quest to soccer stardom with Football Freestyler. Display your mesmerizing ball control skills and tackle exhilarating obstacles on your path to becoming a soccer icon. Witness your victories skyrocket!
Enter the green and immerse yourself in the delights of a newly trimmed golf course. Each swing promises excitement, every shot a potential triumph. Test the limits of your ball's flight, aiming for greatness with every stroke. Equip yourself with clubs, tee up, and aim for victory.

Players have the opportunity to wager on three balls concurrently, with the option to configure automatic betting and cashout settings for each ball, simplifying their gameplay experience. The autoplay feature handles bets automatically for a predetermined number of rounds, while auto cashout ensures players never miss a payout once a specified threshold is reached. Strategize wisely, and reap the rewards of your skill!
The Evolution Stock Market provides an exhilarating, rapid-paced experience where your goal is to anticipate fluctuations in virtual financial markets within the game.

Now you have the opportunity to participate in market activities, capitalizing on both upward and downward movements if your predictions are accurate. Monitor stock value changes in real-time through dynamic charts displayed on the trading screen.

Seasoned investors and cryptocurrency traders understand that immense wealth can be generated in mere moments – and now you can taste the same excitement. Attempt to forecast whether a Trading Session (a round in the game) will conclude above or below the initial stock value. Act swiftly, as each Trading Session begins automatically once the betting period concludes, and your Portfolio is automatically reinvested unless you intervene.

As anticipation builds, rely on your accumulated experience and intuition to identify the optimal moment to Cash Out, potentially securing trading profits for yourself!
Supercharge your victories with FlyX™ Cash Booster™, the thrilling crash betting game from BuckStakes Entertainment! Witness your wins soar by as much as 300% as you strategically place your bets and observe the multipliers skyrocket. Stay in the game as long as you dare, but be sure to cash out before your champion takes flight!

Dive into the competitive spirit by challenging fellow players to see who can achieve the highest flight. Only those with true courage and audacity can endure to win up to 12,000 times their initial bet. BuckStakes Entertainment is committed to delivering captivating and groundbreaking gaming experiences.

With its intuitive gameplay, FlyX™ Cash Booster™ empowers players of all kinds, from casual gamers to adrenaline junkies, to tailor their own unique gaming adventure. Who needs wings when you can triple your winnings with FlyX™ Cash Booster™!
In this festively packed crash game, immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit as Santa gracefully soars through the skies, showering down presents. Players can place 1 or 2 bets simultaneously, observing Santa's high-flying journey and seizing gifts at their discretion before he departs. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" proclaims Santa, embarking on his celestial mission. His diligent helpers, the elves, have meticulously prepared all the presents, while his five reindeer patiently await his return, as per tradition.

The customary flurry of activity surrounding Christmas gift preparation comes to a halt as players finalize their bets, signaling the end of the 5-second timer. Now, it's time to witness Santa's majestic flight and grab those coveted presents.

Players must act swiftly to claim gifts before Santa takes off and leaves them devoid of Christmas surprises. Missed on the initial attempt? No need to fret. Players enjoy an unlimited number of chances, with the option to place 1 or 2 bets in a single round or opt for Autoplay mode to automate their luck strategy, specifying the number of autoruns and their desired multiplier for cashing out.

With meticulous attention to art, animations, and sound, this crash game is beautifully wrapped to ensure holiday joy for all. However, the true nature of Santa's surprises remains a mystery until you take the plunge and try it for yourself.
Join lucky prospector, Gold Diggin’ Gus, as he goes in search of more precious gold in his brand new minecart, heading deep into the mine to collect as many nuggets as he can before losing control – it’s Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem.

Gus has been looking for a faster way to grow his fortune and has now splashed out on a luxury, top-of-the-range minecart for our first ever “Crash” style game, where the aim is to collect as much gold as possible, building up the increasing win multiplier, and then manage to cash out before Gus loses his way and the cart crashes.

Paying homage to one of our most popular ever slots, Gus’s Gold: Minecart Mayhem is an exciting, fast-paced gaming experience, where the player can control the volatility of each round by choosing their own bet level and deciding when to cash out. The longer you wait, the higher the win multiplier will grow … but the cart could randomly crash at any moment, taking away all your hard-earned gold and leaving you with nothing!
Introducing our latest addition to the Pragmatic Play “Crash” collection: Big Bass Crash.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Slots series, Big Bass Crash invites players to engage in real-time decision-making as they accompany our seasoned fisherman on his quest to capture as many Big Bass as possible.

This dynamic game fosters an immersive and sociable environment through live leaderboards, multiplayer chat, and a range of interactive elements.

Players can hook a win by cashing out before the fisherman loses his net and the inevitable crash occurs. With the game’s innovative “Cashout 50%” feature, players have the option to secure winnings for half their initial bet, allowing them to venture forth with the remaining funds for a potentially higher, albeit riskier, reward.
Prepare to be captivated by a new dimension of gambling, where a revolutionary space adventure will ignite your imagination and lead you on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos. Leave behind the familiar as you enter a realm where great fortune dances among the stars, daring you to chase boundless treasures.

In this electrifying space odyssey, traditional slots are but a memory. Instead, you'll witness the rocket's takeoff, and with each passing moment, the multiplier rises, amplifying the thrill of potential rewards. Will you have the courage to wait for the opportune moment, or will you take a daring risk, knowing that the rocket's explosive potential looms overhead?
Get ready to make a splash with Deep Rush, the ultimate casino crash game! Brace yourself for an exhilarating deep-sea experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Taking you to the depths of the ocean, where treasures lie waiting to be discovered, will you be able to cash out in time and foil the great white shark that lurks down there? With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the mysterious abyss first hand.

But be warned, the excitement in Deep Rush is intense! The crash format adds a thrilling twist to the traditional casino games. Will you ride the wave and win big, or will you end up as shark bait? The only way to find out is to take the plunge!

With its easy-to-use interface and seamless navigation, Deep Rush is suitable for both experienced players and newcomers alike. So, whether you’re a seasoned slots enthusiast or a curious beginner, this game will have you hooked from the first expedition.

Don’t miss out on the underwater adventure of a lifetime. Equipped with your submarine and full diving gear, try Deep Rush today and search for your own hoard of treasure!
Soar to new heights in this compelling crash betting game from BuckStakes Entertainment, FlyX ™ Simultaneously place one or two bets and watch the multipliers go up and up. Hold out for as long as you can and cash out before your hero flies away! Enjoy FlyX ™when you engage with other players to see who flew the highest!

Only the bold and the brave can hold out long enough to win up to 10000x their bet. BuckStakes Entertaining is dedicated to bringing exciting and innovative gambling experiences to the market. With an easy to understand mechanic, BuckStakes Entertainment has designed FlyX ™to put the gambling experience in the hands of players of any type, from the casual player to the thrill seeker, allowing players the choice to customise their own unique and individual experience.

Who needs a plane when you can FlyX ™
Maverick X takes AD LUNAM’s crash gaming debut to new heights, offering a tantalising 250,000x maximum multiplier for a nail-biting gaming experience.

Taking on operator feedback from its predecessor, Maverick X illustrates the dynamism afforded by AD LUNAM’s crash game engine, bringing an adapted experience to market to accommodate player demographics with different betting preferences.

Maverick X’s max win is capped at €25,000, offering the potential for huge multipliers (up to 250,000x stake), while retaining a low volatility, relaxing gaming experience.
Ever dreamed of driving a supercar? Your dream ride is here with When Lambo!

This vibrant crash game, featuring a sleek minimalistic design and an engaging bonus round, is geared up to deliver substantial wins! In When Lambo, the multiplier coefficient climbs with the gas bottle. When the car collides with the bottle, the player's current multiplier is magnified by a 1.2 coefficient—assuming, of course, there's a crash!

When Lambo also offers the unique opportunity to place two bets simultaneously, amplifying your winning potential. To activate this feature, simply click the "+" button next to the Make Bet button, and the second Bet sector will appear automatically.

It's worth noting that the first and second bets are independent; you can set different values for each bet or opt to place just one of the bets. To close the second Bet sector, click on the "X" button located to the right of the Make Bet button. Get ready to rev up your wins in the fast-paced world of When Lambo!
Imoon Craash Royal is an exciting guessing game based on random numbers. This game progresses through a series of rounds and players must use their intuition to predict when the Multiplier value will crash, also known as the crash point. The game board consists of a line graph that represents how the Multiplier rises over the course of the round.

To play the game, players must place bets before the round starts. The game makes use of Random Number Generators (RNG) to calculate the Multiplier's crash point, which is completely random and cannot be predicted with certainty. The countdown will run for 7 seconds, and bets are closed 2 seconds before the round starts. Once the round starts, the Multiplier will start to rise, and players must predict when it will crash. If a player's prediction is correct, they win the round, and their bet winnings are added to their balance.
Let TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ pump up your players to the maximum with exciting and EASY WINS! Satisfy your players with the opportunity to win up to 100,000x their bet and an edge-of-their-seat gaming experience! This latest innovative offering energizes players with an explosively good time right in the comfort of their own homes!

TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ features a trio of brave astronauts who blast off into space with your player’s bet. Their mission? To fly higher and higher as the multiplier earns more winnings by the millisecond! However, players must keep a sharp eye on their intuition and eject the astronauts safely from the rocket before it EXPLODES along with their winnings. The higher they fly, the higher your players’ bets are multiplied… IF they can escape in time, that is!
Step into the lively circus world of Boom the Buffoon! In this whimsical realm, the clown symbolizes your gateway to quirky bonuses and exciting rewards. Catch three Clown symbols, and you're instantly transported to a thrilling Bonus Game!

Your prize begins matching your stake, and in a playful game of chance, six bullets can pump up your reward, potentially doubling it! To add to the excitement, a dice roll at the end could double your total winnings once more! Don't pass up this carnival of laughter and luck, where unexpected treasures hide behind every smile!
Maverick kicks off AD LUNAM's portfolio of arcade gaming content with a powerful crash gaming experience. Crash gaming reaches new heights!
Welcome to the world of Infinity Play! This unique addition to our product line boasts a brand-new concept and storyline, offering players an entirely fresh gaming experience.

Get ready to rev your engines and race for cash prizes like never before! While racing games have been around for ages, this one takes the thrill to a whole new level.

For gambling enthusiasts, this game marks a groundbreaking entry into the world of high-stakes races, bringing the excitement of the track to the realm of online gaming! Strap in and get ready for a ride that combines the adrenaline of the racetrack with the thrill of winning big!
Introducing Quantum X, an innovative creation from Onlyplay, marking a significant leap in the gaming industry. Developed entirely from scratch by the talented Onlyplay team, Quantum X redefines gaming concepts, establishing a new genre within the Infinity Play niche. This groundbreaking game is a result of evolving crash mechanics, setting a trend for future gaming experiences.

Quantum X features an interactive tutorial seamlessly integrated into the game interface, guiding players through its unique mechanics and gameplay. This ensures a smooth introduction for players, explaining the intricacies of the game and how to play effectively.

One of the standout features of Quantum X is its continuous gameplay. Unlike traditional games, Quantum X operates as an ongoing experience, allowing players to join in at any moment by placing a bet. The game boasts two infinite paylines on the game field, where players observe photons traveling along these lines. With a simple bet, players become part of one of these infinite lines, immersing themselves in the infinite possibilities of Quantum X. Get ready to embark on a never-ending gaming adventure!
Crashout - Fireworks presents not only an original and exciting addition to the 1X2gaming offering but also a new concept in the iGaming market. Crash games have seen a boon in popularity in the last few quarters, and this title from 1X2gaming adds a social multiplayer element to the players' experience.

Crash game mechanics are a unique experience in any casino lobby, fully centralising the gameplay on player choice. In Crashout - Fireworks, players follow the titular rocket as it soars through the sky towards its inevitable explosion. As it flies, the firework pushes the multiplier up with it, exponentially multiplying players' stakes before crashing.

Crashout - Fireworks provides players with an intuitive user interface, at the centre of which is a dual betting console, where players can set auto-bets and auto-cashouts as well as easily increase their bet via quick x2 / x5 multipliers.

This UI also includes a chat box with a host of emoji reactions for players to enjoy; as well as tracking of previous multipliers, biggest wins, overall bet history, and the individual player's bet history for that session.
Stormy Witch features beautiful artwork and slick gameplay as Ophelia sets off on a stormy night, chased into the clouds by ghouls and ghosts. Gameplay joins her as she gathers momentum, guiding her broom through the night sky.

Players familiar with the increasingly popular multiplier format games will expect a sudden end with the single objective being to cash out at the highest multiplier before lightening strikes.
Get onboard with our favourite troll Hugo in this epic adventure crash game! As he escapes by plane with a cargo hold full of Scylla’s jewels, a multiplier steadily increases their value the further Hugo travels!

Flying through a treacherous thunderstorm, Hugo is seen piloting the plane through a sky littered with thunderous clouds and explosive TNT balloons. Beware of the fatal lightning which can strike at any time and put a stop to our hero’s journey. Choose when to parachute from the plane to safety and earn the rewards!

An intense adrenaline rush, play up to two bets each round or employ strategy using the auto-eject options for sky-high wins of up to 2500x!
OneTouch has enhanced its product offering with its introductory crash game, Cash Galaxy! Presenting an intergalactic voyage, the title is primed to deliver an immersive and entertaining gambling experience!

The crash game features three betting areas - players can place bets in one or all three - with unique bets allowed for each section. The bravest travelers that hold on the longest, could see themselves take home the maximum win worth a mouth-watering x10,000!

Staying true to the simplicity of crash games, Cash Galaxy offers an easy gambling experience - allowing all levels of players to enjoy this release. Additionally, the experience is heightened thanks to the title’s social features, that allow players to interact with each other in real-time!
Put on a stylish suit and board the Skyliner! Set against a gleaming Art Deco skyline, this Multiplier Game has all the ambiance of the Golden Age of aircrafts. Cash out early or risk it all for a heroic big win!
How distant can the spaceman soar? This inquiry will undoubtedly cross everyone's minds upon the launch of Spaceman™! This slot incorporates the widely acclaimed crash mechanic, setting it apart from all previous Pragmatic Play releases.

Players will be engaged in making real-time decisions to anticipate the spaceman's descent, thus increasing the overall winning potential of the game. Adventurous players who can maintain composure have the opportunity to secure the slot's substantial 5,000x maximum win. Additionally, the slot provides the flexibility for players to cash out at any time and introduces a distinctive 50% cashout feature.

With prompt outcomes, a highly sociable ambiance, and a comprehensive bet history, Spaceman™ will boldly venture into uncharted territory, offering a gaming experience unlike any other slot.

Spaceman is an online multiplayer game of the "Crash" genre, featuring a multiplier that escalates from 1.00x to a randomly predetermined value before the crash occurs. Your goal is to execute a cashout prior to the crash, thereby winning your bet multiplied by the current multiplier.

It's essential to note that Spaceman is not a game of skill; your choices have no influence on the game, except for determining when to cash out. Joining you on this quest is the endearing Spaceman character.
JetLucky 2 is a Multiplier Game set on a battlefield over open water. Bet on a fighter jet before it takes off and as it moves forward, the bet multiplier increases, and you must decide whether to cash out or hold on for a larger payout before the jet explodes.

Multiplayer functionality allows you to follow the actions of others betting on the same round. May you be victorious!
Hurry up and jump on Santa’s sleigh! Ho Ho HODL is a Multiplier Game with an exciting bonus challenge and multiplayer functionality. Place a bet and then watch as Santa and his elves set off into the night at top speed.

As the sleigh moves forward, the bet multiplier increases, and you must decide whether to cash out or hold on for a larger payout before the sleigh disappears as Santa moves on to his next location to deliver presents. Merry Christmas!
To Mars and Beyond is the next generation of Multiplier Games. Bet on the powerful spacecraft as it boldly departs from Mars and into the unknown. Along the way you may be challenged by enemy vessels and if victorious granted bonuses.

The game has multiplayer functionality, and you can follow the actions of others betting on the same round for added excitement. Good luck courageous astronauts!
Jet Lucky is a bespoke game developed by Gaming Corps per client specification. This game is exclusively available on MaChance Casino, VegasPlus Casino and Unique Casino.

Multiplier Games are modern, exciting casino games that provide fast-paced, intuitive fun. Inspired by crypto currency crash games, the basic functionality of this game category is to bet on an object in motion and cash out at the right time. As the jet plane moves forward the bet multiplier increases, and you must decide whether to cash out or dare to hold on for a larger payout before the jet plane explodes.

Jet Lucky also has a social, multiplayer component where you can follow other players’ bets in real time. Good luck to all you brave fighter pilots out there!
May 31, 2021


Aviator is a social multiplayer game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. When round starts, a scale of multiplier starts growing.

Player must cash out before lucky plane flies away. Originated from video gaming industry, this format became popular in crypto casinos, due to its simplicity and exciting gambling experience.
Experience a true revolution in the realm of online crash games with F777 Fighter! The attention to detail is astonishing, featuring elements like a launching shooter, folding landing gear, fire cutter, radio communications, and a pilot's catapult that collectively immerse you in the role of a virtual pilot commanding military-grade equipment. It's a wow-worthy experience! F777 Fighter opens up the possibility of stepping into the shoes of a real pilot, navigating military machinery with unparalleled freedom.

For enthusiasts of military-themed games, F777 Fighter is a must-try, introducing a novel and distinctive genre within online gaming, inspired by the design of military aircraft. This multiplayer game shares similarities with crash games but sets itself apart with its unique features. Throughout the game session, the multiplier coefficient steadily increases until the dramatic crash of the F777 Fighter.

Adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement, aerial refueling aircraft play a crucial role in F777 Fighter. They boost the multiplier coefficient by 20%, 40%, or 60%, contributing to the escalating intensity of the gameplay. Once the aerial refueling is complete, the multiplier coefficient, prior to the refueling event, surges by the predetermined percentage associated with the aerial refueling aircraft, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for players.
Get ready to be entertained by a charming cat cruising on a tank, promising to keep you engaged in a dynamic and vibrant gaming experience! Limbo Cat is not your average game – it's a lively adventure where your winnings depend solely on your skills. If you're eager to seize your luck by the tail, don't hesitate – jump into the game now!

In Limbo Cat, the boxes play a crucial role in enhancing your multiplier coefficient. When the Cat's Tank demolishes a box, the multiplier coefficient, which existed before the box crash, is boosted by a factor of 1.2. This unique mechanic adds an extra layer of excitement as you navigate through the game.

Limbo Cat introduces a special feature that allows you to make two bets simultaneously, increasing your potential winnings. To activate this feature, simply click on the "+" button located to the right of the Make Bet button, and the second Bet sector will seamlessly appear. Are you up for the challenge? Limbo Cat invites you to explore the thrill of the game and discover how much luck you can truly catch!

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