Prepare yourself for an aquatic escapade with the promise of abundant rewards!

Dive into this engaging game boasting reels that cascade and generous multipliers, offering ample opportunities for sizable victories. With its lively visuals and serene backdrop, you'll be transported to an underwater oasis. Plus, with a diverse range of betting choices and the chance to win up to 10,000 times your initial wager, Ocean Gems Bonanza ensures non-stop excitement.

Triggering 4, 5, or 6 Scatters will grant you 10, 15, or 20 Free Games, respectively. Within the Free Games feature, Wild multipliers can be amplified, and Scatters carry random multipliers, reaching up to x1000!
Embark on an electrifying journey entwining age-old customs and futuristic technology alongside Samur.A.I! Delve into the enigmatic realm of samurai lore intertwined with artificial intelligence, where multipliers and wilds dynamically carve through the spinning reels.

Activate the free games to unleash the might of the progressive multiplier and seize substantial victories.
Step right into the thrilling world of animal kingdom games!

Experience the thrill of our diverse array of betting options, offering you 8 distinct avenues to place your wagers in this wild extravaganza! Simply make your selections and await the draw, where you could potentially win up to 5,000 times your initial bet!

Take your pick from a total of 50 bets spread across the varied categories. As the draws unfold, keep an eye out for matching animals on your ticket to claim your prize! Plus, with the possibility of up to 5 times multipliers on any draw, your chances of winning are further amplified!
Everyone's aware of the wealth hidden by the mystical beings on the Emerald Isle, with gold tucked away in various nooks and crannies; now's your opportunity to claim Sheamus the Leprechaun's treasures. Positioned above and below these reels, a flick of Sheamus's enchanted fingers will guide your way!

Sheamus' Bonuses hover both above and below the reels, offering the chance to win more than one with each spin! Aligning 3 or more on a winline grants the prize Sheamus is indicating... whether above, below, or both!

Wild symbols stand in for all symbols except Free Spins. While Wild Symbols can complete Sheamus' Prizes wins, they don't yield prize amounts for their own reel.

When 3 Free Spins symbols land anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4, 8 Free Spins are bestowed. Within Free Spins, the BAR, Clover, and Gem symbols vanish, replaced by Sheamus symbols featuring x2 and x3 bonuses. Upon winning, x2 Bonus Symbols double the prize Sheamus is pointing to, while x3 Bonus Symbols triple it. Free Spins adopt the last bet amount played.
Super Lion has made a triumphant return, boasting enhancements that take the gaming experience to new heights! Stay immersed in the excitement with Super Lion Megaways™, whether you're indulging in a Wild Re-spin, unlocking the Free Games feature, securing a Jackpot, or celebrating a monumental Megaways™ victory!

Experience wins from both directions and seize the opportunity for significant wins through the Buy-in feature and the instantly accessible Guaranteed Re-spin feature, ensuring you find yourself in a state of Super Lion bliss!

Every wild win initiates a re-spin with the wild reel firmly in place. Should additional wilds grace the reels during a re-spin, get ready for yet another thrilling round! The Guaranteed Re-spin feature also grants immediate access to this exhilarating sequence.

Achieving 4 or more scatter symbols scattered across the primary 6 reels triggers the onset of free games. Utilize the Buy-in feature for instant access to the free games, enhancing the excitement of your gameplay.

The pursuit of fortune intensifies as any combination of 6 Jackpot royals appearing on the screen secures a glorious JACKPOT win. Super Lion ensures a gaming experience that is not only better but reaches unprecedented levels of exhilaration!
Step into the lively realm of Super Sombrero, where vibrant Calavera symbols pave the way for thrilling wins. Unleash the Free Spins bonus round featuring the skeleton head wild symbol, opening up endless possibilities in this Day of the Dead-themed adventure.

Get your maracas ready for Super Sombrero! Feel the excitement as you consider taking a chance with the Buy-in feature, allowing you to enter the Free Games with just one press. Don't miss the opportunity to amplify the fun and anticipation in this colorful and festive gaming experience!
Welcome to Super Lion Xmas, where the reels are adorned with holiday cheer, and majestic wins await! With festive symbols and enchanting backgrounds, this game will transport you to a world of seasonal delight and winning excitement in no time.

Experience the thrill of a respin feature triggered by any wild win, with the wild reel locked in place. But the excitement doesn't stop there – any new wilds landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 during a respin will trigger yet another respin! With all 10 lines paying both left to right and right to left, the possibilities for festive wins are doubled.

Keep your eyes on the prize as 5 jackpot royals on any line can award the progressive Jackpot, adding an extra layer of excitement to your holiday adventure. Get ready for a joyous journey filled with seasonal magic and the potential for incredible wins in Super Lion Xmas!
Welcome to Super Lion Xmas, where the reels are adorned with holiday cheer, and majestic wins await! With festive symbols and enchanting backgrounds, this game will transport you to a world of seasonal delight and winning excitement in no time.

Experience the thrill of a respin feature triggered by any wild win, with the wild reel locked in place. But the excitement doesn't stop there – any new wilds landing on reels 2, 3, or 4 during a respin will trigger yet another respin! With all 10 lines paying both left to right and right to left, the possibilities for festive wins are doubled.

Keep your eyes on the prize as 5 jackpot royals on any line can award the top prize, adding an extra layer of excitement to your holiday adventure. Get ready for a joyous journey filled with seasonal magic and the potential for incredible wins in Super Lion Xmas!
In this vibrant underwater realm, the reels are teeming with a plethora of colorful fish. Experience the constant excitement of the cascade feature, ensuring uninterrupted action as you aim for the big wins. Plus, brace yourself for an added layer of thrill during your free games with the innovative Fish Modifiers, introducing an exciting twist to your gameplay.

Whether you're an avid fishing enthusiast or a fan of substantial wins, Fisherman's Fury Bonanza promises an unforgettable gaming experience. With its dynamic gameplay, fish-themed modifiers, and the potential for massive payouts, this game is the ultimate catch for players in pursuit of fishing thrills and fantastic fortunes. Get ready to reel in the excitement and embark on an angler's adventure like never before!
With its vibrant graphics and immersive gameplay, Jester's Book of Gold will transport you to a world filled with magic and excitement. Spin the reels adorned with symbols of jesters, golden books, and mystical artifacts, as you chase the elusive treasures hidden within.

Unleash the power of the Golden Book as it acts as both a scatter and wild symbol, triggering thrilling bonus features and unlocking incredible opportunities for big wins. Will you unveil the secrets concealed within its pages? As you journey through this whimsical realm, the Jester's witty antics and charm will keep you entertained, while the potential for massive payouts adds an extra level of excitement to your quest.

Will the Jester's Book of Gold bestow its treasures upon you?
Welcome to Super Tiger, where the reels are full of mystery and magic, ready to give you roaring wins! With colourful symbols and stunning backdrops, this game will make you feel like you’re a super winner in no time!

Make sure to look out for the Expanding wilds, triggering the Super Tiger Re spins. The Jackpot is also available with 5 royal jackpot symbols on screen!
Rush Roulette is the fastest paced LIVE dealer game. It lets you play at your own speed across numerous tables. There is no waiting for the host or making last minute decisions against a timer. Once you’re ready, place your bet and connect directly to the table and watch the wheel spin.
Welcome to Tiki Bee Bar, the reels of paradise full of serenity and wins galore! With immersive sounds and graphics, as well as fruit and flower symbols with added realism, this game will make you feel as though you're relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun rays. With the Cocktail Feature and Free Games Feature, Tiki Bee Bar is set to fill your cocktail glasses buzzing with wins!
Welcome to Toucan Wild... The reels that are waiting for you, filled with wins so wild! With colourful and immersive graphics, this game will make you feel as though you're in the depths of the jungle. With bonus, buy, and double chance features, as well as scatter symbols landing on the reels, Toucan Wild is set to drive you wild!
Step into the gritty streets of Victorian-era London and immerse yourself in the chilling tale of the infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. With stunning graphics and spine-tingling sound effects, this game will transport you to a world of mystery and suspense. But be warned - this game is not for the faint of heart.

With multipliers, expanding wilds and mystery symbols around every corner, The Ripper is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. As you spin the reels, you'll encounter a variety of characters from the era, including detectives, and of course, the elusive Jack the Ripper himself.

You can also tr y your luck using the Buy-In feature! So what are you waiting for? Join the hunt and see if you have what it takes to catch one of history's most notorious killers in this thrilling new slot game. Play now and experience the terror for yourself!
Harness ethereal energy to win big in Celestial Beauty, an action packed game enchanted with anime inspired graphics and music. Land 8+ of any symbol on screen to keep the cascades rolling. Look out for the winged heart symbols to drop wilds and multipliers, they can fly your base game wins into the stars. Free Games is where our Celestial Beauty really shines where players have a choice of low or high volatility spins!

Each choice will transform the beauty into a new outfit and grant new bonuses! Don’t forget about the bonus buy feature or double chance feature either! Whichever you choose the 5,000x max win is always is within a wave of your wands reach!
Imoon Craash Royal is an exciting guessing game based on random numbers. This game progresses through a series of rounds and players must use their intuition to predict when the Multiplier value will crash, also known as the crash point. The game board consists of a line graph that represents how the Multiplier rises over the course of the round.

To play the game, players must place bets before the round starts. The game makes use of Random Number Generators (RNG) to calculate the Multiplier's crash point, which is completely random and cannot be predicted with certainty. The countdown will run for 7 seconds, and bets are closed 2 seconds before the round starts. Once the round starts, the Multiplier will start to rise, and players must predict when it will crash. If a player's prediction is correct, they win the round, and their bet winnings are added to their balance.
With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Sugar Bonanza Deluxe takes you on a sugary adventure through a colorful and vibrant world. Filled with luscious candies and delectable sweets, this game is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The reels are packed with symbols including gummy lollies, fruits and stars, all of which can trigger big wins. And with the Cascade feature, you'll get multiple chances to win on every spin.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Sugar Bonanza Deluxe also features a variety of bonus features, including free spins and multipliers, to boost your winnings even further. And with a max payout of up to 10,000x your bet, the sweetness just keeps on coming. So come on in and indulge in some sweet fun with Sugar Bonanza Deluxe. With its delicious graphics and exciting gameplay, it's the perfect game for any sweet tooth.
Join the fiesta! Piñata Smash™ is a colourful 3 x 6 slot with the new and unique Hit 'N ’ Split ™feature where splitting symbols transform the reels into a 12 x 6 party with up to 2,985,984 ways to win. Piñata Smash ™is bursting full of prizes and extra features including Respins , Dynamite Spins and the Free Game Chance feature. The Buy Bonus feature lets you purchase one of two free games features; Split 'N' Lock Free Games or Dynamite Free Games.
Welcome to the fun new world where you can experience Forest Fruit Magic and play for prizes up to 2,500x Total Bet. Star symbols take you to the Magic Board where prizes and multipliers await! Let these fruity characters wow you with some amazing gameplay.
This merry little cashpot game will have you spinning up sweets all night to win the bonus prize! To win the goodies in Santa's sack you need to fill the prize towers by landing Sweet symbols.

You can collect any time and you'll get help from three special symbols: Santa, Giftbox and Heart Box. But beware the Elf, if it lands the prize towers will reset and everything collected will fall of Santa's Sled!
Crash! Boom! The ancient Greek god Zeus invites you to hisKingdom of Riches to play for prizes up to 10,000x Total Bet. Lightning Bolt symbols let you fly up to the sky temple toPlay It Your Way to choose picks orgamble for more.

Enter the Vase Room to upgrade the free games with generousbonuses: expanding reels, both ways wins, extra spins, sticky Wildsandeven royals changing into Wilds.

Let the gods bless you with good fortune.
You can expect Mascots, footballs, engaging features and of course big prizes in this 3x5 slot!The World Cup feature lets you pick the way you play your free games. Choose your reel sizes and number of free games.

Will your choice be plentiful free games, or up 7,776 ways to win? You could even choose the mystery option, with reel size and quantity of games left up to chance!And don’t forget the World Cup Bonus, with prizesthat await those lucky enough to earn a visit. You'll be cheering with so many ways to win!
This spooky little slot is a simple to play single reel game with a Bonus Prize that will have you hooting like an owl. The trick, to win the treats, is to fill the prize towers by landing Sweet symbols.

You can collect any time and you'll get help from three special symbols: Witch, Ghost and Saver Potion. But beware the Pumpkin, if it lands the prize towers will reset and everything collected will be gone like a ghoulie.
It's no porky-pie, pigs really do fly!

Sky Piggies is the new 6x6 cluster game, where you can fly home with the bacon. Land 5 or more adjacent symbols to win. 6 of any regular symbols across the grid will transform into Wilds. Land Piggy symbols with Hammer symbols to win prizes up to50xTotal Bet.

The Free Games feature offers up to 23 free games, with Hammer symbols that award extra free games and increase the feature multiplier.
The sun is rising over the Bao Tree ™ and your fortunes could be too! Trigger Free Games to experience the new Fortunes Rising feature, where you get to choose the size of the reels.

Will you choose 15 free games with a 3x5 reel, or go for gold with the 6x5 reel and 7,776 ways to win? And don’t forget the Bao Tree ™, with treasures that await those lucky enough to earn a visit. How far will your fortunes rise?
Take to the dancefloor in Disco Mania MegawaysTM MergeTM a 70s themed slot with twin 6x7 grids. Trigger the MergeTM feature to turn the two grids into a mighty real, 6x14 grid with up to 7,529,536 ways to win.

Land 4 or more Scatter symbols to play the Free Games feature with increasing multiplier and turn this slot into a prize filled boogie wonderland.

Now, that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it!
The fruit of the Bao TreeTM is heavenly – just don’t try to eat it! The Bao TreeTM feature, first introduced in Jin Dynasty, is laden with gold, and home to special prizes: Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand. It makes a glittering return in Heavenly Gold.

This mystical 3x5 slot with 243 ways to win has a solid gold Free Game feature. Win free games to choose from a mythical menagerie of golden symbols and pick your level of volatility. In this game all that glitters IS gold – Heavenly Gold.
Crikey! Join Aussie adventurer Max Chance and his primate mate Cedric as they hunt for riches, up to 10,000x Total Bet.

Ripper! This 7x7 cascading slot awards wins to clusters of 5 or more of the same symbol. Streuth! With Gold Coin Multipliers, Banana Bonuses and a progressive multiplier in the Free Games feature, this safari has more secrets than a wombat from Woolloomooloo.
Money does grow on the Bao Tree™. Jin Dynasty is the first slot to introduce the Bao Tree™ feature, where Wilds could bear the tree’s golden fruit.
All rise! Court is in session, and the Judge and Jury are waiting. In this 6-reel Megaways slot with a bonus horizontal column, there are over 117,000 ways to win your case.

When the Judge demands order in the court, he gets it. If his gavel crashes down, watch out for Judge bonuses like removed Royals or extra Wilds. Saw the whole thing? Visit the I.D. Parade during free games to identify the perp and win some bonuses. Or match the face on the Wanted poster for bonus prizes.
Take a trip to Fruitopolis where the neon lit streets burst with juice and prizes. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, as big city games are boosted by Bonus Power-ups and cascading wins with multipliers.
It’s wild out in there, in the Big Buffalo Badlands! Roaming around this desert, you’ll find +8 Symbols start cascading wins, Wilds with multipliers and if you’re real lucky, a canyon full of cash.
Get ready for some gold-plated, tile flipping action in Mahjong Jinpai. A lustrous tribute to one of history’s most beloved games, Mahjong Jinpai is a 6x5 slot bursting with golden goodness.

Find one of Mahjong Jinpai’s 7776 winning hands to start a cascade of flipping tiles – and wins. Flipping tiles reveals solid gold Wilds and other new ways to win. Three or more Scatters is how you strike gold with Free Games. In Free Games, each new trio of Scatters awards extra games while a permanently plated third column guarantees golden tiles galore. 祝你好运! Good luck!
Enter the Teller’s library and discover a spellbinding tale of magic and treasure, bound within a 4x6 slot. When the Teller turns the page, it’s a new chance to win, with magical multipliers of up to x5 applied to your current game.

When 3 or more leather-bound book Scatters land on your reels, it’s time for Free Games – and a tale like no other. Each new Scatter turns the page on the story and when you reach Chapter 5, it’s the end of the Teller’s tale.
Climb the sacred Shaolin temple steps to this Kung Fu themed, 3x5 slot, with megastacked symbols and 243 ways to win. Join the Shifu and his students as they seek to balance their Qi, while you seek prizes up to 5245x Total Bet.

Trigger the Showdown Feature and you'll be awarded up to 15 free games with 3x3 giant symbols. Or will you be one of the chosen few, invited to play Super Free Games with 3x4 giant symbols?
Roll up, roll up and see the incredible extravaganza that is Big Top Bonanza Megaways™. This circus themed slot has up to 200,704 ways to win and Bonus Modifiers to boost games. Strongman (Mega), Mystic (Super) and Clown (Normal) modifiers landing in the top reel may award multipliers up to x50, up to 15 Random Wilds, upgrade paying symbols from the grid or increase the amount of ways.

Land 4, 5 or 6 Scatters to trigger the Free Games feature with 10, 13 or 16 free games with guaranteed modifiers and a progressive multiplier. It could be your ticket to the greatest show on earth.
Grab your pickaxe, start swinging in the Cash Mine and see if you strike gold.This nugget of a slot has Expanding Wilds and 3 sizes of Money symbols, up to 100x Total Bet. Land a “Collect” symbol and you’ll be awarded the sum of all the Money symbols shown on the reels.
It’s all hijinks and high kicks down at the henhouse in Nunchucks Chicken. This 5x5 farmyard and martial arts mashup comes with two black belt features, Ninja Respin and Shuriken Showdown.

Ninja Respin awards a random multiplier up to 50x and increases +1 each spin until a win occurs. Shuriken Showdown is a bonus game played on a 6x6 grid that fills with falling prizes and crates that can be smashed to reveal multipliers and booster symbols.
Climb high into the Andes as you seek fortune and the fabled Inca Gems. This ornate gold and jewel encrusted 3x3 slot has a Multiplier Reel that boosts every win. Land a row of golden masks to trigger a Respin or fill the reels with golden masks and you could be awarded the legendary Top Prize of 7500x Total Bet.
This Megaways™ upgrade adds up to 117,649 ways to win and Skywind’s own Megastacks. 3 different features can be triggered by +8 gold, silver or bronze Scatter symbols landing: Si Ling Wild, Si Ling Mystery and Si Ling Choice.
Editors Choice
Journey into the underworld and discover this scorching high volatility, 5x5 slot down amongst the hellfire. During the main game 5 Wild symbols fully in view on the same reel will reveal Super Stacked Wilds and award multipliers up to x100.

Unchain the Devil’s Free Games feature and El Diablo may award you his x666 multiplier with some hellish prizes. Play the Bonus Buy feature to guarantee the Devil’s Free Games for an additional cost. Will you be tempted?

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About Skywind Group

With its inception in 2012, a team of highly experienced executives in the gaming sector founded the Isle of Man-based software company The Skywind Group. Teddy Sagi, a co-founder of Playtech, bought the software development firm Viaden Media, which led to the creation of the business. Sagi would later split Viaden Media into Skywind Group and

Skywind Group has intensified its efforts for international expansion in the past few years. They partnered with Tecnalis in August 2020 as part of an agreement that would grant the business accessibility to every game from their portfolio, player engagement tools, and the Latam and Spanish markets.

More studios in several nations support the casino cause, and offices in Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Australia. The desire to develop captivating gaming experiences inspires the excitement of the Skywind Group. A B2B software provider, Skywind Group is not associated with gamers. However, they place importance on responsible gaming first. Their social awareness strategy includes it as a critical component.

Their main goal is to supply the iGaming sector with premium materials. They have over 300 regulated, unique video slots in their library. In addition to having a stellar reputation as a game creator, Skywind is renowned for offering platform alternatives for casinos online. Industry giants including Finnplay, Relax Gaming, Playtech, and many more are among the company's clients.

To meet the demands of every player, Skywind has a massive selection of video slots, table games, and arcade games. The creator's innovative designs, precise graphics, and energetic animation produce a captivating and engaging gaming experience.

They back 65 currencies and are offered in 19 languages to accommodate various users. The company's gaming library includes over 300 online casino games like Joker's Luck, RainBalls, Super Lion, Super Elephant, Dragon Gong, Combat Masters, CASH, Set, and Ready. Moreover, the company includes a large Live Casino Hub. Live Roulette and Live Baccarat are live dealer games they provide.

For a seamless gaming experience and convenience for iOS and Android users, the games are created with the latest HTML5 technology. By pushing the limits of creativity throughout game production, Skywind Group produces among the most modern titles.

The games in the provider company have a positive standing in the gaming sector because of their commitment to detail, fair RTP rates, creative game structure, and superior 3D graphics. The entire series is well designed and planned in aspects of the visual look and musical soundtracks. As a result, every resolution and gadget can use nicely polished 3D slots.

The number of online casinos that offer Skywind slots still needs to be more significant. The Kindred Group, Genesis Gaming Ltd., and other casino groups have struck deals with them. Skywind will become widely recognized in the coming months as the locations where players can play its games will keep expanding quickly in 2020.

Since the Skywind Group has a license from the UK, the British Gambling Commission is in charge of its regulation. Moreover, the business also possesses Skywind Group licenses from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Juego Seguros in Spain, and the Romanian Gambling Commission. Every operator supervises the Skywind Group's services and casinos, ensuring you can gamble confidently.

The Skywind Group has received its fair share of appreciation for the shares, including several prominent award achievements. Among them have been: In 2022, the provider company won GIA under One to Watch Supplier. In 2020, the company won the Global Regulatory Award under the category of Compliance Outstanding Achievement. Skywind Groups was the Game of the Year runner-up in The Gaming Intelligence Awards (GIA) for the Game of The Magnificent Seven in the same year.

Official Website: