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Lightning Dragon Tiger electrifies the immensely popular Dragon Tiger game with dynamic multipliers and intense gameplay, challenging players to predict the side with the highest card value. Set within a captivating studio ambiance, Lightning Dragon Tiger promises to elevate the thrill and anticipation of your gaming adventure.

In each round, a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 8x is assigned to one of the card suits (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, or Clubs). Players can bet on which side they believe will receive the highest card value or opt for a Tie or Suited Tie if they anticipate an equal outcome. A 20% fee is applied to the total bet for the opportunity to win multiplied rewards.

Following the Lightning Round, both Dragon and Tiger receive one card each, with the highest value determining the winner. If the winning hand includes a Lightning Card, the payout is multiplied accordingly. Lightning Dragon Tiger seamlessly integrates into our acclaimed Lightning series, complementing player favorites such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice, and Lightning Blackjack.

The objective of Lightning Dragon Tiger is to anticipate which side, Dragon or Tiger, will be dealt the highest value card. The game employs eight standard 52-card decks (excluding Jokers), with card values ranging from Aces as the lowest (counting as 1) to Kings as the highest.

Players can place bets on Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or Suited Tie, with a 20% fee added to the total bet displayed in the user interface. Once the betting period concludes, the Lightning Round begins. During each Lightning Round, a random suit receives a multiplier ranging from 2x to 8x, indicated in the user interface. After the Lightning Round, the dealer deals one card to Dragon and one to Tiger. Lightning Cards are highlighted in the user interface to indicate the possibility of multiplied winnings.
With a unique studio environment and engaging table-felt animation during the game resulting in the winning side, Blazing Dragon Tiger is added to our game portfolio bringing excitement to players with swift game rounds.

Players will simply guess which spot will receive the highest card, so their bets may be on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie, and on additional side bets. Blazing Dragon Tiger is powered by game statistics and predictions on the road, empowering players to take their decisions and anticipate the result. The environment allows circles with digital branding bring extra value to your casino with a brandable studio elements.
Travel back to the Wild West with our Dead or Alive: Saloon Live card game for a chance to cash out big multiplied payouts. The gameplay is unique, fast and easy to master. Bet on a particular card, suit or value and watch the game unfold until the game presenter draws a regular playing card and the round is over.

The suspense is high as card after card is drawn – will it be a regular card, a Bonus card holding a multiplier or other benefit, or even a Bounty card? If luck is on your side and it’s a KEY BENEFITS A Potential for large multiplied payouts A Immersive Bounty Hunt event A Captivating Wild West atmosphere. BRINGING BACK THE BOUNTY AND BIG MULTIPLIER WINS Bounty card, you’ll transfer into the immersive Bounty Hunt event. Aim, shoot and maximise your multipliers!

Afterwards, all drawn multiplier values are added together and will determine your payout in the event of a win. Dead or Alive: Saloon captures the essence of an iconic era with an eye-catching Western saloon setting and authentic game presenter uniforms. Giddy up and embark on a wild journey!
Card Matchup is a dynamic top card game inviting players to bet on Home, Away or Draw and other exciting sport-themed side bets. The game is spectacular and simple: the goal is to guess which hand - Home or Away - will draw the higher value card and, therefore, win.

A great addition to OnAir EntertainmentTM’s sport environment portfolio, Card Matchup brings extra excitement to players during big sport events thanks to its widget feature. Empower your players with game statistics, game history and winning streak features and good luck in the next round!
Dragon Tiger, a highly popular multi-player card game originating from Asia, is rapidly gaining global acclaim. The game's objective is straightforward: players bet on which card will have the highest value—Dragon, Tiger, or an equal amount resulting in a tie.

This game's appeal extends to both Baccarat enthusiasts and casual card players who appreciate its simplicity, speed, and the captivating themed environment coupled with a sleek user interface. Dragon Tiger offers a simple yet thrilling experience, allowing players to engage in a fast-paced and straightforward gameplay.

Distinguished by its stunning themed environment and user-friendly interface, Dragon Tiger caters to those who seek an exciting alternative to traditional card games. Baccarat players and casual card enthusiasts alike will find the game's dynamics captivating.

In Dragon Tiger, the trends and outcomes are meticulously recorded on "roads," which serve as visual representations of the ongoing game's results. These roads provide players with quick access to the game's history, aiding them in identifying trends and making informed predictions about future outcomes. With its global popularity on the rise, Dragon Tiger stands out as a game that seamlessly combines simplicity, speed, and a visually appealing environment for players worldwide.

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