Experience the thrill as the reels come to life with vibrant colors and engaging animations, creating an immersive environment that transports you to a world of fruity delights. Each spin is a journey through orchards of excitement, where every Star Fruit brings you closer to a cascade of winnings.

But that's not all – the Wild Sticky Star Fruits are not just your average symbols; they are the key to unlocking hidden bonuses and multiplying your earnings. Watch as the Wild Sticky Star Fruits expand their influence, turning ordinary spins into extraordinary opportunities.

As you delve deeper into the game, discover the power of the 3 Juicer-triggered Free Games. Let the juicer squeeze out even more chances for you to win, with each spin bringing the promise of untold riches. The fruit-themed extravaganza reaches its peak during these Free Games, offering you a taste of the juiciest rewards imaginable.

So, buckle up and get ready for a fruit-filled adventure that combines excitement, entertainment, and the potential for bountiful rewards. This slot game is not just a game; it's an orchard of possibilities waiting for you to explore. Spin, win, and revel in the sweetness of success as you embark on this fruity journey like never before!
In the mystical realms bridging the present and the concealed tombs of ancient times, a name resounds like thunder: Jack Potter! The enchanting symbols narrate tales of forgotten civilizations, and with each reel spin, Jack inches closer to unveiling hidden treasures, splendid artifacts, and a myriad of bonuses. Dive into the secrets of this 5x3 slot game, featuring Wild Scatter, and Free Games adorned with impactful Bonus symbols!

As the Free Games commence, a random symbol is chosen to become the golden Bonus symbol. When a sufficient number of Bonus symbols grace the reels, they imprint themselves across entire reels, triggering a special win assessment that leads to fantastic winnings. Triggering three or more Book symbols unlocks 10 Free Games, featuring the beloved classic Book-feature!

Have you ever found yourself endlessly spinning the reels, yearning to activate the free game feature? Well, rejoice, for with Feature Buy, you can now directly immerse yourself in the game feature and sidestep the element of luck. Join Jack Potter on an expedition through time and uncover the extraordinary in this magical slot adventure!
Prepare for explosive wins as you dive into the thrill of the 'Exploding Wilds' feature and succumb to a fruit frenzy!

Witness the dazzling fireworks symbol illuminating the reels, erupting into a cascade of wild symbols that transform the adjacent symbols into a frenzy of Wilds. Each spin sparks a symphony of fruit-filled excitement, offering you the chance to set your winnings ablaze and turn your bankroll into a fiery spectacle. Brace yourself for a fruit-filled extravaganza, where wins explode in this electrifying slot adventure!

The Wild symbol, aptly named "Fireworks," detonates and converts all surrounding symbols into Wilds.

Don't let the explosive fun pass you by – Happy New Year! Get ready to revel in the explosive joy of this fruit-filled spectacle and let the wins burst forth in a dazzling display of excitement!
Unveiling the latest pinnacle of excitement – behold, Total Eclipse XXL! Brace yourself for an unparalleled slot gaming experience as we present a dazzling sequel that elevates the thrill to unprecedented levels.

Embark on an odyssey through the cosmic reels of Total Eclipse XXL, where the saga unfolds on an extraordinary 5×4 layout in the base game. Prepare for the zenith of the Eclipse phenomenon during the Eclipse Spins feature. And here's the exciting twist – a mere collection of 4 Eclipse symbols is all it takes to initiate a cascade of winnings this time!
Greetings, Valiant Warriors! Enlist in Caesar's Legions and Triumph on the Reels! Immerse yourself in the role of a renowned commander as you step into the realm of Roman legions with Caesar!

Explore the magnificence of ancient Rome through the spectacle of "S.P.Q.R." Witness the majestic sweep of wild symbols across the reels, adept at substituting all symbols except for the elusive Scatters. These wild symbols boast multipliers of X3, X2, or X1, converging to yield immense victories when multiple wilds adorn a payline.

The alignment of "Veni Vidi Vici" Scatter symbols on the reels serves as the catalyst for 12 Free Games, immersing you in the heart of a fierce battle. With each spin, fortunes oscillate, and your fate intertwines with the enduring legacies of Caesar's Legions.
Prepare to embark on a mystical adventure in the enchanted world of Mystic Forest, where magical creatures roam and hidden treasures await.

This game boasts the most magical slot experience ever, featuring a 5×4 layout, 20 fixed paylines, dazzling graphics, and thrilling gameplay! Journey into the depths of the forest and uncover ancient ruins adorned with glittering gems. This enchanted realm is home to cunning foxes, wise owls, majestic lynxes, graceful deer, and a powerful magician.

Can you gather enough gems to claim the ultimate prize? Dive into the mystic forest and find out!
Prepare for a captivating journey into the heart of Egypt! Accompany the esteemed British archaeologist and explorer, Jack Potter, on an exhilarating expedition as he embarks on a thrilling quest to unveil the concealed treasures guarded by the mysterious Pharaoh Princess.

Building upon the success of his previous adventure, where he unearthed the ancient "Book of Dynasties," Jack's insatiable curiosity has drawn him into the fascinating legends surrounding the Pharaoh Princess. According to lore, anyone who discovers her name shall be bestowed with lasting prosperity.

Driven by relentless research and unwavering determination, Jack has stumbled upon the sacred "Book of Nubia." In a captivating twist of fate, he now finds himself face-to-face with the enchanting Pharaoh Princess, ready to unravel the secrets she holds. The expedition promises to be nothing short of exhilarating as Jack Potter ventures deeper into the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
Get ready for the ultimate Oktoberfest celebration with our brand-new slot game, October Bier Frenzy! Experience the thrill of the world-famous beer festival in this exciting 5×3 slot game that will keep you entertained for hours.

Join the October Bier Frenzy and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Octoberfest. Enjoy the lively music, the clinking of beer mugs, and the thrill of spinning the reels for incredible prizes. Don’t miss out on this epic slot game that combines the best of Octoberfest with the excitement of big wins!
7 Supernova Fruits offers a blasting experience. In this explosive game, find yourself in the midst of cosmic chaos as a Supernova unleashes its power, and turns all adjacent symbols into Wilds! Featuring a high volatility that pays out with a big blast, this game has 10 paylines and 5×3 reels and a max win of 1000x.
This game is the most sparkling fruit slot ever, with a 5x3 layout, 10 fixed paylines, dazzling graphics, and thrilling gameplay! Keep an eye out for the lucky number 7 - matching five of these super symbols will earn you the ultimate fruity reward of 500x your bet!
With Jack Potter & the Book of Dynasties 6, embark on an epic journey through ancient Egypt. Jack Potter’s second exploration, unleash the power of the Book of Dynasties. Turn the pages to discover the secrets of this 6×3 slot game, which includes a Wild Scatter and Free Games with stamping Bonus symbols, to reveal the treasures of the Pharaohs.

Will you be the one to discover the dynasties’ secrets and claim your fortune?
Jump into the springtime spirit with Eggciting Fruits – Hold&Spin, the most cheerful Easter-themed slot game ever! With a 5×3 layout and 10 fixed paylines, this game offers players the thrill of spinning the reels and collecting colorful Easter Eggs to trigger the Eggciting Spins – Hold&Spin feature.

Keep an eye on the special eggs – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – for even higher payouts!
The Griffin is a 6×4 fantasy adventure slot that takes you into the solitude of the icy heights of the mountains to the fabled lair of one of the most powerful mythical beasts: The Griffin – half lion, half eagle and Guardian of the hidden treasure.
The books of ancient Egypt experience a unprecedented successor. In the magical worlds between the here and now and the hidden tombs of bygone eras, a new name echoes like thunder: Jack Potter!

His first adventure leads him into the dark chambers of the bold Pharaoh queen Nefertari. Can he solve the mystery of the Book of Dynasties and wrest the untold riches from the curse of the dynasties? The magical symbols of the ancient book tell of forgotten tales of long-lost civilisations, and each spin of the reels leads Jack closer to uncovering hidden treasures, glorious artefacts and a plethora of bonuses.

Turn the pages and unlock the secrets of this 5×3 slot game featuring Wild Scatter and Free Games with stamping Bonus symbols.
The Guardian God: Heimdall’s Horn is set to become just as legendary as the Nordic tale that it is based on.

This is combined with thrilling gameplay that sees players join Heimdall in his quest to keep watch over Asgard. Of course, they will be rewarded by the sound of Heimdall’s Horn, which triggers the Free Spins where prizes are doubled.
Fruits First promises a classic game with a fresh look with the title taking a 5×3 reel format and with five active paylines. Here players really can get fruity, with the traditional Grape, Melon, Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Bell and 7 symbols landing on the reels.

Fruits First is a simple game, but one that reduces to the max by focusing on the essentials: Sleek but modern visuals, fun and of course big win potential. Line up five of those all-important 7s and players can win 1,000x their bet.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this game – Fruits First captures the essence of a classic slot but with a modern twist!
This book is a treasure map, and the Black Book of Pirates holds several untold riches hidden between its covers. Guide the buccaneers with the legendary compass directly into the hidden bays of Tortuga to the pirate treasure.

The beautiful 5 x 3 slot game does not only impress with its Caribbean setting but also with a novel mix of classic book game and the Compass Hold & Respin feature: At the beginning of the free game series, the Compass of Tortuga determines the number of free spins as well as one or even more Bonus symbols for the following book free spins. In up to three respins, another compass must be won via the popular Hold & Respin feature, which decides on further free book spins or further Bonus symbols.

The caves of the Caribbean bays lure with great riches, and the Black Book of Pirates and its Compass of Tortuga are the key.
Plenty Pumpkins is a 5x4 reels slot with 40 paylines with a Halloween theme.

4 identical symbols appearing on reel 1 trigger the "Spooky Spins" feature, which consists of 3 spins - the spin that triggered the featured and 2 respins. During the "Spooky Spins" feature, all symbols that are identical to the symbol on the first reel and all Wild symbols are held in their positions until the end of the feature and do not participate in the respins.
In The Warlock's Book from Apparat Gaming you'll get the classic Book theme with expanding symbols during free spins and expanding wilds during the base game. 3 or more books award 10 Free Games with a Bonus symbol. The "Enchantress" is an Expanding Wild symbol and substitutes for all symbols - even Bonus symbols!

During the Free Games, the "Enchantress" grants further Bonus symbols and Free Games.
King of the Vikings is a 5×3 slot that takes you on the raids of the wild Northmen. Once the dragon boats appear on the horizon, the whole coast is soon in flames and fat booty is within reach.

When three of the dragon boats land on the beach as Scatter symbols, the chief of the Vikings becomes a Sticky Wild Symbol in the Bonus Game with 10 free spins, and the loot is a king’s worth.

Throw yourself into the thick of battle and take the treasures of the Viking’s king home with you.
Fruits have never been so jazzy! Experience the power of the 40 Sevens in a cool and thrilling game with up to 50 Free Games! Neon lights guide the way to sparkling wins with double Wild symbols.

A spell for mystic wins from a world of twilight. Books have never been more exciting! And never been that profitable!
A game like this is as rare a phenomenon as its title: Total Eclipse. Reduce to the max for ultimate fun, this game combines the strength of classical fruit games with the power of the hold-and-respin feature. When the Eclipse appears, the tension starts to grow and the chance of the highest wins comes closer with each spin. What you see is what you get - complicated paylines are a thing of the past.
Fruit Storm takes lovers of fruit games by storm: 4 stacked symbols in the first reel trigger electrifying wins by the Storm Spin Respin Feature. Full-screen wins have never been that striking. Be prepared – lightning always strikes thrice!
Discover the mystical power of her majesty, the Pharaoh Princess, on your journey back to the fertile banks of the river Nile in ancient Egypt, the land of pyramids, pharaohs and gods. Experience the magnificence of the proud Daughter of the Nile and her hidden riches.

Pharaoh Princess is a 5×3 slot that draws you deep into the fascinating world among the great pyramids from the very first spin. Discover old Egyptian artifacts and encounter mighty gods like Anubis and Horus on your adventure in pursuit of the Pharaoh’s treasures.

The PHARAOH PRINCESS will help you with all her powers, as she acts as an Expanding Wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols. Landing three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Games Bonus feature where each PHARAOH PRINCESS that appears expands, awards additional FREE GAMES and one by one transmutes the game’s symbols into more and more valuable symbols.

Transform the treasures of ancient Egypt with the magical power of the royal daughter and her mighty gods.

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About Apparat Gaming

Adventure Awaits at Apparat Gaming! The company offers games that bring thrill and reality all at once. This German-based gaming company came to the market in 2020 like a gaming tornado. It shook up the space with its wide, extraordinary graphics with a touch of sophistication. The group of 8 founders envisioned being a top game provider in the international market.

Apparat headquarters is in Berlin, with Valletta, Malta, as its secondary base. Their legitimacy is unquestionable. Being licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority in 2021, they have achieved a trustworthy position. They added a feather of achievement with the additional iTech Labs and Gaming Association certification. The company has a close partnership with top names like Every Matrix, Lion Line, United Remote, Relax Gaming, and Pariplay. The game Riz of Apparat is starting to spread around Germany and the whole European market and will soon be a worldwide talk.

The company brings slot games in a German Accent! More than 20 slot games have a perfect taste for every mood. These games are created with impressive graphics and themes for everyone. From the Marvel-themed game Heimdall's Horns to Classic book lovers Caesar's Legions, there is all!

The platform has been turning heads with its new game launches every month since November 20, 2023. The newest "Sticky Star Fruit" - slot game launch was released on January 10, 2024. Its partnership with "Slots Launch" promises some extraordinary new releases. So, get ready to explore the games filled with bliss at Apparat!

The company serves the games on all devices like Android or iOS; it just needs an internet connection. Now, players can enjoy their favorite slot games on the go with the exact smoothness of their desktop. The company aims at expansion and is working dedicatedly. The recent World Game Executive Summit held in Barcelona was a fame stage. They also join the iGB Affiliate Live in Amsterdam soon after making a strong presence in the market.

The highest artistic games are not one of the great qualities of Apparat; they also come with safety and security. In terms of fairness, the games are as equitable as laws! The fun fantasy-themed game Pharoah Princess Daughter gives an unbelievable video slot experience. Along with unmatchable graphics, there is a set of generous bonuses as the cherry on top. The RTP of this game is 96.09% and stands in the Medium to High Volatility bracket. Get started and explore the perks!

Being a new joiner in the league of the iGaming market, Apparat has created its fan base. They are expanding professionally every day. The recent expansion into the Swiss market has made up the gaming news headlines. This team-up happened with 7Melons, which allowed the Swiss players to explore Apparat. In addition to 7melons, other Swiss partners like Operator Paf, Swiss4Win, and Softswiss exist.

Apparat is launching new game titles and creating a lasting impression with its professional gaming quality. Being available in the international market is the company's next goal, which they are working on. The newly joined platform created its strong base with perfect pixel excellence, market understanding, and hard work.

Official Website: https://www.apparatgaming.com