Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with a stroll into JinglePop! Experience a cascade of holiday delights, from BIG and MEGA symbols to additional Free Spins, Multipliers, and the heartwarming addition of Multipliers on the highest symbols. With multiple Buy Bonus options and an array of exciting rewards, a Merry WINmass is guaranteed!

After each win and the evaluation of wins, the magic unfolds as each winning symbol joyfully "Pops," making way for 2 new symbols and increasing the reel height. This delightful process repeats as long as there are more wins, creating a snowball effect of festive victories. In the Base Game, watch as the reels expand, reaching heights of up to 6 symbols, unveiling a winter wonderland of winning possibilities.

Get ready for a holiday celebration like no other with JinglePop! Where every spin is a gift, and the festive cheer extends to BIG surprises, heartwarming Multipliers, and a season of joyful winnings that will leave you filled with holiday merriment!
Step into the lair of the mad alchemist and merge the mystical gems for the most astonishing victories!

Discover our latest release - GemPops™ - featuring the dazzling new mechanics Popscades and XPops! These innovative twists on the popular PopWins™ offer thrilling win possibilities and enhance the engaging gameplay experience!
Plunge into AvatarUX's latest aquatic escapade, submerging beneath the serene surface to unveil an underwater clash between powerful fish and ruthless crustaceans.

ReefPop™ beckons you to gear up for an electrifying slot adventure, driven by AvatarUX's highly acclaimed PopWins™ feature. Here, every win expands the reels, creating opportunities for consecutive wins! Dive deep to unleash the reels and access the realm of Unlimited Free Spins, where each victory resets your spin count, enabling you to navigate the underwater chaos for extended periods.

Explore the mysterious Golden Shark symbols – their value multiplies based on their presence across the reels, intensifying with each appearance. As an added bonus, a global multiplier increases after every spin, empowering you to overcome the persistent crustacean foes and emerge victorious in this underwater battle. Get ready for an oceanic adventure like never before!
Join the champs on the slick arena and get to know the Greatest fighters of All Times in our brand new slot Donkey & the GOATS™!

This game is like no others, introducing a unique set of features, called Golden Ways. The reels in the game are accompanied by the popular ZapReel™, with unique Uppercut Expanding Wild reward and by the Vegas Reel with an array of explosive features – unlocking higher Multiplier, Synced Reels, Wild Bomb and Low Pay Removal!

All you have to do is land the Don K special symbol to trigger one of the rewards for a number of spins and gain additional Free Spins paired up with the reward to enjoy it fully!
With ever-growing multipliers, which double during both base game and Bonus Round and can reach x5, x10, x20 outstanding wins are guaranteed! And that's not all - our Neko figurine Wild symbols, appearing during Bonus Round, will add to the thrill by further increasing the chances for great wins.

Also featuring the all-time favourite PopWins™ mechanics, where every win pops and expands the reel, filling in with new symbols, KokeshiPop™ allows for each win to be bursting with potential.
In an alternative reality where the might of the Egyptian empire never dwindled, HelioPOPolis™ rose through the ages to become a technological marvel, domineering over the region with untouched supremacy of scientific wonders; so advanced, that they could be indistinguishable from magic!

Visit their sacrosanct techno-temple to embark on a journey of enriching discoveries, learn about their ancient gods and icons cast in new forms and win big of advanced features, where Synced Reels grants greater chance for big triumphs, Expanding Symbols really amp up a potential win and Mystery Symbols add a sense of thrill to your on-reels discovery, all cast in polished chrome, dusty sandstone and silicone technologies!
LooneyPop stands out as one of AvatarUX's most thrilling titles. Experience the excitement of the Zap Reel, a groundbreaking feature making its debut in Looney Pop. This horizontal Rewards Reel adds numerous bonuses to the wins below, including extra Multipliers, Expanding Wins, Synced Reels, and innovative Split Symbols! Each spin opens up a world of potential rewards, with a fresh set of bonuses waiting to be discovered.

Combine this feature with our classic Gamble Wheel, where players can test their luck to enhance their bonuses, a BONUS BUY option allowing players to dive right into the heart of the action, and up to 18 Free Spins to enjoy a fantastic array of rewards. Looney Pop promises to take you on a wild and energetic ride, full of wacky surprises and thrilling spins!
HipHopPop™ is down with the rhythm! Bounce, bob and weave through the crowds of the ultimate rap battles, partake in the energetic music and make the beats work for you in this musical slot.

Join the rappers on their journey through the impromptu battles of rhymes, and choose your path – either leading you to the quick and off-the-beat Guaranteed Wilds or to a more streamlined, harmonious and win-giving Synced Reels. Or go for broke and be bold, blending both styles together in a single explosive musical mish-mash! Nothing off the charts with HipHopPop™!

HipPopPop™ is a win-all-ways, 5x3 slot game with the ever-exciting PopWins™ feature that guarantees a much more impactful win experience with new symbols appearing on every win while expanding the reels and growing the potential win.
Join the harsh world of zombie infestation were unlucky survivors have to run away from the dreaded plague of the undead. Watch the Zombies get bigger with a growing Multiplier on Symbols with the MultiPop™ mechanic.

Fill the board with Multipliers during Bonus Round to gain additional Free Spins, especially since the Multiplier Zombie Infection grow stronger, and the Multiplier persists between rounds during Bonus Round.

MultiPop™ – Winning Combination pops and the next symbol on that position slot gets a multiplier. Any progressive win on the same symbol slot raises the multiplier for that spin cycle.
Explore the final frontier and the newest instalment of AvatarUX – CritterPop™. The game is packed with other-worldly visuals, as well as the signature PopWins™ mechanics – with 65,536 ways to win and a winning potential of x20,000 the bet size!

The real discovery being the rewards that the lucky spinners can get in a bonus round preceding the Free Spins: additional Free Spins, Extra Multiplier, Multiplier Growth, huge 2x2 and 3x3 Symbols, Random Wilds and and even the High Symbols Multiplier! So try your luck to make a win of cosmic proportions!
CherryPop Deluxe is our classic wrapped up in a new, zesty form striking back from early 90s! With fresh coat of comic razzle-dazzle and colorful, impactful art. And it's Deluxe, because we amped it up to our modern standards!

Not only does it play faster and more kinetic, we also cranked it up with Bonus Max option and the Free Spins became more erratic with randomized machine size and even number of Free Spins, going up to 16! It's the game you know and love, just running on high-octane gasoline.
Inspired by the majestic African wildlife, RagingPop™ brings the perfect synergy between game art and exciting game experience. Feature-packed, with plenty of new elements to look for, players will be taken to a thrilling adventure!

Enter the turmoil of the deep savannah and trample all in your way with the herd of Raging Rhinos, who find their way to the riches of the desolate land without a care for other beasts of the realm! Try your fortune with exciting, multi–stage Gamble that lets you enter a powerful Bonus Round with up to 30 Free Spins! Use the power of the Wild symbol to win big wins and count on the Raging Reels to expand, giving more Win Ways as well as a chance for a mighty multiplier, up to x500 for the spin!
Get lucky with the blessing of the tranquil monkeys in MonkeyPop™! Each Bonus Round is different as Reward Reels in prebonus stage set the starting number of Free Spins, Multiplier, Multiplier growth and even machine size from a selection of possible rewards.

Collect Scatter symbols in Bonus Round to upgrade the Monkeys to their Gilded version which multiplies their value by x5 or a staggering x10! Enjoy ever growing multiplier during the Bonus Round and watch as low symbols vanish when you unlock all reels and you are granted 2 additional Free Spins to get the big wins.
Lollipop™ let you enter the delightfully cloying, sweet and sticky atmosphere of a colourful candy shop, where you can partake in many sugary treats that spin through the reels, ex-ploding with flavourful rainbows!

Unlock the reels in base game to cash in on a bubbly Multiplier for your Total Win! But the real treat awaits in Free Spins – Collect three or more Lollipop Scatters to enter Freespins, where every scatter is a reward!

But wait! If you unlock a reel, all rewards on it are upgraded! But there is still more – if you find matching Scatters they will upgrade to a higher value. All that while the winnings stick and expand the reels during bonus round!
PiggyPop™ let you go hog wild on the vast riches stored in the fabled piggy bank! Mingle through the filthy rich swines, partake in that lounge of marble and gold and catch the elusive Golden Pigs for high payouts. Unlocking the game takes you to Unlimited Free Spins, where every win resets the counter and gives you every chance on reaching a golden winning streak.

And during Free Spins the Golden Pigs really shine, as their value grows and grows with each one appearing on the reels - only to double if all reels are unlocked. So jump into the glitzy splendour of pig-themed opulence!
Step into the world of CherryPop™, the recipient of the 2021 Game Innovation of the Year Award, a retro-style slot that resonates with the nostalgic charm cherished by many players. With its neon 5x3 slotscape, CherryPop™ channels the vibrant spirit of the 80s, offering a timeless appeal that has turned it into a cult classic among seasoned slot enthusiasts.

This innovative slot introduces a Bonus Buy feature, allowing players to acquire the bonus for x75 their stake, unlocking a host of thrilling opportunities. If all five reels expand to six rows in height, a generous five Free Spins are granted. For those feeling adventurous, the Gamble Wheel provides a chance to risk the standard bonus for an opportunity to win up to 16 free spins.

The bonus spins kick off with a x2 Win Multiplier and increase by +1 after each PopWin. Witness the excitement as the PopWin reels can expand to nine rows, escalating the multiplier by another +3. Subsequent PopWins continue to boost the multiplier by +4, creating a dynamic cascade of winning potential. Players can revel in spins with up to an astounding 59049 ways to win!

Discover why CherryPop™ has earned its status as a cult classic, combining retro vibes with cutting-edge features to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the neon glow of CherryPop™, where every spin holds the promise of nostalgia, innovation, and the chance to claim substantial winnings!

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