In the vibrant Buggin’s Botanic Gardens, lively insects groove to rhythmic tunes amidst the blooming flora, forming connections beneath the colorful blossoms. Nature thrives, harmonizing beauty and equilibrium in this blessed realm of Buggin!

Buggin is a dynamic slot game with 7 reels and 7 rows, alive with buzzing excitement. Featuring wilds, 5 distinct feature wilds, a progress tracker, oversized symbols, cascading drops, a bonus round, and an exhilarating super bonus round, it promises the potential for winnings of up to 10,000 times the initial bet.

Trigger the bonus game with 3 bonus symbols, granting 7 free drops where wild symbols remain sticky throughout. For an even more thrilling experience, activate the super bonus game with 2 bonus symbols and 1 super bonus symbol, initiating free drops with a replenishment of the maximum number of unlocked Feature Wilds attained thus far.

As each cluster win accumulates, the progress meter ascends. Upon completion, it acquires a Feature Wild symbol, which disperses when no further wins occur. With 5 distinct Feature Wild symbols, anticipation builds with every spin.

With each victorious cluster, a wild symbol emerges, while unlocking the sealed shield triggers a Wild Redrop, complete with pre-filled Feature Wilds. Furthermore, multiple wild symbols within a winning cluster coalesce into a multiplier Wild, enhancing the excitement and potential for substantial rewards.
In preparation for the ultimate showdown, Gritty Kitty returned to the Nitropolis suburb Tokyotown on a quest to locate the weapon capable of vanquishing Sgt. Nitro Wolf: the revered Golden Shuriken! Gritty Kitty from Nitropolis stars in a 6-reel, 4-row slot game filled with grit. Featuring Nitro Reels, a Feature Reel, substantial symbols, expanding rows, an instant maximum coin win, a bonus round, and a super bonus round, this game offers a potential jackpot of 25,000 times the initial bet.

When the Assassin symbol dominates the entire Feature Reel, it triggers the Assassin Spins, granting 3 spins. Each appearance of coin symbols or Nitro reels resets the spin counter. The coveted Golden Shuriken accumulates the value of all coins currently present on the game grid.

The Feature Reel positioned atop the primary grid is a 6-reel, 3-row grid, with symbols activated upon dropping into the main grid.

Nitro Reels host up to 12 1×1 payout symbols, while Big Nitro Reels accommodate up to 6 2×2 payout symbols.

Activation of 3 or more Bonus Symbols initiates the free spin Bonus game, during which all Nitro Reels and row expansions remain constant. Additionally, the bonus game holds the potential for retriggering.
Much like the morning mist that subtly envelops 18th-century London, the enigmatic Cygnus society seamlessly integrates itself into every facet of society. However, unlike the mist, their influence holds a firm grip on power, recognizing that power begets wealth, and their pursuit is to claim it all.

Introducing Cygnus 4, a mystic slot that unfolds across 6 reels and 4 rows. This intriguing game features rolling symbols, multiplier wilds, expanding rows, a bonus game, and a super bonus game—all intricately packed into a potential of 50,000 times the bet. As the reels spin, the mystique of Cygnus 4 unravels, offering players a glimpse into a world where power and wealth collide in a captivating dance of chance and strategy.

When a bonus symbol gracefully lands on the leftmost column, the stage is set for the Free Drops Bonus game. In this thrilling feature, the active multiplier remains steadfast throughout the bonus round, enhancing the potential for exciting wins. Brace yourself, as the excitement doesn't end there—additional free drops can be triggered, creating a cascade of opportunities for players to revel in the rewards of this dynamic and engaging bonus experience.
Behold the pristine expanse of Coral Creek's untouched ridge, a sanctuary unchanged for millennia. Here, the environment and inhabitants have evolved into enhanced hybrids, each bearing volatile features ready to erupt with the slightest touch.

Introducing Oxygen, a lively 6x7 slot that immerses players in a bubbling adventure. This dynamic game boasts an array of features, including multipliers, symbol transformations, wilds, a bonus game, and a super bonus game—all bundled together with the potential for a staggering 25,000 times the bet.

In the enchanting world of Oxygen, three bonus symbols act as the key to unlock the free drop bonus game. During this bonus round, all multiplier values persist, ensuring a continuous boost to excitement. But that's not all—should three bonus symbols align with at least one persistent multiplier symbol, the stage is set for the Super Bonus, elevating the thrills to new heights. Dive into the depths of Coral Creek's Oxygen, where the possibilities are as expansive as the ridge itself, and the promise of a 25,000x bet win awaits at every turn!
Witness beavers like never before – these aren't your ordinary dam builders. These beavers are renowned for throwing the most extravagant disco parties along the riverbanks, and they're not shy about taking some creative shortcuts when constructing their opulent 4-story dream dam!

Introducing Dam Beavers, a thrilling 5-column, 5-row explosive slot game that introduces the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience featuring wilds, coin wins, an expanding game grid, symbol swaps, symbol upgrades, and not one but two bonus games, all bundled into a game that holds the potential for an impressive 10,000x bet win.

To unlock the bonus game, collect 3 pies and enjoy 5 free drops. The floor level, progress on the feature meter, payout level of the fruits, and the accumulation of additional bonus symbols persist throughout the bonus game, which can be retriggered multiple times. Get ready for a wild ride with these party-loving, shortcut-taking Dam Beavers!
In the tumultuous tale of Roman general Toro, betrayal unfolds when Matador, the Emperor's son, orchestrates the murder of Toro's father to seize the throne. Plunged into slavery, Toro transforms into Gladiatoro, navigating the ranks of the arena with the singular purpose of avenging the brutal murders of his family and the Emperor.

Gladiatoro, presented in a 5-reel, 4-row slot, embodies the spirit of honor, featuring walking wilds, respins, coin wins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game—all encapsulated in the potential for a remarkable 10,000x bet payout.

The bonus game is triggered by the appearance of three bonus coins anywhere on the reels. This immersive round involves coins, level-ups, Toro, Matadors, and Diaz. The Matador dynamically increases the coin values, while Diaz diligently collects them. Both Matador and Diaz persist as versions throughout the game. Any additional symbol landing during the bonus game resets the spin counter to 3, intensifying the suspense and drama of Gladiatoro's quest for justice in the arena.
The Pirots, after a successful show lasting over 10,000 days, needed to refuel their energy. During their reconnaissance mission, they stumbled upon barrels of sweet rum in an unfamiliar location nearby.

Pirots 2 is a thrilling 6×6 slot game featuring the innovative CollectR™ mechanic. With an expanding game grid, symbol upgrades, transformations, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game, this slot is packed with excitement, offering a chance to win up to 10,000 times your bet. Get ready for an adventure filled with teethy fun!
Deep in the Nevada desert, as far off the grid as humanly possible, oddballs Jeff & Scully spend their days solving history’s biggest questions. Is JFK alive? Why fake the moon landing? Who really built the pyramids?

Jeff & Scully is a 7 reel, 7 rows conspirational slot. It introduces the unique Area Win mechanic and comes with multipliers, sticky redrops, symbol swaps, instant pay coins, wilds, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 10,000x bet.
For centuries, inhabitants on Jellon have used Porta-loos as entry points to earth. Fascinated by human life, they gather and master any item of importance, and use them as part of their vibrant rituals.

J-POP is a 6 reel, 4 rows popping slot. It comes with big symbols, walking wilds, symbol upgrades, expanding rows, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with safety levels up to a maximum of 8 rows and 262 144 ways to win. Free drops can be retriggered.
The time has come for Kane to find the ultimate treasure! A treasure so valuable that in order to retrieve it, he must transcend human life. To find The Gold of Valhalla, Kane must pay the ultimate price! Valhall Gold is a 6 reel, 4 rows godly slot. It comes with big symbols, sticky wilds, symbol upgrades, both ways, a bonus game, and a super bonus game - all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

A Loki symbol in view activates on any win, and triggers one of four features; Multiplier, Both Ways, Spike Storm, or Axe Fury!
Long before the birds moved to the Island, Elmo the Sloth lived a fruitful life in the jungle, mastering his craft of mask making and growing enormous tropical fruits!

Hula Balua is a 6 reel, 6 rows juicy slot. It comes with big symbols, multipliers, redrops, random wilds, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x bet.

3 or more Bonus symbols trigger the free drops bonus game. The bonus game can be retriggered. Two Bonus symbols landing on top of each other upgrades all bonus symbols into Super Bonus symbols.
Since the discovery of the snake temple, Coba, rumors have been heard of another temple in the deep jungles of Indonesia. Locals warn that the snakes at this temple have mystical, immortal powers from eating the rare orchids that grow in the area.

Coba Reborn is a venomous cluster slot. It comes with rolling symbols, cluster-generating snakes, multiplier wilds, and orchid power-ups. The game has 4 feature levels, packing a potential win of 25,000x bet.
In the shadows, the enigmatic Cygnus Society thrives. Armed with clandestine knowledge, they guard three coveted jackpots. Unseen, they maneuvere the world, silently shaping the course of humanity with their extraordinary power.

Cygnus 3 is a 6 reel, 4 rows stellar slot. It comes with rolling symbols, multiplier wilds, expanding rows, 3 fixed jackpots, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 10,000x bet. Cygnus 3 has three fixed jackpots, ranging from the Sky jackpot of €1000, to the Star awarding €10 000 and the epic Cygnus jackpot of €100 000. All jackpots are reachable from any bet size.
After securing the safety of the Golden Buffalos, Toro stumbled upon an elderly Japanese man whose dying wish was to return the “Heart of Fuji”, a long-lost artefact, to its rightful home, the secret temple of the jade valley on the slopes of mount Fuji. Toro who is now appointed Shōgun puts on his hakama and heads off to Japan!

Toro Shōgun is a 5 reel, 4 rows honourable slot. It comes with walking wilds, stacked wilds, expanding rows, both ways, respins, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential 25,000x bet.

3 bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. 3 bonus symbols in Shōgun mode trigger the Shōgun Bonus which is played with only feature, high and mid value symbols. Additional bonus symbols landing during a bonus game increase the global bonus multiplier.
Kane got his hands on his ancestor’s diary, the notorious pirate Long John Steal, who mentions the location of Tortuga, a hidden pirate colony home to old shipwrecks, unstable cannons, and bottomless chests of treasure!

Dead Man’s Gold is a 6 reel, 4 row golden slot. It comes with big symbols, stacked wilds, expanding game grid, a progressive multiplier, a bonus game and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25 000x bet.
As the true Ashoka descendant, the Tiger Prince and his sacred White Tiger are bound through their embedded jewels to fight for good, helping people and animals. If you are ever in need, call for Ashoka!

Ashoka is a 6 reel scatter pay slot. It comes with big wilds, stacked wilds, expanding game grid, a progressive multiplier, a bonus game and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25 000x bet.

The multiplier symbol activates the Win Multiplier and adds its value when there are winning combinations in view. The super multiplier also reactivates for each avalanche.
-”Who owns this carrot? Who has the right to tell me if I can have this carrot or not? Do you really think some barbed wire, traps, or poison will keep us out? You could have taken the nice route, now you’ll have to stare down the barrel of my flamethrower!”

Rabbit Royale is a 5 reels 5 row gnawing slot. It comes with respins, coin wins, wilds, a bonus game and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25 000x bet.

Three or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. The more bonus symbols, the more free spins and rabbits. All rabbits are sticky in the bonus game, and free spins are not used during rabbit collect respins. Any rabbit from the base game carries over to the bonus game, in addition to the rabbits awarded by the bonus trigger.
Temple of Clouds is home to the last Golden Tree in existence. With a trunk of gold and coins as leaves, one must lure its guardian creatures in order to touch it and become blessed with eternal luck.

Katmandu X is a 6 column, 6 row fortunate slot with dropping symbols and cluster wins. It comes with a progressive multiplier, big symbols, multiplier wilds, exploding wilds, a bonus game and a super bonus game. All packaged in a maximum potential of 25 000x the bet.

3 bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. The progressive multiplier is persistent throughout the bonus game, and additional free drops can be triggered. 1 Super bonus symbol and 2 bonus symbols trigger the Super bonus game with a guaranteed Super Wild Strike in every free drop.
The time of pirates ruling the high seas are over. Outwitted, outsmarted, and outplayed by the Fearful Four, who once belonged on their captains’ shoulders, they now reign the seas as Pirots!

Pirots is a 5×5 grid, shiver me timbers slot. Introducing the CollectR™ mechanic, Pirots comes with expanding game grid, symbol upgrade, symbol transform, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a max potential of 10 000x bet.
After some well needed R&R, the gang is ready to get back into action. They spot a disused oil rig offshore that easily can drill for Nitro. Vaycay’s over, its time to pack up and drill!

Nitropolis 4 is a 6 reels, 4 rows drilling slot that comes stacked with expanding reels, big symbols, Nitro Reels, Nitro Multiplier, a bonus, and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 50 000x bet.

The two screens on top of the reels randomly trigger the Nitro Booster features on the main reels. There are 8 different features, such as: Max Rows, Garbage Collect, Nitro Reel, Nitro Wild, Nitro Upgrade, Nitro Match, Redrop and Both Ways!
Migrating birds is nothing new, but Belle the Flamingo and Emerson the Tucan decided to permanently relocate to a place where the sun actually works all year round. Too bad they set up shop on Elmo the Sloths’ beach. If there’s one thing he doesn’t like, it’s birds!

Tropicool 2 is a 6 reels, 6 rows cool slot that comes with a cool reel, respins, locked wilds, mystery symbols, a bonus game and a max potential of 25 000 x bet. The 3-row tall Cool Reel is stacked with feature symbols that drop to the grid when space is given. Feature symbols come as Wilds, Locked Wilds, Mystery Symbols and Row Swap where one symbol replaces the others on the same row.
Sam loves the all-you-can-eat buffets, and Sandra the oversized cocktails, so a trip to Las Vegas felt spot on. When the babysitter canceled last minute, they had no choice but to bring their charming energetic daughter Maggie on the trip. Book of Sam is a 5 reels, 3 rows electric slot that comes with multipliers, respins, symbols removals, and a bonus game with expanding symbols.

Three or more book symbols trigger the bonus game with 8 free spins, and up to 3 expanding symbols! Re-triggering the bonus game awards an additional 4 free spins as well as an additional expanding symbol.
To celebrate the final night of battles, the ultimate Yokozuna invites all to a very non-traditional game of Sumou no Sumou where the biggest stack of sumos wins!

Sumo Sumo is a 5 reels, 5 rows stacked slot. It comes with larger-than-life multiplying wilds, respins, and 2 bonus games; all adding up to a max potential of 25,000x! 3 Bonus Symbols award the Speedboat Bonus, a brand new type of hold and spin game, with coins and features guaranteed to boost your win!
Knighted by King Arthur in the year 498 AD, Kane’s ancestor and one of the Knights of the Round table, Sir Kay built up impressive wealth throughout his knighthood. Centuries later only his true bloodline can unfold his ancient treasures!

Avalon Gold is a 6 reels, 4 rows royal slot with dropping symbols. It comes with big symbols, mystery boxes, expanding wilds and a bonus game. Mystery Boxes can reveal either payout symbols, wilds or trigger the Avalon features. Mystery Boxes activate when 5 or more are in view. Mystery Boxes come in 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 and the massive 4×4!
Badge #7 of the Freeway Patrol Unit belongs to Sgt. Henry Freeway. Known for his ruthless tactics he keeps the highway safe from bad apples. Don’t get caught in his Road Block! Freeway 7 is a 3 reels, 3 rows high-speed slot. It comes with wilds, locked reels respins, a bonus, and a super bonus game.

3 bonus symbols trigger the Free Spins bonus game with a multiplier feature. All winning Free Spins award additional Free Spins. The first win on each symbol increases the multiplier. A combination of bonus symbols and a super bonus symbol triggers the Super bonus game, where each win increases the multiplier.
Masked to hide their happiness from the overlords, the quiet society of LA11-1 is about to fight for their freedom by releasing their strongest weapon, a revolution of love! Let the propaganda of love begin! Propaganda is a 6 reels 6 rows revolutionary slot. It comes with a progressive multiplier, multiplying wilds, a bonus, and a super bonus game!

3 Bonus symbols trigger the free drops bonus game. The total multiplier is persistent throughout the bonus game. Landing 1 Super bonus symbol together with 2 bonus symbols triggers the Super Bonus game, where a Wild Strike feature is guaranteed in every free drop.
A lucky mouse has found the secret entrance to Candyland! Join in the adventure playing the Dropz machine dispensing sweet caramels and candied fruits. Take as much as you can because in Candyland, the Dropz machine pays out generously and never runs out!

Dropz is a 6 reels, 6 rows sweet tooth slot. It comes with expanding rows, locked wilds, multipliers, a bonus and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25 000 x bet! Collecting 3 bonus symbols trigger the Free Dropz bonus game. 8 rows and 5 dropz are awarded. Any win multiplier reached in the base game is brought into the bonus game.
Toro has traveled to the west to save the remaining population of the ultra-rare Golden Buffalos. Chasing his tail is the Matador, who’s determined to find them too, but only to collect their golden plaids. Buffalo Toro is a 6 reels, 4 rows stampeding slot. It comes with walking wilds, multiplying wilds, a bonus and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 50 000 x bet!

3 or more bonus symbols anywhere in view trigger the bonus game with free spins. Collect gold buffalo symbols to upgrade high-value symbols to buffalos. 1 Super bonus symbol and 2 or more bonus symbols trigger the super bonus game. Collect gold buffalo symbols to upgrade high-value symbols and activate the Rampage Reels feature with stacked buffalo symbols.
Millennia have passed since the first mention of the Cygnus society. Obsessed by the stars, they master the knowledge of free fall and gravity to unlock the true galactic mysteries. Once solved, it will unlock eternal riches!

Cygnus 2 is a 6 columns, 4 rows galactic slot. It comes with rolling symbols, multipliers, a bonus game, and a max potential of 50 000 x!
The spirit of Mayan Snake God Quetzalcoatl has protected the ancient city of Coba for thousands of years. To explore its chambers, one must face the spirit’s perilous traps to reach treasures amassing to 25000x.

Coba is a 7×7 slithering cluster slot. It comes with a unique tumble mechanic, multiplying wilds, and 4 feature levels of an ever-increasing amount of snakes.

Every win counts towards a level up with more snakes entering the grid. Level one releases 1 snake, Level two releases 2 snakes, and Level three releases 3 snakes. At the highest level four, 6 snakes enter the grid at the same time.
The year is 1892, and the railroad brings the gold rush to the small village of Santa Maria, with gold, tacos, and trains for everyone! But once again, the Evil Captain Diaz shows up to steal people’s gold and freedom. Fortunately, the three Taco Brothers Paso, Pepe, and Pico are right behind to set things straight.

Taco Brothers Derailed is a 6 reels,4 rows tasty slot. It comes with walking wilds, multiplying wilds, a bonus, and a super bonus game.
The corrupt mayor and his wife controls Phoenix Town with an iron fist, and the ones who do not obey by their rules will get a visit from the Grim Reaper! Their only hope lies with the Phoenix Wild!

Phoenix Graveyard is a 5 reels 3 rows slicing slot. It comes with expanding win ways, walking wilds, jumping wilds, wild multipliers and a bonus game.
Overwhelmed by Sergeant Nitro Wolf, the Nitro gangs had no choice but to jump in their blimp and flee Nitropolis! Not too far south, they found a new safe haven to conduct their dog eat dog lifestyle!

Nitropolis 3 is a 6 reels 4 rows rabid slot. It comes loaded with expanding rows, big symbols, Nitro Reels, a bonus and a Super bonus game!
In the dark, early morning hours of June 6th, 1953. Special cargo flight KS-17 departs from San Diego. Presumed destination: the city of Osaka in Japan. A couple of hours into the flight, a mysterious distress call is made, only seconds before the plane totally vanishes from the face of the Earth.

Radio communication analysis only raises more questions than answers. Rigorous attempts are made to locate the remains of the plane and its precious cargo. They all fail. All these years later, will Kane be able to find KS-17?

Pacific Gold is a 6 reels 4 rows mystic slot with dropping symbols. It comes loaded with both vertically and horizontally stacked symbols, big symbols, a collecting symbol, and a boosted bonus game!
Logicality will always be questioned, therefore the levels of logic will never end to expand. Once something goes beyond illogic, it should define as most illogic. If not sufficient, then recommended term would be highly illogical. And if nothing makes sense, there is no other term than Illogicool!

Illogicool is a 6 reel 6 row beaming slot. It comes with expanding wilds, sticky wilds, mystery symbols, and a bonus game with a persistent multiplier!
As a representative of the 5 elements, dragon Ying Longs paramount power stands tall at the entrance of Yu the Greats treasure chamber. One must lure the great beast to explore the riches within.

Mystic Orbs is a 5 reel 5 row mysterious slot. It comes with charged wilds, symbol upgrades, and a bonus game with a persistent multiplier!

The Wild Orb and the Charged Wild Orb are wild symbols. Landing a Wild Orb activates the feature vertically above on the feature reel. The Charged Wild Orb activates all features on the feature reel.
As the prominent constellation in the galaxy, the majestic Stars of Orion shine brightly through space, spreading riches across all parts of the cosmos.

Stars of Orion is a 6 column 8 rows celestial slot in the ELK Gravity series. It comes with increasing win multipliers, Magic features, Super symbols, a bonus, and a Super bonus!

3 or more bonus symbols trigger the Free Drops bonus game. During the bonus game, the Magic Meter is persistent. If bonus symbols are red, the Super Bonus game is triggered with a higher probability to hit Super Symbols.
After competing on the highest level in Madrid, defeating mummies in Egypt, Toro and Matador are finishing up their world tour in The Meadows, also known as Las Vegas, for some classic rec-time!

Toro 7s is a 3 reel sinful slot. It comes with nudging wilds, locked multiplying wilds, and a two level free spin bonus game!
Toro and the Matador travel to Egypt on a chaotic quest to prevent Matador Diaz Jr’s ancestor – the evil Captain Diaz – from finding the Book of Toro and ravaging the inner chambers of ABU Simbel temple, rumored to hold immense treasures. Book of Toro is a 5 reel, 3 row mummified slot that combines the classic Book mechanic with the Charging/Walking Wild features from our beloved slot Wild Toro.

Three or more books trigger the free spins bonus game. A symbol is randomly selected as an expansion symbol. Two high or mid-value symbols, or three low-value expansion symbols trigger a symbol expansion covering the whole reels. Retriggering the bonus awards more spins as well as an additional expansion symbol.
After bursting through the scene in 2016, Toro went on a tear around the world! Not only becoming the World Champion, he also won the people’s hearts! Now he’s back, and he is stronger than ever! Wild Toro II is a 5 reels 5 rows charging slot. It comes with expanding reels, walking wilds, respins and progressive multipliers!

Toro Goes Bezerk if any Matadors appear in view. He charges and knocks them all off leaving a trail of wilds behind! When Toro knocks off a Golden Matador he absorbs the multiplier and becomes a progressive multiplying walking wild. Additional Toros inherit the current multiplier from the Toro in view!
Zulu Gold is a 6 reels 4 rows animalistic slot with dropping symbols. It comes with stacked symbols, big symbols, walking wilds, and a bonus game with progressive multipliers! 3 or more bonus symbols trigger the Multiplier Free Drops bonus game.

When 3 or more Multiplier symbols are in view, they activate, adding their value to the progressive multiplier. Additional Multiplier symbols within the same free drop reactive all Multiplier symbols in view, and add their multipliers again.
Deep in the Nordic woodlands, three celestial guardians are giving riches to eons and grant fortunes through their crystal ball. Aligning themselves through fate, their multiplying forces are not to take lightly!

Fate of Fortune is a 5 reels 1-5 rows mystic slot. It comes with mystery symbols, four type of wilds, symbol swap, multiplying multipliers and a bonus game with progressive multipliers.

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About ELK Studios

ELK Studios, a Swedish software provider company, has gained immense love and respect from the gaming industry since its inception in 2012. They mainly focus on video slots instead of live casino games, and players stick to their gaming library for innovation and creativity. It has more than 25 video slots featured in 20 different languages for the players’ convenience. Furthermore, the games are combined with astonishing artwork to deliver high-quality products.

The software provider company has managed to sustain itself with its impressive gaming portfolio. It is small but consists of the best slots to play.

On releasing the Wild Toro slot, they received the respect they were striving for. It was a huge success, and players love to play it by spinning the reels engine with a 5x grid size and 178 pay lines. This slot manifested the most famous Las Vegas street where gambling is the only time pass for the residents. The reel showcases alluring diamonds for the players to grab. Creating this slot, the software provider tried to interweave classic with modern elements. Feel the free air and adrenaline in route 777, making the game more pleasing and fulfilling.

ELK Studios develops games concentrating mainly on slots with strong mathematical models and crisp graphics. Their library consists of classic slots with a minimum of 3 reels and 17 bet ways. The grid size increases with the variability in slot structure and winning ways. The themes also vary with great animation and excel in graphic content. The animations are magnificent, offering cartoon style, high variance slots, and a lucrative RTP rate that often strikes 93-98%.

Furthermore, the features are immensely lucrative to the players through which they can gain generous payouts. It has recently provided an X-tier slot game that uniquely represents the first video slot title.

In addition, all the slot machines are mobile-friendly, providing excellent graphics and animation to attract customers at their junction.

Elk Studios has acquired multiple gambling licenses from the Great Britain and Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. They are eligible to provide type 1 gaming services to the players. Furthermore, it holds a B2B Critical Gaming License Service to provide the most innovative games. In addition, to secure production and distribution activity, they acquired the second class license to bestow the game of luck. The license also allows them to manage and host facilities on the gaming platform.

This software provider moves with a mission to see itself at the peak of success and gain quick recognition in the gaming industry. In 2017, ELK Studios won Game of the Year for the slot Wild Toro II. In addition, it achieved the Fast 50 award in 2018. It also acquired the 4th position as the fastest growing software provider company.

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