Unlock the power of the Magic Staff with the help of Mimi and her two fairy helpers.

Mimi and the Magic Staff is a 3x3 reel slot game with a Bonus Magic Staff feature. The game is set in a magical enchanted glade, deep in the lush and verdant Fortune Forest with magically sparkling butterflies and Mimi the Forest Witch.

Mimi can help players unlock enchanting gaming features with her magical staff. The bonus game is no make-believe when you unfold the secret to unlock the vast world of riches and receive magical wins with Mimi’s multiplying staff.

Mimi and the Magic Staff comes with a modern bonus wheel feature. Getting one bonus staff symbol will trigger the Magic Staff Feature and award additional winnings with the help of a multiplier. The multiplier can pay-out up to 200 times your bet. But the real top win of 2,000 times your bet comes from getting 3 Wild symbols in the middle row on the reels.
Come look for jewels and riches in a beautiful serene setting under the cherry blossom trees! Collect matching symbols and cascade into bigger multipliers, while scatters trigger Free Spins, where you can see the lanterns glow as you experience the cherry blossom season at night!

Jewel Race Sakura is a 6 by 6, match 3 game with high hit frequency, and is fun, fast and easy to play. Watch your winnings grow as you see the beautiful blossoms float down around you.
Monster Domination is a 5 by 3 classic feel slot game with monsters and zombies in a traditional Japanese art style.

Three characters vie to rule it: the powerful Frankenstein, the quick Siren, and the ruthless Carmilla. Which one will conquer the enemies and give you your rightful wealth?
Wild Fusion takes place in a fusion reactor, run by the happy working robot Fusion Bot. This non-traditional slot has a very high volatility and is definitely breaking boundaries with the game set up and mechanics.

This 5 by 5 unique grid slot game is designed in a spiral pattern twisting around on the screen creating a game experience out of this world. The goal is to help Fusion Bot keep the fusion reactor active. When 3 or more symbols fuse together they create a nucleus and release energy and that will keep Fusion Bot happy. All winning symbols are removed from the board. Once all wins are scored the remaining symbols cascade towards the center of the board following the spiral track and new symbols appear to fill the board while Fusion Bot gets all starry eyed with happiness about your win!
Walk up to the haunted house and see how many cascades, multipliers and free spins you get in your basket in this thrilling adventure that will send chills down your spine. Get ready to reveal what’s in the cauldron this Halloween!

Jewel Race Halloween is a 6-row, 6-column matching symbol game with a Free Spins Feature. Get 3 or more consecutive symbols to win. Winning combinations are removed, making the remaining symbols collapse downwards and new ones drop down to fill the gaps. As long as symbols on the board collapse the Win Multiplier is increased.

Jewel Race Halloween still has the same extreme hit rate and fast game play as the original game but there is nothing casual about Halloween this year. It is a thrillingly exciting experience that will send chills down your spine!

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About Golden Hero

If you are one of the tech-savvy gamers looking for some cool action in the form of interesting titles, Golden Hero is the right choice. It is famous for its HTML5-based games that are unique and enjoyable. As a new game provider, the firm has done everything to engage with the gamers.

If you wish to play on an optimized site, look no further than the Golden Hero. The RNG slots from their portfolio are why the firm has been getting rave reviews. They have the biggest names of partners to show off and have their games at some famous casinos. They take care of the integration and provide back-end support to ensure their end user does not ever struggle.

Their slot titles are Jewel Race Sakura, Wild Fusion, Million Tree, Engeki Rising, and more. The company develops titles that pay well in the form of jackpot titles such as High Roller Bonanza, Reel Bonanza, Jewel Race Winter Edition, and more.

There are dollar slots and games with higher RTP and lower risks. We mean that the game promises lesser risk on any bet size by lower risks.

The notable features to expect from these slot games are Multipliers, cascading reels, and free spins. When they say free spins, respins are also included in many games. This means that your good luck times will continue for a long time.

Now, who all can play the games from Golden Hero? Anyone from anywhere in the world can access these games. You can play them from PC/ MAC or even from your Android or iOS mobile phones. The games are made on HTML5, which has increased the game’s quality to the top.

The parent company is Bally’s Corporation, which has already earned a lot of fame in the igaming sector. The company also ensures that its games comply with jurisdictions and licenses. As of now, games from here will have the MGA license. The company’s games also pass through the battery of tests from the SIQ labs to ensure better benchmarks. The company has partners such as the Excubitor Games, Win Fast, and Racjin. This speaks volumes about the company, which welcomes other firms to join them as partners.

As a firm believing in the theory of expansion and novelty, it is sure that they will only be creating more titles and in various other categories also. They aim to create more magic in the coming days as their news section screams.

The lack of table games or other categories might be sticking out to the critics. However, if you are a gamer looking for a firm with deep-rooted beliefs and ambitions, Golden Hero is right.
Official Website: https://www.goldenhero.com/